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Sat, 22 Feb 2020
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Toxic dump: First-world electronics scrapyard in Ghana puts THOUSANDS at risk of cancer

Waste dump
Ghana has become one of the world's largest dumping grounds for electronic waste, creating a deadly industry that has put thousands at risk. RT's Ruptly video agency talked to people living in the epicenter of the catastrophe.

The electronics scrapyard near Ghana's capital, Accra, has left the surrounding region contaminated with hazardous toxins that have polluted the environment and created serious health problems for residents. According to one estimate, around 200,000 tons of the globe's discarded electronics find their way to one slum in Accra - the equivalent weight of more than one thousand blue whales.

The enormous dump is a primary source of income for many laborers, who pick through mountains of discarded electronics and melt them down for metals such as iron and brass. The extraction process is highly dangerous, releasing toxins into the air that have been linked to a host of serious environmental and health problems, including chronic pain, stillbirths, widespread pollution, and damage to the food chain.

Workers explained to Ruptly that they suffer from a range of ailments, noting that smoke from the fires used to burn the electronics causes chest pains - as well as debilitating headaches.


A desperate Biden attacks Sanders for not disowning 'supporters' who harassed a Latino union

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders
© REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders debate at the Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidates debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S., Feb 7, 2020.
Hoping to bounce back from dismal early election results, former VP Joe Biden chastised Senator Bernie Sanders for not disowning supporters that harassed members of a Nevada Latino-majority union - except he did.

In an interview on NBC's Meet the Press to be aired in full on Monday, Biden unleashed a scathing attack on Sanders, who is currently riding high in the polls in Nevada, which holds the next Democratic Party contest.

Referring to instances in which supposed Sanders supporters hurled online abuse at members of the Nevada Culinary Workers Union (NCWU) after it distributed leaflets voicing concerns about Sanders' Medicare for All plan, Biden said the Vermont independent should do more to distance himself from "vicious, malicious, misogynistic" attacks.

"You know me well enough to know if any of my supporters did that, I'd disown them. Flat disown them," the former VP said.

While Biden implied that Sanders all but embraced his aggrieved fans who took out their anger on the NCWU, that is not exactly true. As recent as Thursday, Sanders told PBS NewsHour that "anyone making personal attacks against anybody else in my name is not part of our movement."

Comment: Creepy Uncle Joe is so inept and corrupt - there isn't much that comes out of his mouth at this point that is at all surprising:

Card - VISA

Confused Irish columnist: 'Shock election victory for Sinn Fein was a one-off protest vote against globalisation - Little to do with nationalism'

Comment: The author is surely confused: what is a 'protest vote against the embrace of globalism by a country's establishment' if not nationalism?

mary-lou mcdonald sinn fein

Irish (nationalist) eyes are smiling
In 2011, in what seemed like a laying to rest of the mad ghosts of Anglo-Irish history, the Queen was cheered to the rafters in Dublin.

But the building in which this celebration of amity took place had its own rather haunting presence. It was the spanking new Convention Centre, a glamorous, ultra-modern monument to the optimism of the Celtic Tiger years. By the time of the Queen's visit, it looked out on a landscape of shattered dreams. From the top floor, you had a panoramic view of abandoned building sites on the other side of the Liffey, testaments to the folly that created a spectacular banking crisis, vicious austerity and deep disillusion with the political system that had brought such pain.

If you stand there now, what is most striking is not what you see but what you don't see: those jagged gaps that less than a decade ago made Dublin's docklands look like a mouthful of broken teeth. Nearly all the holes have been filled in by headquarters of multinational companies and the lawyers and bankers who serve them.

Comment: Yes, the exit poll strongly suggested housing and healthcare were by far the biggest factors in Irish voters voting for Sinn Fein.


Besides running the risk of looking a fool for reading the result as indicative of Irish support for globalization - a remarkable piece of mental gymnastics given that 'the Southern Irish' just voted for a nationalist party for the first time ever! - the author is missing something important.

People tell themselves narratives - not lies necessarily, more like 'reasons' and justifications - about why they do what they do, but the real motivation is often something vague, something emotional, and something few of them can actually put their finger on.

Here is a major clue that Brexit, the rise of English nationalism, and the rise of nationalism generally, did have an effect on Irish voters:

In January this year, as part of ongoing centenary celebrations marking the Irish War of Independence, the resulting Civil War, and the birth of what was then the 'Irish Free State', the Dublin government thought it would be a good idea to include in official commemorations the 'Black and Tans', a militia force of WW1 vets and hardened criminals put together by Churchill to terrorise the Irish population into withdrawing their crucial support for independence fighters.

No doubt today's globalist ideology of 'inclusiveness and diversity' played a role in blindsiding Dublin elites to what happened next: a popular backlash so strong that PM Leo Varadkar was forced to pull the plug on any such commemoration. The Wolfe Tones' Irish rebel song 'Come Out Ye Black and Tans' subsequently went to number 1 in the UK & Ireland iTunes music chart!

That, more than 'persuasive arguments' and 'appeals to people's intellects, is what swings elections in unexpected directions. Then as now, the Dublin intelligentsia are convincing themselves that this is all just a blip and will blow over soon. "Kids today don't understand nationalism like we do," they convince themselves, and "they'll surely see sense in the end."

Don't count on it. The genie which Dublin elites spent a century containing is now out of the bottle, and Irish nationalism has reunification of the island in its sights.


After attending a Trump rally, I realized Democrats are not ready for 2020

trump rally
© Boston Globe/Getty Images
President Donald Trump at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.
I think those of us on the left need to take a long look in the mirror and have an honest conversation about what's going on.

If you had told me three years ago that I would ever attend a Donald Trump rally, I would have laughed and assured you that was never going to happen. Heck, if you had told me I would do it three months ago, I probably would have done the same thing. So, how did I find myself among 11,000-plus Trump supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire? Believe it or not, it all started with knitting.

You might not think of the knitting world as a particularly political community, but you'd be wrong. Many knitters are active in social justice communities and love to discuss the revolutionary role knitters have played in our culture. I started noticing this about a year ago, particularly on Instagram. I knit as a way to relax and escape the drama of real life, not to further engage with it. But it was impossible to ignore after roving gangs of online social justice warriors started going after anyone in the knitting community who was not lockstep in their ideology. Knitting stars on Instagram were bullied and mobbed by hundreds of people for seemingly innocuous offenses. One man got mobbed so badly that he had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to the hospital on suicide watch. Many things were not right about the hatred, and witnessing the vitriol coming from those I had aligned myself with politically was a massive wake-up call.


Famed atheist biologist Richard Dawkins sparks Twitter row with 'eugenics would work for humans' argument

richard dawkins
Outspoken atheist Professor Richard Dawkins is no stranger to controversy. But a tweet arguing that eugenics - the kind of selective breeding advocated by the Nazis - would "work for humans" has landed the biologist in hot water.

"It's one thing to deplore eugenics on ideological, political, moral grounds. It's quite another to conclude that it wouldn't work in practice," the professor and author of 'The God Delusion' tweeted on Sunday. "Of course it would. It works for cows, horses, pigs, dogs & roses. Why on earth wouldn't it work for humans? Facts ignore ideology."

Comment: This is the logical conclusion of the materialist, atheist, Darwinist mindset. It's little wonder that Dawkins and his ilk would go there, despite the pretense of branding it 'deplorable'. Don't be surprised at later tweets declaring "actually, Hitler had some good ideas."

See also:

Yellow Vest

Existential Angst Over 'Westlessness' at Munich Conference: Globalists Blame Nationalists For THEIR Role in West's Decline

pelosi munich conference

Nancy goes to Munich: "See, here's what's wrong with the West: it's everyone else's fault!"
European leaders at the Munich Security Conference who blame "nationalism" for the decline of the West are confusing cause with effect. It is their hollow facsimiles of "liberalism" that sent Europeans running for the exits.

This weekend's conference has chosen to focus on the theme of "Westlessness," as cover for touting the virtues of "liberal interventionism," and holding up nationalism as the primary obstacle to a harmonious Empire where wars are fought profitably and perpetually.

"The world is becoming less Western. But more importantly, the West itself may become less Western, too," warns the Munich Security Report, published on Friday for the opening of the conference, which attracts VIPs from some 70 countries. What, the subtext implies, are "we" going to do about it?

Comment: 'The West' - as a concept and, in many respects, literally - is dead. And hopefully hegemony along with it.

But there's so much else to look forward to, just as soon as humanity gets through this hellish 'end of days' transition.

Russian Flag

RT Interviews Mikhaila Peterson About Her Father's Benzo Detox Treatment in Russia: "He's Better Than I've Seen Him in 6 Months"

jordan peterson moscow
© instagram / mikhailapeterson
Jordan Peterson photographed with his daughter and granddaughter in Moscow, 16 February 2020
Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson chose Russia for his detox because the country's medical industry is less dependent on big pharma than North America's, his daughter Mikhaila told RT's World Apart program.

Peterson, who rose to fame for his vocal and unapologetic opposition to extreme political correctness, has been struggling with an addiction to the drug clonazepam for over a year now. The benzodiazepine-class tranquilizer was prescribed to the University of Toronto professor and author of bestselling book '12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos' in 2017, to tackle anxiety caused by his lasting autoimmune problems. But the addiction only became apparent to the family last year when the psychologist's wife was diagnosed with cancer, from which she has now recovered.

Prominent health vlogger Mikhaila Peterson, who has struggled with harsh autoimmune problems of her own - but managed to solve them by developing the so-called 'Lion Diet' - said that her father tried to quit the drug by going 'cold turkey', but it led to "horrific withdrawal," putting his life at risk.

Going to Russia for treatment at the start of the year was a "terrifying decision" for the family, Mikhaila confessed to host Oksana Boyko, as it's not something people from the West usually do.

Comment: Mother Russia to the rescue!

Bizarro Earth

Zero-emission champion Tesla permitted to keep building Europe's 1st Gigafactory... by clear-cutting woods near Berlin

Comment: So Green, so pure, so progressive...

Tesla Gigafactory 4 berlin germany
© Global Look Press / Patrick Pleul / Source: ZB
A birdseye view on the construction site of Tesla Gigafactory 4 near Berlin
While Elon Musk advances his sustainability agenda, his 'environmentally-friendly' venture Tesla wages - and wins - a legal battle with locals who oppose leveling a pine forest to erect the company's giant factory.

Defying protests among locals and an appeal by environmentalist groups, a local court gave the green light to Elon Musk's Gigafactory 4 construction in the middle of a serene forest in the Gruenheide municipality - a place that ironically has the word 'Green' in its name if translated from German.

Comment: The whole thing, not just Tesla, is nuts. Electric cars simply will never be as reliable as gas-powered cars for long journeys, forcing drivers to stop and recharge for at least 80 minutes every 3 hours. And that's just the convenience factor.

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Syrian Army captures long-time jihadist stronghold in west Aleppo - City finally free of terrorists' shelling attacks

syrian army western aleppo country side
© Agence France-Presse
Syrian Army troops advance in East Ghouta
The jihadist defenses in western Aleppo have completely collapsed after a short battle with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) at the outskirts of the provincial capital.

According to a military source in western Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army captured the strategic Al-Mansoura District this evening, following the withdrawal of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) from this area.

Al-Mansoura had been a long-time stronghold for the jihadist rebels before its capture by the Syrian Arab Army this evening.

In addition to capturing Al-Mansoura, the Syrian Army also took control of several sites at the western outskirts of Aleppo, including the last building blocks near the Scientific Research Building.

These areas captured by the Syrian Arab Army on Saturday were captured in one day, but they were fought over for most of the war.

Comment: As of February 16, the Syrian Army also took the town of Kafr Da'el:
According to a field report from western Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army managed to capture the key town of Kafr Da'el after the jihadist rebels withdrew from the area this afternoon.

The report said the Syrian Arab Army is now pushing further north of Kafr Da'el as they attempt to besiege the remaining jihadists that are still holed up inside the Anadan Plain region.
And foiled an attack on central Syrian oil fields:
According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the engineering units of the Syrian Army "managed to disable and land 5 drones electronically" during their attempted attack on the oil facilities.

These attacks on Syria's oil facilities have become more frequent, as unknown groups attempt to further harm the Syrian economy.

In a statement issued in June of last year, the Ministry of Oil announced a sabotage operation targeting its oil installations in the coastal city of Baniyas, where the oil terminals linking the Baniyas refinery and the oil terminals located under the Mediterranean waters were bombed.

Homs refinery, founded in 1959, is one of the largest refineries in Syria and it consists of a number of distillation units of all kinds and naphtha improvement to raise octane.

The refinery produces domestic gas, premium and regular gasoline, aircraft kerosene, heavy and light diesel, fuels of all kinds, sulfur, hydrogen gas, oxygen, and others.
In fact, they have retaken 23 villages west of Aleppo, a terrific achievement!

Locals are celebrating their liberation:

People 2

Mum found guilty but spared jail for calling trans woman 'pig in a wig' on Twitter

hayden scottow
© South Bedfordshire News Agency
Stephanie Hayden (left) says Kate Scottow was ‘violating her dignity as a woman’
A mother-of-two who called a transgender woman a 'Pig in a Wig' in a series of offensive social media posts has been spared prison. Three police officers arrived at Kate Scottow's home and arrested her in front of her children after receiving complaints from Stephanie Hayden. After a two day trial she was today found guilty of persistently making use of a public communications network to cause annoyance, inconvenience and anxiety to her target. Scottow, 39, from Pirton, near Hitchin, Hertfordshire, was not at St Albans Magistrates' Court to hear the verdict, but some of her supporters stood outside.

After the hearing they shouted: 'Pig in a wig' and 'He is a man - go on prosecute me.' They tied scarves in the purple, green and white colours of the Suffragettes to lampposts outside the building and held up banners reading: 'We love free speech.' Giving evidence, Ms Hayden, 48, called Scottow a Twitter troll who had referred to her as 'he' or 'him'. She added: 'This is the problem with these people. It's just done to annoy people like me. It's calculated to violate my dignity as a woman. It's just harassment.'

Comment: That's precisely the point. This trans woman (i.e. man) is not a woman. Whether or not the type and frequency of Scottow's comments were appropriate is another matter, but it doesn't change the fact no matter how brainwashed one is with gender ideology it doesn't change the biological facts.

As for Scottow's comments, RT adds that Scottow admitted to acting "immature and petty":
...yet said that she was doing so because of feeling "harassed" and "bullied" herself. Her defense team also pointed the finger at Hayden's record, stating that she had previously appeared before criminal courts 11 times for 21 various offences, and even spent 6 months in jail.

She found out that Scottow was behind a Twitter account called 'Busted Wench' which she claimed described her as racist. Ms Hayden initially started civil proceedings against the defendant but eventually a 'compromise agreement' was reached where she would no longer refer to her on social media or call her a racist. But she told the court how in October 2018 she became aware of a second Twitter account created by the defendant. Ms Hayden began to think the agreement they made was never going to be kept to. The court heard how the abusive tweets began to escalate again and the victim was again called a racist and 'misgendered' in a number of posts referring to her as 'he' or 'him'.

Comment: On the same day, a UK High Court ruled on another similar case - that a police visit to a former Lincolnshire police officer was unlawful:
Back in January 2019, police turned up at Miller's place of work, seeking to speak to him about allegedly "transphobic" tweets he produced and telling him that while he had not committed any crime, his tweeting had been recorded as a "hate incident."

Ultimately, the High Court ruled that Miller's tweets were not designed to "cause deep offense" and "were not directed at the transgender community." The court also scolded law enforcement, reminding them they were not, in fact, the thought police.

"In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We have never lived in an Orwellian society," Justice Julian Knowles said.

Speaking after the ruling, Miller praised the court's decision, calling it "a watershed moment for liberty - the police were wrong to visit my workplace, wrong to 'check my thinking.'"