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Sun, 23 Jan 2022
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'Enough of Covid dictatorship': Lockdown protest in Hungary attracts hundreds

budapest hungary protest lockdown
© REUTERS / Marton Monus
People demonstrate in front of the Parliament, during a protest against coronavirus disease (Covid-19) measures and vaccinations, in Budapest, Hungary, January 16, 2022.
Just over six million Hungarians have received at least two shots, and 3.3 million have also received the third booster.

Over a thousand people marched in Budapest protesting against Covid-19 inoculation at a rally organised by the far-right Our Homeland Movement, which has been campaigning on a fierce anti-vaccine and anti-immigration message ahead of April 3 elections.

"Vaccines should not be mandatory! We don't tolerate blackmail," said the slogan of the rally where people held up banners saying: "I am unvaccinated, not a criminal" and "Enough of Covid dictatorship."

Comment: Following the holidays, lockdown protests really picked up apace and, at the same time, the propaganda media had begun to admit that the Covid statistics of the last 21+ months were 'misleading' and, as a consequence, the lockdowns were wholly unnecessary. Despite this, governments continue to enforce vaccine passports, mandates, lockdowns, and with the threat that they intend to tighten the screws even further: Also check out SOTT radio's: Collapsing Narratives no Barrier to Increased Govt Controls


Freighter breakdown temporarily blocks traffic through Turkey's Bosphorus Strait

boat bosphorus
© Twitter/Directorate General of Coastal Safety
The Turkish A haber TV reported in the early hours of Monday that the coast guard had helped anchor the cargo ship in the Sariyer Buyukdere area and traffic in the Bosphorus returned to normal.

The passage of ships was temporarily blocked to all vessels in both directions at Bosphorus late on Sunday because a freighter broke down near Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, blocking the strait, Turkey's Directorate General of Coastal Safety said.

The failure of the 'Brave Night' ship's engine was named as the cause of the breakdown.

"Traffic has been stopped in both directions after a freighter heading to Romania broke down near Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge," the agency tweeted.

Comment: See also:


BREAKING: Critical evidence has already gone missing as Georgia officials open ballot trafficking investigation

Mail-in ballot
© iStock
Earlier this week Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that he will investigate himself after credible allegations came forward recently related to 2020 elections fraud in the state.

John Solomon at Just the News reported this evening:
Georgia authorities have launched an investigation into an allegation of systematic ballot harvesting during the state's 2020 general election and subsequent U.S. Senate runoff and may soon issue subpoenas to secure evidence, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirmed to Just the News.

Georgia law strictly prohibits third-party activists from picking up and delivering ballots on behalf of voters, a tactic called "harvesting" that liberal organizers have tried to get legalized in many battleground states without success. The U.S. Supreme Court this summer rejected Democrat efforts to overturn an Arizona law that outlawed harvesting in the battleground state.
Unfortunately, Raffensperger is the Secretary of State in Georgia and these issues were under his purview. So his running an investigation into any related election issues is suspect, to say the least.

Comment: See also:


Thousands protest against tougher Covid rules in France

protest paris
In the capital Paris, the largest single gathering set off from near the Eiffel Tower
More than 50,000 people protested against stricter Covid-19 measures in France on Saturday, as the upper house of parliament approved a bill introducing a vaccine pass.

Around 54,000 people protested across the country, including 7,000 who marched in the capital, according to the Interior Ministry.

Some held banners that read "Freedom" and "Democracy in danger."

"I'm against the vaccine pass. I'm against mass vaccination - everyone must be free to choose," a protester in Paris told Ruptly video agency.


Microsoft launches 'inclusivity' checker

© AFP Photo/Sam Yeh
Microsoft Word has started offering 'politically correct' alternatives to some words and expressions, but a new "inclusive language feature" has left many users unimpressed.

The tech giant announced last year that it was working "to remove non-inclusive language commonly found within the technology and cybersecurity sectors."

In line with that goal, the latest version of Microsoft Word in Office 365 has an additional editor tool that suggests "more inclusive" alternatives to commonly used words and phrases that might offend someone in relation to gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. When the new function is used, any potentially offensive words, like all other 'errors,' are underlined, allowing the writer to fix them if they wish.

Bizarro Earth

US schools struggling with a wave of student misbehaviour following lockdowns

students us school bus
© Roberto E. Rosales/Zuma Press
High school students in Albuquerque, N.M., in August.
School districts across the U.S. say they are seeing a surge of student misbehavior in the return to in-person learning, after months of closures and disruptions due to the pandemic.

In the hallway between classes one afternoon this fall at Southwood High School in Shreveport, La., two boys exchanged words. All at once, they jumped at each other, witnesses said. Dozens of other students joined and they all fell into a heap, kicking and punching, until teachers pulled them apart.

The fight was one in a series of brawls in Southwood's courtyards and hallways on three subsequent days that led to 23 students being arrested and expelled.

Comment: There were spikes of child suicides at the very beginning of the lockdowns, and, since then, statistics and professionals have repeatedly warned that unprecedented numbers of children are suffering mental health issues due to the prolonged confinement, and deliberate fear-mongering; this was all widely known, and entirely predictable, preventable, and wholly unnecessary for a virus that's milder than the flu.

These troubles aren't just confined to schools, either, because incidents like the one seen in the video from Manchester, England, seem to be on the rise:

Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: The Red Line? Governments Extend Vaccine Mandates to Children


Professor Ehud Qimron: "Ministry of Health, it's time to admit failure"

© Haaretz
Professor Ehud Qimron (c) at Tel Aviv University
Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli - and indeed global - management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Original letter in Hebrew: N12 News (January 6, 2022); translated by Google/SPR. See also: Professor Qimron's prediction from August 2020: "History will judge the hysteria" (INN).
Ministry of Health, it's time to admit failure

In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one-by-one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic - we told you so.

Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail. You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame.

You refused to admit that the infection comes in waves that fade by themselves, despite years of observations and scientific knowledge. You insisted on attributing every decline of a wave solely to your actions, and so through false propaganda "you overcame the plague." And again you defeated it, and again and again and again.

You refused to admit that mass testing is ineffective, despite your own contingency plans explicitly stating so ("Pandemic Influenza Health System Preparedness Plan, 2007", p. 26).

Comment: In just a few paragraphs, Qimron layered on the truth and slammed the Israeli Ministry of Health magnificently.


Left-wing group secured $158M taxpayer-funded contract to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation

© Getty Images
A progressive group that views immigration enforcement agencies as a "threat" to civil liberties secured a $158 million taxpayer-funded contract to help unaccompanied minors avoid deportation, records show.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded the Vera Institute of Justice, a left-wing nonprofit that backs defunding the police, the contract in 2021 to "provide immigration related legal services to unaccompanied minors," according to USASpending, a federal contract database. Jason Hopkins, an investigative associate with the Immigration Reform Law Institute, told Fox News:
"The Vera Institute of Justice is a behemoth progressive nonprofit based out of New York City with well over a $140 million budget, which they use to fund a slate of progressive causes and initiatives across the country. Whether that be criminal justice reform, bail reform and also immigration."
Hopkins said the institute gets around half of its funding from the federal government. In fact, between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, nearly $137 million of the group's $174 million in revenue came from government grants, the institute's most recent tax forms show.

"The $158 million is just the latest in the hundreds of millions that they provided to Vera for their services," Hopkins said.

Comment: The Biden administration's open border fiasco compounds these problems every day. Ultimately the cost of this policy, be it feeding, housing, transporting, administrating or deporting migrants comes down to the taxpayer, without vote or recourse. The problem lies with the incompetence of the gatekeeper.


Former Obama WH adviser pleads guilty to wire fraud

Seth Andrew

Former Obama White House Advisor, Seth Andrew
A former White House adviser to former President Obama pled guilty to wire fraud on Friday in connection to an alleged scheme to steal $218,000 from a school network that he helped create.

"Seth Andrew, a former White House advisor, admitted today to devising a scheme to steal from the very same schools he helped create," Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement. "Andrew now faces time in federal prison for abusing his position and robbing those he promised to help."

The 42-year-old founded Democracy Prep Public Schools in New York City in 2005, and left the position to work for the Department of Education (DOE) in 2013.

Following his time at the DOE, he worked in the Obama White House as a senior adviser in the Office of Educational Technology, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Following his work at the White House in 2017, he officially severed his ties with the charter school system he had helped to create.

According to the DOJ, Democracy Prep Public Schools each had to maintain "escrow accounts" that were only meant to be accessed if the school dissolved. Andrew, according to the statement, had access to these accounts, and closed them out when he left the school system. He then placed the money in different accounts that the department labeled "fraud" accounts.


Drone seen flying over Forsmark nuclear plant in Sweden, police deploy helicopter patrol

Forsmark nuclear power plant

FILE PHOTO: General view of nuclear power plant in Forsmark
Police in Sweden deployed patrols and helicopters to the Forsmark nuclear plant to hunt for a large drone seen flying over the site late on Friday, but were unable to catch the unmanned vehicle, they said on Saturday.

The incident came a day after Sweden's military started patrolling the main town on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland amid increased tensions between NATO and Russia and a recent deployment of Russian landing craft in the Baltic.

Forsmark, which is Sweden's biggest electricity producer, lies on the Baltic coast about 150 km (93 miles) north of the capital, Stockholm.

Comment: This brings to mind a number of other events that may be linked, and occurred in just the last few months: In addition, these unexplained drone sightings near sensitive sites has been ongoing for years now: