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Sat, 04 Dec 2021
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Marine to sue Wal-Mart for refusing to fill prescription for life-saving Ivermectin

Bill Salier
© unknown
Bill Salier - Former Marine and Iowa farmer
As a Marine, Bill Salier was shot at by snipers in Mogadishu during his nearly five years serving his country. With an impressive security clearance, he was trusted to guard the Presidency from threats on station at Camp David. For the next 20 years he farmed 250 acres in Iowa producing corn, soybeans and pigs to feed American families.

But his local Wal-Mart pharmacist didn't trust his judgment to fill a life-saving dose of Ivermectin when COVID attacked his body last month and corporate policy was to deny such medicine based on politics, not science.

Marine denied medicine by multinational retailer for invalid reasons

Salier said:
"I was very concerned I was going to die. I was falling asleep during my doctor's medical examinations. They told me I was in the midst of a 'Cytokine storm' and 8-9 days in, I was praying for a miracle because my body was failing me. I've been active and strong my entire life, but I was in desperate shape and couldn't form words to even communicate the incredible pain I was feeling all over my body."


'Dark money' organization may have helped Biden win

Voter line
© Reuters/Edward Garrido
Voters at an Arizona polling station line up to vote in the 2020 US presidential election.
A shadowy non-profit known as the Voter Participation Center reportedly spent over $100 million ahead of the 2020 presidential election to attract hundreds of thousands of votes from those considered likely to support Joe Biden.

The Washington-based group raised $85 million and spent an even larger amount delivering millions of mail and digital notifications to voters during 2020, The Hill reported this week. Accessing the group's tax filings, the news outlet noted that last year's spending dwarfed the $14 million it spent during the previous election in 2016.

Although the Voter Participation Center (VPC) does not explicitly campaign for specific candidates, it targets younger voters, minorities and unmarried women - all of whom traditionally favor Democrats but typically generate below-average turnouts.

The group's CEO Tom Lopach told The Hill it had delivered some 371 million pieces of mail over the 2020 election cycle, urging voters to register for mail-in voting or to vote early. They also apparently sent out another 300 million digital messages through ads and emails.

Quenelle - Golden

'Hundreds of thousands' of Australians flood streets to protest vaccine mandate

australia melbourne lockdown vaccine mandates protest
© James Ross/AAP
Crowds in Melbourne protest against mandatory vaccinations and lockdown measures on Saturday.
A fresh round of rallies against mandatory Covid vaccination has hit Australia, with hundreds of thousands protesting in dozens of cities. Aerial footage captured huge crowds blocking central streets.

New rallies all across the country happened on Saturday, as people demonstrated for more freedom in relation to coronavirus vaccination. Organized by the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination group, massive protests swept central Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth, along with 30 other cities and towns in Australia.

Claiming that vaccine mandates are discriminatory, people protested outside parliamentary buildings and blocked central streets, calling for resignations in state governments and an end to what some call "tyranny."


One million Victorian workers face the sack as vaccine deadline expires

COVID vaccine
About one million Victorian workers must now be fully vaccinated to continue working after a major vaccination deadline passed overnight.

All those in jobs on the state's authorised worker list were required to have two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination by Friday, November 26.

Industries on the list include AFL and other professional athletes, lawyers, journalists, mining workers, court staff and personal trainers.

It comes as the Services Vic app has been updated to allow parents and guardians to add their children's vaccination certificates.

Black Magic

Notre Dame is being 'built back better' as a 'woke theme park' devoted to environmentalism and social justice

fire NOtre Dame
© Ian Langsdon/EPA
Flames on the roof of Notre-Dame on 15 April 2019.
Using the church arson as a means to "Build Back Better," each of the chapels will be dedicated to social justice issues, including a chapel dedicated to the environment and others with African and Asian themes.

The Notre Dame, which was burned down in a mysterious fire in 2019 is being rebuilt as a "woke theme park."

Instead of rebuilding the historical cathedral as a religious monument, the reconstruction of Notre Dame will be revamped with a "discovery trail" that will lead visitors through 14 themed chapels of varying woke quantities dedicated to social justice, designed to be accessible for non-Catholics.

Using the church arson as a means to "Build Back Better," each of the chapels will be dedicated to social justice issues, including a chapel dedicated to the environment and others with African and Asian themes.

Comment: Notre Dame was beloved in its original form, and early fundraising efforts for its restoration promised only to restore the ancient building to its former glory. Those promises have been broken. How is it the officials in charge of the project feel emboldened to override the wishes of the populace?


Scottish schoolgirls sensibly 'boycott gender-neutral toilets'

gender neutral bathroom toilets
© Reuters / Jonathan Drake
A bathroom sign welcomes both genders at a coffee shop in Durham, North Carolina, May 3, 2016
The introduction of gender-neutral toilets in Scottish schools hasn't panned out as activists hoped, with girls in one school reportedly refusing to use the facilities due to misbehaviour and vandalism by boys.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are becoming increasingly common in Scottish educational institutes. Schools in Angus, Dundee, East Renfrewshire and Edinburgh have all introduced such facilities, and all new school buildings - primary and secondary - in Edinburgh will soon have unisex toilets and communal hand-washing facilities by default. This move to gender neutrality is supported by Scottish National Party politicians and by the Scottish Equality and Human Rights Commission, which warned schools in 2019 that they leave themselves open to lawsuits by not providing such facilities.

Comment: The girls are acting on ancient but correct instincts as a multitude of incidents have shown. Some institutions have pushed back on the LGBT organizations' radical agenda.


Appeals court blocks California vaccine mandate for prison workers

prison worker guard
A federal appeals court on Friday issued a temporary stay of a coronavirus vaccine mandate for prison workers.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued the stay, postponing the Jan. 12 deadline to get thousands of prison workers vaccinated until at least March, The Associated Press reported.

The move by the appeals court came after a request for a stay of a September ruling by a lower court pending an appeal. The appeals court also moved up opening briefs to Dec. 13, according to AP.

Comment: See also:


Florida man charged with 1,200 counts of sexual assault and incest with minor

Robert Cot
© Escambia County Sheriff’s Office
Robert Cota, 31, is accused of sexually assaulting a minor since she was 7 years old.
A Florida man has been charged with 1,200 counts of sexual assault and incest involving a minor.

Robert Cota, 31, of Pensacola, was charged with 600 counts of sexual assault on a victim between the ages of 12 and 18 and 600 counts of incest that allegedly took place over the last six years.

Cota was reported to police by a local pastor, who told deputies that Cota had approached him last Sunday saying he "had issues with one of the beliefs" outlined in the church guideline book. He specifically pointed to the word "incest," according to arresting documents obtained by WEAR-TV.


Transgender population growing in UK jails

prisoner handcuffs
© negativespace.co
Britain's transgender prison popuation has grown by a fifth in two years, a new report states. Most are biological men identifying as women, and the increase was noted after the High Court ruled they could be jailed with women.

According to a Ministry of Justice report seen by The Telegraph, 197 prisoners serving sentences in England and Wales identified as transgender in 2021, a 21% increase from 163 in 2019. In a separate category, the report counts 23 prisoners who have legally changed their gender and obtained a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Most of these transgender prisoners were born men and now identify as women. "When asked about the gender with which the prisoner identified from the following categories, 146 identified as female, 39 as male, 11 as non-binary and one did not provide a response," the report reads.


Arrow Up

How we uncancelled Jordan Peterson

jordan peterson
© Getty
When Cambridge University withdrew his invitation to visit, we knew we had to fight back.

Aristotle called man a 'political animal'. Perhaps he should have said a 'censorious' animal. Some people's urge to shut others up seems to be as strong as the baser drives to eat, drink and copulate. That is why, in the war for free speech, victory is never permanent, though you can sometimes win a local battle or two. Jordan Peterson's visit to Cambridge this week was such a win.

The last attempt to bring Peterson to Cambridge, in 2019, resulted in his cancellation. Back then Cambridge's Faculty of Divinity had invited Peterson to take up a visiting fellowship for the autumn. The plan was for him to collaborate with colleagues here on lectures on the Book of Exodus.

His invitation ought to have been unremarkable. This was a university functioning pretty much as it should. Academics in Cambridge saw intellectual value in collaborating with a colleague from Toronto. They invited him here and he accepted the invitation. Most of us at Cambridge didn't even know he had been invited at the time.