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Thu, 09 Dec 2021
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As we approach the end of 2021, the Sott.net team would like to wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Truly, a happy new year! As depressing and foreboding as the general climate is right now, we remember that there is much to be thankful for, not least the friendships and fellowship we discovered and made along the way to building this global network of courageous truth-seekers!

It seems like an age ago now, but the year actually began with hope that the 2020 US presidential election could be 'un-rigged', until a bunch of naive 'revolutionaries' were led up the garden path and straight into the heart of Congress, a trap laid for them by Federal agents who used it to cement the regime's re-taking of the presidency, finally silence Donald Trump, and replace majority with 'minority rule'.

The US presidency has been restored to its purely ceremonial role (and the incumbent can't even carry that out half-decently), and since then everything has just gone downhill real fast. It's a veritable 'sign of our time' that the 'will of the people' has been so thoroughly side-lined - and not just in the US, but right across the world. We all live under the planetary regime of 'Pandemia' now. And it feels like we're in the 'end game'.


First data on Covid omicron variant's severity is 'encouraging,' Fauci says

pcr test
© Emmanuel Croset | AFP | Getty Images
A healthcare worker conducts a PCR Covid-19 test at the Lancet laboratory in Johannesburg on November 30, 2021.
Preliminary data about the severity of the Covid omicron variant is "a bit encouraging," the White House's chief medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Sunday, following early figures from South Africa that suggest it may not be as bad as initially feared.

However, Fauci cautioned that more data was needed to draw a complete picture of omicron's risk profile. The World Health Organization said the variant was "of concern" on Nov.26, prompting a flurry of international travel bans and new Covid restrictions.

"Clearly, in South Africa, omicron has a transmission advantage," Fauci told CNN, adding that "although it's too early to make any definitive statements about it, thus far it does not look like there's a great degree of severity to it."

Comment: By including "incidental Covid admissions" in the overall blanket figures for Covid hospital admissions, they're making the omicron variant sound much scarier than it likely is. According to all the information we have, this variant is mild to asymptomatic, and likely doesn't require any hospitalization in the vast majority of cases. Hospitalization figures are a scare tactic, as are the statements of omicron's high transmission rate.

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Ghislaine Maxwell asked teen to recruit others for oral sex: witness

Ghislaine Maxwell courtroom sketch
© REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg
Ghislaine Maxwell listens as witness “Kate” is questioned by prosecutor Lara Pomerantz.
A former British model took the stand Monday to detail how she was allegedly lured into Jeffrey Epstein's orbit by Ghislaine Maxwell at 17 — and asked to recruit other girls to give him oral sex.

The woman, identified only as "Kate" for privacy reasons, testified that the British socialite introduced her to Epstein at Maxwell's London townhouse in the early 1990s and convinced her to give him a sexual massage soon after.

Maxwell even tried to get Kate to recruit others to give the late pedophile oral sex, telling her he liked "cute, young, pretty" girls, "like you."

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WHO: Vaccine mandates should be 'last resort'

Hans Kluge

WHO official Hans Kluge says vaccine mandates are an 'absolute last resort'
The advice from the World Health Organization comes as Germany and other countries discuss a vaccine mandate. Experts also said that vaccines for children might help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Mandatory vaccinations against the coronavirus are an "absolute last resort," the World Health Organization's top Europe official said on Tuesday.
"Mandates around vaccination are an absolute last resort and only applicable when all feasible options to improve vaccination uptake have been exhausted," WHO Director for Europe Hans Kluge said.
Kluge said that although mandates have increased vaccine uptake in some cases, "public confidence and public trust" must also be considered.
"The effectiveness of mandates is very context-specific," he added. "What is acceptable in one society and community may not be effective and acceptable in another."

Comment: Forcing experimental and dangerous vaccines for a virus that have 99.95% survival rate is not acceptable in any society and community.

Comment: So called "cases" means just a positive result in a PCR test. A positive PCR test does not mean someone is infected. As the inventor of PCR test said, it is meaningless in diagnosing any kind of infection, and yet the whole propaganda and hysteria over the so-called pandemic is based on these PCR tests.

Children are at no serious risk from the virus. They usually have just a mild cold like symptoms and they can't infect other people. However, children have 50 times more chance to die from the covid vaccine than from the virus.

They are tightening the totalitarian control, and now they are coming for the children. Will people finally see what is going on and will humanity defend itself from the psychopathic elites trying to enslave the whole planet?

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Clashes erupt at Brussels protest against Covid rules

Belgian protest 1
Belgian police deployed water cannon after protesters against compulsory anti-Covid measures threw fireworks near EU headquarters in Brussels
Belgian police fired water cannon on Sunday to disperse protesters opposed to compulsory health measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

Some 8,000 people marched through Brussels towards the headquarters of the European Union, chanting "Freedom!" and letting off fireworks.

The crowd was smaller than the 35,000 vaccine and lockdown sceptics who marched last month, and police were better prepared.

Protesters were blocked from reaching the roundabout outside the EU headquarters by a barbed wire barricade and a line of riot officers.

Comment: Video footage of the protest via RT:

No Entry

Italy reinforces strict covid rules targeting vaccine holdouts

vaccine health passport
© LEREXIS via Getty Images
Italy, which has one of Europe's highest vaccination rates, is further cracking down on the small minority that has so far refused the shot.

As of Monday, a green pass -- which is proof of vaccination, recovery or a recent negative test -- will be required for buses, metro, local trains and hotels. It's already compulsory for working, long-distance travel and most indoor venues.

A new "reinforced" green pass, which can be obtained only with the vaccine or after recovering from Covid, will be required for many leisure activities, including eating inside restaurants, and going to theaters, cinemas, sporting and other public events.

The aim of the new rules, which were announced in late November, is to stem the resurgence of the pandemic and ensure that the crucial Christmas shopping season can take place normally. Italy's economy is growing faster than most European partners, and Prime Minister Mario Draghi wants to keep that momentum as he pushes through reforms aimed at reversing decades of stagnation.

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Covid vaccine mandates undermined by research sponsored by vaccine makers, feds

© REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian
Recent COVID-19 research sponsored by vaccine makers and the federal government may actually undermine the rationale for vaccine mandates.

Two studies published last month in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) showed statistically insignificant differences between participants who received vaccinations or placebos in Pfizer and Moderna trials.

Five placebo versus two vaccinated participants died from COVID-19 or related pneumonia across the two randomized controlled trials of more than 74,000 people six to seven months later. The figures are available in each study's supplementary appendix.

All deaths reported during the vaccine trials, regardless of listed cause, were similarly close between vaccine (31) and placebo (30) groups in the two appendices.

Indiana University medical professor Allon Friedman flagged the studies in a Brownstone Institute essay Thursday, calling their design "the gold standard and most rigorous scientific tool available to examine cause and effect relationships" between vaccination and death.

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Russian official compares anti-vaxxers to Hitler

vaccine nurse
© AFP / Dimitar DILKOFF
Vaccine skeptics aren't simply expressing their opinions, but have a clear strategy to eradicate the population, a Russian official has said, as the rate of inoculation against Covid remains low in the world's largest country.

Speaking as part of a seminar on Monday, Sergey Novikov, Head of the Russian Presidential Administration's Directorate of Public Projects, said that "today, anti-vaxxers are throwing around the idea that the use of vaccines needs to be justified, but meanwhile a thousand people keep dying every day."

According to Novikov, views that fly in the face of mainstream science are not manifestations of democracy and free speech. Instead, he insisted that such rhetoric is "a strategy aimed at destroying the people and we need to be aware of that."


Totalitarian attempt to stamp out another avenue of joy as Berlin declares no dancing allowed in nightclubs

Berlin nightclub

No dancing, no laughing, no talking, no getting together with friends. Covid measures seem aimed at destroying everything that makes life worth living.
No more dancing will be allowed in the German capital's nightclubs starting next Wednesday, as the city's authorities tighten the screws over the rise in Covid-19 cases.

The decision was made during a special session of the Senate of Berlin on Friday. Clubs and discos, however, will remain open, though largely due to legal technicalities that are so far preventing the powers that be from shutting such venues down completely. German regional and federal authorities, however, agreed on Thursday that in the near future clubs would have to cease operation once the seven-day infection rate exceeds 350 per 100,000 residents in a given region. Berlin currently stands at roughly 360.

Comment: Has it set in yet that the ones in charge are psychopaths and sociopaths who seem determined to stamp out everything that makes life worth living. Just like under the Nazi's where dancing became and social gatherings for young people became illegal, it's as if that was a trial run for what we are seeing today. If you find that hard to believe, read Sebastian Haffner's: Defying Hitler.

Eiffel Tower

Anti-NATO French presidential candidate attacked at first rally

Zemmour rally scuffle
© Twitter/simonlouvet
Zemmour rally scuffle
A man lunged at far-right presidential hopeful Eric Zemmour, grabbing him by the neck as Zemmour was about to kick off his first campaign event. The event was marred by scuffles between his supporters and anti-racist activists.

Zemmour was making his way to the stage of his inaugural campaign event in the Paris suburb of Villepinte on Sunday, when a man appears to have charged at him, briefly locking his arms behind the candidate's neck.

The incident was captured on video, and the clip has been making the rounds online.

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