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Wed, 11 Dec 2019
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Unnao rape survivor who was set on fire wants to see accused hanged to death

indian rape victim burned
The Unnao rape survivor, who has suffered 90 per cent burns, was shifted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi on Thursday.
The Unnao rape survivor, who was burnt alive by five men in Sindupur village in Unnao district on Thursday, told her family that she doesn't want to die and wants to see the accused sentenced to death. The 23-year-old woman, who is currently on ventilator and in extremely critical condition, was on her way to a court in Rae Bareli to attend a hearing in the rape case when she was attacked.

The five men also included the two who were accused of raping the woman in December.

"Usne kaha ki bhahiya mujhe bacha lo, mujhe marna nahi hai. Jinhonne mere sath ye kiya hai, unhe mai maut ki saza paatey dekhna chahti hu [she told me that brother, please save me, I don't want to die. Those who have done this to me, I want to see them getting a death sentence]" the brother of rape survivor told India Today TV.

Comment: India must begin addressing its society's perverse views regarding violence against its female population.


Crash and burn: Bottom falls out as libtard CNN ratings hit 3-year low

CNN Zucker
© Bottom Falls Out as CNN Ratings Hit 3-Year Low
CNN president Jeff Zucker
Far-left CNN, an anti-Trump, pro-violence, racist, fake news outlet that traffics in conspiracy theories, collapsed to a three-year low in the ratings during the week of November 25.

A three-year low.

Three years.

While Congress is impeaching the president.


Comment: Just more evidence of CNN's long slide into irrelevancy. Under Jeff Zucker's "leadership" the once-repected outlet that simply reported news transformed itself into a Democratic propaganda outlet. Project Veritas' expose made that clear. Now they are paying the price.

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WADA's blurred lines & blind spots would lead to a moral blackout should it ban Russia

Ahead of its crunch meeting to decide on whether to ban Russia, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has demonstrated a masterclass of what happens when blurred lines and blind spots lead to the brink of a moral blackout.

The climax of the latest WADA farce will take place when an executive committee will convene on Monday in Lausanne to decide whether to impose a draconian law to declare the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) non-compliant for four whole years, excluding the nation from taking part in next year's Tokyo Games and the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

For all it's posturing and pontificating, the reality is WADA's credibility has disintegrated to the point the organization should be scorched and built from scratch. Its razor-thin lines drawn between what does and doesn't constitute doping has seen lines drawn in the sand separating clean and unclean athletes become blurred beyond recognition.

Away from WADA's close and careful gaze that is seemingly fixed on Russia, other athletes lurk in the blind spots with Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) forms projecting a saintly image of athletic purity and immunity. Blind faith in their own questionable ability to govern sport will see WADA next week contemplate wiping Russia off the sporting map.

If so, that would represent a complete moral blackout for an organization formed with the purpose of bringing to light cheating in sport. If there is something that should be excluded, should be scrapped and rebooted from scratch, it is WADA itself.

Comment: See also: Moscow anti-doping lab's database was tampered with from the US, independent Russian experts say after WADA finds no interference


Scores feared trapped after 6-story building collapses in Kenya

nairobi collapse
At least two people have died after a six-storey residential building collapsed in Kenya's capital Nairobi. Rescue efforts are still ongoing, with 11 people, including children, pulled from the rubble so far.

Residents from the surrounding Tassia estate rushed to the scene and began pulling people from the rubble immediately, rescuing ten people before authorities had even arrived. The brave volunteers used their bare hands to dig through the shattered remains of the building.

Eyewitness video from the scene shows frantic efforts to remove rubble and save the lives of those trapped beneath it.

Comment: See also:


A bridge to Far East: Russia to link Sakhalin Island with mainland in next 10-15 years

Sakhalin Island
© Global Look press / Sergei Fomine
Russia's Sakhalin island
Russia plans to complete an ambitious multi-billion-dollar construction project linking the mainland to Sakhalin Island in the Far East between 2030 and 2035, the head of the region has revealed.

The new bridge is expected to significantly boost trade, as it will provide access to year-round sea ports on the remote island, Sakhalin Region Governor Valery Limarenko told a local TV channel. The route could bring to the region "an important logistic function," as shipments from Japan to Europe could go through it, and some gas or oil refineries could be built along it.


San Francisco has nearly five empty homes per homeless resident

San Francisco
© Shutterstock
Oakland housing activists Moms 4 Housing, who made national news by taking over a vacant West Oakland house in November, frequently cite a statistic alleging that there are four empty homes in Oakland for every homeless person — a figure alluded to in the group's name.

