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Tue, 28 Jan 2020
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Alabama parents arrested after child fires gun at school

Child with gun
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The “small firearm” was in the boy’s jacket pocket when it “accidentally discharged” at J. E. Hobbs Elementary School in Camden on Friday morning, a district official said in a statement posted on Facebook.
The parents of an Alabama first-grader were taken into custody after the child accidentally fired a gun at school Friday, officials said.

The incident happened at J.E. Hobbs Elementary School in rural Wilcox County, where District Attorney Michael Jackson said a 6-year-old boy brought a gun to school and the weapon went off.


Botnet operation run by US veteran was set up prior to Bolivian coup: Generated thousands of automated anti-Morales tweets

Anez LaPaz
© Reuters/David Mercado
Bolivian wannabe dictator Jeanine Anez dons the gear in a faux ceremony at the National Police Academy, La Paz, Bolivia, November 2019.
A new report has revealed that the right-wing coup in Bolivia received automated support from a US Army veteran, who retweeted thousands of anti-Morales messages believed to have been written by fake Twitter accounts.

In the days preceding socialist President Evo Morales' decision to step down amid pressure from the military, thousands of new accounts were created on Twitter — with many of them parroting identical messages reading, in English, "Friends from everywhere, in Bolivia there was no coup."

According to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an estimated 68,000 shady accounts were created as the Bolivia crisis unfolded, all of them sharing 14 hashtags which were either anti-Morales, or in support Luis Fernando Camacho, the right-wing politician who assumed power.

Follow-up analysis by Julian Macías Tovar, a social media coordinator for the Spanish left-wing party Podemos, found that 48,000 accounts were created in a four-day period, and appear to have been used solely to amplify these pro-coup hashtags. Tovar also stumbled upon a single account, operated by US Army veteran Luis Suarez, which had retweeted more than 13,000 messages containing the coup-friendly hashtags. Using a custom-made program to automate his Twitter activity, Suarez allegedly pumped out as many as 69 posts in a single second.

Comment: Exactly the same type of botnet operation was run out of Miami last January to 'amplify' the US govt's attempt to foment a coup in Venezuela:

Social media automation & infowars by the Venezuelan opposition

We've found the 'Russian-meddlers' and he is... US.

Red Flag

Salafist microterritories in France: Some 150 neighbourhoods 'held' by Islamists - report

According to a document classified as a defense secret, some 150 neighbourhoods in France have fallen into the hands of Islamists.
Islamic symbol
The French General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) has just established a map of these territories conquered by Islamism, at the request of Christophe Castaner, formulated after the attack in Villejuif. It is an extremely sensitive subject for the executive, because they do not want to "stigmatize" the Muslim community.

The DGSI is the French domestic security agency. It is charged with counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, countering cybercrime and surveillance of potentially threatening groups, organisations, and social phenomena.

The book by political scientist Bernard Rougier, The Territories Conquered by Islamism, has moved the government to launch a fight against certain community drifts, but they fear being accused of stigmatizing Muslims.

Comment: See also:


Man goes postal in small German town, kills 6 of his own family members

Rot am shooting
German authorities confirmed on Friday that six people were killed in a building in the southwestern town of Rot am See, near Aalen in Baden-Württemberg. Two other victims were being treated in a local hospital, one with life-threatening injuries.

Aalen police told reporters that they believed some or all of the victims were members of the 26-year-old suspect's family. Officers were able to "have a coherent conversation" with him, they said, but still could not ascertain his motive.

Three of the victims were men aged 36, 65 und 69, while the three others were women aged 36, 56 und 62. Two of the victims were reportedly "not locals." The police confirmed that two of the victims were the suspect's parents.


Goldmans Sachs virtue signals on 'diversity' - declares war on the straight, white, male corporate board

David Solomon
© Reuters / Denis Balibouse
Davos, Switzerland: A straight white man declares war on straight white men. Wokeness!
Investment bank Goldman Sachs won't underwrite companies' initial public offerings unless their boards have at least one "diverse" member. Social justice pandering or canny business move?

"Starting on July 1st in the US and Europe, we're not going to take a company public unless there's at least one diverse board candidate, with a focus on women," Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said on Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "And we're going to move towards 2021 requesting two," he added.

Solomon's understanding of the word "diverse" is ill-defined. Presumably, a "diverse" candidate is one drawn from the LGBT alphabet, or of any race other than white. Whether the transgender, the disabled, or people of minority religions qualify as "diverse" is likewise left unexplained.

Comment: Despite mounting evidence that the SJW diversity mantra is bunk, Western society still seems to buy it.


2 dead after massive explosion at factory rocks Houston, destroys homes - Gas leak suspected

explosion houston jan 2020
Buildings damaged after an explosion in Houston, Jan. 24, 2020. A large explosion left rubble scattered in the area, damaged nearby homes and was felt for miles away.
A massive explosion at a Houston manufacturing plant Friday morning killed at least two people, shook the entire region and destroyed multiple homes.

The blast occurred around 4:15 a.m. at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing in northwest Houston, fire and police officials said.

According to officials, two employees seen running from the plant said they smelled gas just before the explosion occurred.

At least one homeowner was hospitalized, officials said.

Comment: Is there more to this story than just a gas tank exploding? That's one heckuva powerful explosion.

A video of the scene of the explosion from ABC News; footage begins at ~ 1 minute mark:

This comes just two months after another major incident at a refinery in Port Neches, Texas.

Star of David

One disabled, one in a coma, yet large Palestinian family faces Israeli eviction from East Jerusalem home

israel evicts palestinians jearusalem
© Twitter
In recent decades, Israeli settler organizations, with the support of the Israeli authorities, have taken control of properties within Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.
An Israeli court on Sunday ruled in favor of an extremist Jewish organization, that has been trying to evict a Palestinian family from their home in East Jerusalem, alleging that the land upon which the house was built previously belonged to Jews.

The legal ground for the ruling is based on an Israeli law,which gives Jews the right to claim properties that allegedly belonged to them in East Jerusalem while denying Palestinians the same right.

Comment: More information from Quds News Network:
Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the court ruled on Sunday to empty a residential building owned by Naser Rajabi family in the neighborhood of Batn El Hawa and grant it for the settlement organization "Ateret Cohanim", claiming that the land, where the building was built back in 1948, is owned by Jews.

The center and the committee of Batn El Hawa said in a joint statement on Sunday that the judge of the Magistrate's Court rejected an appeal by Rajabi family, who challenged injunctions by the settlement organization issued in 2016. They started ever since a court battle to prove the family's ownership of the land and building.

The statement also added that "Ateret Cohanim" was authorized to administrate the properties, which are claimed to be owned by Jews in 2001. It started issuing injunctions in 2015, ordering 84 Palestinian families to evacuate the neighborhood.

The Rajabi building is one of several other buildings that are targeted by the settlement organization, which plans to grab the property of nearly 2 acres in Batn El Hawa, as the organization claims that they were owned by Yemeni Jews back in 1881.

"Ateret Cohanim" claims that the Israeli supreme court recognized the ownership of Yemeni Jews to the land.

The statement added that the targeted land has 35 residential buildings built on it and all of its residents have been living in the neighborhood for decades after buying the lands from their former owners. They also have the documents, which prove that.

Haaretz reported that the residents were given until July 1 to empty the building.
Rule of law means nothing if it impedes the Occupation's advancement. Emptying Jerusalem of it Palestinian inhabitants has always been one of Israel's principle goals. With Trump's endorsing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol, the effort has ramped up.

Eiffel Tower

'I'm closed': Eiffel Tower shuts down amid sweeping strike by unions in France

Eiffel Tower
© REUTERS/Benoit Tessier
Delivering a heavy blow to holidaymakers, Paris' most iconic landmark has closed, due to massive protests against a divisive retirement reforms bill. Other sites like Versailles and the Louvre also warned of possible disruptions.

"Due to a national strike, I'm closed today. Access to my esplanade remains open and free of charge," the Eiffel Tower's Twitter account warned on Friday.

SETE, the organization running the famous tower, said the number of staff present on-site "does not allow visitors to be accommodated in optimal security and reception conditions," as quoted by Le Parisien newspaper.

Stock Down

Boeing faces Max hurdle as pilot confidence crumbles

Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302
Pieces of the wreckage of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302
Pilots' unions say that their members' trust in the safety culture at Boeing is at rock bottom following a string of revelations about the grounded 737 Max, presenting another big hurdle for the manufacturer as its seeks to return the jet to service.

The plane maker's crisis deepened late on Tuesday after it admitted that the 737 Max will stay parked until the middle of this year, driving the company's shares down almost 4 per cent. Restoring confidence among captains, on whom it is counting to repair the trust of the flying public, will be critical to Boeing's ambitions.

Trust is "unequivocally" at a nadir, said Jon Horne, president of the 40,000-strong European Cockpit Association, following the publication earlier this month of damaging internal messages in which employees mocked regulators and discouraged airlines from pursuing the most expensive pilot training options.


Ukrainian jet crash victim ran company suspected by UN of violating Libyan arms embargo

Elena Malakhova SkyAviaTrans Iran plane crash

Elena Malakhova, a director of SkyAviaTrans, was killed when Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner in January 2020.
One of the passengers on the Ukrainian jet downed by Iranian missiles earlier this month was a businesswoman who was the boss of two companies cited in a UN report for links to the shadowy arms trade supplying the protracted civil war in Libya.

Olena Malakhova, 38, had been allocated a place in the second row of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 from Tehran to Kiev, according to a seating plan of the aircraft seen by CNN.

She was one of only two Ukrainian passengers on the plane, which crashed shortly after takeoff from the Iranian capital on January 8, killing everyone on board. Iran says it shot down the plane by mistake.

Comment: Ukraine, with a nod and a wink from the West, became a veritable black market arms bazaar as it descended into economic chaos. Why is CNN, a quintessential establishment mouth piece, highlighting the death of a player who was advancing Deep State interests by allegedly smuggling arms to Libya?