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Fri, 31 Mar 2023
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Aussie Tycoon Wants to Clone Dinosaurs for His Real Life, Resort-Based Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park
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Jurassic Park...the ride.
The suggestion would be considered unbelievable - if it involved anyone other than Clive Palmer.

The controversial billionaire is rumoured to be planning to clone a dinosaur from DNA so he can set it free in a Jurassic Park-style area at his new Palmer Resort in Coolum.

Mr Palmer has, apparently, been in deep discussion with the people who successfully cloned Dolly the sheep to bring his dinosaur vision to life.

If Mr Palmer can resurrect the Titanic, what is to stop him from trying with another of his other alleged passions - dinosaurs?

This is just one of the rumours circulating about Mr Palmer's plans for Coolum.

And while the concept sounds like a joke, it apparently comes from a source close to Mr Palmer's inner circle.

Bizarro Earth

Xbox Chat Leads To 22 Stab Wounds

An online fight led to an in-person attack for a young man in Oakley, and he ended up with nearly two dozen stab wounds.

This stabbing all started with a conversation on an Xbox Live headset that allegedly set a 17-year-old off, not with a joystick, but with a real knife and gun.

Kevin Kemp, 20, didn't mind showing the scars from his battle Monday. There are 22 stab wounds now stitched back up.

That was the end result of what started as an exchange with a family friend online.

2 + 2 = 4

Teen Girls: When Anger is Masked by Depression and Powerlessness?

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Growing up, lots of girls get the message that the phrase "angry woman" is an oxymoron. A little like boys might get the message that "sad man" is. Girls are taught that overtly expressing anger threatens their relationships. Depression, on the other hand, does not.

New data from a national survey conducted between 2008 and 2010 reveals that between the ages of 12-15, the number of girls experiencing depression triples. This happens at a rate of three times that of boys. Girls attempt suicide in greater numbers but boys, who tend to use guns more, succeed more often. As last week's Huffington Post article about the study explained, before puberty, boys and girls typically experience depression at the same frequency. "Social pressures" appear to be greater for girls and, of course, we've all been schooled on the impact of "hormones and emotions." Doctors believe it is vital that we teach teenage girls coping skills and social support systems so that they can better avoid depression. But girls aren't just depressed when they are teens. Remember that 2009 study "Why are Women Increasingly Unhappy?" They grow up to be more depressed in their 20's, 30's, 40's and beyond.


Signed Consent Form Required For Teen Body Piercings In New York

Pierce Body
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Teenagers in New York looking to express themselves with body piercings should look for a different method. A new law surrounding body piercing was recently passed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The New York Daily News recently reported that teens under 18 in New York will need permission from their parents' to pierce body parts other than their ears.

In regards to piercings, Cuomo signed a bill that required young adults under 18 to receive written permission from a parent or guardian. Body piercing studios also have to conduct identification checks of teenagers. In particular, those who are under 18 must provide a consent form signed by a parent or guardian and the form must be signed in front of the owner or the body piercing specialist. The bill aims to provide better protection from infections and blood-borne diseases for teens. It was passed by the both the New York Senate and Assembly.

"Body piercing can result in severe health risks and it is our obligation as New Yorkers and parents to make sure that our teens are taking every precaution to remain healthy and safe," commented Cuomo in a prepared statement. "I thank Senator Robach and Assembly Member Simanowitz for their hard work on this legislation."

Before the bill was signed, New York law did not provide a minimum age requirement for body piercings. According to the Governor's Press Office, around 20 percent of all body piercings lead to infection and there are is also the possibility of contracting hepatitis. The law will become in effect in 90 days.


Writer Gore Vidal, 86, has died

Gore Vidal
© Genaro Molina
Gore Vidal, pictured here in 2006, has died at age 86.
Gore Vidal, the iconoclastic writer, savvy analyst and imperious gadfly on the national conscience, has died. He was 86.

Vidal died Tuesday at his home in the Hollywood Hills of complications of pneumonia, said nephew Burr Steers.

Vidal was a literary juggernaut who wrote 25 novels, including historical works such as Lincoln and Burr and satires such as Myra Breckinridge and Duluth. He was also a prolific essayist whose pieces on politics, sexuality, religion and literature -- once described as "elegantly sustained demolition derbies" -- both delighted and inflamed and in 1993 earned him a National Book Award for his massive United States Essays, 1952-1992.


US Drone Pilot: 'I Feel No Emotional Attachment'

 drone pilot
© Heather Ainsworth for The New York Times
A drone pilot at the base at Hancock Field, near Syracuse, working the controls of a craft flying over Afghanistan.
Intimate look at Afghan family life from above does impact execution of 'duty,' say US drone pilots

In a profile piece in the New York Times on Monday, interviews with military operators of US drones operating in the skies over Afghanistan and Pakistan reveal a class of pilots who remotely control the targeted killings of human beings thousands of miles away.

