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Mon, 18 Nov 2019
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'There's a difference between Jordan Peterson and a film about him'

Mike Sheridan on his viral interview with controversial professor and why he was impressed by new documentary
jordan peterson
© Holding Space Films
In 2016, Jordan Peterson released a series of Professor Against Political Correctness on YouTube which made him a very divisive figure.
In July 2018, after much chasing of his publisher, I managed to get an interview with polarising professor and "rock star intellectual" Jordan Peterson. It was for a new show which would go out first as a video and podcast and later on the radio station 4FM; I got the time with Peterson by promising that the interview would go out in full, as live.

I'd recently finished his book 12 Rules for Life and was fascinated by the surge of fame that had engulfed him. I'd read enough features and listened to enough podcasts with the 57-year-old Canadian to know he was displeased with how his words, as he saw it, had been twisted in different ways to besmirch his name and misrepresent him.

When Peterson arrived into our small studio that day it soon became clear how polarising he was; two workmates wanted to meet him and told me they'd do anything to make that happen; one excitedly met him and brought him up the three storeys, while the other waited outside the building, hoping to grab a picture. But others in the office were appalled that he was even there; when I asked one co-worker why, he spoke passionately about Peterson's views on the Muslim religion. It soon becoming clear he had mixed up Peterson with American neuroscientist and author Sam Harris, who would be joining him on stage the following night in the 3Arena for a discussion about religion and the "War of Ideas". Others branded him "transphobic" and "misogynist" offering quotes and derided the picture-seeker for asking for a snap.

Over 70-odd minutes, we discussed everything from Peterson's depression, equality of outcome, his rise to fame, Chris Rock quotes ("he's right, we're all fools") and Donald Trump.

Comment: See also,

Red Flag

Chilean riot police knock down & drag elderly protester in brutal arrest amid massive anti-neoliberal protests

Chilean riot police
© Reuters / Pilar Oliveres
Five Chilean riot police were caught on camera brutalizing an elderly protester, dragging him through the street and manhandling him into a van as gargantuan protests against the Piñera regime's austerity policies continue.

The protester is shown struggling to keep up as a group of heavily-armored Chilean police with riot shields rush him down the street. At one point, someone out of frame complains about how they are "pulling" the old man along, so they knock their prisoner to the ground.

Three officers then grab hold of a limb each and drag the man the rest of the way, the video posted to Twitter by Redfish on Tuesday shows.

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Dallas woman accused of selling 11-year-old for sex at hotels for months, police say

Victoria Nicole Bautista
© Dallas Police
A Dallas woman was in custody Monday, accused of trafficking and selling an 11-year-old family member for sex at various North Texas hotels.

The 29-year-old woman also is accused of trafficking a 16-year-old family member.

Dallas police identified the suspect asVictoria Nicole Bautista, who was arrested Oct. 18 and remains in the Dallas County Jail in lieu of $201,000 bail.

Dallas police began the investigation on Oct. 17 after the 11-year-old made an outcry to a family member. That family member contacted Balch Springs police, who contacted Dallas detectives.

An arrest warrant, which was written by Dallas detective J. Ortiz-Vives, gave this brief account of the investigation:

The younger girl, a 16-year-old cousin and Bautista had been staying at a Motel 6 in Mesquite in March. The young girl had just turned 11 in March.

At some point in March, a black Mercedes Benz pulled up into the motel parking lot and Bautista ordered the young girl and her cousin to have sex with the people inside of the car.

The girl asked why, and Bautista just told her to go and do it.

The 11-year-old and her cousin got in the car, where there were three men. The driver handed her some unknown amount of money.

Within seconds, the three men began touching the two girls and taking their clothes off. At some point, the three men had sex with the young girl and her cousin.

When the men had finished, the girls got out of the car and ran to an apartment where they were staying.

Bautista asked for the money, but she never asked the girls if they were OK, according to the warrant.

Every two weeks since her birthday in March, the 11-year-old was forced to have sex with men.

On Oct. 15, the 11-year-old was having sex with a man at a motel when he struck her in the head and she passed out. She woke up to another man having sex with her.

Bautista faces charges of trafficking persons under the age of 18, compelling prostitution under the age of 18, theft of property $100 to $750, and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Man underpaid his property taxes by $8.41. The county seized his property, sold it—and kept the profits

© Robin Nelson/ZUMA Press/Newscom
A Michigan man underpaid his property taxes by $8.41. The County seized his property, sold It — and kept the profits.

An 83-year-old retired engineer in Michigan underpaid his property taxes by $8.41. In response, Oakland County seized his property, auctioned it off to settle the debt, and pocketed nearly $24,500 in excess revenue from the sale.

Under Michigan law, it was all legal. And hardly uncommon.

Uri Rafaeli, who lost his property and all the equity associated with it, is just one of thousands of people to be victimized by Michigan's uniquely aggressive property tax statute. The law, passed in 1999 in an attempt to accelerate the rehabilitation of abandoned properties, empowers county treasurers to act as debt collectors. In the process, it creates a perverse incentive by allowing treasurers' offices to retain excess revenue raised by seizing and selling properties with delinquent taxes — even when the amount owed is miniscule, and even when the homes aren't abandoned or blighted at all.

Comment: Michigan's War on Drugs: Lieber Code Article 17:
War is not carried on by arms alone. It is lawful to starve the hostile belligerent, armed or unarmed, so that it leads to the speedier subjection of the enemy.
Lieber Code Article 18.
When a commander of a besieged place expels the noncombatants, in order to lessen the number of those who consume his stock of provisions, it is lawful, though an extreme measure, to drive them back, so as to hasten on the surrender.

Yellow Vest

Protests everywhere! Violent clashes erupt between police and students in Delhi over rising fees and housing costs

protests Jawaharlal Nehru University

Students forced their way through the barricades and police officers struck students after they pushed through barriers.
Violent clashes broke out between police and students protesting grievances including rising fees and housing costs in Delhi on Monday, with authorities at one point deploying water cannons.

Authorities attempted to put the All India Council of Technical Education building on lockdown as hundreds of students from nearby Jawaharlal Nehru University turned out to protest an event there featuring Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal.

Students forced their way through the barricades, preventing the minister from leaving the site for hours. Footage from the scene shows police officers striking students after they pushed through barriers.

Comment: World in Flames: Why Are Protests Raging Around The Globe?
Whatever their outward, stated rationale for protesting, it strikes us that people generally are 'acting out' because they sense that something is seriously 'amiss' with the world. Greta got one thing right y'know: we are living through the Sixth Extinction (except it's NOT man-made)...


Democrazis run rampage in Hong Kong - Police chief warns 'society on brink of total breakdown'

Comment: The situation's reaching boiling point in Hong Kong. Stand by for mystery snipers shooting protesters and/or police...

hong kong map riots

Just some of the flash-points across Hong Kong today, 12 Nov 2019
Protests in Hong Kong have reached new heights of violence, with bomb-throwing rioters seizing control of university campuses and pushing out police while authorities admit that the riot-ravaged city hangs by a thread.

Demonstrators armed to the teeth with molotov cocktails, javelins, and (in one case, at least) a chainsaw have seized control of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), pushing riot police off the campus on Tuesday night and leaving a shocking amount of destruction in their wake.

Videos and photos posted to social media show the rioters fortifying their position with barricades and setting "huge" fires on the campus. Classes were unsurprisingly canceled at CUHK and other universities around the city, some of which also played host to clashes between the demonstrators - still dubbed 'pro-democracy activists' in the media despite the increasing levels of violence on display - and police. On at least one campus, rioters stole sporting equipment including javelins and shot puts and weaponized them.


I was a liberal NY prof, but when I said the Left was going too far, colleagues called me a NAZI & treated me like a RUSSIAN SPY

nyu graduates
© (L) AFP / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Drew Angerer; (R) Wikimedia / Jonathan71
What's wrong with the American left? Suffering from Trump anxiety disorder, acting like cult members, and engaging in a new McCarthyism, the left has lost its collective mind. I saw it coming and left the left in the nick of time.

My break with the left began in the fall of 2016. I was a professor at New York University, a left-liberal, and an active social media participant. My skepticism and resentment at my political tribe's insistence that I affirm its increasingly crazy claims had been growing steadily to this point.

Much like Jordan Peterson, my tipping point involved the pronoun wars, although, as you'll see, I enjoyed a more satirical approach. When the University of Michigan instituted a policy that offered students a carte blanche pronoun preference opportunity, a clever student offered "His Majesty" as his chosen pronoun, and his blasphemous pronoun choice made the news. The satirical trope hilariously underscored the absurdity of gender and pronoun proliferation, and the institutional lunacy that has attempted to keep pace with it. I posted a link to an article about the spoof on Facebook, without comment. I then proceeded to teach for the rest of the afternoon.


Indiana ordered to pay convicted murderer $425K after keeping him in solitary confinement for 4 years

Jay Vermillon
© Vigo County Sheriff’s Office
The state of Indiana must pay a convicted killer $425,000 after keeping him in solitary confinement for more than four years without conducting a single review to determine whether he should remain segregated, according to a new report.

Jay Vermillon, who is serving time for murder and other offenses, entered solitary confinement at Westville Correctional Facility in 2009, but he was never given a clear explanation for his segregation — or the chance to argue his case against staying there, attorney Maggie Filler of the Chicago-based MacArthur Justice Center told The Indianapolis Star.

Comment: It's a sad state of affairs when taxpayers have to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to a convicted killer because prison officials couldn't bother with a review.


Another school attack in China: Man breaks in, burns 51 children and 3 teachers with chemicals

Dongcheng Kindergarten in China

Dongcheng Kindergarten in China, where students and teachers were burned in a chemical attack.
A man scaled the wall of a school building in China and sprayed a corrosive substance on the kindergartners inside — burning 51 kids and three teachers, according to new reports.

The 23-year-old suspect, only identified by his surname, Kong, cut wires and climbed over a wall into the Dongcheng Kindergarten in Kaiyuan, Yunnan province, where he sprayed sodium hydroxide on children and staff around 3:30 p.m. Monday, the South China Morning Post reported.

About 40 minutes later, Kong — who authorities believe was acting alone — was taken into custody, according to the report. Local police believe he carried out the attack "as a revenge on society," the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

Comment: In China the way this tends to manifest is by attacks on parents' investment in the future, i.e. their children. For more on the phenomenon:

The dozens of students and their teachers were taken to local hospitals — where two of the injuries are considered serious but not life-threatening.

Kong bought the caustic soda online, the Kaiyuan municipal government said in a statement obtained by the Morning Post.

Stock Up

China could launch its own digital currency in the next 2-3 months, predicts investor

China digital currency
China could start rolling out its digital currency as early as the next two to three months, predicted the managing partner of an investment firm backed by Foxconn Technology Group.

China has developed a framework called the Digital Currency Electronic Payment or DCEP, according to Jack Lee, managing partner of HCM Capital. That would allow its central bank to issue a digital currency to commercial banks and third-party payment networks by Alipay and WeChat Pay, he explained.

"So, they already have all the system and the network ready. I think you will see it very soon, in the next maybe two to three months," Lee told CNBC's Tanvir Gill at the Singapore FinTech Festival on Monday.

Comment: From RT:

According to Max Keiser, there could be "a catastrophic trapdoor opening underneath the US economy."

When China announces as a surprise its 20,000 tons of gold and a gold-backed cryptocurrency that "will kill the US dollar deader than a doornail," it will be a "Pearl Harbor-type event and it's coming in the next six to nine months," he predicts.