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Sun, 31 May 2020
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'Make Germany great again': Ukrainian strategy game about WWII glorifies NAZISM, Russian diplomats say

'Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg'
© Starni Games
An alternative reality Nazi military parade in the Red Square in Moscow
The Russian UN mission in Geneva has criticized a freshly released computer game where players are expected to lead Nazi Germany's forces to "bittersweet victory," with Hitler holding a parade in Moscow.

The diplomats blasted the wargame 'Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg' on Tuesday, saying it "glorifies Nazism and international criminals convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal." The tweet featured a screenshot from an in-game storyline cinematic video showing Adolf Hitler and Nazi top brass standing atop the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square.

The game was made by the Kiev-based company Starni Games and was released last week. The player, according to the game's description, will "lead the German armed forces, overcoming unthinkable odds and claiming the ultimate bittersweet victory in Europe" during an 80-hour-long campaign.

Eye 1

Verification purge? Multiple Twitter accounts lose blue checks after interviewing 'wrongthinkers'

twitter eye
© Reuters / Fabrizio Bensch
Twitter has purged the blue "verification" checks from the accounts of journalists and podcasters who posted interviews with subjects considered controversial in the ever-narrowing centrist-liberal mainstream.

Mediaite journalist August Takala was stripped of his coveted blue check just an hour after tweeting an interview with former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, he tweeted on Friday to his 4,000-plus followers. The following day, Wrong Opinion podcaster Josh Lekach tweeted that he, too, had had his blue check revoked after interviewing conservative provocateur (and now congressional candidate) Laura Loomer, who is herself banned from Twitter and several other platforms. Lekach has over 18,700 followers.

What do the two commentators have in common? Both interviewed unapologetic thorns in the Democratic establishment's side. Attkisson, a veteran investigative reporter who now helms Full Measure on Sinclair Media, has long claimed she was surveilled extensively and illegally by the Obama administration - and she told Takala that "many, many others" were also likely spied upon.


'Ultimate Karen' calls cops on 'dangerous' black man who asked her to leash dog, gets put on leave after massive backlash

walk in the park
© Reuters / Stoyan Nenov
A New York woman dubbed the "Ultimate Karen" has been placed on leave and forced to "voluntarily surrender" her pet after being captured calling the cops on a "threatening" black man who merely asked that she leash her dog.

Shared on social media on Monday and set in Central Park, the video opens with a visibly-upset woman walking toward the camera, asking the man filming to "please stop." The situation quickly escalates when he refuses, with the woman vowing to call the police and "tell them there's an African American man threatening my life."

"There is a man, an African American... he is recording me and threatening me and my dog," she is heard telling the 911 dispatcher, becoming frantic as she shouts: "I am being threatened by a man!"

The clip went viral after it was shared online by Melody Cooper, a writer and director for HBO whose brother, Christian, captured the footage. At no point in the video is the woman threatened, with Cooper explaining the whole incident began after her brother "politely [asked]" that the woman put her dog on a leash - as the park mandates.


Youtube censors Michael Moore film 'Planet of the Humans'

michael moore
© Associated Press
Michael Moore
British environmental photographer's copyright claim prompts website to remove film that has been condemned by climate scientists

YouTube has taken down the controversial Michael Moore-produced documentary Planet of the Humans in response to a copyright infringement claim by a British environmental photographer.

The movie, which has been condemned as inaccurate and misleading by climate scientists and activists, allegedly includes a clip used without the permission of the owner Toby Smith, who does not approve of the context in which his material is being used.

In response, the filmmakers denied violating fair usage rules and accused their critics of politically motivated censorship.

Smith filed the complaint to YouTube on 23 May after discovering Planet of the Humans used several seconds of footage from his Rare Earthenware project detailing the journey of rare earth minerals from Inner Mongolia.


Red Flag

The global 'black hole' debt will soon top $100 TRILLION & 'We're about to get sucked into it' - Max Keiser

dollar black hole
© Getty Images
As the Bank of England says it's considering the idea of negative interest rates as a last resort amid the Covid-19 crisis, the US Federal Reserve's balance sheet has topped $7 trillion for the first time ever.

That number represents "a black hole of debt," according to Max Keiser of RT's Keiser Report. "There's no resale value for those securities," he says, explaining that, "if they try to sell those assets on the market, they'd get zero for them. So, in fact that's a black hole growing on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve Bank."


Crew killed in SECOND Russian military Mi-8 helicopter crash-landing within week

© Sputnik / Evgeny Biyatov
At least four people have been killed after a Russian Air Force Mi-8 helicopter crash-landed and caught fire near the town of Anadyr in Russia's Far Eastern Chukotka region.

The entire crew was killed in the incident, which occurred during a training flight, the military has confirmed. Local emergency services earlier reported at least four casualties.

While the exact cause of the crash remains unknown, initial data suggests a possible equipment malfunction. A special investigative group has been dispatched to the crash site to carry out a probe, where the aircraft's black boxes have already been recovered.

This is the second fatal incident involving a Mi-8 helicopter within the last week. On May 19, four crew members were killed in a similar accident northwest of Moscow.

Developed in the Soviet Union in the mid-1960s, Mi-8 military transport and multipurpose helicopters are considered among the most reliable and heavily produced choppers in the world. The aircraft are still manufactured in Russia and are actively used in more than 50 countries.

Light Sabers

Media could ask Cummings about needless deaths & crashing economy. But their 'gotcha!' moment is a stupid car trip

Dominic Cummings
© Reuters / Simon Dawson
Dominic Cummings
Top Boris Johnson adviser Dominic Cummings' apparent violation of lockdown rules has the UK media obsessed. But the way they have rushed for a piece of him is a showcase of a pack mentality with misplaced priorities.

Today in the UK, we 'celebrate' nine weeks of lockdown - a series of measures that has robbed us of great swathes of our long-held rights and left the economy on its knees. So what are the UK media currently in a feeding frenzy about? Whether a political adviser - not even an elected politician - did or did not bend or break those lockdown rules a few weeks ago. One thing the pandemic has done is brought into sharp relief the utter uselessness of the breed of fatuous gossip-mongers known as 'political correspondents.'

The established facts are these: a few days after the lockdown was announced on Monday, March 23, Dominic Cummings - Boris Johnson's most senior adviser - left London with his wife and four-year-old child to stay at a property on his parents' estate in County Durham, a journey of over 250 miles. His wife, journalist Mary Wakefield, had already become ill with Covid-19 and Cummings assumed he was likely to become ill soon, too.


California church asks US Supreme Court to intervene in lockdown battle after Clinton, Obama judges strike down

California Gov. Gavin Newsom.
© Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
California Gov. Gavin Newsom.
At issue is whether lockdown orders improperly fly in the face of the First Amendment.

The battle over the impact of coronavirus lockdown measures on Americans' religious observances has reached the Supreme Court as a Southern California church and its pastor made an emergency appeal for relief from executive orders issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Lawyers for the South Bay United Pentecostal Church and Bishop Arthur Hodges asked the justices to step in Sunday after a federal appeals court panel rejected a similar emergency application Friday.

The decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals came on the same day President Donald Trump publicly backed churches seeking to escape various stay-at-home orders in place across the country. Trump said he was ordering governors to exempt churches "right now" by declaring religious services to be essential, although he lacks any evident legal authority to impose his view on state officials.


Spain revises coronavirus deaths due to double counting and other errors

spain virus
© REUTERS/Sergio Perez
Members of the Spanish Emergency Military Unit (UME) wearing full personal protective equipments disinfect outside the Archaeological Museum amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Madrid, Spain May 25, 2020.
Spain's health ministry revised the country's coronavirus death toll down by nearly 2,000 to 26,834 on Monday after checking data provided by regions.

The total number of cases recorded since the outbreak began has also been revised down, and is now 235,400 — 372 fewer than on Sunday, it said.

Just 50 people died of the virus over the past week, it added, a marked fall from previous weeks.

Comment: Despite governments around the world continuing to enforce the lockdown in numerous ways, and even increasing the Orwellian measures, this is just the latest revision to the numbers reflecting the true nature of the virus - flu-like but less harmful, for the vast majority - and it further highlights the disastrous mistake the general public made by believing the government propaganda over their own lived experience:


The public must lead us out of the lockdown

UK hiking
© Getty
The political elites have lost the plot over Covid-19. The people must take over.

There was a fascinating clip on the news last week. ITV was reporting from a crowded beach in Brighton. People were sunning themselves, chatting with friends, necking beers. All to the fury of lockdown fanatics, of course, who view these pleasure-seekers as selfish, unwitting murderers. 'You're killing people!', as the demented cry goes.

During ITV's report, a man holding a bottle of beer and mingling with his family said something really revealing: 'I know we're down here drinking beer... but if we carry on the way we're going, I think we're going to have a major lockdown in two weeks... and we're going to see a massive rise in deaths again.'

Comment: See also: