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Fri, 04 Dec 2020
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Yulia Skripal says BBC journalist lied about interviewing father Sergei

sergei yulia skripal
© AFP, Facebook/Yulia Skripal
Yulia Skripal told her cousin Viktoria that she and her father were living in separate rented flats on his pension from UK spy agency MI6, and scotched media rumours that they had emigrated to New Zealand.

The daughter of MI6 double agent Sergei Skripal has denied her father begged Russian President Vladimir Putin for a pardon or was interviewed by BBC journalist Mark Urban.

Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets published the transcript of a recorded telephone conversation between Yulia Skripal and her cousin Viktoria on Monday, in which she denied several British media stories about her and her father.

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CNN's Zucker 'encouraged' invoking 9/11 terror to urge Trump to allow a Biden transition UPDATE: Zucker demands reporters not 'normalize' Trump

jeff zucker quote 9-11
Project Veritas has released the first of its recordings from inside CNN's editorial calls, beginning with what appears to be network President alongside reporters discussing how another 9/11 attack could happen if Trump didn't pre-emptively concede to Joe Biden.
The call begins with reporter Jamie Gangel, who describes what left-wing politicians are demanding she report about the matter of Trump leaving office. She appears to be all too happy to take her line from Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans.

But the most shocking part of the call sees field producer Stephanie Becker demanding the network discuss how another 9/11 terror attack could occur if Trump doesn't aid the Biden transition.

Comment: Also from the National Pulse:
CNN's Zucker Demands Reporters Not 'Normalize' Trump, Overhype 'Each Scandal' To Show 'Undoing' Of His Support
Natalie Winters December 1, 2020

Project Veritas has released calls showing Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, repeatedly telling reporters to not "normalize" President Trump, encouraging them to emphasize "each" alleged scandal as "the one that is going to undo him with his voters."

In the nearly three-minute-long video, obtained from the network's daily editorial calls, Zucker can be heard telling reporters that CNN cannot "normalize" President Trump's behavior. He later goes on to suggest that President Trump, following his COVID-19 contraction, may be under the influence of the "after effects of steroids":
Okay, I just want to re-emphasize that, you know, I think we cannot normalize what has happened here in the last week with Trump and his behavior [...] This is a President who knows he's losing, who knows he's in trouble, is sick, maybe is on, the after effects of steroids or not. I don't know. But he is acting erratically and desperately, and we need to not normalize that.
In a separate call, Zucker hammers how President Trump's demeanor cannot be "normalized" again:
You know, this is what we've come to expect for the last three and a half years, four years, but it clearly is exacerbated by the time that we're in and the issues that he's [Trump] dealing with. I think that we cannot just let it be normalized. He is all over the place and acting erratically, and I think we need to lean into that
Instead of reporting on the news, Zucker implores reporters to overplay each of President Trump's alleged "scandals," noting they ought to be "careful to say that this is the one that is going to undo him with his voters."
Each of these so called "scandals" for Trump. Each of these things, we should just once again be careful to say that this is the one that is going to undo him with his voters.
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Nanny state in your home: San Francisco bans tobacco smoking INSIDE apartments, approves weed

Comment: This won't mean much to the sleeping masses, who are by now used to being told what to do in their homes, but we'd just like to note for the record: 'told ya so!' Decades ago, we said this is where things would end up if people (smokers and non-smokers alike) accepted the fascist smoking bans in bars and restaurants...

Smoking weed
© AP
This is how they roll in San Francisco.

Smokers in the Golden Gate City have been banned from smoking tobacco in their apartments, but smoking a marijuana joint inside is perfectly fine, officials announced Tuesday.

The Board of Supervisors approved the new law in 10 to 1 vote, making San Francisco the largest city in the country to adopt the tough measure against tobacco smokers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Lawmakers originally proposed to ban marijuana smoking in buildings, but they reversed their position after cannabis activists protested that it was the only legal place they could smoke.

Tobacco smokers argued the new law violated their rights especially while living in their homes. However, officials greenlighted the bill citing secondhand smoking concerns.

Comment: No, tobacco does NOT kill 'half a million Americans annually.' In fact, there's no evidence tobacco 'kills' anyone.

Doctors do though.

As for govts, no one's keeping count.

Again, while they attempt to literally eradicate tobacco, note their encouragement to smoke cannabis.

Clearly, one is good for you and the other is not.

We leave it to readers to figure out which is which.

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Warp Speed ahead: COVID-19 vaccines pave the way for a new frontier in surveillance

covid-19 surveillance
"Man's conquest of Nature, if the dreams of some scientific planners are realized, means the rule of a few hundreds of men over billions upon billions of men." — C. S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man
Like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic with its veiled threat of forced vaccinations, contact tracing, and genetically encoded vaccines is propelling humanity at warp speed into a whole new frontier — a surveillance matrix — the likes of which we've only previously encountered in science fiction.

Those who eye these developments with lingering mistrust have good reason to be leery: the government has long had a tendency to unleash untold horrors upon the world in the name of global conquest, the acquisition of greater wealth, scientific experimentation, and technological advances, all packaged in the guise of the greater good.

Indeed, "we the people" have been treated like lab rats by government agencies for decades now: caged, branded, experimented upon without our knowledge or consent, and then conveniently discarded and left to suffer from the after-effects.

You don't have to dig very deep or go very back in the nation's history to uncover numerous cases in which the government deliberately conducted secret experiments on an unsuspecting populace, making healthy people sick by spraying them with chemicals, injecting them with infectious diseases and exposing them to airborne toxins.

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USPS whistleblowers come forward: Driver delivered hundreds of thousands of completed ballots across three state lines - UPDATES

dumpster ballots
© unknown
New election fraud whistleblowers came forward on Tuesday, including one who witnessed the shipping of an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed ballots across three state lines on October 21. The new information was made public at a press conference by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization. At the press conference, it was announced that they have contacted law enforcement about their findings.

Evidence provided by the whistleblowers is being used in litigation by the Amistad Project to ensure election integrity and to uphold election laws in key battleground states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The Amistad Project said that they have sworn declarations that state over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania. They claim that their evidence reveals multi-state illegal efforts by USPS workers to influence the election in at least three of six swing states.

The whistleblower statements include potentially hundreds of thousands of completed absentee ballots being transported across three state lines, and a trailer filled with ballots disappearing in Pennsylvania.

Comment: Wisconsin ballots late to the game would still be counted with fraudulent backdating:
Postal subcontractor Nathan Pease says that he was told by two separate postal workers on two separate occasions that the USPS in Wisconsin was gathering over 100,000 ballots on the morning of November 4 to backdate the ballots so that the ballots would be counted even if they arrived after the statutory deadline.
"Mr. Pease's sworn statement coincides in time with a dramatic ballot dump on the morning of November 5 which heavily favored Mr. Biden and which has caused significant controversy within the expert community regarding the statistical probability of the late insertion of tens of thousands of ballots in favor of a single candidate on the morning after the election."
At the press conference, it was announced that they have contacted law enforcement about their findings.
Here are the testimonies from the Amistad press conference:
Whistleblowers claim the postal service labeled Trump mail 'undeliverable' as hundreds of thousands of ballots were backdated or disappeared:
One whistleblower claimed ballots were backdated by postal workers, and in Traverse City, Michigan, Trump campaign mail was put in bins labeled "Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail" while the same type of mail for Joe Biden was ordered to be delivered on time. And another [whistleblower] raised new issues about the integrity of Dominion voting machines.
"The whistleblower accounts released today, detail the failure of election officials in blue jurisdictions to maintain ballot chain of custody, allowing for the potential infusion of fraudulent ballots. These accounts include photographs of individuals improperly accessing voting machines and a detailed eyewitness account of the breaking of sealed boxes of ballot jump drives and commingling of those jump drives with others.

"The accounts also reveal multi-state illegal efforts by USPS workers to influence the election in at least three of six swing states."
In previewing today's whistleblower accounts, the Amistad Project said:
  • Postal subcontractor Jesse Morgan on Oct. 21 moved 144,000-288,000 completed mail-in ballots from Bethpage, New York, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where his trailer holding the ballots disappears.
  • Postal subcontractor Nathan Pease is told by two separate postal workers on two separate occasions that the USPS in Wisconsin was gathering over 100,000 ballots on the morning of Nov. 4 to backdate the ballots so that the ballots would be counted even if they arrived after the statutory deadline.
  • Computer expert Gregory Stenstrom of Pennsylvania witnessed a vendor of Dominion machines and local election officials download and update counting machines in violation of election system protocol and the comingling of machine jump drives in violation of election protocols and rendering audits impossible without direct forensic access to the machines.
  • Postal workers in Traverse City, Michigan; Coraopolis, Pennsylvania; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, indicate widespread malfeasance in the Postal Service including backdating ballots, ordering that Trump mail be interdicted to be placed in the 'Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail' bin, and emphasizing that Biden mail be delivered on time.

Skip to 1:55:00, 2:08:00 for witness testimony:

UPDATE 2/12/2020: Whistleblower explains why he came forward:
Mr. Pease attended the explosive public hearing by the Amistad Project in Arlington, Virginia. And then last night Nathan Pease went on with Sean Hannity to discuss the fraud he exposed.

Nathan Pease told Sean, "I couldn't go to my grave knowing what I knew." Here is the full interview on Hannity with Nathan and two other election fraud whistleblowers.

UPDATE 2/12/2020: Who was behind this?
Trump Attorney Phil Kline was on Lou Dobbs and he shared more of the same story (at the 1:00 mark in the video below). Klein also noted that another driver saw the same thing happen a day after the election in Delaware County Pennsylvania.

UPDATE 1/12/2020 What Jesse Morgan observed:
Truck driver Jesse Morgan was present at the press conference and spoke for 9 minutes about his unbelievable ordeal. Morgan was tasked with delivering completed ballots to Pennsylvania from New York state.

Jesse Morgan: "In total I saw 24 gaylords, or large cardboard containers of ballots, loaded into my trailer. These gaylords contained plastic trays, I call them totes or trays of ballots stacked on top of each other. All the envelopes were the same size. I saw the envelopes had return addresses... They were complete ballots."

Jesse's testimony today revealed that employees at the United States Post Office were in on the conspiracy to steal the votes.

UPDATE from reader Brian:
Please pass this info along. I am a professional driver, and all companies have onboard computers in the trucks. They record miles, location, departure, and arrival times. This electronic log book will be a valuable resource to verify any movement of illegal ballots. This is more unbelievable at every turn.

UPDATE from Amistad Project:
They have sworn declarations that state over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania. They claim that their evidence reveals multi-state illegal efforts by USPS workers to influence the election in at least three of six swing states.
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The 'smartest man in the room' has joined Sidney Powell's team

Sidney Powell and  Navid Keshavarz-Nia
© usareally.com
In her Georgia complaint, Sidney Powell included the declaration of Navid Keshavarz-Nia, an expert witness who stated under oath that there was massive computer fraud in the 2020 election, all of it intended to secure a victory for Joe Biden. Dr. Kershavarz-Nia's name may not mean a lot to you, but it's one of the weightiest names in the world when it comes to sniffing out cyber-security problems.

We know how important Dr. Kershavarz-Nia is because, just two and a half months ago, the New York Times ran one of its Sunday long-form articles about a massive, multi-million-dollar fraud that a talented grifter ran against the American intelligence and military communities. Dr. Kershavarz-Nia is one of the few people who comes off looking good:
Navid Keshavarz-Nia, those who worked with him said, "was always the smartest person in the room." In doing cybersecurity and technical counterintelligence work for the C.I.A., N.S.A. and F.B.I., he had spent decades connecting top-secret dots. After several months of working with Mr. Courtney, he began connecting those dots too. He did not like where they led.

Comment: There are a lot of data showing that the Dominion Voting Systems were manipulated in favor of Joe Biden:

Bizarro Earth

Man arrested after woman stabbed in neck & another seriously injured in brutal attack in England

stabbing uk
© Twitter / StevieeeWx
British police have arrested a 57-year-old after two women were stabbed while shopping in the northern English city of Burnley. The authorities have requested people not to speculate about the man's motivations.

Lancashire police reported that they were called to an incident at 9:30am local time after two women were stabbed in a Burnley city branch of popular department store Marks & Spencer.

The two victims were taken to hospital with serious injuries, but the wounds are not thought to be life-threatening, according to a police statement. Investigators confirmed that a knife had been recovered.

Comment: See also: Two women arrested for racially aggravated knife attack near Paris' Eiffel Tower

Pumpkin 2

Western-funded Ukrainian 'info warriors' claim beetroot soup is key instrument of Russian 'hybrid warfare': Social media mockery ensues

Ukraine beet root soup russia propaganda
© Sputnik / Vitaly Ankov
Beetroot soup is a secret Russian weapon!
Beware! While grilled meat, potato pancakes and beetroot soup might sound like a harmless festive spread, in the wrong hands they could actually be secret weapons in Russia's cultural war on the West.

That's according to the Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group (HWAG), a well-funded Ukrainian organization dedicated to "countering disinformation and propaganda." On Tuesday, it published a list of "culinary deceptions," dishes claimed by Russia but supposedly originating elsewhere, "because food can be an instrument of hybrid warfare as well."

Among the items listed are summer favorites kholodnik, a chilled soup with chopped egg, and shashlik, meat roasted over hot coals, as well as potato pancakes and stuffed vine leaves. The dish that has Russians seeing red, however, is borsht - or beetroot soup. A beloved staple across Eastern Europe, its origins are notoriously murky, with every grandmother in the region perfecting her own variation.

Black Cat

Dominion employee is caught on video downloading files on laptops but Dominion election operative slams Trump voters

gabriel sterling dominion official
Gabriel Sterling
In November Gateway Pundit reported on an almost $11 million grant award to the Georgia Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger and his accomplice Gabe Sterling. Attorney Lin Wood wondered who this Sterling guy was and why did he use a gmail address for state business?

Lin Wood zeroed in on an anomaly related to the Secretary of State's Office and the almost $11 million transaction with the state of Georgia. Wood's bombshell tweet referred to an April 15, 2020 letter to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) from Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is also Georgia's Chief Election Official.



Smartmatic claims it 'prohibits' political donations but 86% of its staff gave to Democrats

voter and smartmatic
© SMARTMATIC/Rebecca blackwell/KJN
Despite Smartmatic insisting its employees are "prohibited from making political donations," Federal Election Commission records reveal employees from the company have sent hundreds of dollars to political campaigns - nearly 86% to Democrats, The National Pulse can reveal. In addition to labeling itself a competitor and insisting it never worked with Dominion Vote Systems, the unearthed donations serve as another blow to Smartmatic's credibility.

The company's recently added "fact check" webpage - which exists to exonerate the company from bias claims - states clearly:

"Smartmatic's founders and employees adhere to a strict ethics code that, among other things, prohibits them from making political donations."

The claim, which falls under the "Smartmatic's Credibility is Our Most Important Asset" heading, is easily disproven by Federal Election Commission (FEC) records.

In addition to Joe Biden, failed presidential candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg along with congressional candidate Adam Schiff were recipients of Smartmatic employee money.