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Mon, 18 Nov 2019
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For millions of Americans in the middle of the country, it feels like an economic depression has already occurred

sad woman
What do you do when you have lost all hope that things will ever turn around? It may still feel like "the economy is booming" for those at the top end of the economic food chain in big coastal cities such as New York and San Francisco, but for millions of hard working Americans in the middle of the country, talk of a "coming recession" is absolutely ludicrous because it already feels like a severe economic depression is happening right now. In America's heartland, bankruptcies are surging, debt burdens are becoming overwhelming, and suicide rates are spiking to unprecedented levels. We have not seen economic despair this extreme since the last recession, and I am about to share a story with you that will absolutely break your heart.

At one time, South Dakota farmers Chris and Amber Dykshorn looked toward the future with great optimism. But mounting debts and several years of disastrous weather changed all that, and in June their community was shocked when Chris took his own life...
Amber Dykshorn stood at her kitchen window and watched the storm come in.

It was a very dark Saturday night in the middle of the summer in the middle of a year that is on track to be the wettest in more than a century. The wind blew over the farm, the rain came down and she heard the ominous pings on her roof - pea-sized hail, striking the still-fragile stalks of the only corn her husband, Chris Dykshorn, was able to plant before he took his own life in June.

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The IDF kills another unarmed young Palestinian 'for no reason' in Hebron refugee camp

© Mosab Shawer/APA
Mourners surround al-Badawi's body at his home in al-Arroub on Monday, November 11, 2019
Israeli forces shot and killed a young Palestinian man outside his home today in the al-Arroub refugee camp in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron.

Omar al-Badawi, reported to be 22-years-old, was shot in the abdomen near the front steps of his home in the camp during protests commemorating the death of revered Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Eyewitness reports said that al-Badawi was exiting his home in an attempt to put out a small fire that had started nearby as a result of clashes between Israeli forces and local protesters.

A video, published by Quds News Network, shows al-Badawi slowly exiting an alleyway next to his home and waving a white towel — seemingly to indicate to soldiers that he meant no harm.

But just as he approached the street, a shot is fired and al-Badawi falls to the ground in front of several journalists who had been recording the clashes.

Screams can be heard coming from al-Badawi's house, while al-Badawi rolls around on the ground gripping his abdomen, covered in blood.

The video ends just after journalists and bystanders load al-Badawi into a civilian vehicle. Reports indicated that he was transported to a Hebron hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.


A new chain of Christian pregnancy centers will provide a controversial service: Contraception

parenting class baby
© Ilana Panich-Linsman for The Washington Post
Danielle Dirkse, 24, attends a “parenting hacks” class with her daughter last month at the Austin-based Source pregnancy center.
When a low-income woman searches for reproductive care, she often goes to a Planned Parenthood clinic, where she's treated as a patient with an array of medical options. Or she might go to a Christian pregnancy center, where she is counseled to carry a pregnancy to term.

But some Christians now see an opening for a third way to reach women — before they become pregnant — that also enables them to compete for federal money Planned Parenthood has decided to relinquish.

Eight independent Texas-based pregnancy centers merged earlier this year to form a chain called The Source. With Christian women's health centers in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, the nonprofit organization plans to offer a full array of medical services, to include testing for sexually transmitted diseases, first-trimester prenatal care and contraception choices.

Comment: It sounds like there's an opening in the market which the Source has noted and is filling it. Honestly, anything would be better than Planned Parenthood.

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'Europe is dying!' Tens of thousands of far-righters march in 'independence' parade calling for 'Polish Intifada'

© Reuters / Kamil Jasinski
Tens of thousands of Polish nationalists took to the streets of Warsaw for an annual far-right march commemorating the country's independence, with many displaying white power symbols and waving red flares and tiki torches.

Marchers carried Polish flags and chanted "No to the European Union" and "God, honor, homeland!" among other ultra-nationalist slogans. Black-hooded demonstrators held up banners calling for a "Polish Intifada" and denouncing zionism.

The marchers were out in force to commemorate the 1918 establishment of the second Polish republic, formed in the aftermath of World War I from parts of Germany, Austria and Russia.

Comment: A return to family values, traditional morals and an end to mass migration are issues that a significant majority of the voting public, throughout Europe, agree with, and mainstream political parties ignore these legitimate concerns at their peril.

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Afghan government to swap top militants for American and Australian captives


Anas Haqqani, a senior leader of the Haqqani network, is expected to be part of an exchange of captives for an American and Australian teacher held by the Taliban.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says his government is ready to release three key Taliban prisoners including Anas Haqqani, the younger brother of Sirajjuddin Haqqani, the leader of the Haqqani network, in exchange for two professors of the American University of Afgahnistan in Kabul.

The prisoners are currently held at Bagram prison, Ghani said in a live press conference on November 12.

The prisoners will only be freed if the Taliban in turn releases American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks, who were abducted by the militants in August 2016, Ghani said.

"Our joint effort in tracing the two professors gave no result, and information suggests that their health and safety while being held by the kidnapping terrorists have deteriorated," he said.

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Europe's economic powerhouse? Homelessness on the rise in Germany

© Reuters / Fabrizio Bensch
FILE PHOTO: Tents used by homeless people are seen under a bridge near the Chancellery in Berlin
Germany accounts for more than a quarter of the EU's economic output, and has been described by every news outlet going as a "powerhouse." But behind the headlines, homelessness is rising, and recession looms.

The number of homeless people in Germany rose by more than four percent between 2017 and 2018, a new report from the Federal Association for Assistance to Homeless People (BAGW) revealed on Monday. Some 678,000 people were without permanent accommodation last year, up from 650,000 in 2017. Of these, 41,000 were sleeping on the streets.

Though Germany's economic success was credited with saving the weaker economies of Eurozone outliers like Greece, Spain and Ireland during the great recession, wealth inequality in Germany skyrocketed during this time. Among those left behind by Germany's prosperity are workers from other EU states and refugees and migrants, among whom homelessness rates shot up by six percent last year, compared to a one percent increase for native Germans.

Comment: There is yet another global financial crisis in the works and analysts from the US to Europe to Japan foresee a recession up ahead. And Germany is proof that even the world's strongest economies aren't safe.

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Bone-chilling national scandal: Thousands of babies are stolen from innocent parents by the UK state

Nicky and Mark Webster, forced adoptions UK, UK state kidnapping

Nicky and Mark Webster with son Brandon. After doctors became suspicious of the parents, believing they were abusing their kids three of their children were forcibly removed and taken in social services
The woman's face was pale and tear-stained; her eyes raw from crying. 'Please may I speak to Denise?' she begged my husband. Fired by desperation, she'd found my home and rung my doorbell one evening six years ago. I was her last hope, she said.

As a magazine and TV agony aunt with a regular slot on ITV's This Morning, my job is to give constructive and compassionate advice to those who seek it. I take my role — and the responsibility it involves — very seriously.

So although I usually make it a rule not to see people in my home, this time the woman's distress was so acute that I invited her in.

Her story spilled out. She was a grandmother in her late 40s, whose daughter, single and unable to cope with the responsibilities of parenthood, had nonetheless given birth to four children.

Each had been raised with love, kindness and singular devotion by the woman standing in front of me: their grandmother. They were all under nine and the youngest was 18 months old. The woman was distraught because she had been told that her youngest grandchild, a cherubic, blue-eyed blonde, was to be taken from her.

Comment: Related articles: For more information on this horrendous practice, see Ian Josephs' website, forced-adoption.com, where he lays out what has been happening in the UK for years, and what parents can do about it.


Can't make this stuff up: Florida man on probation burglarizes... the probation office

Latravia McGill burglarizes Florida probation office

A South Daytona man already on probation violated his probation by burglarizing the probation office.
A South Daytona man already on probation violated his probation by burglarizing the probation office, police said.

Latravia McGill, 37, was arrested about 1:50 a.m. Monday morning and accused of breaking into the probation office at 665 Beville Road. He was being held without bail at the Volusia County Branch Jail.

McGill was already on probation until April 23, 2021, for burglary of an unoccupied structure or conveyance.

McGill was charged with burglary of a structure, causing more than $1,000 in damage, possession of burglary tools, petty theft and resisting an officer without violence.


Iran reveals it has active legal case against former FBI agent Robert Levinson, missing since 2007

Robert Levinson jailed Iran
Iran has publicly revealed for the first time that it has an active legal case involving former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who went missing inside Iran in 2007 under suspicious circumstances.

In a filing to the United Nations, Iran wrote: "According to the last statement of Tehran's Justice Department, Mr. Robert Alan Levinson has an ongoing case in the Public Prosecution and Revolutionary Court of Tehran."

"Mr. Levinson was last seen alive about eight years ago, in a hostage video pleading for help and in photographs wearing a Guantánamo-style jumpsuit," The Associated Press reported. "The images did not disclose who was holding him, though the video has a Pashtun wedding song popular in Afghanistan playing in the background."

It was not clear how long the case had been open or the events that started it.



UK mothers are taking refuge in Ireland to escape draconian 'forced adoptions'

Katie Lee James, child abductions social services UK

Katie Lee James from Swansea, who is being helped by the Ectopia Network in Wexford.
Wexford has become the nerve-centre of a network of volunteers helping find sanctuary for British mothers fleeing from 'Draconian' UK social services.

In some cases the volunteers help fleeing parents by offering them refuge before their children are seized. In others, parents are being aided through the High Court in Ireland to underpin their legal challenges to the basis under which their children were taken from them, and some are women terrified of dangerous men and looking for somewhere safe.

'There is an epidemic of families in the UK in big trouble. The UK has the most robust record of forced child adoptions in Europe and families are fleeing to escape this. Ninety five per cent of them are coming to Ireland,' said Brian Rothery, the coordinator of the Ectopia Network which helps and relocates people throughout Ireland.

He said five families fleeing from the UK had contacted the network in the past week, and of these two came to Wexford.

Comment: Hundreds of British women have been forced to leave the country to avoid having their children kidnapped by social services. A baby can be removed at birth under UK law and put into foster care or up for adoption, without parental consent, if the parents are deemed to be potentially dangerous to their child in the future. After children are removed, they can be put up for "forced adoption" and, once they have been adopted or fostered, cannot be returned.