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Thu, 08 Dec 2022
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Thousands protest against new austerity cuts in Madrid

Madrid protest

People march during a demonstration against health and education cuts recently announced by the Spanish government, Madrid, Spain, Sunday, April 15, 2012.
Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the Spanish capital of Madrid to protest the government's planned spending cuts in the health and education sectors.

The protesters carried banners with anti-government slogans and chanted, "Mariano, Mariano you won't make it to the summer," referring to the country's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.


Psychopathic Norwegian killer Breivik gives fascist salute as trial begins

Norwegian, who says he killed 77 people in self-defence, is 'emotional' as film he made to justify one-man war is played

In an average year, 30 murders are committed in Norway. In three hours one afternoon in July last year, Anders Behring Breivik more than doubled that figure. Yet when he appeared at the first day of his trial on Monday, the 33-year-old insisted he was not guilty of acts of terrorism resulting in the deaths of 77 people.

"I acknowledge the acts," Breivik told Oslo central court when asked to enter a plea. "But I do not plead guilty and I claim that I was doing it in self defence."

His lawyer had already warned that this would be how Breivik would justify planting an enormous bomb outside the government quarters in Oslo, killing eight people, before heading to the island of Utøya to gun down 69 more attending a summer camp of the ruling Labour party.

Earlier, he announced that he did not recognise the Norwegian court - because, he said, it receives its mandate "from political parties who support multiculturalism".

Breivik was defiant as he arrived in court, giving a closed-fist salute before shaking hands with prosecutors and court officials and then declaring himself a "writer" when asked for his occupation.

"In our opinion, such a network does not exist," Holden said.
Operation Gladio: State-Sponsored Terror

The Norway attacks are "from the same Gladio-type stable" - former European MP

Oslo terror attacks: Zionism rears its ugly head again

Bad Guys

Video: TSA Violation Causes Woman to Cry

Madison, Wisconsin - A video captured a woman shaking and sobbing uncontrollably while being frisked by a Transportation Security Administration agent.

Political blogger Jim Hoft - who runs the Gateway Pundit website - captured the incident at a Madison, Wis., airport Sunday.

"This morning at a Midwest airport I witnessed this poor woman suffering through this horrible sexual violation," Hoft said on his Gateway Pundit website.


Staying Human - Vittorio Arrigoni RIP

A documentary about Vittorio Arrigoni, the Italian peace activist whose passion for helping the Palestinian people, lead to his death.

He moved to Gaza in 2008 to work for the International Solidarity Movement. He was kidnapped and killed by a Salafi group in April 2011.

Comment: Yes, this 'Salafi' group of Israeli Musta'ribeen decided Vittorio's peaceful nature was too much of a threat and had to be made an example of. What's more, they knew they would get away with it.

Rest in peace Vittorio. Let it be known that some at least were paying attention.


TSA Agent Faces Up to 10 Years in Jail After Stealing Eight iPads from the Bags He's Supposed to be Inspecting

US, Texas - A baggage handler has been charged with theft by a public servant after he stole tablet computers from the luggage he was tasked with checking for security threats.

Clayton Keith Dovel, 36, of Bedford, Texas, was busted in February after he was found to have eight iPads believed to have been stolen from passengers.

Police said Dovel worked in a 'resolution room' at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, where checked bags are examined before they're placed on a flight.

He was suspended from his position as a TSA agent.

Borna Mojra, one of the iPad theft victims, said the crime is a breach of the public trust.

He told KXAS: 'If they're the guys who are protecting us and they're not, who am I going to trust next?'


Inside the Growing Prescription Pill Epidemic That's Ravaging Communities

© Alternet
What started out as a situation in poor isolated areas of the country left to their own devices has taken root and spread, across Appalachia and beyond.

Editor's Note: We're proud to announce that we've teamed with Salon to pursue the most important under-covered stories in the country. This story is the first product of our Salon-Alternet Investigative Fund.

KERMIT, W.Va. - It takes less than a minute to drive past Kermit, five to tour the place entirely. An old coal mining town with barely 300 residents and one blinking light between the train tracks, Kermit has no supermarket, no clothing store, no main drag. Main Street is really a side street with rows of cottages, its biggest building, the Kermit community center, empty and boarded.

Yet in this tiny town, the Kermit Sav-Rite Pharmacy used to be as busy as a New York deli. Six employees worked the counter, lines at the drive-through window snaked around the square cinder-block building, and the parking lot was full day and night.

Penis Pump

Cartagena Secret Service Prostitution Scandal widens to include military

Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia, where the secret service agents and soldiers stayed.
© Fernando Vergara/AP
Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia, where the secret service agents and soldiers stayed.
Five soldiers confined to quarters over claims of inappropriate conduct as 11 secret service members are put on leave

The US secret service says it has put 11 agents on leave while it investigates alleged misconduct before a summit attended by Barack Obama in Colombia, as it emerged that five soldiers are also facing investigation.

The secret service apologised for the distraction the incident had caused at the summit in Cartagena, where Barack Obama is meeting leaders of more than 30 countries.


Japan using Fukushima people as human Guinnea Pigs

© Reuters
Further waves approach the Fukushima nuclear power plant immediately after a tsunami struck, about 40 minutes following a magnitude 9 earthquake in Tomioka, Fukushima prefecture, Japan in this still image taken from a March 11, 2011 video released by the Ministry of Transport Tohuku Regional Bureau via Reuters TV.


Stay Human: One year on from the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni

© Rajaa Al Talouli
The grandson of Italian Resistance Fighters in WWII, it was natural for 'Vik' to rally for the downtrodden people of Gaza, who are forced to live like animals behind fences and walls...
"I have seen my brother Vik's body and his death certificate, but Vik is not dead".
It is hard to imagine that a year has passed since Ken O'Keefe said those words from Gaza. There were a few hours when the famed Italian peace activist Vittorio 'Vik' Arrigoni, remained missing, and that was a tense period, but it didn't last long enough and soon came the word that this courageous man and friend of so many, was dead, brutally murdered.... gone.

Vik wanted to remind people that at the core of each one of us is our humanity, it is what we have in common, a starting point.

His favorite slogan; words he will always be known for... 'Restiamo Umani' - 'Stay Human', has taken off all over the world.

Few people who ever walked the face of this earth were more human or more humane than this man who was a member of the group, ISM, International Solidarity Movement, and it is Vik who revived the movement after the loss of two other western ISM members, killed by Israeli military.

US national Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in March 2003, and a month later Briton Tom Hurndall was shot and critically injured by an IDF sniper, dying from the wound in January 2004.


Child Paralyzed By Vaccines And Stolen From Her Mother By The State

vaccines paralyzed mmr 1

This little girl became paralyzed after being injected by vaccines.
**Names have been changed to protect the identity of this family. All quotes are mother's exact words and it must be noted that her first language is not English.

Emma is a six year old little girl who is suffering from severe vaccine damage which has been verified by several leading experts. Emma is totally paralyzed and unable to move any part of her body. She cannot speak and breaths with the aid of a small tube inserted through a tiny incision in her windpipe called a tracheotomy.

Instead of the help and compensation her family should be receiving, Emma has been stolen by the state and spends her days in what her mother describes as a 'dreadful institution for the disabled'. Instead of the support Emma's mother needs to come to terms with what has happened to her daughter she has been accused of trying too hard to find answers and get the professional help that she believes her daughter needs.

Ms X, Emma's mother, is devastated and says that she did nothing wrong. She told me:

"I have a clean criminal record, I have no history of substance abuse of any kind, no rehab no nothing!! All I am guilty of is sometimes acting on fear my daughters time was running out.

I want her out of there NOW!!!