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UK Pensioner shocked to find 4ft king snake under a table in her garden

  • Carole Challis saw black and yellow snake when walking to greenhouse
  • Husband and neighbour captured it with garden rake and bin on its side
  • RSPCA says snake isn't native in Britain and believes it's an escaped pet
A 67-year-old woman had a shock when she discovered a 4ft-long snake at the end of her garden.

Carole Challis was heading down to her greenhouse in Derby when she saw the distinctive black and yellow reptile - believed to be a kingsnake - loitering under a table.

Her husband Pete and their neighbour managed to capture the snake by using a garden rake to coerce it into a bin on its side, before tipping it up and putting a heavy weight on top.

Investigation: An RSPCA inspector removes the black and yellow snake from Carole Challis's garden in Derby
'I screamed': Carole Challis was heading down to her greenhouse in Derby when she saw the distinctive black and yellow reptile - believed to be a kingsnake - loitering underneath a table

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Michigan police make bizarre bust at Masonic Temple

Masonic Center
Battle Creek - Battle Creek Police make a bust at the Masonic Temple, sources have described as a drug fueled sex party.

Police sources describe the scene on Michigan Avenue out of control, and arrests were made. Now, investigators are working with city leaders to make sure another out of control sex party, doesn't happen again.

It's a secretive organization, sitting right next door to the Battle Creek Police and county courthouse.

"Thank you for calling the beautiful Masonic Temple. For renting our facility, please call Charlie..." says the automated voice message, when you call the Masonic Lodge.

We make a call to Charlie, and told him what police sources described to us as an out of control sex party scene. Sources told us the first officer to walk inside, was shocked to find a couple performing a lewd sex act, along with drugs, multiple nude women and men videotaping it all behind these closed doors.

Charlie said Freemasons don't go on camera, but told Newshchannel 3 they did not know about the multiple arrests that were made. He says those who paid $900 to rent this space, told him it was going to be a dancing party. He adds his is not what they stand for, and suspended all future parties.

Police say they plan to find any city code violations, not only against those renting the facility, but also those who run the building.


'Addict' Britain is worldwide hub for sale of legal highs

© Rex FeaturesMany of the legal highs on the market are being bought online in vast quantities and are delivered through the post.
'Club drugs' in vast quantities - and even heroin and cocaine - are being delivered by post

Britain has become an international hub for websites selling legal highs with postal workers operating as unwitting "drug mules", according to a report into the burgeoning trade.

The report, which describes the UK as the "addicted man of Europe", says that "club drugs", such as salvia and green rolex, are being bought online in vast quantities and delivered throughout the UK by mainstream postal services.

One in 12 young people have tried them, more than anywhere in Europe and a quarter of the European total, according to the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a thinktank. The report also found some websites selling class A drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine for postal delivery. Elsewhere, the report criticises the government's inadequate response to heroin addiction, revealing that more than 40,000 drug addicts in England have been on substitutes such as methadone for at least four years.

The CSJ, which was set up by Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, also claims the response to the growing crisis of legal highs, or new psychoactive substances, is bureaucratic and inadequate. Since 2010 the government has used temporary banning orders three times to control approximately 15 substances. In the same period, more than 150 new substances have emerged and are widely available online and in high street shops.


Biotech's next line of defense: Cartoons are used to program kids to accept GMOs

What is the best way to change public perception on any topic? Through entertainment. The battle to control us through changing (or creating) our opinions is as old as history. Carefully disseminated disinformation was first documented in ancient Greece, when playwrights and poets created dramas for the sole purpose of indoctrinating their audience to a certain set of morals, standards, and beliefs. When creating his empire, Macedonian king Alexander the Great inundated the places he conquered with his image, on the coins, adorning building, and in the form of statues. Grand stories were written and shared about his generosity and the legends that were created on his behalf to this day make him larger than life.
In 324 B.C.E., Alexander requested that he be deified so that he could carryout a scheme of repatriating 20,000 Greek exiles, which was contrary to the established laws of the League of Corinth. He became the son of Zeus, and his face soon appeared on coins, replacing that of Heracles, the real mythological son of Zeus. He commissioned, or allowed to be built, many statues and monuments in his honor, and representations of his portrait were to be found everywhere in his empire, adorning pottery, coins, buildings, and formal art (P. M. Taylor, 1990, p. 31). Alexander was the first to recognize that to maintain cohesion and control over his vast empire, such propaganda symbols could serve as a constant reminder of the various subjugated populations just where the center of power resided. (source)
So through works of fiction, the unacceptable became acceptable, the alien became familiar, and the minds of the masses were changed and manipulated.

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Snake discovered at side of Doncaster canal, UK

A man walking his dog has reportedly found a royal python on the banks of a canal in Doncaster.

© Wikimedia CommonsRoyal python (Python regius)
The RSPCA said the three-feet-long female snake was probably abandoned by its owner.

The animal welfare charity did not give any more details as to where it was found or when at this stage.

Kim Greaves, a reptile expert, said the RSPCA would prosecute the person who dumped the reptile if they were found.

Ms Greaves added that the snake would probably not live long in the wild and the problem of abandoned animals in the area was "getting absolutely out of hand."

She said: "This is a happy ending for this particular snake."

"But more and more of my colleagues are faced with abandoned animals, not just snakes and reptiles, but rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and cats and dogs.

"It is a sign of the times, I'm afraid,"

The non-venomous royal python is found in Africa and survives on a diet of rodents.

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Shock as large snake pops out of drain in Cleethorpes, UK

A large black snake which popped up out of a drain in a back garden in Cleethorpes - in front of a shocked Cleethorpes family - may not be the only one!

The Peck family were shocked to see the Mexican King Snake slither out of the grate covering a drain at their home in Mill Place.

FRIGHTENING: Linda Peck discovered a snake sliding out of her Cleethorpes home's garden drain. Fortunately her son Simon and husband Geoff came to the rescue with a box to trap it.
Reptile experts say the constrictor snake - which can grow up to 4ft long - may have hatched from a nest of eggs, which could have been laid in the sewers of Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

Petrified Linda Peck said: "My husband Geoff and I walked past our back door, which is made of glass, and saw what looked like a very large slug on the drain.

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Escaped snake spotted outside home in Watford, UK

Escaped snake spotted outside Oxhey home
A crowd gathered outside an Oxhey home yesterday, taking photographs of an escaped metre-long snake.

The red, black and yellow striped reptile was spotted outside a house in Grover Road.

Peter Trescak, a witness and Grover Road resident, said: "We found out that the snake is most probably a milk snake but it can also be a deadly coral snake, which resemble each other."

Police were contacted and a Rural Operational Support Team with special equipment arrived at the scene to remove the snake.

Mr Trescak added: "It was definitely a very exciting day for a normally quiet street."


Russia orbits Israeli communications satellite

© RIA Novosti. Oleg UrusovZenit-2SB carrier rocket
Russia has orbited an Israeli communications satellite, the Federal Space Agency reported Sunday.

The comsat was launched with the help of a Zenit-2SB carrier rocket at 00:05 Moscow Time Sunday (20:05 GMT Saturday) from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan.


SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: War against Syria - Never mind the comets!

Civil war in Syria, or civil war ON Syria?
With the U.S. poised to lead yet another bombing campaign, this time against Syria, a sense of deja-vu is hanging in the air. President Obama tells us it will be a quick two-day airstrike to knock out Syrian defenses and end the country's 'reign of terror led by the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad'. The bad guys will be defeated and the good guys can award themselves peace prizes for making the world a safer place.

This grand narrative is, of course, all complete and utter horse-hockey. This week on SOTT Talk Radio we'll be taking a closer look at the alleged chemical weapons attack that precipitated the major recent upswing in bellicose war rhetoric. WMDs, evil dictators killing their own people, UN inspectors, quick little 'humanitarian' wars... we've heard it all before, we know what it led to and what was really behind it.

It's easy enough to see through the propaganda the American, British, French and Israeli governments 'catapult' out there to justify and reinforce the Big Lie that is the 'clash of civilizations'. We wonder though, with signs of major global climatological and environmental upheaval now manifesting daily, if there's a primary underlying reason for launching another major, and extremely risky, war that might easily become a regional or global war.

Do the Powers That Be know that 'something wicked this way comes'? And are they trying to deliberately embroil humanity in the chaos of war in an effort to distract us from the very real and present danger posed by incoming space rocks?

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Iranian parliament approves bill on suing U.S. over 1953 coup in Iran

© UnknownA view of Iran’s Majlis
Iran's Majlis has approved the provisions of a bill that obliges the Iranian administration to assess and follow up ways of suing the US for its involvement in the 1953 coup d'état in the country.

In their Sunday open session, the Iranian parliamentarians approved the first and second articles of the bill.

Under the first article, the Iranian administration will be bound to form a committee to assess the material and non-material damages arising from the 1953 coup d'état against the democratically-elected then-Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq and provide the Majlis with ways to claim the redress.

The committee, which will report to Majlis on a quarterly basis, is comprised of the foreign minister (as the head of the body), prosecutor general, intelligence minister, representative of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, economy minister as well as heads of Majlis committees on national security and foreign policy, legal and judiciary affairs, and planning and budget.

The second article of the bill obliges the administration to follow up the claims through relevant national and international bodies after the claims are calculated.