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Fri, 23 Jul 2021
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Tyranny of the woke: Sean Penn won't return to 'Watergate' TV series until all cast, crew get vaccinated

Sean Penn
© imageSPACE /MediaPunch/MediaPunc
Sean Penn
The Oscar-winner has offered to vaccinate people through his nonprofit, CORE

Sean Penn has set an ultimatum on the set of the upcoming Starz Watergate series Gaslit: either the entire cast and crew receive COVID-19 vaccines, or he's not returning to work. Although NBCUniversal, Gaslit's studio, imposed mandatory vaccines for "Zone A" cast and crew members (those in close proximity during production), and provided an on-site vaccination clinic for those involved with the production, Penn is putting his foot down. The actor's representatives confirmed his decision to Variety.

Penn has offered to facilitate the mandatory-for-all vaccination effort, free of charge, through his nonprofit organization Community Organized Relief Effort.

Comment: Hollywood has always been a vanguard for whatever social engineering policies the PTB want to put in place. Sean is just following the script.


Tagged: California city to require its employees to wear 'vaccine stickers' to work without masks

vaccine poster
© SmileMakers
The city of Montclair will soon require employees to wear stickers showing they have been vaccinated if they want to work without wearing a face covering.

Starting Monday, Montclair city employees who want to work without a mask will have to wear a sticker like this on their ID badges showing they have been vaccinated. (CBSLA)

"I'm all for people making an independent decision," Councilman Ben Lopez said. "What I'm opposed to is a public declaration of that status on any item of clothing, ID, whatever it is."

During a recent City Council meeting, City Manager Edward Starr said Cal/OSHA requires workplaces to document proof of an employee's vaccination status if they want to work maskless.


Bad Guys

Death toll in South Africa riots rises to 337

riots lootng south aftica zuma arrest
© Reuters
Scenes from the violence in South Africa
The unrest started as protests over former president Jacob Zuma's jailing two weeks ago in his home province of KwaZulu-Natal

Rioting in South Africa this month has claimed 337 lives, the government said on Thursday, marking yet another jump in the death toll from the 276 announced the previous day.

The unrest started as protests over former president Jacob Zuma's jailing two weeks ago in his home province of KwaZulu-Natal. But it quickly escalated into arson and looting, and spread to Gauteng province where the biggest city Johannesburg is located.

Comment: Decades of cronyism and corruption have come to fruition in South Africa. Mandela would weep.


'The carrot is no longer going to work': CNN exec says in leaked email that US should rethink 'carrot vs. stick' vaccination drive

cnn propaganda
© REUTERS / Brian Snyder
A CNN executive has hinted that there need to be more forceful measures to increase Covid vaccine uptake in the US, after grumbling about the issue in an email that he mistakenly sent to a conservative activist.

The peculiar message was revealed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who showed a screengrab of the email in question.

"FW: #NEWS: A majority of unvaccinated Americans say they're unlikely to get the Covd-19 vaccine, regardless of outreach efforts," read the email's subject line.

Comment: CNN may feign outrage and deny that they want to use a stick but it is consistent with previously aired segments. Below is another example of a CNN host discussing the legitimacy of using a "bigger stick":

Bizarro Earth

Mandatory vaccines will result in sacking of at least 70,000 healthcare staff in England

old person walker
© Alamy
The statement put the cost of replacing staff not meeting the vaccination requirement at £2,500 each.
Up to 70,000 care home staff in England could leave the workforce or lose their jobs because the government is insisting they must be vaccinated against Covid, with women and ethnic minorities disproportionately affected, according to an official estimate.

In an impact statement from the government, officials believe between 3% and 12% of care home staff may still resist getting a Covid jab by the end of a 16-week grace period. The central estimate was that 40,000 could be left without jobs, but it could be as high as 70,000 or as low as 17,000.

Comment: It's likely that the number will be much higher than what the 'officials believe'.

In a separate statement on the public sector equality duty, the government said the policy of mandatory vaccination for care home staff was "likely to have a significant impact on ethnic minorities" as one in five members of the social care workforce are black, Asian or from another ethnic minority, a higher proportion than in the overall population of England.

Comment: Where do they think they're going to find these replacement workers? The industry already suffers high rates of turnover because of low pay and difficult working conditions and so, if they force this legislation through, it's likely to result in a great many more deaths due to plummeting standards of care.

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Cyber attack disrupts major South African port & rail operations

south africa port
© REUTERS/Mike Hutchings/File Photo
FILE PHOTO: Container ships wait to load and offload goods in port during a 21-day nationwide lockdown aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Cape Town, South Africa, April 17, 2020.
A cyber attack has disrupted container operations at the South African port of Cape Town, an email seen by Reuters on Thursday said.

Durban, the busiest shipping terminal in sub-Saharan Africa, was also affected, three sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

Cape Town Harbour Carriers Association said in an email to members, seen by Reuters: "Please note that the port operating systems have been cyber-attacked and there will be no movement of cargo until the system is restored."

Comment: This comes after a warning from the Build Back Better bunch of a 'cyberpandemic' and a surge in other profile hacks elsewhere in the world, that also. And, as noted above, for South Africa, this comes amidst the protests, rioting and looting that erupted following the imprisonment of former President Zuma that caused widespread disruption in the country, resulting in rationing at some supermarkets:

Brick Wall

Shut down the Jan. 6 gulag

Pelosi Capitol dome
© Facebook
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi illustration
If you listen to Democrats and anti-Trump liberal Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney and Rep. Liz Cheney, you'd think that nothing was being done about the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Never mind the FBI's all-out hunts and raids across 44 states. Never mind the continued detention of an unknown number of pro-Trump supporters. Never mind the more than 2,000 criminal charges brought by federal prosecutors against nearly 500 Americans arrested over the past four months.

Nope. Absolutely nothing is being done, the gaslighters insist, so these partisan opportunists are pushing forward with their witch-hunt commission to uncover the "facts."

Stock Down

GM will cut truck production amid semiconductor shortage

gm building
General Motors Co (GM.N) said Wednesday it will cut some truck production in North America because of the ongoing global semiconductor shortage.

The largest U.S. automaker said its Flint Assembly plant that builds the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD trucks will operate on one production shift the week of July 26.


Women who earn more than 'subsistence wage' should be BANNED from having state-funded abortions, Russian Orthodox Church proposes

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow
© Sputnik / Sergey Pyatakov
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow of All Russia during the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.
The Russian Orthodox Church is continuing its crusade against abortions by proposing a law that would remove termination of pregnancy from the compulsory health insurance system and provide the service only to the poorest women.

The plan, announced by the Moscow Patriarchate on Wednesday, revealed that the Church does not want to ban abortions completely, but instead proposes that the government stop funding them.

In particular, it has suggested that women who earn more than the so-called minimum subsistence level (around $150) should be forced to pay for their own abortions.

Comment: See also:


Police Federation of England and Wales no longer has confidence in Home Secretary Priti Patel, calling pay freeze 'final straw'

UK police

The Police Federation for England and Wales said officers are 'angry' at the way they have been treated by the government.
It comes less than 24 hours after Home Secretary Priti Patel announced in a written ministerial statement that police officers earning over £24,000 will be subject to a pay freeze.

The Police Federation of England and Wales says it no longer has confidence in Home Secretary Priti Patel and has branded a pay freeze for officers "the final straw".

The body, which represents rank-and-file officers, has also withdrawn its support and engagement from the Police Remuneration Review Body, labelling the current pay mechanism "not fit for purpose".

Comment: See also: