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Biden's Border Patrol loses quarter of agents since 2020: report

© UnknownUS President Joe Biden • US Border Patrol • Only one of these is looking at the situation!
Data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has revealed that a growing number of agents have left CBP since President Joe Biden took office and as a result the Border Patrol has lost nearly a quarter of its agents since 2020.

Many have chalked the phenomenon up to the fact that under this administration, the crisis at the southern border has gotten to a point where the goals that drew people to become agents in the first place have become unachievable. CBP has over 19,000 agents and between Oct. 2020 and April 2024, 4281 agents left the agency. That includes those who quit, were forced to retire, or retired early.

One Arizona-based agent told the Washington Examiner:
"Under Biden, things are the worst they have ever been by far. Agents are calling in all the time. You always hear, 'It doesn't matter,' or, 'What's the point?' in reference to doing our job. Agents are afraid of ending up on the news for doing their job or getting in trouble for doing their job. There is no morale."
According to CBP data cited by the outlet, between fiscal 2021 and 2023, 3,665 agents left the force, with an additional 616 departing in the first half of FY2024.

Comment: Organized failure has the Biden stamp of approval. It seems to be working.


Harvard graduates stage commencement walkout over Gaza

© Rick Friedman/AFPHarvard University class of 2024 graduation ceremony • Cambridge, Massachusetts • May 23, 2024
Hundreds of students in robes chanted "Free Palestine" on Thursday as degrees were conferred.

Hundreds of graduates walked out of a commencement ceremony at Harvard University on Thursday, calling for an end to the war in Gaza and decrying the disqualification of students involved in earlier protests.

A day earlier, it was announced that 13 students who had participated in a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus would not be allowed to receive their diplomas along with fellow graduates.

According to the Associated Press, groups of students walked out of the commencement chanting "Free, free Palestine" and "Let them walk, let them walk," in reference to the graduates barred from participating in the ceremony.

Harvard said on Wednesday that one of its two governing boards overruled faculty members, who had voted to re-invite 13 student protesters omitted from commencement.

Student speakers at the ceremony strongly criticized the decision, deviating from their prepared remarks to voice support for their disqualified peers.


Explosions follow Russian strike on suspected weapons depot on Kharkiv hypermarket, as Ukraine-SMO intensifies

russia ukraine war
© ReutersPeople run after the announcement of a Russian missile attack towards Kharkiv, at the site of a hardware hypermarket, which was hit by a Russian air raid, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in Kharkiv, Ukraine
At least seven people have been killed in separate attacks in Ukraine and Russia, according to officials, as Moscow steps up its offensive in northeast Ukraine.

Two Russian missiles hit a hardware hypermarket with about 200 people believed to be inside in the first attack on Saturday, Oleh Syniehubov, Kharkiv's regional governor, said on his Telegram channel.

Four people were killed and at least 38 injured, Syniehubov said, adding that the two of those killed were store employees, and that a fire caused by the explosion was now under control.

"This attack on Kharkiv is another manifestation of Russian madness," said Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelenskyy, reacting to the news of the attack. He noted that the target was not military infrastructure, but one of the biggest shopping centres in the city.

Comment: As the Kiev-junta face defeat within less than a year, their Western masters are desperately organising various other attacks on Russia: Ukraine's strike on Russia's strategic early warning radar site is a big deal


Hospital says Slovak PM's condition 'improving'

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico
Robert Fico's medical team has confirmed that he is recovering following an attempted assassination

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico's condition has improved, the hospital where he is undergoing treatment has said. He is recovering from gunshot wounds after an attempted assassination earlier this month.

F.D. Roosevelt University Hospital in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia released a short statement on Fico's condition on Saturday: "After today's medical board meeting, the team of attending physicians confirmed a subjective improvement in the prime minister's health condition."

Comment: Perhaps one shouldn't be surprised. Fico has long been vocal about his antagonism to the EU and his support for Russia: Disgusting:

UK's Sky News one of many Western media outlets expressing barely concealed delight at the shooting of Robert Fico


Contaminated water supply sickens residents in 2nd UK region in just 10 days

© Ben Birchall/APPeople collect bottled water at Broadsands Car Park in Paignton, Devon, on 17 May, 2024, following the outbreak of cryptosporidium.
Thames Water has sent samples of water for lab testing after dozens of people reported becoming unwell with stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea in south-east London.

Earlier this month, unsafe drinking water led to more than 100 cases of a waterborne disease in Devon, with people asked to boil their water because of contamination fears.

After cryptosporidium, a disease that can cause symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting, was detected in the water supply in the Brixham area of Devon 10 days ago, 17,000 households and businesses were told by South West Water not to use their tap water for drinking without boiling and cooling it first.

Comment: It's probably no coicindence that, just a few years ago, the UK government gave water companies free reign to dump waste into the country's waterways, and, since then, mass sickness incidents and contamination events have soared. These same companies have hiked prices for their services, whilst also paying record profits to their shareholders.

Notably, a similar scenario is playing out over in the US:


Vast majority of Russians believe in God - survey

Cathedral of Three Saints in Simferopol, Russia
© Sputnik / Konstantin MihalchevskiyBelievers attend the Orthodox Easter service at the Cathedral of Three Saints in Simferopol, Russia.
Most of those polled who had religious beliefs identified as Orthodox Christians

Nearly 70% of Russians consider themselves religious, Vedomosti newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing a poll based on in-person interviews with some 2,000 respondents across Russia.

Most who said they had religious beliefs identified as Orthodox Christians, according to data collected by the Center for Studies of Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector at the HSE University in Moscow during research in 2023.

The proportion of followers of other branches of Christianity or Islam stood at 7% in the country, the study revealed. Another 1% of respondents said they were Buddhists, while a further 1% described themselves as followers of Judaism.

Comment: See also:


'Israeli soldier' from notorious unit confesses to US citizen's killing

© UnknownNetzah Yehuda • May 20, 2024
In recordings obtained by The Grayzone, a self-proclaimed soldier from Israel's infamous Netzah Yehuda battalion detailed his unit's killing of a 78-year-old Palestinian-American, and flaunted his genocidal views. After announcing plans to sanction the battalion, the Biden administration has inexplicably pulled back.

The Biden administration has balked after announcing plans to sanction five units of the Israeli military accused of wanton human rights abuses in the occupied West Bank. "Four of these units have effectively remediated these violations, which is what we expect partners to do," the US State Department has claimed, referencing unknown efforts by Israel to hold its soldiers accountable.

The fifth, un-remediated unit appears to be Netzah Yehuda, an all-male unit of Orthodox Jewish nationalists which operates almost exclusively in the Ramallah district of the West Bank. This battalion stands accused of widespread crimes including sexual assault and beating at least three older men to death while they were lying on the ground in custody.

In its most brazen instance of abuse, Netzah Yehuda soldiers detained an 78-year-old American citizen named Omar Asad in January 2022 near his home in Ramallah, then left him outdoors in harsh conditions, bound and blindfolded, until he died. Israeli authorities refused to charge the soldiers for Asad's killing, opting instead for a disciplinary slap on the wrist while paying compensation to Asad's family.


Illinois politicians aim to change word 'offender' to 'justice-impacted individual'

© UnknownIllinois State Sen. Robert Peters is asking lawmakers not to focus on the "offender" name change portion of the bill.
Illinois Democratic state lawmakers are aiming to change wording with a new bill.

House Bill 4409 will amend the Illinois Crime Reduction Act of 2009 to change "references from 'offenders' to 'justice-impacted individuals,'" among other changes, according to a summary of the bill.

Republican State Sen. Terri Bryant said during a Tuesday hearing, according to The Center Square:
"Over and over again, we keep changing the name of how we are referring to those who have entered into criminal activity and each time we make that change, each agency has to make that change on every one of their documents. Right now in the Department of Corrections, there's multiple changes that have been made and it's costing thousands and thousands of dollars just to do a name change. Why is it necessary to make the name change?"
The legislation is being sponsored by Democratic Illinois State Reps. Kelly M. Cassidy and Lindsey LaPointe and Democratic State Sens. Robert Peters, Mike Simmons and Adriane Johnson.


A clash of values: How the Western woke agenda is pushing nations towards multipolarity

lgbt support ukraine
© REUTERS/Cagla Gurdogan
With the advancement of issues such as LGBT and queer ideology, conservatives, traditionalists and all groups opposed to Western madness are uniting for geopolitical reconfiguration.

The entire Western world seems to have joined a collective madness. The so-called "woke agenda" has become a kind of basic principle for all of humanity. Trans and LGBT agenda, liberal feminism and all kinds of anti-traditional ideology seem to be more important than any other issue for politicians and state officials in the West.

More than that, these agendas are even being militarized. Recently, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg stated that the Atlantic military alliance is willing to fight against homophobia and transphobia. In practice, he is simply advancing an agenda that has long been planned by American and European "woke" strategists, which is to establish conditions for the use of force against conservative and traditional nations.


Western mercenaries in Ukraine are dying because they thought the war would be easy, says US veteran who fought there

ukraine military donetsk
© AP Photo/Efrem LukatskyUkrainian servicemen fire a 122mm mortar towards Russian positions at the front line, near Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, in March 2024
Western fighters who joined the war in Ukraine have been killed, in some cases, because they assumed the fight would be easy, a US veteran who fought in Ukraine told Business Insider.

The veteran, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said a lot of foreign veterans who came to Ukraine to fight against Russia's invasion had been used to fighting at an advantage and struggled to adapt to the conditions there, where they were often outmanned and outgunned.

"A lot of Westerners that come to Ukraine, they want to be heroes," he said. "I just kept seeing dudes that would go out to Ukraine, and they treat it almost like it's a vacation, and they're not really expecting to die."

Comment: It's not surprising, because deluded Western leaders thought their proxy war against Russia would be relatively easy, too, and, in some cases, they actively encouraged men, often with the lure of money and glory, to perish in the meat grinder: Briton kills himself on return from fighting for Ukraine, said he was 'inspired' by former PM Truss' 'illegal' call for volunteers

That wasn't the only surprise in store for them, because mercenaries were also horrified (or delighted) with the rampant corruption, Nazism, and even sadism, amongst some Ukrainian battalions: