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Mon, 10 Aug 2020
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My ex-police colleagues have given up trying to stop black youths carrying guns and knives because it puts their careers at risk

UK police
© Getty Images / Daniel Limpi / EyeEm
Young black men are 25 times more likely to be murdered, yet any initiative to try to discuss why this is, or to use software to identify whether different ethnic groups "specialize" in particular types of crime, is deemed taboo.

I have spent thirty-five years in policing, most of it in inner city London trying to keep people safe. People of all creeds and all colors.

Along the way, I had daily leadership of Operation Blunt 2, the Metropolitan Police attempts to reduce murder amongst teenagers from a peak in 2008 of 29 a year, with 26 of them caused by stabbing or shooting, to a low by 2012 of only eight, with just six caused by stabbing and none by the gun.

Judging by the trends of 2007 onwards, that operation probably saved the lives of over 100 teenagers by 2012. Not to mention the probable 250-plus who would have got life in prison or long sentences for involvement in what were principally gang-related murders. The key tactic of this operation was the stop-and-search targeting of gangs of black inner-city youths by specialist units.

It would be wrong not to give due credit to the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and his Deputy Mayor for Policing, Kit Malthouse, who gave unstinting support to police efforts trying to stop this carnage among our young people.

Comment: The woke mob can't help but make things worse for those they claim they wish to help, because they're modus operandi is bending facts to fit their theories which blinds them to the real problems. Which creates an ironic twist where the woke are making life worse for minorities and the police are actually making it better.

Bad Guys

District attorneys backed by Soros join fray in clash with police

George Soros
© Getty Images
George Soros
Calls for drastic criminal justice and police reforms have swept the country since the death of George Floyd, but local prosecutors already are making waves on that front -- in a sign that under-the-radar political investments made by progressive groups in recent years are paying off.

District attorneys and current candidates whose campaigns benefited from the work of left-wing organizations - including ones backed by liberal billionaire George Soros - are now pushing for new practices that could see sharp reductions in prosecutions and incarcerations.

Soros, through the Justice & Public Safety PAC and other groups, has been spending millions of dollars on prosecutorial races in recent years, with a number of beneficiaries making headlines since their elections.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who was boosted by Soros in her campaign, drew controversy when she announced her office was bringing felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who brandished guns outside their home as protesters marched by in June.


Solidarity? Portland's Wall of Moms crumbles amid online allegations of 'anti-blackness' by former partner organization, Don't Shoot PDX

wall moms seattle protest
© Dave Killen/The Oregonian
The Wall of Moms arrives downtown to the Portland Protest on July 28, 2020.
Portland Wall of Moms, a group formed in recent weeks and quickly recognized as a staple of nightly downtown protests, was accused publicly Wednesday of "anti-Blackness" by leaders of an existing, Black-led community group.

Wall of Moms, whose members said they aimed to support and protect other Black Lives Matter protesters near the fence in front of the federal courthouse, announced Friday that its white leadership had rescinded their positions to allow women of color to be in charge. New leaders announced Friday include Teressa Raiford, executive director of Don't Shoot Portland, Demetria Hester and Danialle James.

But less than a week later, Don't Shoot Portland took to Instagram to urge people against supporting the Wall of Moms, saying that it was no longer working with the moms group.

Comment: The Left can't seem to stop eating its own.

Bad Guys

Election interference? Google purges Breitbart from search results

Google Breitbart
© Netflix, Edit: BNN
A few days after the 2016 election, at an internal meeting later leaked to Breitbart News, top Google executives, including Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin, and Kent Walker, lamented President Trump's victory, comparing Trump voters to "extremists" and discussing their desire to make Trump's election and the populist movement a "blip" in history.

True to their word, four years later, Google is deliberately working to interfere with the reelection of Trump in 2020.

There are several ways in which Google is interfering in the 2020 election, but this article will focus primarily on one of them: political search bias.


Seattle police say explosives found in abandoned van at protests over weekend

seattle rioters antifa van weapons
© YouTube/ KING 5
Seattle police show photos of a large haul of pyrotechnic explosives, stun guns, bear spray and sets of spike strips
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best revealed at a Wednesday news conference that police discovered explosives, smoke bombs and other weapons in a van stationed at the weekend protests.

Saturday's demonstration, promoted by the Youth Liberation Front in support of protesters in Portland, erupted in violence. Best said over the weekend that officers used blast balls, pepper spray and 40mm sponge-tip rounds, while some in the crowd of protesters broke windows and started fires. At one point, she said, someone threw an explosive that blew an 8-inch hole through a wall of the Police Department's East Precinct.

Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins said Saturday evening that his team responded to multiple fires, including one that destroyed four trailers at a construction site.

Comment: Local station KING5 reports:

Twitter corroborates:

Bizarro Earth

Toxic MASK-ulinity? Now simply looking at women while wearing a face covering is sexist and aggressive

mask man
© Getty Images / urbazon
Feminists are claiming that masked men are "aggressively demanding eye contact" and indulging in "hard staring" under the cover of Covid-19. Really?

There is no shortage of controversy surrounding face masks.

Some people view them as a slight against their freedom and defty government guidance, while others embrace it as a sensible precaution in the battle against Covid-19. Both sides have their merits and, if I'm honest, I've fluctuated between the two.

I certainly don't wanna be reckless with other peoples' well-being, especially the elderly, but I also don't trust Hillary Clinton's long-time pal Dr Anthony Fauci.

Fauci, the Director of the National Institute for Allergy & Infectious Diseases is currently accused of misleading the American public. And, quite frankly, would anyone be surprised if he had?

Bizarro Earth

Social hysteria: Michigan inn owners take down Norwegian flag after it's mistaken for Confederate flag

Nordic Pineapple Bed and Breakfast

Nordic Pineapple Bed and Breakfast
A Michigan couple took down a Norwegian flag from outside their bed and breakfast because it was regularly mistakenly as a symbol of the Confederacy.

Greg and Kjersten Offenecker, who own The Nordic Pineapple in St. Johns, said they removed both the Norwegian flag and an American flag posted outside their Civil War-era mansion last week following accusations of promoting racism in the largely conservative Michigan town.

The couple made the move after receiving "at least a dozen hateful emails" and twice as many comments about it, Kjersten Offenbecker told the Lansing State Journal.

"I don't see it because I grew up with the Norwegian flag," she told the newspaper. "To me they are two distinct flags."

The couple, who bought the nearly 9,000-square-foot mansion built in 1861 two years ago, started flying the Norwegian flag shortly after taking over the property. Kjersten Offenbecker said they were still new in town when the owner of a downtown shop relayed to her that someone had mistaken the Norwegian flag as a Confederate one.

Arrow Up

Zimbabwe to pay $3.5 billion to dispossessed white farmers, two decades after violent land grabs of Mugabe era

But the southern African nation does not have the money and will issue long term bonds and jointly approach international donors with the farmers to raise funding, according to the compensation agreement.

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Zimbabwe agreed on Wednesday to pay $3.5 billion in compensation to white farmers whose land was expropriated by the government to resettle black families, moving a step closer to resolving one the most divisive policies of the Robert Mugabe era.

But the southern African nation does not have the money and will issue long term bonds and jointly approach international donors with the farmers to raise funding, according to the compensation agreement.

Two decades ago Mugabe's government carried out at times violent evictions of 4,500 white farmers and redistributed the land to around 300,000 Black families, arguing it was redressing colonial land imbalances.

Comment: RT reports:
President Emmerson Mnangagwa said "This momentous event is historic," as "it brings closure and a new beginning."

The agreement comes as the southern African nation's economy is struggling with falling food production and export income, as well as sanctions from the US and the European Union.

Zimbabwe is battling inflation of more than 700 percent, besides dealing with shortages of currency, fuel and food, while over 90 percent of the population is out of formal employment.

Food production dropped after the country's government authorized the purge of white farmers in 1999-2000 under then-president Robert Mugabe. Whites comprised a tiny percentage of Zimbabwe's population upon independence, but they owned the vast majority of fertile land. In an effort to change the situation, Mugabe's government promised to redistribute the land among black farmers.

However, some have accused Mugabe of using the land reform to reward his allies rather than ordinary Zimbabweans. The president and his supporters reportedly owned about 40 percent of the land seized from white farmers, who received no compensation after being evicted. The country's rulers maintained that the land was taken forcibly during colonial times and needed to be returned to black residents.
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Elderly patient beaten by man in nursing home viral video dies

Jaden T. Heyden

A video emerged in May of a 20-year-old man beating an elderly patient in a Detroit nursing home. That elderly man has now died.
A video emerged in May of a 20-year-old man beating an elderly patient in a Detroit nursing home. That elderly man has now died, reports The Daily Wire.

Westwood Nursing Center resident Norman Bledsoe was allegedly beaten by his roommate Jaden T. Hayden and the incident was captured on camera. The 75-year-old was left with a broken jaw, four broken fingers and broken ribs.

Bledshoe's death was confirmed on Monday by his nephew Kevin who said his uncle was not eating properly and was depressed after the attack.

Comment: Yet another consequence of sticking positive cases of Covid-19 in nursing homes - exposing the vulnerable elderly to dangerous mentally unstable criminals. As if exposing them unnecessarily to the virus wasn't enough.

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Heart - Black

JK Rowling advert removed from Edinburgh Waverley train station for being too 'political'

edinburgh waverly jk rowling
© PA/Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP
The station has removed the advert after it said it may cause offence.
An advert in support of author JK Rowling has been removed from a train station in Edinburgh for reportedly being too "political" and potentially offensive.

Network Rail confirmed that the advertisement had been taken down from Edinburgh Waverley because it breached its policy by promoting a political viewpoint.

A company source told The Times that the words were harmless, but the "context" was likely to cause offence.

Comment: Parody Twitter account Jarvis Dupont has weighed in on the issue:

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