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Fake breaking news: Hacked WSJ page 'downs' US president's plane in Russia

Air Force One
© Reuters / Jonathan Ernst
Hackers broke into the Wall Street Journal's Facebook page to claim that Air Force One possibly crashed over the Russian airspace rattling users' nerves.

While the world is still recovering from the shock of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash, a message on WSJ's Facebook page posted on Sunday morning came as yet even a worse stress for a few readers.

The fake "breaking news" report suggested that the American president's plane went down in Russia.

"US Air Force One crash feared as air traffic controller loses contact with pilot over Russian air space," read one of the posts on WSJ's page.

Light Saber

11,000 take to the streets of Vienna in Gaza protest

© Reuters/Leonhard FoegerPro-Palestinian protesters shout slogans and hold flags during a demonstration against Israel's military action in the Gaza strip, in Vienna July 20, 2014.
Almost 11,000 demonstrators have attended a pro-Palestinian protest in the Austrian capital Sunday between the Hofburg Palace and the Rathaus town hall, in anger at Israel's military campaign which has killed more than 400 people already.

'Free, free, free Palestine' and 'Let Gaza Live', the protesters changed while wielding a variety of posters and flags.

"We are not against the Jewish people. the Jewish people should feel free and live free like everybody. We are against the Zionists, actually, who are supported from this big, big mafia and lobby around the world," Abderrahmen Laarouchi told Ruptly.

The protesters made their way to the historic Hofburg Palace, which is now the official residence of the country's president. The demonstrators were playing drums and some were carrying bloody sheets wrapped like a dead body or dolls, signs saying "Made in Israel".
Wake up World!!! #GlobalSolidarityWithGaza in #Vienna#Austria#gaza#Palestine
- Solidarity Gaza (@GazaGlobal) July 17, 2014


Pro-Palestinian rally in London: 15,000 people gather for march

© AFP/Carl CountProtesters display placards and banners as they take part in demonstration against Israeli airstrikes in Gaza in central London on July 19, 2014 against Gaza strikes.
London streets were swarmed by a pro-Palestinian demonstration which gathered nearly 15,000 participants Saturday. Marching down to the Israeli Embassy from Downing Street, they chanted "Israel is a terror state," slamming Tel Aviv's offensive in Gaza.

David Cameron's office is located about 5km (3 miles) from the embassy. While the march itself was peaceful, several key roads downtown were closed.

The death toll from the operation launched by Israel, including the ground offensive of two days ago, has now reached 400 people by Palestinian health ministry's accounts, the overwhelming majority of them civilians.

Similar to other major cities across the world, demonstrators held signs and banners asking the Jewish State to "Stop the bombing, free Palestine", "Stop Israeli terror," and so on. Some called it the "apartheid" state, according to the AP.
© AFP/Carl CountProtesters display placards and banners as they take part in demonstration against Israeli airstrikes in Gaza in central London on July 19, 2014 against Gaza strikes.

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Intl experts late; Donetsk militia puts MH17 bodies on refrigerated train

donetsk train
© AP
The bodies of 196 MH17 crash victims have been placed inside refrigerated train carriages, according to the leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, who also wonders why international experts are still not at the crash scene.

At least three refrigerated train carriages with bodies of those killed in the MH17 plane crash have departed from the town of Torez, near the site of the crash, to the town of Ilovaysk and are on their way to Donetsk.

Alternative reports suggest the train is still in Torez and the decision on where it will go depends on what authorities in Kiev say.

"So far, I do not know where they plan to take them," Sergey Kavtaradze, an official representative of the prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) told the Russian News Service.

The carriages at the Torez station were reportedly examined by the OSCE observers, who said there were 196 bodies inside.

That has not been confirmed by Alexander Hug, deputy chief monitor of the OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine, who said his team had actually seen body bags in the train carriages but were unable to count them, Reuters reports.

The bodies were lying in the heat for several days and have begun to decompose. By now special equipment is needed to deal with them.

Comment: The militia and residents were explicitly told not to move the bodies, even if they had fallen into their homes. It's good to see the militia has taken some initiative in this regard.

Comment: You can watch Boroday's press conference here (click CC for English captions):

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Petition aims to relocate abused polar bear to Canada

© AFPArturo, the only polar bear in Argentina, living in captivity at a zoo in Mendoza
More than 450,000 people have signed an online petition calling for a heart-broken polar bear living in squalid conditions in Argentina to be transferred to Canada.

Supporters of the online appeal are well on their way to hitting the 500,000 benchmark, having nearly doubled the number of signatures in the last 24 hours.

Often dubbed 'the world's saddest animal,' Arturo lives in a cramped cage with little room to walk in Argentina's Mendoza Zoo. Temperatures sometimes hit 104F (40C), and the 29-year-old polar bear, clearly not designed for such a climate, only has a 20-inch-deep pool to keep him cool.

To make matters worse, Arturo's long-time friend Pelusa died two years ago. Animal rights campaigners say Arturo has exhibited signs of depression since the death, fearing the abnormal behavior mirrors that of 'Pelusa the Purple Polar Bear' before she passed away.

Comment: Related...

Zoos drive animals crazy

Barbarians! Shameful! Marius the giraffe killed and dissected at Copenhagen zoo despite worldwide protests


AIDS researchers among victims of Malaysia flight crash

AIDS conference sign
© of the downed Malaysia Airlines jet were heading to the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, including world-prominent activist Joep Lange.
MELBOURNE - It was supposed to be a star-studded event filled with scientific discussion and a little socializing on the side.

Instead, after the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, one of the world's biggest AIDS conferences was turned upside down as researchers absorbed news that some of their field's top experts were killed.

The flight that went down in eastern Ukraine on Thursday was carrying a number of the world's prominent HIV/AIDS activists, led by Joep Lange, a researcher at the University of Amsterdam who had worked in the field since 1983, nearly the beginning of the epidemic.

Reports circulated that as many as 100 or more conference attendees were on board on the ill-fated flight, though only a handful were confirmed by Friday night. Some activists believed to be missing later appeared, having caught other flights to Australia.(Follow the latest updates on the Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine.)

"We are bracing ourselves to hear of the deaths of others who worked in the AIDS response as their names are officially released," said Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS. "The UNAIDS family is in deep shock. Our hearts go out to the families of all the victims of this tragic crash. The deaths of so many committed people working against HIV will be a great loss for the AIDS response."

Comment: A tragic loss of dedicated and inspiring people serving humanity.


Death toll in Gaza passes 350; the world protests; leaders do nothing to stop the carnage

demonstration in Marseille
© AFP Photo / Frank PennantPeople take part in a demonstration in Marseille, southern France, on July 19, 2014, to protest against Israel's military campaign in Gaza and show their support to the Palestinian people.
Over 350 Palestinians have been killed in Israel's ongoing operation to root out Hamas fighters it says are hiding in Gaza tunnels. Meanwhile, tens of thousands came out to protest the victims of the invasion, almost 80 percent of whom are civilians.

The United Nations mission in Gaza says that more than 60,000 people have been displaced as a result of the escalating conflict. Israel has warned Palestinians living in over half of the country that they may come under fire either from the ground, air or sea.

Together with the mounting death toll, the Palestinian health authorities say that over 2,000 people have been injured. Around a quarter of the reported victims have been children.

Israeli ground operations, which began on Thursday night, have focused on uncovering a network of underground tunnels - some reportedly as deep as 30 meters - that Hamas had dug near the border, as well as concealed launchpads, from which the Israeli Defense Forces say Hamas militants have launched more than 1,600 rockets since the start of the month.

Thirteen of the 34 tunnel shafts reportedly discovered so far go underneath the overland barrier, and into Israeli territory. Several Hamas fighters infiltrated Israel early on Saturday before engaging in a gunfight with IDF soldiers. Two Israelis were shot dead.

A Hamas rocket barrage allegedly aimed at the nuclear plant in Dimona instead resulted in the death of a Bedouin man, bringing the Israeli death toll in the conflict to 5 - with three soldiers, and two civilians among the victims.

