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Thu, 21 Jan 2021
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US-based nonprofit sues Apple to REMOVE Telegram over failure to censor 'hate speech,' cites Parler crackdown as example

© Global Look Press /Valentin Wolf
The Coalition for a Safer Web, a nonprofit founded by an ex-US ambassador, has sued Apple, demanding it deletes Telegram from its store, arguing that the app is being used to "incite extreme violence" ahead of the inauguration.

The Washington-based nonprofit and its president Marc Ginsberg, who served as US ambassador to Morocco from 1994 to 1998 and was deputy senior adviser to the US president on Middle East Policy (1978-1981), argue in the newly filed federal lawsuit that Apple has failed to hold Telegram accountable for violating its terms of service.

The complaint, filed on Sunday with the US District Court for Northern California, accuses Telegram of allowing anti-Semites, white supremacists and other extremists to thrive on its platform, with Apple purportedly turning a blind eye to the fact.

"Telegram currently serves as the preferred neo-Nazi/white nationalist communications channel, fanning anti-Semitic and anti-black incitement during the current wave of protests across America," the lawsuit argues. It alleges that the privacy-focused messaging app is poised to become an even bigger breeding ground for extremist content as users "migrate to Telegram" after Big Tech's crackdown on Parler, which was booted from Apple and Google stores for providing a platform for some pro-Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol.


American supporters of Donald Trump have growing interest in obtaining Russian passports says Foreign Ministry

© Adam Rogan/Sputnik/Evgeny Biyatov/KJN
MAGA supporters • Russian passport
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has revealed that followers of US President Donald Trump are showing increased interest in acquiring Russian citizenship following Joe Biden's November election victory.

Speaking to TV show host Vladimir Solovyov on Sunday evening, Zakharova claimed that Trump supporters fear persecution because of their political views.

"The most popular comment I receive from Americans on my personal social media accounts is how to get Russian citizenship," she explained on TV channel Russia-1.

Following the storming of the US Capitol Building on January 6, Trump and some of his most ardent supporters were banned from Twitter and other social media. Apple also temporarily removed microblogging site Parler from its App Store, a network popular with far-right Americans. Following the restrictions, some right-wing Americans have expressed concern that they are going to be oppressed due to their views.
"We wouldn't care about this situation, but it is combined with them being a nuclear power with the largest military budget and the same country that endlessly implements illegal sanctions against our country. All of this is against the background of a deep crisis that affects every American. It's disturbing."
Zakharova has previously branded the US election system as "archaic," claiming that it "creates opportunities for numerous violations."

Comment: Some folks see what they want to see while others read the signs of the times.


Parents fume as BLM campaigners subvert America's top high schools to get 'racist' entrance exams scrapped

© Getty Images/Alto/Frederic Cirou
It's not just white students in the firing line, but high performing Asian-American children, too; is it a bold move in the name of racial fairness or just an anti-intellectual assault from the ideology of critical race theory?

Few expected George Floyd's killing to lead to a feud over 'Asian privilege'. But that is the storm that has been waging at America's top performing public school, Thomas Jefferson High School in Virginia.

The school, often referred to as TJ, offers a college preparatory program emphasizing the sciences, mathematics, and technology to children aged 14 to 18. It is ranked as the No.1 high school in the nation, and due to its status, earning a place there is competitive. Until recently, it used an admissions test to choose pupils.

But that's now been dropped under pressure from campaigners such as the Black Lives Matter movement, who complain that entrance exams discriminate against African-American children and those from poorer backgrounds. TJ now intends to improve the diversity of its intake by looking at "experience factors," which include economically disadvantaged students, English language learners, special education students, or students currently attending under-represented middle schools. Some have even pushed for admission to be decided through random lotteries.

The decision has invoked fury on both sides, with parents and campaigners clashing in demonstrations outside the school.


Martin Luther King's powerful critique of scientific racism and scientific materialism

martin luther king
© Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS
Martin Luther King delivers his famous "I Have a Dream" speech from the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963
On this Martin Luther King Day weekend, I will be visiting Athens, Texas (a town south of Dallas) for a free public screening of my documentary Human Zoos, which explores the sordid legacy of scientific racism and eugenics in America. I'd like to think that the event will be a fitting activity for MLK Day weekend, because King was a powerful opponent of both scientific racism and scientific materialism.

Dr. King accepted the animal ancestry of humans as taught by Darwinian evolution, but he was sharply critical of the misuse of science to promote racial discrimination, and he also spoke forcefully against the idea that humans are the products of a blind material process.

Many of King's thoughts on science are interspersed throughout a short book titled Strength to Love, a collection of sermons King originally published in 1963. I've been reading the book on my trip to Texas, and much of its wisdom is just as pertinent today as when the book was first published.


Convenient glitch: Twitter says 'bug' prevented users from searching Lincoln Project amid sexual misconduct allegations

  • A "bug" prevented Twitter users from searching the Lincoln Project on Friday, Twitter told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • Twitter did not immediately address why the bug seemed to only affected searches for the Lincoln Project at a time when a co-founder, John Weaver, was facing allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Weaver apologized Friday for sending "inappropriate" messages to multiple men and announced that he is gay, Axios reported. He also said that he would not be returning to the Lincoln Project.
John Weaver
© Screenshot, YouTube.
A "bug" prevented Twitter users from searching the Lincoln Project, Twitter told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Saturday.

A Twitter spokesperson told the DCNF Saturday morning that "this was a bug that was fixed yesterday."

Twitter did not immediately address why the bug apparently only affected searches for the Lincoln Project at a time when a co-founder, John Weaver, was facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Comment: See also:


Moderna vaccine causes "severe" side effects in up to 10 people prompting California to call for pause of roll out


California official calls for pause on Moderna vaccine lot after possible allergic reaction
Dr. Erica S. Pan, the California epidemiologist, issued a statement Sunday recommending a pause in the distribution of a specific lot of Moderna vaccine after "fewer than 10 individuals required medical attention over the span of 24 hours."

She said the Moderna Lot 041L20A is in question, but she insisted that she called for the pause "out of an extreme abundance of caution," according to Fox 11.

The report said more than 330,000 doses from the lot already have been distributed throughout the state to 287 providers. Fox 5 San Diego reported that the California Department of Public Health said fewer than 10 people appeared to be experiencing "a possible severe allergic reaction during the standard observation period" following the vaccinations at Petco Park.

Comment: It's highly likely that some of the side effects will only become apparent after the 'standard observation period'.

Comment: The Moderna, Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines may be similar, and that may be why we're seeing similarly severe reactions, including death, wherever these highly experimental vaccines are being rolled out: For critical information on how best to prepare for the roll out, see: COVID Mass Vaccination Experiment: Prepare For The Worst With This Health Protocol


Hypocrisy: When the Left refuses service, they're preventing violence. When the Right denies service, they're bigots

masterpiece cake lawsuit same sex wedding
© Bruce Ellefson / Alliance Defending Freedom
Jack Phillips owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado and was in the middle of a legal battle following a lawsuit from a same-sex couple in 2017.
Leftists love discrimination when it means nuking dissenters out of their businesses and off their platforms — but they'll gladly drag you to court if you politely decline to serve them.

One of the most shocking developments in the days following the latest Capitol riot has been the ease with which left-wing corporations and tech behemoths have been able to deny service to people on the right.

This is surprising not because of some conservative delusion that the increasingly progressive corporate world is friendly to our views. We know better. No, this blatantly belief-based discrimination is astounding because of the holy war that erupts any time a conservative attempts to deny services to another person based on constitutionally protected and deeply-held religious beliefs.

When the left refuses service due to an arbitrary standard or "civic integrity," they're preventing violence. When the right denies service, they're bigots. Consider the degree to which the left has rapidly denied its services to those on the right.

Comment: Silicon Valley giants aren't the same as Christian bakeries


Man arrested for living at Chicago's O'Hare airport for three months without detection

Aditya Singh
© Cook County Sheriff's Office
Aditya Singh
A man with a fear of COVID-19 was arrested for living at a secure area of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for nearly three months, according to a report.

Aditya Singh, of California, was hiding out in the airport from Oct. 19 — when he arrived from Los Angeles — to Saturday, when two airport workers confronted him, the Chicago Tribune reported, citing prosecutors.

Singh was found wearing an airport ID badge that was reported stolen on Oct. 26, the report said.

Comment: Maybe he was afraid to leave the airport because of the Mothman.


Facebook censors Mexican Cardinal for denouncing 'New World Order'

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez
© VINCENZO PINTO/AFP via Getty Images
Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez
Facebook has censored a video of Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, for suggesting that globalist leaders are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to bring about a new world order.

In place of the cardinal's weekly video, Facebook exhibited a greyed-out screenshot emblazoned with the banner "False information." Underneath, Facebook added, "This publication repeats information about COVID-19 that independent fact checkers deemed false."

Comment: See also:

Brick Wall

Italy on brink of 'civil disobedience' as public defies 'absurd' coronavirus rules

Italy's PM Giuseppe Conte
Italy's PM Giuseppe Conte has been facing criticism about the Covid restrictions.
ITALY businesses have begun to act out against the Government's coronavirus regulations with small acts of "civil disobedience".

Italy adopted a three-way system of restrictions shortly before Christmas and has since been changing up measures on a regional basis depending on the latest coronavirus infection rate data. Restaurants and cafes in several regions have been forced to shut down or operate as takeaways only to avoid people assembling in large groups indoors. But several businesses across the country have begun to protest demanding "clearer" and fairer rules from the Government.

Comment: The fear programming isn't working anymore and people have had enough! Hopefully this will catch on in other countries. They can't stop everyone!

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