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Mon, 18 Jan 2021
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Shooting the Capitol rioter saved black lawmakers from lynching, claims Congressman (who also feared 'overpopulation could capsize Guam')

Hank Johnson
© AJC.com
Rep. Hank Johnson, (D-GA)
US Representative Hank Johnson, who told a Navy admiral in 2010 that overpopulation could cause Guam to capsize, said the police shooting of a protester who breached the Capitol on Wednesday saved black lawmakers from being hung.

"I have no doubt that some of us who look like me would have been hanging from the railings of the third floor onto the House floor, swinging like fruit, strange fruit," Johnson (D-Georgia), who is black, told the Rev. Al Sharpton on Saturday in an MSNBC interview.
US Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot in the throat and killed on Wednesday as she and more than a dozen other rioters tried to get into the Speaker's Lobby, a hallway that would have given them access to the House chamber.
Johnson said he was among 30-to-40 House members who were in the third-floor gallery of the House chamber at the time, claiming that he would have been trapped.

Comment: In the past, Mr. Johnson also compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and described Trump's Republican supporters as the dregs of society. And AOC's hyperbolic, inflammatory remarks? Pseudo-reality hysteria to serve a purpose.

Star of David

B'Tselem: We are Israel's largest human rights group and we are calling this apartheid

apartheid wall ramallah israel
© Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty Images
Israel’s controversial separation barrier at the Qalandia crossing between the Palestinian city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank and annexed east Jerusalem, December 2020.
One cannot live a single day in Israel-Palestine without the sense that this place is constantly being engineered to privilege one people, and one people only: the Jewish people. Yet half of those living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea are Palestinian. The chasm between these lived realities fills the air, bleeds, is everywhere on this land.

I am not simply referring to official statements spelling this out - and there are plenty, such as prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's assertion in 2019 that "Israel is not a state of all its citizens", or the "nation state" basic law enshrining "the development of Jewish settlement as a national value". What I am trying to get at is a deeper sense of people as desirable or undesirable, and an understanding about my country that I have been gradually exposed to since the day I was born in Haifa. Now, it is a realisation that can no longer be avoided.


National Guard to deploy 'at least' 10,000 troops to DC ahead of inauguration

National Guard in Washington DC
© Samuel Corum/Getty Images
The National Guard will have "at least" 10,000 troops deployed to Washington, D.C. by Saturday to prepare for President-elect Joe Biden's Jan. 20 inauguration, the Associated Press reported Monday.

The troops will guard against violent protests over Biden's inauguration following the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week in support of President Donald Trump. Democratic D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the U.S. Department of the Interior have closed off several locations throughout the city thanks to "credible threats" ahead of inauguration. The FBI says armed protests prior to the inauguration have been planned in all 50 states.

Comment: James Lindsay tweeted:

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At least 60 Secret Service members injured during George Floyd protests in DC

Police officers
© AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta
Secret Service Police officers form a block on Pennsylvania Avenue NW to prevent protesters from reaching the White House during a rally in Washington, Saturday, May 30, 2020. Demonstrations took place nationwide in protest of the Memorial Day death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis.
More than 60 Secret Service officers and special agents sustained multiple injuries in three days worth of violent clashes stemming from protests demanding justice for George Floyd in Washington, D.C.

Some demonstrators repeatedly attempted to knock over security barriers and vandalized six Secret Service vehicles, the agency said in a statement on Sunday.

Comment: See also:

Russian Flag

Twitter ban on Trump prompts surge in downloads of Russian-made Telegram: Shoots to top of US app charts

Telegram messenger app privacy censorship
© Sputnik / Kirill Kallinikov
The Telegram messenger app
While many social media users are abandoning established services such as Facebook and Twitter, or being blocked from the platforms, a Russian-made messaging service has risen to become one of America's most popular apps.

On Monday, UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that Telegram had taken second place in the US downloads chart, according to exclusive data from the Sensor Tower market research agency. Between Wednesday and Sunday last week, more than half a million Americans downloaded the app, almost three times as many as the week before. It boasts of advanced security options, such as "self-destructing messages" for those "looking for extra privacy."


Eye 2

Antifa thugs force evacuation of Portland bookstore in protest of Andy Ngo's book

portland book store andy ngo protest
© The Post Millennial
A crowd of Antifa activists gathered outside Powell’s Books in Portland, to demand that the book Unmasked by The Post Millennial’s Editor-at-Large Andy Ngo, be pulled from the store’s website.
On Monday, a crowd of Antifa activists gathered outside Powell's Books in downtown Portland, to demand that the book Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy by The Post Millennial's Editor-at-Large Andy Ngo, be pulled from the store's website.

