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Wed, 22 Sep 2021
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Is it OK to buy a fake Covid-19 vaccination certificate? Almost a third of Russians think it's perfectly fine, new survey reveals

Andrey Tyazhelnikov
© RIA / Alexey Maishev
The chief doctor of the State Medical Institution "KDP No. 121 DZM" Andrey Tyazhelnikov at the vaccination center for CAVID-19 in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow.
As the Russian authorities look to clamp down on people selling fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates, a new survey has revealed that nearly one in three Russians (32%) have absolutely no problem with those who have bought one.

In Russia, some employers are now demanding that their workers be vaccinated, leading to some of those opposed to inoculation looking for other methods to keep their job.

According to Moscow daily RBK, which saw data collected by SuperJob, nearly one in three Russians (32%) believe that it is justified to buy fake documents, with some thinking that a person should decide for him or herself whether to be vaccinated or not.

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Seven signs your friend or family member has fallen victim to the woke mind virus

pride flag
© AP
Covid is not the only virus sweeping the West, obsessively woke politics is running rampant with the most virulent variants emerging in newsrooms and colleges. As an acquaintance of mine slowly succumbed, here's what I observed.

There are certain traits that appear to be extremely common among people who are 'woke'. Woke being now a common term for those among us who become righteously incensed with progressive social justice issues (typical of mainstream Western media imbibers or recent university graduates). Often, we can see this obsession manifesting in the form of aggressive protest activism - not just as a hobby, but at every social, private, and professional level of their lives. That is a 'woke' personality.

While there are well-known physical markers indicating a woke person (blue or purple hair, obesity, androgyny, wispy beards in men, annoying spectacles) I have for some time been a curious student of their habits and psychological mannerisms, which I have also noted, along with the physical traits, to have universal qualities.


US judge blocks NY vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

© REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
A U.S. judge in New York on Tuesday temporarily blocked the state from enforcing a requirement that healthcare workers receive COVID-19 vaccines against the wishes of employees with religious objections.

U.S. District Judge David Hurd in Utica, New York in a written order said he was blocking the mandate from taking effect on Sept. 27 because it does not allow for exemptions based on workers' religious beliefs.

The order came in a lawsuit filed on Monday by 17 doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who say New York's requirement violates their constitutional rights in various ways.


Vaccinated Americans call it quits with friends who refuse to get the COVID-19 shot

vaccines and friendships illustration
Even the best of friends break up over it. Vaccinated Americans have called it quits with friends who refused to get the COVID-19 shot.

Our survey of 1,000 Americans - conducted on Sept. 2 - examined why people have ended friendships in the last year and a half and found 16% of respondents have axed three pals from their lives since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Of those who ended a friendship, 66% are vaccinated and 17% don't ever plan to receive the shot.

Comment: The fact is, vaccinated people cutting unvaccinated friends out of their lives are probably doing their friends a favor. It's always important to know who your real friends are.

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Stock Down

Colorado Dunkin' coffee shop temporarily closes after staff falls from 15 to 3 - Couldn't find anyone to replace them

Dunkin' Donuts Colorado

A Dunkin' coffee shop in Colorado is temporarily closing after the number of staff fell from 15 to 3 and it couldn't find anyone to replace them.
A Dunkin' branch in Colorado Springs is temporarily closing its doors because it is struggling to find workers amid the labor shortage, The Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

Alex Apodaca, chief operating officer at JB Partners, an Arizona-based franchisee that manages seven Dunkin' stores in the area, told the outlet: "We just can't get people to work."

The west-side Colorado Avenue branch has been operating for 55 years. The store would usually have 15 employees on its rota. But that fell to three just before the store closed, Apodaca said.

Comment: This labor shortage is happening across the US as people, used to staying at home not working, are reticent to return to the daily grind. On social media it's being called "The Great Resignation," and has the appearance of a grassroots movement to not work. But it seems to play too neatly into the hands of the Great Reset crowd to be a spontaneous initiative.

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Premier League to tell football fans to STAY AWAY unless they've been fully vaccinated or have evidence of recent negative test

football uk covid
The Premier League will ask fans not to attend matches unless they have been fully vaccinated or can provide evidence of a recent negative Covid test for the rest of the season, despite the Government abandoning plans to introduce Covid passports for mass events.

Clubs will continue to employ Covid marshals at games to carry out spot-checks of supporters' Covid certification, and those without the required credentials may be barred from entering the stadium.

Some clubs are understood to have already ejected fans who were unable to demonstrate their Covid status in the opening weeks of the campaign.

Comment: Many on Twitter mocked the Premier Leagues' statement and said that they hadn't been asked for their covid status despite attending numerous games.

Is the Premier League blowing hot air in an attempt to get the remaining 'plebs' vaccinated, or is this a sign of things to come and private companies will enforce the covid pass despite Boris scrapping the idea?


'Lying homophobic c**n!': Rapper Nicki Minaj unloads on MSNBC's Joy Reid after vaccine tweet about swollen testicles

nicki minaj joy reid
© Reuters / Carlo Allegri and AFP / Theo Wargo
Nicki Minaj (L) and Joy Reid (R).
Nicki Minaj's skepticism over Covid-19 vaccines didn't sit well with MSNBC host Joy Reid, who accused the rapper of putting her fans' health at risk. Minaj shot right back, calling the liberal pundit a "lying homophobic c**n."

Minaj shocked her fans on Monday when she claimed that a friend of her cousin in Trinidad had gotten vaccinated and "became impotent" and suffered "swollen" testicles as a result. The rapper didn't tell her fans not to get the shot, but advised them to "pray on it & make sure you're comfortable with [your] decision, not bullied."

Her comments caused outrage among vaccine enthusiasts, with MSNBC host Joy Reid condemning her on air that night.


Al Qaeda leader, believed dead, appears in video on 9/11 anniversary

© jihadOscope
Ayman al-Zawahiri took over Al Qaeda after Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden.
Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri appeared ​in a video released Saturday — the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks — raising questions over his rumored death.

The US-based SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadist groups online, tweeted about the existence of the video, saying Zawahiri made comments about events that occurred after speculation first emerged that he'd died.

​​"Amid rumours of his death, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri shown in a new 60-minute video, this time offering some evidence that he is not dead​ - ​particularly, reference to events after December when rumors of death surfaced," SITE director Rita Katz tweeted.

The video was entitled Jerusalem will not be Judaized and was released by As Sahab Media, the terror group's propaganda arm. ​

Zawahiri mentioned a raid on a Russian military base by the ​al Qaeda-aligned Hurras al-Deen in Syria, which the group said occurred on Jan. 1 — after rumors began circulating of his death in November.

Katz said while Zawahiri did discuss the US's withdrawal from Afghanistan, she noted he did not talk about the Taliban's return to power in the country.

Comment: Faking the deaths of al Qaeda leadership has proven a standard ploy.

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Man with bayonet and machete arrested near DNC headquarters

DNC Headquarters
© Yahoo Finance
A California man was arrested near the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters early Monday morning after Capitol Police found a bayonet and machete in his car.

Donald Craighead, 44, was arrested for possession of prohibited weapons after a Capitol Police officer pulled him over and found the weapons in his truck, which are illegal in Washington, D.C., authorities noted.

At around midnight on Monday, Capitol Police said a Special Operation Division officer who was on patrol pulled over a Dodge Dakota pickup truck outside DNC headquarters that had a swastika and other white supremacists symbols painted on it.

The incident occurred along the 500 block of South Capitol Street SW, according to authorities. The Capitol Police released photos of the truck on Twitter in which the white supremacy emblems are visible.

Comment: "Justice of J6" rally has chosen to poke the bear in holding this event in proximity to the Capitol. Cue ramping paranoia and law enforcement on overdrive.


California: San Fernando Valley residents cast provisional ballots due to equipment issue

Repub Party site
© AP/Gregory Bull
Republican Party headquarters in California
Some San Fernando Valley voters think they are being wrongly prevented from casting a ballot in the upcoming gubernatorial recall election, but the county elections office said it was an equipment issue that was resolved.

At El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, some voters say they were told the computers showed them as already having voted, even though they had not.

West Hills resident Estelle Bender, 88, said she was far from the only person who was being told incorrectly that they had already voted. In addition to friends of hers who experienced the issue and two other women outside the polling place, Bender said that inside, "the man next to me was arguing the same thing."

Bender said she filled out a provisional ballot and "left really angry." Bender added that, to her knowledge, many of those affected by this issue are self-identified Republicans, and she's suspicious.

"I'd still like to know how I voted," Bender said.