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Wed, 26 Feb 2020
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The internet has an addiction to hate: The hounding of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson Australia

The doctor is in vogue: Jordan Peterson ponders his primordial self in Sydney in 2019.
If you have ever visited the internet, you likely noticed it is rife with hyperbole and lacking in nuance. All jokes are to be taken literally, and responded to with long, academic-sounding threads that explain why the joke, in fact, amounts to violence. Everyone we don't like is a fascist. Those who disagree with our ideologies are murderers, and political differences are cause for excommunication. The response to foibles or disagreements is a days-long hounding of the guilty party, leading them to get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness or simply disappear. The best way to make the world a better place, according to social media, is by destroying someone else.

I have been told to kill myself, drink bleach, and die in a fire more times than I can count. False sentimentality is common currency on social media. Charity and empathy are rare. But while many are critical of such behavior when directed our way, the tables turn when the target is not One Of Us, but One of Them.

Last week, it was reported that Jordan Peterson, who has been struggling with addiction issues and other health problems, was suicidal, had been near death, and sought treatment in Russia.

Comment: Well said.

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Ohio conservatives announce bill banning medical treatment for transitioning transgender kids

ohio house
© Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio
Backers of the bill that would block doctors from prescribing drugs or performing surgery to change the gender of a child, Rep Ron Hood (R-Ashville), Rep Bill Dean (R-Xenia), Aaron Baer, President of Citizens for Community Values.
A new bill in the Ohio House would prevent doctors from prescribing drugs to delay puberty or perform surgery to change a child's gender. The bill is similar to ones proposed in at least eight other states.

The bill, which is still being drafted, is sponsored by state Reps. Bill Dean (R-Xenia) and Ron Hood (R-Ashville).

A group of parents spoke at the Ohio Statehouse this week in favor of the legislation. Maria — who doesn't want to use her full name — says doctors told her that her child was transgender. She says she believes medical professionals are experimenting with drugs and surgery on children like hers and forcing their parents into silence.

Comment: All of these individuals in all of these pro-trans groups should be held liable for every single kid out there who transitions at their insistence and ends up regretting their decision. We'll see how enthusiastic these people are about butchering children when the chickens come home to roost.

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Chinese stocks up more than 2%, rest of Asia mixed as investors assess coronavirus impact

china stocks
Asia Pacific markets traded mixed on Monday as investors continued to assess the potential economic fallout from the pneumonia-like coronavirus that's infected more than 70,000 people and killed over 1,700.

Chinese shares on the mainland rose: The Shanghai composite rose 2.28% to 2,983.62, the Shenzhen composite was up 3.18% to 1,835.96 and the Shenzhen component added 2.98% to 11,241.50.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng index rose 0.58% in late afternoon trade.

In an effort to alleviate the shock of the virus outbreak on businesses, China is planning targeted tax cuts while increasing government spending, Finance Minister Liu Kun wrote Sunday in China's Communist Party magazine Qiushi.

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Censorship is the way that any dictatorship — and NO democracy — functions

No democracy can survive censorship. If there is censorship, then each individual cannot make his/her own decisions (voting decisions or otherwise) on the basis of truth but only on the basis of whatever passes through the censor's filter, which is always whatever supports the censoring regime and implants it evermore deeply into the public's mind — regardless of its actual truthfulness.

The public does have a mind, as a collective constituting the majority of the residents in the given land, which majority rules any democratic government. If the government doesn't really represent the majority, it's no democracy, at all, but instead represents other individuals, the real rulers, who might be hidden. Consequently, if a democracy exists but a censor somehow becomes allowed, and emerges into existence in a given land, then democracy will inevitably be snuffed-out there, and dictatorship will inevitably be the result — merely because censorship has been applied there, which blocks some essential truths (truths that the rulers don't want the public to know) from reaching the public.

Nothing is as toxic to democracy as is censorship. Censorship prevents democracy.

If a dictatorship already exists in a given land, then it does so by means of censorship, because only by that means will the public be willing to pay taxes to the regime and to go to war for it and to kill and die for it. Without censorship, none of that could happen, except in an authentic democracy. An authentic democracy has no censorship.

Comment: Interesting theory but there would still to be someone that needs to program said 'randomized algorithm'. How do we go about ensuring no bias creeps in? Then if we are to assume that 90% of climatologists are experts and agree on man-made global warming, but they turn out to be wrong (and they would be), how does the system correct for it? Let's try another example, that of Darwinian evolution. A great majority of experts subscribe to it, although no credible evidence exists for it. If we are relying on the majority of experts to dictate what is represented in a search result, and they are subscribed to a lie, how will just focusing on the subject matter bring us any closer to the truth? However, his point still stands: we do need more discussion on how to replace censorship, and we all know why politicians won't touch it with a ten-foot pole.


'A little bit of excitement at no extra cost': Sanders quips after TOPLESS anti-dairy protesters steal show at Nevada rally

Sanders campaign
© Direct Action Everywhere (DxE)
A group of anti-dairy activists, including topless women, upstaged Democratic race frontrunner Bernie Sanders at his own campaign rally ahead of the Nevada primaries. The senator kept his cool, laughing off the stunt, however.

