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Tue, 26 Sep 2023
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The Covid narrative flunked the critical thinking test

thinking ability
At the height of the Covid hysteria, several times I encountered variations of the meme "It's not a pandemic; it's an IQ test." Probably the memesters were poking fun at those duped by the mainstream Covid messaging.

In any case, that meme really misses the point. The essential problem has never been about one's IQ. Many highly intelligent people (in an academic sense) swallowed a very dubious narrative, while others less academically gifted did not. The real divider was the ability and inclination to think critically about it.

In a previous article I explained the basic concept of critical thinking, which can be defined as rational judgment about appeals to belief. Here I will lay out my own classroom approach to it in relation to the Covid messaging and policies.

The approach was derived from Browne and Keeley's once popular critical thinking textbook, Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking. Simplified for Japanese university students unfamiliar with the concept of critical thinking, this approach consists of six questions, all very applicable to the official narrative about Covid. For any Japanese speakers who may be reading this, here is a video link of me explaining my approach.


'Go to hell': Brave EU politician delivers damning message to the global tyrants

Christine Anderson
MEP Anderson took no prisoners in her latest warning to the globalitarian elite.

Member of the European Parliament Christine Anderson has been an unyielding opponent to Klaus Schwab's 'Great Reset' Agenda. Known best for her famous smackdown on Justin Trudeau, MEP Anderson has established herself as one of the few politicians left who represent the interests of the European people.

September 13 was no different as MEP Anderson took no prisoners in her latest warning to the globalitarian elite. Before the European Parliament, in a session specifically focused on the COVID-19 response and the World Health Organization, MEP Anderson ended the meeting with a powerful statement.

Here's what she said, word for word:

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Israel fumes over new Palestinian world heritage site

Tell es-Sultan
© AP Photo / Mahmoud Illean
Tell es-Sultan archaeological site near Jericho, West Bank
The Israeli Foreign Ministry has lashed out at the UN for its "politicized" decision to recognize a prehistoric ruin in the West Bank as part of the world's cultural heritage.

The Tell es-Sultan location outside of Jericho was nominated for the World Heritage List of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) by the Palestinian Authority. It was accepted on Sunday during a meeting of the World Heritage Committee in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The site is an oval-shaped mound with evidence of human settlement dating back to the Neolithic era. The nomination was separate from Jericho, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The city is administered by the Palestinian Authority and serves as a significant tourist attraction.


Ukraine using 'Soviet' methods against media - Bild

Missile strike
© AFP/Polina Melnyk/AFP
A missile strike on a market • September 6, 2023 • Kostyantynivka, Ukraine
Kiev recently condemned the New York Times for suggesting a Ukrainian missile had killed civilians at a Donbass market...

Ukraine is resorting to "Soviet methods" to deal with unfavorable media coverage, Bild deputy editor-in-chief Paul Ronzheimer has claimed. He criticized Kiev's recent attack on the New York Times as unjustifiable.

Contradicting claims by the Ukrainian authorities and other Western media, the US newspaper suggested earlier this week that a Ukrainian missile, rather than a Russian one, had killed at least 15 civilians at a market in Donbass earlier this month.

Those claims drew condemnation from Ukrainian officials, including senior presidential aide Mikhail Podoliak, who accused the NYT of promoting "conspiracy theories."

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, Ronzheimer described Kiev's reaction to the report as 'absolutely unacceptable':
"That the government and military are now accusing NYT reporters of [spreading] 'propaganda' and 'fake[s],' more or less openly threatening with the revocation of accreditation because they make notes and analyze what is what, reminds [me] of Soviet methods and should have no place in Ukraine. Gagging the media has nothing to do with European or Western standards that Ukraine otherwise prides itself on."
He called for Kiev to respect the freedom of the press, even if the authorities are uncomfortable with what is reported.

Comment: The pots calling the kettles black? The New York Times, a MSM vehicle, follows dictates. There is a particular trajectory for this release of information.

See also: Ukraine cheerleader NYT actually exposes Zelensky lie about Donbass missile strike

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Pirates of the European Union: How Brussels turned its own customs agents into petty thieves

russia estonia border checkpoint
© Sergey Stepanov, Sputnik
Checkpoint at the Russia-Estonia border.
The bloc's bureaucracy, unable to sever economic ties with Russia, decided to annoy Moscow in different way - by stealing from the country's ordinary citizens.

Powerful bureaucratic machines work perfectly - until they don't. Brussels is no exception. The European Union carefully regulates the shape and size of cucumbers, but for some reason still can't decide how its own sanctions against Russia are supposed to work.

Despite the bloc's public shows of unity against Moscow, some EU countries still refuse to let their people freeze in winter and won't stop buying Russian gas through long-established supply channels. There's still no final solution to this issue. However, the European Commission recently issued a document that literally turned customs officers into pirates who were allowed to rob Russians. As it turned out, the "decisive response to Russian aggression" came down to preventing Russian citizens from taking their laptops and toilet paper on a trip to the EU.

Comment: See also:

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Madness: Why Are UN Human Rights advocates obsessed with legalising the Sex Trade?

Tlaleng Mofokeng

Tlaleng Mofokeng, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health
The European Court of Human Rights recently handed down its decision on admissibility in the case of MA and Others v France. The case is being brought by 261 applicants (of a wide range of nationalities, all of whom are prostitutes) who wish to challenge the French law 2016-444 of 2016, which amongst other things makes the purchasing of sex unlawful. (A helpful English language overview of this law, provided by the United States' Library of Congress, can be found here.) The Court has not made a decision about the merits of the case; this is in effect permission to go to a full hearing, although in providing this the Court recognises that there is a prima facie argument to be made that a law banning the purchasing of sex is incompatible with the European Convention.

There is a huge amount to say about this litigation in itself and what it reveals about the way human rights law has developed. Much of this will have to wait for future posts, however. Here, I will confine my observations to a broader issue, onto which the case opens a window: human rights advocates - certainly in official UN fora and in the major human rights NGOs - seem to have become very interested in the cause of decriminalising and ultimately normalising the marketisation and commodification of sex. And, as we will see, this brings to the surface a decay at the heart of the system of international human rights law, demonstrating as it does that people who run this system seem to be increasingly contemptuous of the notion that law might have an existence independent of politics.


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson quietly signs $29 Million contract with security firm to build migrant camps

Chicago has seen 11,000 migrants arrive since August 2022

Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson has quietly signed a $29million contract with a security firm to build migrant base camps. Chicago has seen 11,000 migrants arrive since August 2022
Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson has quietly signed a $29million contract with a security firm to build migrant base camps, as residents plead with the city's democratic leaders to stop letting asylum seekers in the state.

The city's deal with the controversial Garda World firm, signed last week, includes at least six locations across the city, with zones holding between 200 and 1,400 asylum seekers. It also includes bedding, laundry, showers, three meals a day and security.

It comes as Chicago residents are becoming increasingly concerned about a surge of asylum seekers arriving on buses from southern states. Many of the migrants have been transported north from Republican border states in a bid to prove the Democrats' open arms policies are a disaster.

'I want to know if there is a capacity limit and what is that limit if there is one?' one city resident asked at a community event this week. 'And why can't we close the borders of Chicago or the state of Illinois in the first place? Why can't we close the border?'

Chicago has seen 13,000 migrants arrive in the city since August 2022, and the surge is expected to cost taxpayers $302 million by the end of the year.


Blatant smear attempt: 'Sound of Freedom' inspiration Tim Ballard resigned from child rescue group after misconduct reports

tim ballard
© ANP / Alamy Stock Photo
Operation Underground Railroad founder Tim Ballard in Amsterdam in 2022.
Ballard, an anti-sex trafficking activist, said in a statement that "the latest tabloid-driven sexual allegations are false."

Tim Ballard, the anti-sex trafficking activist whose exploits inspired the blockbuster movie "Sound of Freedom," was under investigation for allegedly coercing at least seven women to act like "wives" while on overseas missions when he resigned three months ago from the nonprofit child rescue group he founded, according to a news report published this week.

Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who founded the Utah-based "Operation Underground Railroad" in 2013, denied the allegations laid out in a VICE News story that cited sources with direct knowledge of the organization.

Comment: Vice magazine citing unnamed "sources with direct knowledge" is really all you need to know about the veracity of the allegations.

Comment: This is just the latest attempt by the leftist media to attack 'Sound of Freedom' which has been performing better than they would have liked, exposing child trafficking.

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Governor Greg Abbott officially declares 'invasion' at southern border by the Mexican drug cartels

INVASION at Southern Border
© Paul Ratje/AFP via Getty Images
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared an "invasion" at the southern border, attributing it to the Mexican drug cartels. This declaration comes as Governor Abbott takes a firm stance against the escalating security crisis and the influx of criminal activities from across the border.

"I officially declared an invasion at our border because of Biden's policies. We deployed the Texas National Guard, DPS & local law enforcement. We are building a border wall, razor wire & marine barriers. We are also repelling migrants," Governor Abbott announced in a post on Thursday.

Texas will continue to install more razor wire and fortify the border against illegal crossings. We will not back down," said Abbott in another X post after the Biden regime cut the razor wires installed.


Ukraine axes death-threat-spewing transgender military spokesperson

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo
© AFP / Roman Pilipey
Ukraine's territorial defense force spokesperson Sarah Ashton-Cirillo reacts during an interview in Kiev, Ukraine, September 7, 2023.
Sarah Ashton-Cirillo's promise to "hunt down" Russian "propagandists" caused outrage among US conservatives.

The Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces has fired its transender American spokesperson for threatening a wave of assassinations against "Kremlin propagandists" around the world. Sarah Ashton-Cirillo's dramatic threat drew the attention of US Senator JD Vance, who asked the administration of President Joe Biden to explain if it was funding this content.

"The statements of [Junior Sergeant] Ashton-Cirillo in recent days were not approved by the command of the [Territorial Defense Forces] or the command of the [Armed Forces of Ukraine]," the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces said in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday.

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