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Mon, 28 Sep 2020
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More 'second wave' nonsense comin' atcha! UK, France record highest-ever daily rises in Covid 'cases'

covid testing
© Global Look Press / Keystone Press Agency / Grant Falvey
A coronavirus self testing centre is pictured at Cotmandene Crescent car park in Orpington, South East London on September 24, 2020.
The UK and France have both reported their highest-ever daily total of coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic, confirming that the 'second wave' of the deadly virus is well and truly in full swing.

The UK recorded some 6,634 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the highest daily figure yet. The country's total Covid-19 tally has surpassed 400,000 cases, with nearly 42 thousand deaths.

The vast majority of the new cases - 5,632 - come from England, the official figures show. Scotland has reported 465 new patients, Wales 348 and Northern Ireland only 189. Some 40 people succumbed to the disease during the past 24 hours, bringing the nation's total death toll above the 41,900 mark.

The new number is higher than the previous record, which was registered during the first peak of the virus spread in spring. It also constituted an increase of around 500 compared to yesterday's total of 6,178.

The 'record' comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that up to 10,000 people are contracting the dreaded disease across the country every day.

"That's too high but it is still much lower than in the peak," he told Sky News on Thursday, adding that such numbers are still lower than the spring when it was estimated that around 100,000 people were catching it per day (though only a fraction of those were being found through testing).

Comment: Tsk tsk, RT. This second wave is a dud.

france covid deaths
uk covid deaths
Source: Worldometer.info


How women elevate men to a higher purpose

medieval man and woman
In today's society, men are often criticized for things like "mansplaining" and chauvinism, and for being a perpetuation of the "patriarchy" at best and predators at worst.

The problem with this is that it presumes men are guilty, that they're all predators in some form, rather than assuming that most men are good at heart. While it's highly unfair to automatically put all men in general into these categories, there's something to be said for the positive effects strong women can have on the men in their lives.


Reuters pulls a CNN on its description of Louisville protest where two officers were shot

© Reuters/Bryan Woolston
Black Lives Matter protesters clash with police in Louisville, Kentucky, September 23, 2020.
CNN has been mercilessly mocked over its delusional description of a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as "fiery but mostly peaceful," despite their correspondent standing in front of a massive blaze. Brian Stelter later admitted the chyron was "probably a mistake" and blamed it on a "young producer who's trying their best under deadline in a breaking news situation." Apparently learning nothing from CNN's blunder, Reuters on Wednesday evening similarly described the situation in Louisville after the city erupted over Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's announcement that the Grand Jury only indicted one officer involved in the March shooting of Breonna Taylor on a first- degree wanton endangerment charge.

Earlier in the day a demonstrator screamed at police, "All y'all get ready to fucking die!" Townhall's Julio Rosas reported. Fires were set all around town, he observed, a U-Haul truck brought in supplies for rioters, and in the evening, the chaos escalated when two officers were shot.

Comment: Outrage spilled over in Louisville for not charging anyone with Breonna Taylor's death, calling it murder...an excuse to escalate:
Not charging the officers, according to activists, was tantamount to lawlessness.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who twice ran for the Democratic presidential nomination, denounced the entire US criminal justice system as racist and called for "fundamental change."

In anticipation of the possible riots, Louisville boarded up the downtown area and placed police on emergency footing as early as Monday. The Kentucky National Guard was called in on Wednesday.
Hundreds of protesters are now on the streets in Louisville, marching and blocking intersections and roads, with cars being turned around by police.
Kentucky Attorney-General Daniel Cameron announced on Wednesday that former officer Brett Hankison will face three charges of "wanton endangerment." The other two officers weren't indicted.
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Bizarro Earth

No more 'foreigners' & 'fare dodgers': Berlin introduces new 'sensitive language' guidelines for public employees & shocks public

beaurocracy, paperwork
© Global Look Press / McPHOTO / BilderBox
The authorities in the German capital have introduced a new set of guidelines for public servants to "raise awareness" about Berlin's diversity. So far, however, the move has only managed to raise eyebrows.

Berlin's public employees, who have already had to be careful about their language for it to be properly "gender neutral," will now apparently have to learn a whole set of new "diversity sensitive rules" aimed at making sure they don't accidentally offend anyone.

The Office for Equal Treatment and Against Discrimination within the city's Justice Department has just come up with 44 pages of instructions on the issue as part of its newly announced diversity program. In particular, the rules involve a set of rather bizarre new collocations designed to replace some common German phrases used to describe a number of things.

The term 'asylum applicant', for example, is now considered insensitive because it neglects every person's "fundamental right for asylum." Public servants are advised to use "protected persons" or "persons entitled to protection" instead.


2 officers shot in Louisville amid protests over Breonna Taylor charges, 1 suspect in custody

riot police Louisville, Kentucky
© Reuters / Carlos Barria
Police officers move past the Louisville City Hall to clear protesters from a plaza ahead of a 9pm curfew amid chaotic demonstrations in Louisville, Kentucky, September 23, 2020.
Two Louisville police officers have been shot amid chaotic protests over the lack of murder charges linked to the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. One suspect has been taken into custody. The officers are expected to survive.

As groups of protesters squared off with police around Louisville on Wednesday night, multiple shots went off. Two officers were shot, Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder has confirmed, noting that their injuries appear to be non-life-threatening.

Police received calls about shots fired near a local college around 8:30pm, the chief said, adding that "as they were deploying to investigate what was going on... shots rang out and two of our officers were shot."

"I'm very concerned about the safety of our officers."

One of the wounded officers is "alert" and "stable," while the other is in surgery, but is also expected to survive. One suspect has been brought into custody, Schroeder added, though declined to identify the individual.

One of the officers was reportedly struck in the abdomen, below his bulletproof vest, while the other was shot in the thigh, according to a reporter with a Louisville Fox affiliate, Jason Riley, who cited anonymous sources.

Comment: President Trump was quick to offer federal support:

'Federal govt ready to help': Trump voices support for officers shot in Louisville, vows to send aid 'immediately upon request'
US President Donald Trump said the federal government is ready to involve itself in Louisville, Kentucky, where two officers were shot amid protests over the lack of murder charges in the Breonna Taylor case.

"Praying for the two police officers that were shot tonight in Louisville, Kentucky. The Federal Government stands behind you and is ready to help. Spoke to @GovAndyBeshear and we are prepared to work together, immediately upon request!" Trump tweeted on Wednesday, shortly after two officers were shot in Louisville as police faced off with protesters, venting their fury over the charges in the case of Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot by police in March.

The officers were shot while responding to reports of gunfire during heated protests that erupted in the city earlier on Wednesday. They suffered non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to survive, Police Chief Robert Schroeder said at a press briefing, adding that one suspect had been arrested following the incident.

The unrest was sparked after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor during a March narcotics raid would not face charges for her death. Instead, only one of the officers was charged for "wanton endangerment" after he indiscriminately fired into apartments near Taylor's home on the night of her death. Though initial reports described the incident as a "no-knock" raid, Cameron said one witness heard the officers identify themselves before attempting to enter Taylor's apartment, a claim her family has disputed.

President Trump's offer to send help to Louisville comes after a series of federal deployments to cities around the US amid a wave of chaotic protests this summer. His administration came under fire after sending officers from a number of federal agencies into Portland, where unrest has raged on for more than 100 days, seeing arson, vandalism and frequent clashes between activists and police. The federal agents were accused of "kidnapping" protesters off the streets in unmarked vehicles and using excessive force on demonstrators. However, the Department of Homeland Security, which oversaw the deployments, has denied the allegations.


The true allies that are calling for Assange's immediate release: Lula, Rousseff, Morales, Zapatero, Corbyn, Correa, Paul, Galloway, Gravel, Varoufakis...

assange justice legal scales court hearing
Heads of state, prime ministers, parliamentarians, members of Congress, ministers and other politicians demand Assange be set free.

Thirteen Former Presidents Urge United Kingdom Government to Immediately Free Julian Assange

Lawyers for Assange

Check here for the latest update to this list.

As Julian Assange fights U.S. extradition at the Old Bailey in London, over one hundred eminent political figures, including 13 past and present heads of state, numerous ministers, members of parliament and diplomats, have today denounced the illegality of the proceedings and appealed for Assange's immediate release.

