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Get woke, go broke: New "queer" 'Doctor Who' suffers worst ratings in TV series' history

dr who tv series gay cast woke
(L-R) Ncuti Gatwa, Jinkx Monsoon, Yasmin Finney
Woke activists today often like to hearken back to nostalgic media from the 1960s; what they consider the golden era or genesis moment of far-left movements in British and US history. These were the days when being a progressive was considered "counter-culture" and cool, with every major rock star and celebrity tapping into youth angst and hippie philosophy. The progressive shift led to considerable social instability in the 1970s.

It is common these days to hear leftists in popular media argue that TV shows like Star Trek or Doctor Who were "always woke" and that they are simply carrying on the tradition. This is simply not true. While many productions in the US and in Europe displayed liberal sensibilities, woke activists are not liberal and do not hold liberal values. They are, rather, a hybrid ideology combining elements of Marxism/communism/fascism, collectivism, moral relativism and narcissism.

One could argue that the woke cult is the natural end state, the unavoidable final evolution of liberal thinking. That may be true, but that's a debate for another day. The point is, the woke activism of today has very little in common with the political movements of the 1960s. In fact, if you were to go back in time only 15 years ago and tried to explain to a typical Democrat in the US or Labour member in the UK what leftists are trying to get away with in 2024, they would laugh in your face and call you crazy.

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Italy: Renowned Chef ambushed and beaten bloody by pro-Israel mob over his anti-genocide, Gaza activism

© CopyrightScreenshot. The chef was violently attacked outside his home, in an incident he believes is due to his Gaza activism. Pro-Palestine The renowned cook, known as Chef Rubio, posted a video of himself bloodied following an alleged attack by a 'pro-Israel mob'.
Prominent Italian chef Gabriele Rubini, better known as Chef Rubio, said he was violently ambushed and attacked by a pro-Israel mob late on Wednesday night, allegedly for his pro-Palestine activism.

In a series of posts on X, the rugby player-turned-chef, said a gang of six men waited outside of his home and cut the wires to the security gates before attacking him.

In one of the videos posted, Rubini's face and head are covered in blood with a swollen eye.

In a follow up post, he shared a photo of the inside of his car covered in broken glass.

Comment: The litany of aggressive acts, violence, and faked hate crimes, by pro-Zionists is rather telling as to their psychological state; although it is congruent with the genocidal state of Israel, which they support.

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Best of the Web: France deploys military to quell independence protests and serious rioting in Pacific territory of New Caledonia

New Caledonia miltary france
France imposed an emergency Wednesday in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia for at least 12 days, boosting security forces' powers to quell deadly unrest in the archipelago where indigenous people have long sought independence.

Armed clashes and other violence that erupted Monday following protests over voting reforms have left four people dead, including a gendarme, and injured more than 300, French authorities said.

French military forces were being deployed to protect ports and airports, to free up police and security forces battling looting, arson and other violence, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced as the emergency measures kicked in at 8 p.m. Paris time, which was 5 a.m. Thursday in New Caledonia.

Comment: The West has made it quite clear that the Pacific region is integral to its China provocations and containment policy, and France, having recently lost its stranglehold over regions in Africa, is likely reluctant to lose its 'dependencies' elsewhere: US House passes $95 billion 'aid' package for Ukraine, Israel, Indo-pacific, wars after months-long delay


Transgenderism now officially classified as a 'mental illness' in Peru

transgender peru
Peru has officially classified trans people as 'mentally ill'
Under the decree signed by President Dina Boluarte, 'transsexualism, dual-role transvestism, gender identity disorder in childhood, other gender identity disorders and fetishistic transvestism' are now all recorded as mental illnesses.

The move, which comes just days before the 34-year anniversary of the World Health Organisation's removal of homosexuality from the list of International Classification of Diseases (ICD), has prompted fury from rights groups.

Comment: It's probably incorrect to conflate the two issues.

The WHO also removed transsexuality from its disease manual in 2019 when a new version of the ICD was proposed and came into effect in 2022.

Comment: If one is suffering from a psychological issue that has no discernible biological or physiological cause, and which is so severe it disrupts the normal functioning of their life, it does seem to be in line with what is considered to be a psychological disorder or mental illness.

Moreover, were society to instead classify and treat transgenderism within this definition, wouldn't it be compelled to confront the fact that increasing numbers of its most vulnerable, and young, people, are suffering from psychological issues? Which, instead, is rather bizarrely excused, and celebrated, as the person 'simply' being 'born in the wrong body' or having 'found their gender identity', when it actually is a cause for alarm and a sign that something has clearly gone awry with society.

Note that society already accommodates a variety of mental disorders and illnesses, which are often on a spectrum of severity, and it strives to offer appropriate treatments. However, what has in part sparked this current revision of transgenderism is the demonstrable propagandisation and abuse of children and young people, contrary to the available scientific data, and morality: France: Senators call for ban on gender transition for minors, 'one of the greatest ethical scandals in history of medicine'

Some recent commentary on the discussion from a clinical psychologist:

Yes, the vast majority of those who now identify as FNTP do have either (or in combination):

1. Florid mental illness.
2. Severe impaiment in personality functioning.
3. Significant impairment in mood.
4. Developmental dysfunction.

It's about time we stopped beating about the bush and denying the obvious.

It is NOT in any way normal to feel one has been born in the wrong body and to thereby engage in the profoundly self-destructive and anti-social behaviours that FNTP have been getting away with for the past decade or so.

They need to stop with their shit.

And we need to stop them.

And people like you, Dr McAlpine, need to find your last shreds of professional integrity and stop defending and enabling such people.

We've all had enough of their intrusive, destructive, and warped histrionics.

They've worn out any patience or goodwill we may have initially felt towards them (particularly from us women).

Peru has it right.

What is "absurdly unkind" is allowing this travesty to persist, unchecked.

That's "absurdly unkind" for EVERYONE.

Time is up on Transgenderism.


Belgian government will negotiate with prostitutes who refuse sex

© Getty Images
A new labor law concerning Belgian sex workers will allow a pimp to demand that the government mediate in cases where a prostitute refuses sex with clients too frequently. Anti-prostitution activists say that the law will allow prostitutes' managers to "further entrench and maintain their power."

Passed earlier this month, the law allows sex workers to obtain employment contracts from their pimps. These contracts classify prostitutes as hospitality employees and entitle them to health insurance, pensions, unemployment benefits, holidays and maternity leave.

Pimps must be licensed by the government to issue employment contracts, and must allow prostitutes to refuse or to stop sex with clients for any reason. However, if a prostitute refuses or stops sex more than ten times over six months, their pimp can open a labor dispute and involve a government mediator.


'Disgust factor' must be overcome if planet-friendly insect food to become mainstream

bugs crickets
© iStock
The "disgust factor" must be overcome if insect-based foods are to become mainstream, according to a study.

Insects can be high in protein and making them more acceptable could help cut the high greenhouse gas emissions that come from farming cattle.

There are also potential benefits for cutting obesity and researchers say the idea of farming insects is gaining more attention.

Comment: You vill eat ze bugs and you VILL be happy.


The New York Times denounces cancel culture... after fueling cancel culture for years

© Wikimedia CommonsRelief with Menander and New Comedy Masks - Princeton Art Museum
For those of us who have criticized the cancel culture in higher education for years, the attacks and shunning have been unrelenting. The media has played a role in that culture and none more prominently than the New York Times. Recently, however, the mob came for liberal professors and media who have remained silent for years as conservatives and others were targeted on campus. Suddenly, there is a new interest in free speech and academic freedom, including by the Times editors who blamed cancel culture for the recent demonstrations and disruptions on campus.

Until good liberals were targeted on campus, cancel culture was treated as free speech. It did not matter that preventing others from speaking or being heard is the very antithesis of free speech.

The New York Times reached true infamy in the controversy over publishing Sen. Tom Cotton's (R., Ark.) op-ed where he argued for the possible use of national guard to quell violent riots around the White House.

Comment: Has the New York Times flip-flopped because the mob is protesting Israel's genocidal campaign against Palestine?


Germany may introduce conscription for all 18-year-olds

German guys
© WPA POOL/Getty ImagesNumber of German soldiers is declining
Both men and women could be called up to boost numbers in the armed forces.

Germany is considering introducing conscription for all 18-year-olds, as it looks to boost its troop numbers in the face of Russian military aggression.

Military planners in Berlin are in the final stages of discussing three options, two of which involve a form of conscription, according to leaked plans reported in the German media.

Boris Pistorius, the defence minister, is set to go public with the official plans by June.

In one of the options being discussed, Germany would bring back a compulsory military year for young men once they turn 18, which was suspended in 2011, and apply it to women as well. This would require a change to the German constitution, but is seen inside the ministry as most likely to receive societal approval.

Comment: War drums are softly beating. (It's the 'get ready' part.)


Australian war crimes whistleblower David McBride jailed for six years

© Mick Tsikas/EPAWar crimes whistleblower David McBride arriving at court in Canberra
Eight years after Australia began investigating alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, a whistleblower is the first to be punished.

Former Australian Army lawyer David McBride has been sentenced to five years and eight months for revealing information about alleged Australian war crimes in Afghanistan.

Supporters of McBride have long expressed his concern that the Australian government was more interested in punishing him for revealing information about war crimes rather than the alleged perpetrators.

"It is a travesty that the first person imprisoned in relation to Australia's war crimes in Afghanistan is not a war criminal but a whistleblower," said Rawan Arraf, the executive director of the Australian Centre for International Justice, in a statement released after the sentencing.

"This is a dark day for Australian democracy," Kieran Pender, the acting legal director of the Melbourne-based Human Rights Law Centre, said in the same statement, noting McBride's imprisonment would have "a grave chilling effect on potential truth-tellers".


France prison break leaves 2 guards dead, manhunt is ongoing

france prison
© ReutersA screengrab from a security camera video shows gunmen wearing balaclavas ambushing a prison van to free a drug dealer in France
Armed men ambushed a prison van to free a prisoner killing two prison guards, triggering a major police manhunt.

Armed men wearing balaclavas ambushed a prison van in northern France on Tuesday to free a convicted "criminal", notorious as "the fly", killing two prison guards, severely wounding three and triggering a major police manhunt.

Here is what we know about the incident:

What happened in France and when?

Two prison officers were killed in an ambush on a prison van in the Normandy region in northern France. The incident took place shortly before 11am (09:00 GMT) near a toll booth in Incarville commune.