"I see mothers with children, I see fathers with children, I see fathers with mothers, I see kids playing soccer," says Colonel Brenton, one of the pilots profiled who works out of a dark control room in the suburbs of Syracuse, New York.

But, when it comes to engaging the target and after stipulating this means that the children and mothers away from the fire zone -- for example, "out at the market" -- he says: "I feel no emotional attachment to the enemy. I have a duty, and I execute the duty."


Peaceful Protest Over Tar Sands Takes a Violent Turn in Burlington, Vermont

Hundreds of protesters participate in a 'human oil spill'
© Elliot deBruyn/Burlington Free Press
Hundreds of protesters participate in a 'human oil spill' in front of the Hilton Hotel on Battery Street in Burlington as part of demonstrations coinciding with the 36th Annual Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers, 07/29/12.
Riot police use excessive force to move protesters.

Sunday tar sands protest in Burlington, Vermont turned violent when riot police shot protesters with pepper spray and rubber bullets.

Hundreds of activists demonstrating against a proposed tar sands oil pipeline that would extend across northern New England gathered at the Burlington Hilton where the 36th annual conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers was being held.

Protesters created a "human oil spill" over the possibility that tar sands oil from western Canada might be shipped across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

"It's clear the governors and premiers are meeting to talk about trade policy, energy and infrastructure," said Avery Pittman, spokeswoman for the protest groups. "They're definitely prioritizing profits and money-making over the needs of the people or the impact these proposals will have on us."


Suicidal Attempts Continue in Israel

© Unknown
As the Zionist regime intensifies its cruelty and injustice even against its own so-called citizens, more and more Israelis embark on suicide attempts to escape destitute.

A man threatened to set himself on fire at Beersheba City Hall on Sunday. The man was stopped by a security guard and transferred to police custody for questioning.

According to Israel Radio, the man was threatening to set himself ablaze because of financial and housing problems.

Overnight Friday a man in his 30s set himself on fire at a psychiatric hospital near Netanya.

Magen David Adom paramedics provided first aid treatment and transferred the man in critical condition from the Lev-Hasharon Mental Health Center in Pardesia to Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. Hospital officials at Sheba stated that he was suffering from second and third degree burns on 60 percent of his body.


Flash Mob Crimes And Organized Looting Have Become A Normal Part Of Life In America

Flash Mob
© End of The American Dream
Once upon a time, most Americans had never even heard of "flash mob robberies" or "organized looting". Now they are considered to be a part of normal life in America. On Saturday, more than 20 teens stormed into a trendy clothing store in Chicago and stole more than $3,000 worth of jeans, but it barely made a blip on the national news because this kind of thing has become so common. After all, we just saw the exact same kind of thing happen in Jacksonville, Detroit, Baltimore and a whole bunch of other places. Flash mob crimes have become so common in Chicago that they take public opinion polls about them.

But when I first started writing about this phenomenon a couple of years ago, hardly anyone knew what "mob robberies" were. In fact, I had to explain what these "flash mobs" were doing to a couple of radio hosts because they had never heard of such a thing. But now everybody knows about the flash mobs. Another disturbing trend that we are seeing all over America is "organized looting". Groups of desperate criminals are going into empty or abandoned buildings and stripping out copper wire, copper pipes and anything else that they can sell for money. At one time these kinds of thefts made the news, but now they have also become so common that they don't get much notice anymore.

The sad truth is that the streets of America are changing. They are becoming a lot more hostile and a lot more dangerous.

Young people in America today do not have respect for authority, they do not have respect for those that are older than them and they do not even have respect for themselves.

Posted below is surveillance camera footage of the mob robbery mentioned above during which thousands of dollars worth of jeans were stolen. These kids obviously plotted to commit this crime well in advance. These kids have so little respect for themselves that they are willing to potentially jeopardize their futures over a few pairs of lousy jeans....

Will any of those kids go to jail eventually?

That is a very good question.

In other areas of the country, law enforcement is so overwhelmed that they just let cases such as this one go.


Woman's Remains Stolen From Atlantic County Cemetery

Pleasantville, N. J. - "I feel completely violated, there are six family members there," said Paula Lafolette of Wilmington.

Where there is supposed to be peace, there is unrest for Lafolette and other family members of Pauline Spinelli, who lived in Hammonton.

Police say her remains, buried in 1996 at age 98, were stolen late Thursday night or early Friday morning from the mausoleum she had built for her family at the Atlantic City Cemetery on Washington Avenue in Pleasantville.

Police said the sanctity of the tomb was shattered possibly with a boulder that still sits by the door.

"They then went through [the] process of forcibly removing the lock," said Pleasantville Police Captain Rocky Melendez.

Melendez said once inside, someone broke and moved the stone that covered Spinelli's interment space.

"The casket had been removed, had been pried open," he said.

And Spinelli's body, dressed in a powdered blue gown, according to her granddaughter Paula Lafolette, was taken