The politicians from 27 different countries and from across the political spectrum have joined 189 independent international lawyers, judges, legal academics and lawyers' associations by endorsing their open letter to the UK Government warning that the U.S. extradition request and extradition proceedings violate national and international law, breach fair trial rights and other human rights, and threaten press freedom and democracy.


New video compilation and analysis reveals the truth about Kyle Rittenhouse's fateful night in Kenosha

kyle rittenhouse
© Brendan Gutenschwager/via REUTERS
A man with a firearm raises his hands up as he walks towards vehicles during a protest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S., August 25, 2020, in this still image obtained from a social media video.
An organization raising funds for Kyle Rittenhouse's legal defense published a viral video that tells the truth about the 17-year-old accused of fatally shooting two men during the Jacob Blake riots in Kenosha.

#FightBack Foundation, a free speech group that has raised nearly $2 million in funding for Rittenhouse's legal fees, posted the 11-minute footage to several alternative, anti-Big Tech video sharing platforms. A downloadable version is available on the association's website.

"Every decade or so, a legal matter arises that holds the power to negatively affect our lives for generations to come," the video is prefaced. "Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you identify with, this is about you."

Scenes of the Kenosha riots overlayed the violent introduction, depicting arson, commercial grade fireworks used as projectiles in public streets, and trash receptacles pushed as barricades and igniters.


Bizarro Earth

Caving: Wells Fargo CEO promises more 'diversity' after woke backlash over 'limited pool of black talent' remark

wells fargo george floyd
© REUTERS/Nicholas Pfosi
A burned-out Wells Fargo branch in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after protests over the death of George Floyd, May 31, 2020.
The CEO of Wells Fargo offered a groveling apology for his "unconscious bias" and promised more diversity at one of the largest US banks, after a quote from an internal memo caused outrage; even some members of Congress joined in.

"I apologize for making an insensitive comment reflecting my own unconscious bias," Charlie Scharf said in a statement released on Wednesday. "There are many talented diverse individuals working at Wells Fargo and throughout the financial services industry and I never meant to imply otherwise."

The San Francisco-based Wells Fargo is now "requiring diverse candidate slates for key roles with compensation of more than $100,000 and increasing business with diverse suppliers," the statement said. Moreover, year-end bonuses for executives will be tied to "progress in improving diverse representation and inclusion in their area of responsibility."


Bad Guys

The only good "white ally" is a dead white ally

blm black power fist
© Bigstock
Welcome to Amy Biehl Nation.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it's getting harder and harder to be a "white ally" in the service of racial justice. And yet sometimes it actually does take a rocket scientist. U.K. native Nick Berry has lived in Seattle for the past quarter century. Berry is a rocket scientist, like, fer real, man (his degree is in aeronautical and astronautical engineering). Berry's your standard Seattle white male...Trump bad, masks good, Trump hates science, STEM needs diversity, etc. He's even done a TEDx talk (a rite of passage in that tribe). In his spare time, he runs a neat little science blog that's actually quite worth a visit.

Nick Berry is dying of stage IV cancer, and he's using what little time he has left to give free science lectures at colleges and universities. His politics aside, he seems like a decent enough guy who's handling his bum deal with humor and dignity.

Last week, Berry was sitting in Seattle's Ravenna Park minding his own business when a large, "muscular" black man started beating the living crap out of him. No provocation, no reason at all. White man sitting quietly in park = "that ofay devil be needin' a beatdown." Berry had to be rushed to the ER.


'CNN badly misreported this': Edward Snowden debunks news story reporting he 'agreed' to give money from his book to US government

edward snowden cnn fake news
© The Guardian via Getty Images; (insert) screenshot from CNN politics
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden has accused CNN of twisting facts by claiming that he was willing to forfeit book proceeds in favor of the US government. He even offered a "better" headline for the contested piece.

Citing US court documents, CNN reported that Snowden "agreed" to forfeit more than $5 million he had allegedly earned from his book and speaking fees to the US government. The whistleblower reacted by saying that the news outlet has "badly misreported this."

"A) This is not a settlement; I didn't agree to it. B) The judgement from this censorship case is not enforceable while I am in exile, but I've never had that much money anyway," Snowden wrote on Twitter.

Comment: What, CNN bungle a story and present fake news to the public? Impossible [/sarcasm].

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