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Tue, 18 Jan 2022
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Canada: Have We Lost Our Moral Compass?

It has become obvious that it was not just outsiders and anarchists taking part in the riots after Game 7

As the evidence, apologies, threats and counter threats are now playing out on Facebook and Twitter can we put to rest the claims by our politicians that the Vancouver riot was constituted by a small number of troublemakers and anarchists? As we see the faces of middle class children with potentially bright futures splashed across the media doing horrific damage and mayhem is there any doubt that there is a lot more to this than pointing blame at a few? What is it, even hours before Game 7 of the Stanley Cup, that made young men in $100 Canucks sweaters express their attitude to "The Best Place on Earth" (B.C.'s official motto) and the self-described most livable, most beautiful, most sustainable place on Earth by spitting on it?

Of course, we know from studies, that when one person spits or litters it makes it far more likely that other people will follow along. And, when people start to smash windows and burn and damage cars, and loot, that too makes it more likely that other people will follow along - especially when their inhibitions have been lowered by hours of drinking to take their minds off the fact that in the land of $1.3-million "starter" bungalows, $400,000 one-bedroom condos and $750,000 two-bedroom condos, their prospects for a middle-class lifestyle with a family of two or three children are dim indeed.

It is telling that Mayor Gregor Robertson and others interviewed about this event described it as hooligans "smearing the name of the city," who "by no means represent(ed) the city of Vancouver." Even the heroes in the event, those isolated people who tried to stop the mayhem, at great personal risk, said nothing about the morality but emphasized that they did it because they didn't want Vancouver's name besmirched.

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US: A Dangerous Life of Moronic Stupidity Implicates Society

© unknown
Jackass star Ryan Dunn died at age 34 in a Pennsylvania car crash
Last Sunday a jackass killed himself and a friend with a 3 a.m. drunken drive down a Pennsylvania highway at 140 miles per hour (225 kph) in a Porsche. It flew 80 feet, bursting into a fireball when it finally hit a tree.

What's amazing, regrettable and surprising about this episode (I refuse to call it a 'tragedy;' even his family and friends should have seen it coming) is that some people - a whole lot - are shocked, saddened and grieving this person whose only talent was acting like a moron at the most immoral, objectionable levels.

Many of these fans - as well as his entertainment industry enablers at MTV and his production company that I choose not to name because of its crude reference to male genitalia - have been trying hard to convince us that the world has lost a fine human being, a talented star and all-round great 'dude.'

That would be one Ryan Dunn, age 34. It's a bit much for just being a cast member of the MTV show Jackass in which males with more testosterone than brain cells did things such as . . . well, let me describe a few that appear on the UGO.com website as among "the 50 greatest" Jackass movie stunts. Be warned, it's offensive even when described delicately!

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UK: Family's Horror as Wife-Killer Malcolm Webster Insists on Being Buried Alongside Woman He Murdered

© unknown
Wife-killer Malcolm Webster wants to be buried in the same grave as the woman he murdered.

Tragic Claire Morris's family, who endured the agony of losing her in a staged fireball crash, were sickened when they learned of the twisted killer's plan.

And they have accused Webster of planning the "final insult" to his first wife, who died 17 years ago at the age of 32.

Webster - who also tried to kill his second wife and is suspected of plotting to kill his fiancee - insists on remaining the owner of the Aberdeenshire grave where Claire is buried, despite having murdered her.

That will give the Black Widower, who is to be sentenced on July 5, the right to be buried alongside his victim.

Claire's brother Peter Morris said last night: "I hope he gets 30 years and dies in prison. But I don't want him to die having sorted out that he's going to be buried with Claire.

"That would be the final insult in the whole saga - that I was never able to separate her from him."


WikiLeaks' Assange builds new, less-confrontational legal team

© Reuters
London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is hiring a new legal team to take a less confrontational approach in his next British court appeal against a Swedish request he be extradited for questioning in a sexual misconduct case.

Two legal sources told Reuters Assange had split with Mark Stephens, a prominent British media attorney. Stephens was one of two principal lawyers who represented Assange earlier this year at a court hearing at which his initial appeal against the Swedish extradition request was rejected by a London judge. Replacing Stephens is prominent human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce. She has represented accused militants in high-profile cases, including former prisoners held by the United States at its Guantanamo, Cuba, detention center, and the "Guildford Four," a group of Irish citizens whose conviction in an alleged IRA bomb plot was overturned after they spent years in prison.