The IDF says that up to 4,000 Hamas rockets have been destroyed so far, about half of the estimated arsenal of the militant wing of the group. IDF officials have previously set the dismantling of Hamas rocket-launching capability as its stated goal for the incursion.


French protesters rally against Israeli genocide of Palestinians, defying ban

French protest
© AFPMan with Palestinian flag placard, as protesters gather in Paris, France, July 19, 2014.
Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched in French cities on Saturday to condemn violence in Gaza, defying a ban imposed after demonstrators marched on two synagogues in Paris last weekend and clashed with riot police.

A Reuters photographer said demonstrators in northern Paris launched projectiles at riot police, who responded by firing teargas canisters and stun grenades.

Demonstrators also climbed on top of a building and burned an Israeli flag. At least one car was set on fire.

A police spokesman said that 38 demonstrators had been arrested by early evening and that the clashes were dying down.

French President Francois Hollande said he understood emotional responses to the killing of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in a flare-up of hostilities with Israel but would not allow violence to spill over into France.

"That's why I asked the interior minister, after an investigation, to ensure that such protests would not take place," he told journalists during a visit to Chad.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve justified bans in Paris, the Sarcelles suburb and the Mediterranean city of Nice by saying the security risk was too great, prompting outrage from left-wing and pro-Palestinian groups.

Comment: "Security risk too great"? Yeah, Israel's global propaganda campaign gets a little more insecure every time the murder another Palestinian child. An informed populace is Israel's greatest danger. Shame on the French government for this spineless ban.

Bizarro Earth

'Death and horror' in Gaza as thousands flee Israeli bombardment

Fiercest fighting yet as Israel widens ground offensive and faces accusations of war crimes over rising number of civilian deaths

© Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty ImagesPalestinians flee their homes in Gaza's eastern Shejaiya district on Sunday after heavy Israeli shelling.
The fiercest fighting of the 13-day war in Gaza erupted on Sunday as Israel dramatically widened its ground offensive, sending tanks and troops into urban areas and causing thousands of panicked civilians to flee.

Images of the corpses of women and children lying in streets were posted on Facebook as hospitals were overwhelmed with the dead, injured and those seeking sanctuary from the onslaught.

Palestinian human rights organisations warned that the disproportionate number of civilian deaths could constitute a war crime committed by Israel.

Comment: "Could"??

Despite Israel saying it had agreed to a two-hour ceasefire in the middle of the day, requested by the Red Cross, to allow for the injured and dead to be evacuated, shelling and gunfire continued. Israel blamed continued Hamas rocket fire for the breakdown of the humanitarian truce.

All morning, terrified people ran from their homes, some barefoot and nearly all empty-handed. Others crowded on the backs of trucks or rode on the bonnets of cars in a desperate attempt to flee. Sky News reported that some had described a "massacre" in Shujai'iya. Witnesses reported hearing small arms fire inside Gaza, suggesting gun battles on the streets. Heavy shelling continued from the air and sea.

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Environmental concerns and risk to sea life from sonic canons ignored as Obama opens Atlantic Coast to oil exploration

coastal oil exploration
© Reuters / Enrique Marcarian AFP Photo / Frederic J. Brown
The Obama administration has announced it is reopening the US Eastern Seaboard to offshore oil and gas exploration, clearing the way for the use of sonic cannons to locate energy deposits - despite the threat to sea life.

The White House is attempting to sell its controversial energy plan on the back of desperately needed jobs in a stagnant economy, as well as reducing its energy dependency. However, those arguments have done little to persuade environmentalists and folks who depend upon fishing and tourism for their livelihoods.

Environmental groups attempted to extend a decades-old ban against drilling off the Atlantic Coast by pointing out the dangers that the use of sonic cannons, which emit powerful pulses of sound into the ocean every 10 seconds, presents to a multitude of sea creatures, including dolphins, turtles and whales. The argument, however, seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Comment: In the psychopathically controlled USA, profits trump any concerns for the environment, humans or sea life.