Keen on capitalizing on his success in Iowa and New Hampshire, Sanders was holding a rally in Carson, Nevada on Sunday. He was barely a couple of minutes into his speech when a young woman, who could be seen lurking behind the podium during the live broadcast, rushed the stage and attempted to wrestle the microphone from the Vermont independent.

Sanders did not give in, taking a few steps away from the podium, which allowed the activist to grab another mic and go on chiding the progressive Democrat for his support of the local dairy industry.

Bernie, I'm your biggest supporter. And I'm here to ask you to stop propping up the dairy industry and to stop propping up animal agriculture. I believe in you!

Comment: Udderly ridiculous!


Revealed: Swiss Islamic State cell members plotted major terror attack in 2019

Switzerland flag
© Denis Balibouse / Reuters
According to a new investigation by Swiss media, a cell of jihadists based in Geneva plotted to bomb cisterns full of oil near the city's airport in a major terror attack.

The plot, which was set to take place last year before being stopped, revolved largely around a man named Daniel D., who also went by the Islamic name Abu Ilias al-Swisri, a convert to Islam who went on to join the Islamic State terror group two years later, Le Temps reports.

Al-Swisri, now 25-years-old, had attended the Petit-Saconnex mosque where he met two other radicals named "PF" and Ramzi, who would also join his Islamic State terror cell.

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'Just Free Prostitutes:' Controversial Russian priest equates 'common-law wives' to unpaid sex workers

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov
© Global Look Press/Russian Look/Pravda Komsomolskaya
Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov
A senior Russian clergyman has come under fire after he publicly compared unmarried women cohabiting with partners to 'ladies of the night.' Despite predictable outrage, Dmitry Smirnov is in no mood to back down.

"Our women do not understand what marriage is. They are reluctant to say, 'I am a free prostitute' so they say: 'I have a common-law marriage,'" he said, at an event with members of the Orthodox community OrthodoxBRO.

"Hello! No, you just provide services for free - and that's all, and no one counts you as their wife."

The Archpriest continued by explaining that, in Russia, there are millions more married women than married men. "How can this be?" he questioned; "it's very simple. Those men whose women say that they are in a common-law marriage, do not consider their partner to be a wife - just a moment of temporary joy. Because if he treated her like a wife - well, is it difficult to register [the marriage officially], or what?"

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Barnard College student stabbed to death, 14-year-old boy charged with murder

tessa majors murder victim
© Conrad MacKethan
An undated photo shows Tessa Majors, an 18-year old Barnard College student who died after she was stabbed in Morningside Park in Upper Manhattan, N.Y., Dec. 11, 2019.
The teenager is facing two counts of murder and multiple counts of robbery.

A 14-year-old boy has been charged with murder in the fatal stabbing of Tessa Majors, a Barnard freshman who was killed in December 2019 in Morningside Park, New York, police and prosecutors announced Saturday.

Rashaun Weaver is facing two counts of murder in the second degree -- one count of intentional murder and the other a felony murder -- and multiple counts of robbery.

He is being charged as an adult.


Delhi Court issues new death warrant to execute 4 gang rape/murder convicts on March 3

india rapists

A combo picture of the four men convicted in the December 16 Delhi gang-rape case.
The four men convicted of rape and murder of the 23-year-old paramedic will be hanged on March 3 at 6 am, a Delhi court said on Monday. This is the third black warrant issued by the court in this case.

"The death warrant would be now executed on March 3 at 6 am," judge Dharmender Rana said in a one-line order pronounced on Monday afternoon. The judge had earlier in the day reserved his order after arguments by both sides.

As soon as the judge announced the new death warrant, there were claps in the court.

The court was hearing the petition filed by the parents of the victim for issuance of fresh death warrant. The parents of the 23-year-old had moved court after the seven-day period given by the Delhi high court to the convicts to exhaust their legal remedies expired on February 12.

"I am not very happy as this is the third time that death warrant has been issued. We have struggled so much, so I am satisfied that death warrant has been issued finally. I hope they (convicts) will be executed on March 3," said the victim's mother Asha Devi.

At the hearing today, Tihar Jail's law officer had handed over a status report to the court.

Comment: It's been 8 years since the gang rape and murder occurred, which explains why people are so upset. The four were supposed to have been executed on February 1:


Toxic dump: First-world electronics scrapyard in Ghana puts THOUSANDS at risk of cancer

Waste dump
Ghana has become one of the world's largest dumping grounds for electronic waste, creating a deadly industry that has put thousands at risk. RT's Ruptly video agency talked to people living in the epicenter of the catastrophe.

The electronics scrapyard near Ghana's capital, Accra, has left the surrounding region contaminated with hazardous toxins that have polluted the environment and created serious health problems for residents. According to one estimate, around 200,000 tons of the globe's discarded electronics find their way to one slum in Accra - the equivalent weight of more than one thousand blue whales.

The enormous dump is a primary source of income for many laborers, who pick through mountains of discarded electronics and melt them down for metals such as iron and brass. The extraction process is highly dangerous, releasing toxins into the air that have been linked to a host of serious environmental and health problems, including chronic pain, stillbirths, widespread pollution, and damage to the food chain.

Workers explained to Ruptly that they suffer from a range of ailments, noting that smoke from the fires used to burn the electronics causes chest pains - as well as debilitating headaches.