But is this true?

The answer to that question: It's complicated. Estimating both housing and homeless populations can be a tricky chore; depending on the method, San Francisco's 2019 homeless count ranges from just over 8,000 to nearly 17,600 persons.

Comment: See also:


Woman becomes unsuspecting victim of mid-air scorpion attack on United Airlines flight

© AFP / University of Porto
A routine flight across the United States came to resemble a scene from a bizarre Hollywood film after a passenger was bitten by a scorpion. The woman was transferred to hospital after landing at her destination.

The United Airlines flight, traveling from San Francisco to Atlanta, apparently had some unwanted cargo on board. A female passenger who felt a stinging sensation reportedly inspected herself in the aircraft's bathroom, only to discover a scorpion in the leg of her pants. The arachnid was eventually captured by the plane's crew.

A photo shows the airborne invertebrate animal in what appears to be a cardboard box used to serve meals on board.


4 men accused of gang-rape of young Indian doctor in Hyderabad killed by police

Hang the Rapists Protests in India
© REUTERS/Francis Mascarenhas
Demonstrators hold placards and shouts slogans during a protest against the alleged rape and murder of a 27-year-old woman on the outskirts of Hyderabad, in Mumbai, India, December 3, 2019.
All four of the men accused of a grisly rape and murder of a young Indian veterinarian have been shot dead by police, around the same area the young vet's badly burned remains were discovered.

The men had reportedly been taken to an area near the initial crime scene by police in order to reconstruct the events that led up to 26-year-old Priyanka Reddy's horrific death when one of the accused grabbed an officer's service weapon and fired, attempting an escape. All four were killed when police shot back, according to the Shamshabad district police chief.

Comment: Indian girls celebrate death of 4 men accused of Hyderabad gang rape, cops feted in the streets
One of the accused reportedly grabbed an officer's firearm and all four men were shot dead by police as they attempted to flee the area. While the nation remains in shock and grief, some have taken a moment to celebrate the police officers' actions.

Some people cheered, let off firecrackers, and held police officers aloft on their shoulders in thanks for delivering swift, brutal justice to the men who confessed to the kidnapping, rape, murder and desecration of Priyanka Reddy.

Some even offered sweets, flowers, and other small gifts as tokens of gratitude.

The news has lifted the somber mood of the nation, judging by reaction online. "I hope your soul now rest in peace Priyanka Reddy. For all the good you did in this world, justice is served, god's always watching," actress Rashmika Mandanna said.

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Is gender a social construct?

traditional 50s housewife
About once every generation, it becomes intellectually fashionable to believe that gender or gender identity is a malleable trait, largely devoid of biological imperatives and at the mercy of parental initiatives or other social forces. Within time, these narratives meet an inevitable backlash from the natural sciences and the furor dies down, only to repeat itself twenty or so years later. We appear to be in the grip of another such cycle, with some individuals declaring that "Gender is a social construct!" and others pronouncing such ideas to be hogwash.

This debate suffers from three problems. First, the terms involved — sex, gender, gender identity, and gender role — are often poorly defined, which causes a good deal of confusion. Second, and related, in many cases participants in this debate may be using the term gender to mean two different things, which causes them to talk past one another. And third, these debates are often dominated by the loudest and most inflexible voices on either side, reducing opportunities for dialogue about how nature and nurture interact to produce behavioral outcomes.

Comment: See also:


Moscow anti-doping lab's database was tampered with from the US, independent Russian experts say after WADA finds no interference

doping tests
© Sputnik / Valeriy Melnikov
The database of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory was tampered with during at least a six-month period by its former head, Grigory Rodchenkov, and his collages, who fled to the US, the Russian experts said.

Inconsistencies discovered in the laboratory information management system (LIMS) may see all Russian athletes, including clean ones, competing as neutrals during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and other major sporting events for the next four years. Russia could also be banned from hosting international competitions during that time.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will decide on the fate of Russian sports on December 9. The agency claims it found no traces of interference with the LIMS after November 2015 when Rodchenkov escaped from Russia and became WADA's main informant in the case against the country.

But independent Russian experts reject WADA's conclusions, saying their probe established numerous instances of changes and modifications made to the Moscow laboratory's files. Their 12-page report prepared in late November was obtained by Tass news agency.

Comment: Although fabricating 'evidence' is nothing new for Western powers pushing the anti-Russia narrative, still pretty damning if true. See also: