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Tue, 06 Dec 2022
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Brits 'eating pet food' and heating meals on radiators as inflation soars

dog food

Inflation is up from 10.1% in September - and worse than the 10.7% forecast - becoming a nightmare for millions
A community worker with 20 years' experience said people are being forced to eat pet food while others are heating their food on radiators due to the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Mark Seed, who heads a community food project in Trowbridge, Cardiff, is urging for people in struggling households to be given adequate support, even when they do not appear in areas associated with poverty.

He suggests that as a result of the rise of inflation that policies need to focus on people, not places.

Mr Seed spoke of how people are constantly feels the burden of the rising cost of living.

Comment: The cost of food is actually even higher, but supermarkets are refusing to pay producers a fair price for their goods because they want to maximize profits and they don't want to deter shoppers with the real prices. However, soon enough, citizens will be confronted with the real rate of inflation and they will likely be forced to confront their governmental representatives:


Tragic and pointless: US mercenary's death exposes the bleak reality of service with Ukraine's 'International Legion'

International Legion ukraine patch foreign mercenaries
The insigna of the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine (LIDU) on the jacket of LIDU's spokesman in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.
Grim accounts from surviving volunteers are forgotten as Western media favors fantasy narratives about Ukrainian heroism and success

It's been confirmed that Trent Davis, a 21-year-old US citizen who travelled to Ukraine to fight in the International Legion, has been killed in combat. The tenth American known to have met their end in the conflict, his premature death highlights the enormous dangers facing foreigners joining Kiev's fight.

Davis was an army veteran, having enlisted at just 17. However, he had no actual combat experience, having served as a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense specialist, before leaving in December 2021.

Comment: Ukraine is finished as a country. Russia will dictate the terms of the final settlement, most likely keeping the most productive, Russian-dominated regions in the east plus Odessa and Transnistria, establishing a Korea-style demilitarized zone along the Dneiper River, and landlocking the neo-nazi Galician rump of the country to be Poland's problem. They really can't afford to do any less than that to stave off future NATO meddling. Add the loss of a generation (probably several) of its best and brightest men, there is very little in the way of a viable future for the region. Zelensky and his masters have much to answer for.

Bad Guys

A little late: Twitter ex-safety chief Yoel Roth finally admits mistake of censoring Post's Hunter Biden scoop

Yoel Roth hunter laptop twitter censor
© Knight Foundation
The former Twitter executive and safety chief, Yoel Roth (right), admitted it was a mistake to cover up Hunter Biden's infamous laptop.
Took him long enough.

The former Twitter executive and safety chief who played a key role in censoring The Post's October 2020 exposé on Hunter Biden's infamous laptop has admitted it was a mistake — more than two years later while his onetime boss, Elon Musk, acknowledged Wednesday that the social media giant "has interfered in elections.".

Yoel Roth, who was Twitter's head of trust and safety until he quit in November in the wake of Elon Musk's $44 billion takeover, confessed Tuesday that the company erred in restricting people from sharing the scoop.

In an interview with journalist Kara Swisher, Roth appeared to deflect the blame — insisting that even though he had concerns about the authenticity of the first son's device, it never got to the point where he thought the story should be suppressed.

Comment: With the 2020 elections looming, it was a full-court press against The Post:


Chris Whitty warns Britain faces 'prolonged period' of excess deaths NOT caused by Covid due to collateral effects of lockdown

Professor Whitty
© Reuters
Professor Chris Whitty
Britain will face a 'prolonged period' of excess deaths due to the pandemic — but not from coronavirus itself, Sir Chris Whitty and the Government's top virus advisers said today.

England's chief medial officer has claimed the nation faces a rising death toll from heart disease and cancer cases due to pleas to protect the NHS. Knock-on effects of dealing with Covid, which saw thousands of routine treatments and appointments delayed, will also fuel a surge in excess deaths.

The comments came from a 'technical report' published on the pandemic, advising health chiefs in the future on how to deal with similarly disruptive viral threats.

The report was also authored by Sir Patrick Vallance who, with Sir Chris, became a household name during the pandemic, appearing next to then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson during tense Downing Street briefings to talk the nation through the crisis.

In one section, the team warned their successors that the 'extraordinary' speed at which vaccines were developed could lull politicians in the future into a false sense of security.

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Biden administration described by AMAC as the most destructive for senior citizens in 50 years

The Biden administration has been the most destructive to the lives of America's senior citizens than any in the last half century, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).

Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Weber was invited by Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott to testify before Congress in a field hearing regarding the Biden administration and its impact on senior citizens.

Andrew Mangione, AMAC Action's senior Vice President, on the John Solomon Reports podcast, said:
"She described this administration, rightfully so, as the most destructive to seniors regarding their longevity, their prosperity and their legacy in the last 50 years."
According to the written testimony that Weber presented, a million senior citizens have begun living in poverty since Biden has been in office.
"Seniors live on fixed incomes. It's a combination of any retirement savings that they might have such as a pension. They might be receiving Social Security, with its limited income. They have federal health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid to help them and this creates a safety net. Rebecca illustrated that the Biden administration is blowing holes in the safety net by increasing costs."

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State of Florida removes $2B from BlackRock in anti-ESG divestment: "Using our cash to fund BlackRock's social-engineering project isn't something Florida ever signed up for"

© Getty Images
Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis pulls investment with BlackRock
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is a favored strategy by woke companies focused on making the world "a better place."

Forbes describes the criteria for the ESG strategy as:
  • Environment. What kind of impact does a company have on the environment? This can include a company's carbon footprint, toxic chemicals involved in its manufacturing processes and sustainability efforts that make up its supply chain.
  • Social. How does the company improve its social impact, both within the company and in the broader community? Social factors include everything from LGBTQ+ equality, racial diversity in both the executive suite and staff overall, and inclusion programs and hiring practices. It even looks at how a company advocates for social good in the wider world, beyond its limited sphere of business.
  • Governance. How does the company's board and management drive positive change? Governance includes everything from issues surrounding executive pay to diversity in leadership as well as how well that leadership responds to and interacts with shareholders.
  • BlackRock, Inc. is an American multinational investment management corporation and the world's largest asset manager.The company has embraced ESG and encourages portfolio companies to disclose their ESG data including carbon emissions and board diversity, among other criteria.
BlackRock's woke strategy seems ironic considering their heavy investments with global polluter and the human rights crushing CCP run China.


Marauding bands of looters are stealing billions of dollars worth of merchandise as America descends into lawlessness

criminal backlit
Three years ago, I bet that 99 percent of my readers had never heard of ORC. Of course by now almost everyone knows that ORC stands for "organized retail crime", and it is prompting retailers to permanently shut down stores all over the nation. Right now, retail theft is happening from coast to coast on a scale that we have never seen in our entire history. Marauding bands of looters are barging into stores, grabbing as much merchandise as they can possibly carry, and then loading it into their vehicles. Online marketplaces make it easier than ever to turn stolen goods into cash, and at this point organized retail crime has become a multi-billion dollar business. As I have repeatedly warned my readers, America is descending into lawlessness. The thin veneer of civilization that we all depend upon on a daily basis is rapidly disappearing, and if we stay on this path our society will soon be completely unrecognizable.

Every year, organized retail crime gets even worse. According to Fox Business, the number of ORC incidents in 2021 was 26.5 percent higher than in 2020...
ORC incidents soared 26.5% on average in 2021, with 81.2% of retailers surveyed reporting "somewhat more" or "much more" ORC-associated aggression and violence year-over-year, according to the survey.

Comment: California led the way into this mess:

Florida hits back:

Black Magic

Underage students performing in drag for staff at invite-only school event sparks outrage

invitation only drag show underage students
© P.U.L.S.E.
It's bad enough that drag performances for "families" are popping up all over the country with adults performing for children but a New Jersey High School has taken it to the next level - underage students performing in drag for adults.

On October 27th, Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ did just that. Student club P.U.L.S.E. (People Understanding Love Serves Everyone) led by faculty advisor Heather Baldwin, held a student-performed drag show on school property in secret.

The event was brought to the community's attention three days later when an email was leaked to The New Jersey Project, an organization that advocates for parents' rights in public schools, which wrote about the event on its blog, Chaos and Control.


Snakes in Suits

Think-tank blasts Justice Minister over assisted suicide comments

A think-thank is calling for
Liberal Justice Minister David Lametti
© Unknown
Liberal Justice Minister David Lametti to explain his recent comments stating that doctor-assisted suicide "provides a more humane way" for Canadians to end their lives.

Executive vice-president of Cardus Ray Pennings accused the minister of dehumanizing those who seek to end their lives.

"Minister Lametti's remarks about suicide are dehumanizing both for those who seek death and for the medical professionals who are called upon to cause it," said Pennings.

"While the minister acknowledges it is 'difficult when you lose a loved one to suicide,' he fails to recognize all suicides as tragedies or as evidence of our collective failure to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in Canada."

Comment: Going back to 2014, one can read Assisted suicide and the slippery slope towards eugenics with law after law, country after country 'progressively' following the slipper slope as things spiral out of the realm of simple common sense.

In Canada today, with people like Justin Trudeau at the helm of the assisted suicide ship, what possibly could further go wrong?

From June 2022, True North had this to say:

Far more Canadians thinking of suicide than before pandemic

Bizarro Earth

Switzerland unveils raft of lockdown-style restrictions to conserve power when energy crisis bites, includes BAN on electric cars

electric vehicle car EV

The Swiss rely on energy imports from France and Germany to get them through winter because dams and reservoirs they rely on for 60 per cent of their power are less productive
Switzerland will ban the use of electric cars for 'non-essential' journeys if the country runs out of energy this winter, the government has announced.

Emergency plans drawn up in the event the Swiss are hit by blackouts also call for shop opening hours to be reduced by up to two hours per day, heating systems in nightclubs to be turned off, and other buildings to be heated to no more than 20C.

Comment: It was only a few months ago that people were uneasy at being asked just to restrict their heating.

Crisis measures could see streaming services and games consoles banned, Christmas lights turned off, and all sports stadiums and leisure facilities closed.

Comment: Throughout Europe governments are warning citizens that a variety of measures will be imposed on them, including rolling blackouts, 'smart' metered heating will be cut off, and shops will be mandated to convert into rationing stations where people can obtain goods. Little to none of this is being debated or voted on, and no solutions to the energy crisis are being proposed - such as dropping the failing sanctions on Russia - instead, citizens are just expected to accept the measures and suffer the consequences of a power starved economy.

It's probably no surprise that, over in the UK, the government just gifted themselves extra powers to arrest protesters.