Powell's evacuated customers in anticipation of the extremist's arrival and as of this writing police were on site responding to the incident.

Comment: Andy Ngo's courageous reporting on the violence perpetrated by Antifa has cost him dearly:


Religious Freedom . . .

Guardians of Time
© Eric Peters Auto
The First Amendment articulates the freedom of religion. Which implies the freedom to be free of religion; to not be compelled to join any faith movement or be compelled to obey the tenets of any faith.

This includes faith in the Holy Rag and the tenets of the Sickness Cult, which is a religion by any rational definition.

It requires belief that anything - literally, anything - that covers the face is effective as a barrier against sickness, which is the same as believing that a cracker and some grape juice becomes "the body of Christ" - literally - when a priest performs the necessary unctions.

It requires belief in the assertion that a person who isn't sick can get people sick - which amounts to the same as belief in the assertion of demonic possession and propagation.

No offense meant. A point is being made, that's all.

Bad Guys

Ukrainian neo-Nazi 'thought leader' fired from prestigious Vienna fellowship as outcry over far-right links goes viral

Azov battalion and Olena Semenyaka
© REUTERS/Gleb Garanich ; inset : Facebook / Nationales Medienkollektiv - NMK
Members of Azov battalion. inset: Olena Semenyaka, who has been described as the international spokesperson for the Azov movement, speaking at a rally in Riesa, Germany, in 2018.
A prominent ultranationalist activist has lost her role at a prestigious Austrian research institute after evidence arose linking her with a far-right Ukrainian group, known for extremism and antisemitism.

Olena Semenyaka, who has been called "The First Lady of Ukrainian Nationalism," was due to take up a Junior Visiting Fellowship at the Vienna-based Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in January.

Comment: Nazi-like or fascistic thinking or extremist ideology can only be normal for a psychopathic mind. If we look around us, we can see that fascism is coming alive again more than ever. From today's perspective, WW2 was probably a test run so they could create a Fascistic police state and one giant concentration camp.

Local Nazi-like psychopaths are aggressively supported and glorified by the PTB because they are excellent tools in their agenda for total control and enslavement of the population.

Ukraine has been a fertile ground for Nazism since WW2. The PTB are using Ukraine as a tool against their enemy, the "evil" Russia because she was and still remains a dangerous enemy of psychopathic and fascistic ideology that is widely promoted in our "Western Civilisation." Because they are refusing to accept such a deviant and nonhuman reality, or the "new normal" as they call it.


Disneyland Resort opens as vaccination supersite in Orange County, California

Disney vaccination site
© Ashley Ludwig
The Disneyland Resort, Orange County's largest employer, will be a new coronavirus vaccination "supersite. The theme park that closed to guests and workers alike in March is using its famed parking areas, line management, and open space outside of the parks to host what is hoped to be the ultimate cure to reopening the main gates.

Opening this week, Disneyland will be the first large-scale venue in the county. Over the summer, Disneyland Resort reopened Downtown Disney to shopping and dining, though outside eating has been shut down during the most recent coronavirus outbreak. Buena Vista Street remains open to shoppers, with strict rules as to wearing masks, social distancing, and a plethora of handwashing stations. Thousands of park employees have lost their jobs due to the lengthy closure, though large scale vaccinations could be a sign of better days to come.

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'Covid permit', test & quarantine needed to return home or a $5,000 fine under Australian state's new rules

victoria lockdown
© AP Photo/Asanka Brendon Ratnayake
Victorian protective service officers walk past a sign urging people to stay home during Melbourne's lockdown.
Victoria is forcing every person seeking to enter the Australian state to obtain a new permit, including people who live there. Those who flout the new Covid-19 rules risk being slapped with an AU$5,000 ($3,856) fine.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced the new regulation while detailing a relaxation of his state's hard border with New South Wales.

The changes mean that Victoria residents stuck in regional parts of the neighboring state - which have been designated as an 'orange zone' - can prepare to return to their homes. However, the city of Sydney remains designated as a 'red zone' and is not included in the relaxed measures.

Comment: Australia has proven itself to be quite the totalitarian testing ground so we can expect similar draconian measures to be rolled out elsewhere fairly soon: