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US: Alabama town to offenders "Go to church or go to jail"


The small town of Bay Minette, Alabama is telling people convicted of small crimes to choose Jesus or choose jail.

Starting this week, the city judge will implement Operation Restore Our Community (ROC), which gives misdemeanor offenders a choice between fines and jail or a year of Sunday church services.

"Operation ROC resulted from meetings with church leaders," Bay Minette Police Chief Mike Rowland told the Alabama Press-Register. "It was agreed by all the pastors that at the core of the crime problem was the erosion of family values and morals. We have children raising children and parents not instilling values in young people."

Wall Street

Europe will collapse because 'Goldman Sachs rules the world'

Speaking to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) this morning, independent stock trader Alessio Rastani predicted that a European market crash is imminent and many investors know it.

"This problem cannot be solved," he said. "I'm fairly confident that the Euro is going to crash, and it's going to fall pretty hard."

Rastani added: "Personally, I've been dreaming of this moment for three years. I have a confession, which is, I go to bed every night and I dream of another recession. I dream of another moment like this. Why? Because people don't seem to really remember. The depression in the 30′s wasn't just about a market crash. There were some people who were prepared to make money from that crash. I think anybody can do that."

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'Occupy Wall Street' protest spreads to Los Angeles

A small group of demonstrators marched through the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday to show their support for 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters in New York City.

"Corporate interests seem to be controlling both parties," one protester told "The 'little man,' the 'American every man,' just isn't getting their voice heard. When you need $35,000 to donate to a campaign to get your voice heard, to have a meeting, that's not democracy."

Watch video, uploaded by YouTube user philippecrusoe, below:

Wall Street

Israel ordered to pay in Palestinian girl's death

Jerusalem - An Israeli court has ordered the government to pay $432,000 to the family of a prominent Palestinian peace activist whose 10-year-old daughter was killed by an Israeli rubber bullet in 2007.

Abir Aramin was standing at a distance from stone-throwing demonstrators in the village of Anata, north of Jerusalem, when Israeli forces fired rubber-coated steel bullets to disperse the protest. One hit Abir, and she died of her wounds two days later.

Her father, Basam Aramin, is a founder of Combatants for Peace, a group of former Israeli and Palestinian fighters who now promote peaceful coexistence.

Originally, police claimed a rock killed the girl. But an autopsy ended up showing she was hit by a stray bullet.

The ruling, issued last week, was made public late Sunday.


Woman decapitated in Mexico for web posting

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Mexico City - Police found a woman's decapitated body in a Mexican border city on Saturday, alongside a handwritten sign saying she was killed in retaliation for her postings on a social networking site.

The gruesome killing may be the third so far this month in which people in Nuevo Laredo were killed by a drug cartel for what they said on the internet.

Morelos Canseco, the interior secretary of northern Tamaulipas state, where Nuevo Laredo is located, identified the victim as Marisol Macias Castaneda, a newsroom manager for the Nuevo Laredo newspaper Primera Hora.

The newspaper has not confirmed that title, and an employee of the paper said Macias Castaneda held an administrative post, not a reporting job. The employee was not authorized to be quoted by name.

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US: Five found dead in rural Indiana

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Indianapolis - Five people were found dead on Sunday afternoon in two rural Franklin County, Indiana, homes after police were called to check on a small child wandering near the road.

Indiana State Police are trying to determine exactly what led to the shooting deaths of four people -- two male and two female -- at one address and a man they found dead in a house across the street.

State Police Sergeant Jerry Goodin told reporters that investigators don't know how many shooters were involved or if the shooter was one of those found dead.

Autopsies will take place Monday morning and names of the victims will be released after families are notified.

Police are advising those living in the area to be cautious answering their doors and to report any suspicious activity to 911.


Obama Upends No Child Left Behind, Returns Power to Local Schools

© Official White House Photo by Pete Souza Undated: President Obama talks with third and fourth grade students at Viers Mill Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md.
President Barack Obama announced Friday he is changing most of former President George W. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" law. NCLB moved education from district and state control to the federal level. NCLB was written to increase proficiency in math and reading. Few would argue that those are worthy goals. However, the application of NCLB had many unforeseen and negative consequences.

NCLB links funding to measures over which teachers have little control

No Child Left Behind was designed to bring poorer schools up to par with better-performing school districts. To level the educational playing field, the NCLB act created a series of high-stakes proficiency tests. In high-stakes testing, schools are awarded funding based on student proficiency. Educators can teach content, but they can't make students learn. It's like paying a dentist based on how well his patients brush their teeth.

High stakes tests are limited measures of achievement

Students demonstrate progress in tangible and intangible ways. Testing only measures ability to choose a correct answer in artificial circumstances. Tests can be subjective, biased and confusing. Tests say nothing about how students apply knowledge. Some students struggle with traditional testing. Test grades give a one-dimensional, distorted view of student achievement.

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Video: Unbelievable protest footage. NYPD drag girl across the street

The Police begin to rampage rampage around 3 minutes.

Things are not looking good as police brutalize citizens.

Comment: Heretic Productions present: Zen Gardner's "7 Reasons To Brace For Impact"


Setup?: Afghan employee kills US citizen at embassy annex

© UnknownMap of Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan - An Afghan employee of the U.S. government opened fire inside a CIA office in Kabul on Sunday evening, killing an American and injuring a second, U.S. and Afghan officials said, in the second major breach of embassy security in two weeks.

The killing adds to a sense of insecurity already heightened by a 20 hour-siege of the embassy district in mid-September, and the assassination a week later of the government's peace envoy, former President Burhanuddin Rabbani.

The CIA compound is one of the most heavily guarded in Kabul, and has been off-limits for almost a decade, since shortly after the Taliban's fall from power in 2001.

It also lies at the heart of the capital's heavily-guarded military, political and diplomatic district, a virtual "green zone" that is almost impossible for ordinary Afghans to enter.

It was not clear if the U.S. citizens were victims of a rogue employee who had been won over to the insurgent cause, or just the escalation of an argument in a city where tensions are high and many people carry guns. There are precedents for both.

The "lone attacker" was killed, and the injured U.S. citizen was taken to a military hospital, U.S. embassy spokesman Gavin Sundwall said on Monday.

Comment: How about a third option? The Americans found within their own ranks a doubter of 911, the War on Terror etc.. A doubter of Freedom and Democracy who knew, from working on the inside, that America is an Empire now and not the Democracy builder it pretends to be. The American was tired of the continued false flag work and willing to speak out. The CIA couldn't very well keep this guy around, he knew too much. A simple patsy scheme was created where an innocent man [Afghan Employee], who would also be murdered, would be blamed.

It's not impossible. It's not too far-fetched.

We don't know if "the U.S. citizens were victims of a rogue employee who had been won over to the insurgent cause, or just the escalation of an argument in a city where tensions are high and many people carry guns" is the truth or if the article is another form of perception management.

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Wall Street Occupied: Watch Us Grow!

1,000 + people marched through nyc and many were arrested. the crowd at the park grows each day. if you have not heard from your friends lately ... maybe they're there.