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Mon, 10 Aug 2020
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Portland's xenophobic tribute? Anti-Trump activists face backlash for 'statue' linking Putin to alleged police brutality

Portland statue ode to putin
© unknown
Portland's new 'statue'
An activist group has unveiled a new 'statue' in Portland, Oregon which appears to connect Vladimir Putin to allegations of police brutality in the city. Isn't that a bit xenophobic? Twitter observers have asked.

The collective, known as the Trump Statue Initiative (TSI), used live actors covered in gold, and standing on top of a large pedestal, to create the impression that a new monument had been installed in the city on Monday.

Their performance art piece showed Donald Trump holding up a selfie-stick and making a thumbs-up sign as men wearing gas masks and riot gear pull a protester holding a 'BLM' placard into a van. "Ode to Putin" is written on the statue's pedestal. TSI is reportedly also rolling out an Instagram filter which highlights Trump's allegedly problematic relationship with the Russian president.

The 'statue' appeared to be a satirical take on allegations that federal agents sent to Portland to protect the city's federal courthouse used unmarked vehicles to seize and detain demonstrators without probable cause.


Michael Tracey: 'Media won't report on riot damage in US cities - Immigrant & minority residents furious at rioters and left-wing activists'

Michael Tracey says mainstream media has overlooked those affected by summer's violence
michael tracey tucker carlson riots
Mainstream media outlets have failed the public by declining to spotlight the devastation left behind by rioters in cities across America, independent journalist Michael Tracey said Tuesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

In a self-published article titled "Two months since the riots and still no 'National Conversation,'" Tracey traveled to cities affected by violent protests and documented his findings using photographs and conversations with store owners and residents.

"I wanted to see for myself how communities were dealing with the aftermath, what the attitudes toward what transpired were," Tracey told host Tucker Carlson. "I just wasn't really getting that toward the mainstream organs that you would expect to be covering a story of such reported significance.

"If you go to The New York Times, you go to The Washington Post or any of these other outlets, it's not as though there is an easily accessible tally anywhere where you can find out what the precise quantification is of the amount of destruction that's being wrought in these purportedly historic events," he added.


KFC gets deep-fried after posting 'black power' chicken drumstick to commemorate Trinidad's Emancipation Day

Woke KFC chicken fry
© Twitter / @itsDuaneTV
KFC Trinidad was grilled by angry social media users after the fast food chain marked a holiday celebrating the end of slavery with a BLM-inspired chicken ad. The company later apologized for the post.

The chicken chain's Trinidad subsidiary apparently wanted to show solidarity during the Caribbean nation's Emancipation Day, which commemorates the end of slavery in the colonies of the British Empire. In an Instagram post, KFC Trinidad showed a chicken drumstick with the silhouette of a 'black power' fist that has been recently popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement. "Happy Emancipation Day," the graphic read.

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Slow-moving train wreck of post-Covid economy: Is this all happening by design?

Falling world Economy train
The Spreading Feeling "This Is All Happening By Design" As events unfold I have witnessed a growing opinion being battered around that something sinister is happening beneath the surface. This includes the feeling we are no longer in control of our fate. More and more the idea that form follows function and the winners were picked before all this started is being injected into the mix. This theory embraces the proposition the bottom half of society is destitute and totally dependent on the government which means they have been removed from the battlefield. Now that these people are no longer a threat, corporate and government collaborators are consolidating power and control.

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Prominent German satirist slams 'McCarthy-like' climate science, 'Dark Ages suppression-by-denunciation'

Dieter Nuhr
© nuhr.de/
Germany’s Dieter Nuhr slams “McCarthy-like mood” in science after DFB German Research Foundation takes down his statement.
The censorship of science now sweeping the globe finally gets a slap-down...

A message to Ramstorf, Mann, Greta, media, alarmists who declare their science as The Truth.

German, high profile satirist Dieter Nuhr, who earlier criticized Greta's hysteria, recently saw his statement taken down by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in the latest wave of scientific censorship.

What follows is Nuhr's response to the DFG takedown of his statement he posted at Facebook, translated in the English (emphasis added):

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The genius of the 'I ♥ JK Rowling' stunt

JK Rowling
© Getty
Trans intolerance has made even the most benign statements unsayable.

It's hard not to feel a bit sorry for social-justice warriors - it must be exhausting finding things to be offended by. The latest is an advert reading 'I ♥ JK Rowling', which was paid for by the campaign group Standing for Women. This fairly innocuous message, displayed to mark the birthday of the best-selling author, has now been removed by Network Rail following online complaints of transphobia. Despite clearly signalling support for those who identify as transgender, Rowling's expressions of concern about the loss of women-only services for victims of domestic abuse has led her to be branded a bigot. Identical 'I ♥ JK Rowling' billboards have been spotted across the United Kingdom. It remains to be seen what the wider response will be.

On 29 July, Network Rail Scotland, which sports a rainbow in its Twitter logo, tweeted: 'This advert is no longer being displayed at Edinburgh Waverley. The poster in question is against our code of acceptance for advertising in our stations owing to its political nature. We do not allow advertising that is likely to support or promote one viewpoint over another.' It seems statements in support of a children's author are now political.

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'Don't speak for me': Yale doctor battles CNN anchor over effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Harvey Risch and CNN host John Berman
Trump has hailed polarizing drug as possible COVID treatment.

Yale epidemiology professor Dr. Harvey Risch and CNN host John Berman bickered over hydroxychloroquine on Monday during a heated discussion about the polarizing drug, which the president has hailed as a possible treatment for COVID-19.

Risch recently wrote an op-ed in support of hydroxychloroquine, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and other experts have dismissed the anti-malarial drug being used to combat coronavirus. Risch cited various studies that backed up his pro-hydroxychloroquine stance, but the host of CNN's "New Day" disagreed.

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Oprah hosts white guilt session: 'Whiteness gives you an advantage no matter what'

the oprah conversation screen capture
Billionaire media mogul Oprah Winfrey declared in an episode of her eponymous series, The Oprah Conversation that "whiteness" and "white privilege" afford unspecified benefits to white people in the "caste system" of America.

In an episode entitled "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man: Part 1" — featuring former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho and drawing its name from Acho's YouTube series of the same name — Oprah Winfrey invited several white people to discuss "racism," "white privilege," and "whiteness." Oprah praised her white guests for accusing themselves of being "racist."

Comment: Very reminiscent of the struggle sessions held in Maoist China. That people would willingly debase themselves through public humiliation and torture in order to virtue signal is disturbing to the extreme. Race relations in the US, while on an upward trend in the previous decades, are headed for the gutter.

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Coronavirus poll: Number of Americans who plan to get vaccinated falls to 42% — a new low

vaccine injection
So far, most of the conversation about COVID-19 vaccines has focused on the question of whether researchers can develop an effective vaccine in record time.

But maybe we should start asking another question as well: Will enough Americans actually get the vaccine for it to be effective?

"It's not a vaccine that will save us," says Harvard Global Health Institute director Ashish Jha. "It's vaccination."

For a COVID-19 vaccine to actually stop the pandemic, scientists estimate that at least 60 percent of the population — and probably more like 75 or 80 percent — would need to be vaccinated, a number that depends on many factors, including the efficacy of the vaccine itself and how widely the virus has already spread.

covid vaccine poll
With that in mind, Yahoo News and YouGov have been polling the American people for the past few months: "If and when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available, will you get vaccinated?"

Comment: With all the monetary interests involved and the fast-tracking, there's no guarantee a safe, effective vaccine will arrive ever. They did leave out one question and it would be interesting to see the answer. That question is: "Would you take the vaccine if the companies that produce the vaccine are NOT liable for any injury or death caused by the vaccine?"


Fire at Iranian industrial area, no casualties

Iran Fire at Industrial Site
© WANA (West Asia News Agency) via Reuters
Firefighters try to extinguish a fire that broke out at an Iranian industrial area near Tehran, Iran August 4, 2020.
Dubai - A fire broke out at an Iranian industrial area near Tehran on Tuesday, Iran's state TV reported, the latest in a string of fires and explosions, some of which have hit sensitive sites.

"The fire broke out at the industrial area of the Jajrud district in the Pardis county this morning ... there were no casualties ... firefighters are trying to contain the fire," it said.

A fire department official told state TV that the cause of the fire was under investigation.