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National Amnesia is a Growing Epidemic

The Declaration of Independence is a poor excuse for an obscure historical document. It's not the Magna Carta or the Peace of Augsburg. Its name is so straightforwardly functional, it almost makes you wonder why the Founders weren't more imaginative.

Yet only 35 percent of American fourth-graders know the purpose of the Declaration of Independence, according to the 2010 results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The findings of the test - administered to representative samples of fourth-, eighth- and 12th-graders - are another dreary recitation of the historical ignorance of America's students.

Only 20 percent of fourth-graders, 17 percent of eighth-graders and 12 percent of 12th-graders were proficient in history. More than half of 12th-graders were categorized as "below basic." Only 22 percent of 12th-graders knew that North Korea was allied with China during the Korean War. Education expert Diane Ravitch notes with dismay that 40 percent of these students were already eligible to vote when they took the test, and all will be eligible within a year.

They are the symptoms of a country engaged in a long process of erasing its memory. For decades, we have been congratulating ourselves for a broad-mindedness that is really a self-destructive national amnesia.

Better Earth

Brazilian government identifies uncontacted indigenous tribe in the Amazon

The Brazilian government confirmed this week the existence of an uncontacted tribe in a southwestern area of the Amazon rain forest.

Three large clearings in the area had been identified by satellite, but the population's existence was only verified after airplane expeditions in April gathered more data, the National Indian Foundation said in a news release Monday.

The government agency, known by its Portuguese acronym Funai, uses airplanes to avoid disrupting isolated groups. Brazil has a policy of not contacting such tribes but working to prevent the invasion of their land to preserve their autonomy. Funai estimates 68 isolated populations live in the Amazon.

The most recently identified tribe, estimated at around 200 individuals, live in four large, straw-roofed buildings and grow corn, bananas, peanuts and other crops. According to Funai, preliminary observation indicates the population likely belongs to the pano language group, which extends from the Brazilian Amazon into the Peruvian and Bolivian jungle.

The community is near the border with Peru in the massive Vale do Javari reservation, which is nearly the size of Portugal and is home to at least 14 uncontacted tribes.


Fukushima - Message of an angry French expatriate

This video was removed/censured as well as fifty other videos posted on the channel of this French expatriate in Japan named Alex.

Come support him on his YouTube page:


With English subtitles


US: Radiation found in basement of Missouri art museum

© Wikimedia
Columbia | The University of Missouri is asking a federal agency for more time to clean up radiation in a former chemistry building that now houses a museum.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that inspectors removed radioactive material from the basement and attic of Pickard Hall but contamination ago [still] remains in pipes and air ducts. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires such contaminated buildings to be cleaned within two years.

The building on Francis Quadrangle is now home to the Museum of Art and Archaeology and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The university wants the NRC to indefinitely extend its cleanup timeline. The agency scheduled a public hearing Thursday night on campus to discuss that request.


Are Seattle-area babies dying because of Fukushima radiation?

© Getty Images

A recent report from Al Jazeera English presented troubling sets of data about life since the Fukushima meltdown in Japan earlier this year. One of the most shocking details: A combined 35 percent increase in infant-mortality rates in several Northwest cities, including Seattle.

Now, a writer with Scientific American is taking that report to task. Michael Moyer writes that Al Jazeera reported infant-mortality for just eight cities: San Jose, Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle, and Boise. And the report cited, authored by Doctor Janette Sherman and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano, only used four weeks of data to establish a pre-Fukishima trend.

And that just doesn't add up, according to Moyer:


Canada: Police arrest Montreal man in 16-year-old murder cold case thanks to DNA

© The Canadian Press / HO-Lavala Police
Eric Daudelin, 37, of Montreal, is shown in a Laval Police handout photo. Police say they've solved a 16-year-old murder case thanks in part to new DNA evidence.Joleil Campeau was nine years old when she disappeared in 1995. Her body turned up days later in a creek near her Montreal-area home.
A Montreal man has been charged in a 16-year-old murder case thanks to new DNA evidence turned up by police.

Eric Daudelin, 37, appeared in court Thursday on charges of first-degree murder, sexual assault and unlawful confinement.

His alleged victim, Joleil Campeau, was nine years old when she disappeared in 1995. Her body turned up days later in a creek near her Laval home.

Police said the suspect lived in Laval at the time of Campeau's disappearance and has a prior criminal record.

Daudelin had been questioned by police at the time of the grisly discovery, but he was released at the time due to a lack of evidence.

"When the body of Joleil Campeau was found ... the technology wasn't advanced enough at the time to allow us to gather scientific evidence or to uncover a clear DNA match," said Laval police spokeswoman Nathalie Lorrain.