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Netherlands ordered to halt shipping F-35 parts to Israel over 'serious violations of international law' in Gaza

Gaza Israel bombing
© Adel Hana / APHospital in Gaza, January 2024
The Appeals Court in The Hague has ordered the government of the Netherlands to halt within one week further export of parts for F-35 warplanes Israel uses in the bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

The ruling on Monday holds that there is a "clear risk" the parts the Netherlands is providing for the regime are being used in "serious violations of international humanitarian law" in the besieged Palestinian territory.

The ruling followed an appeal by Amnesty International and Oxfam against a lower court decision in December that rejected their argument that shipping the F-35 parts were helping Israel carry out "violations of humanitarian law" in Gaza. They also said the deliveries implicate the Dutch government in the crimes of Israel.

Comment: One might consider it a possible small win, however with the US & UK involved in regular, often covert, flights to Israel, bringing all manner of weapons and supplies, it's unlikely to dampen Tel Aviv's ongoing slaughter: Report says UK secretly sent 500 troops to Cyprus base supplying weapons to Israel

That said, it is telling that increasing numbers of businesses and governments are withdrawing cooperation with Israel:

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Shooting in Greece at shipping company leaves 1 dead, 2 wounded

houthi Galaxy Leader
© Kristijan Bracun/APFILE:
One fatality and two injuries were reported following an uncommon shooting incident at a Greek shipping company in Athens on Monday, according to police sources and state television ERT.

The perpetrator, identified as a former employee of the company situated in the southern suburb of Glyfada, entered the premises and opened fire on employees, as stated by ERT. Authorities confirmed that the shooter remained inside the building with a negotiator deployed to the scene.

The victim, reportedly connected to the owner of the shipping company, European Navigation, was not officially identified by the police. Emergency services, including fire engines and ambulances, were present outside the building with law enforcement establishing a perimeter around the area.

Comment: A sign of the incredibly difficult times people are suffering? Considering the Red Sea crisis, and Greece's integral role in global shipping, it's notable that it occurred at a shipping company.


Anti-Ulez campaigners block 'every camera' in London borough

Action against Unfair Ulez
© JAMIE LORRIMANMembers of the Action against Unfair Ulez group blocked cameras for three hours in Sutton on Sunday
Anti-Ulez activists have blocked "every camera" in Sutton in a protest at Sadiq Khan's controversial scheme.

Around 400 protesters took part in the borough-wide demonstration, which organisers say involved obstructing more than 80 cameras on Sunday afternoon.

Bus driver Kingsley Hamilton, of campaign group Action Against Unfair Ulez, said the demonstration meant that no Ulez camera was functioning in the south London borough - as at least 20 other cameras have already been damaged or removed.

Comment: See also:


German industry 'moving abroad' - Bild

Empty hall
© Getty Images / timandtim
A growing number of manufacturers are relocating operations outside the country, an industry lobby warns

One in three German manufacturers is considering moving production to other countries amid economic troubles, double the number recorded in 2022, Bild news outlet reported on Saturday, citing Siegfried Russwurm, the head of the Federation of German Industries (BDI).

According to the report, among the latest firms planning to relocate is household appliance manufacturer Miele, which plans to cut 2,000 jobs in Germany and move 700 positions to its site in Poland. Heating manufacturer Viessmann had already moved 3,000 jobs to Poland.

Comment: Who do you think the sanctions against Russia work for? Perhaps that is rhetorical question, but if the situation is: How Russia won the sanctions war with the West and Macron admits EU's Russia sanctions have failed what to think when the EU chief opposes Ukraine truce - wants more weapons, sanctions and war Who are these people working for if they deny it is Russia?

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Farmers bring Poland to standstill

Polish Farmer protest
Demonstrations have been staged across the country, demanding an end to the flow of cheap Ukrainian produce

Traffic in cities and town across Poland was severely obstructed on Friday as farmers staged protests over what they consider to be unfair competition from cheap Ukrainian produce, as well as the EU's green policies. Over the past few months, Polish agricultural workers have also repeatedly blocked the border with Ukraine.

The month of January saw similar demonstrations in other EU nations, including Germany, France, and the Netherlands, over Brussels' climate policies which have led to fuel price hikes. German farmers have been demanding that Chancellor Olaf Scholz reverse the proposed scrapping of a diesel fuel subsidy worth as much as €3,000 ($3,260) annually.

The authorities in neighboring France withdrew plans to cut similar subsidies after farmers blocked a major highway near Paris last month.

Organized by the Solidarity trade union, Friday's protest affected around 260 localities across Poland, with thousands of farmers blocking or slowing down traffic with tractors and other heavy machinery. They also blocked several border crossings with Ukraine.

Comment: Farmers in the whole of Europe are rising up against the anti-farming and essentially anti-human policies which comes from the European Union.

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Bizarro Earth

France's EDF shuts down two nuclear reactors after fire at Chinon plant

EDF nuclear plant at Cattenom france
© imago stock&people/Global Look PressFILE
Nuclear energy operator EDF (EPA:EDF) has shut down two reactors at Chinon in western France after a fire in a non-nuclear sector of the plant in the early hours of Saturday, the company said.

The fire has been extinguished, it said.

"Production unit number 3 at the Chinon nuclear power plant has shut down automatically, in accordance with the reactor's safety and protection systems," EDF said in a statement, adding it also shut down reactor number 4, which is coupled to number 3.

Comment: And what caused the fire? Which area of the non-nuclear part of the plant did it take place?

Amidst still exhorbitant energy prices, and considering that countries like the UK is reliant on France during times of high demand, pulling any power generation offline is a significant issue. And one wonders whether this fire is related the suspect attacks on energy supplies occuring with an increasing frequency across much of the world:


42% of Israel's student soldiers mull 'quitting' school over 'psychological strain' of war on Gaza

israel IDF soldier female
© CopyrightSurvey reveals alarming impact as 42 percent of Israeli student reservists contemplate quitting school amid Gaza war, facing psychological strain. The Israeli offensive has left 85 percent of Gaza's population internally displaced amid acute shortages of food, clean water, and medicine, while 60 percent of the enclave's infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed, according to the UN. Source: Israel's Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.
A recent opinion poll revealed that 42 percent of Israeli university students serving as reservists in the army are considering dropping out of school due to the deterioration of their psychological condition as a result of the ongoing devastating war on Gaza.

"More than 60 percent of the students said their psychological state had worsened since the outbreak of war on Oct. 7, 2023," the Israeli channel 13 said on Sunday, quoting the poll results.

"About 40 percent of them are thinking about withdrawing from their studies due to the effects of the war," the poll added, noting that the percentage among student reserve soldiers reached 42 percent.

Comment: The vitriol and bloodlust displayed by a significant number of Israelis is in itself extremely revealing as to the psychological state of Israel's population. Regarding this report above, coupled with a number of others that highlight the soaring mental health issues among Israelis - those that aren't among the 100,000s that have fled to other countries - shows how, even though Israelis have yet to suffer any real hardship, its people are already psychologically disintegrating; one can only imagine what breakdowns and upheaval their society would experience were they subjected to the same sadism the IDF metes out to the Palestinians:


Solidarity: Moroccan hashish suppliers 'boycott Israeli dealers' over Gaza war

morocco marijuana fields
© Fadel Senna/AFPPicture taken on 16 September 2022 shows a view of a cannabis field in the village of Azila in Morocco's Ketama region
Israeli smugglers losing 'tens of millions of shekels' after suppliers in Morocco's Rif mountains withdraw sales in solidarity with Palestinians, says report

Moroccan hashish suppliers are refusing to sell to Israeli dealers in protest against the war in Gaza, according to a report in Israeli media on Friday.

The Israeli news site Mako cited several Israeli drug dealers complaining about the drop-off in trade.

"The hashish dealers in Morocco are not willing to sell us more hashish either directly or through intermediaries," said one dealer.

"They decided that because of the war they are boycotting us. Since the war, we have lost a lot of money. Tens of millions of shekels at least."

Comment: It's a sad state of affairs when common criminals seem to possess a better sense of morality than the "leaders of the free world".

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Migrant attacks multiple women on Barcelona subway, man is a 'known criminal with history of drug use'

migrant attack
© Copyrightscreenshot: Shocking moment man attacks women waiting for a Barcelona tube in orgy of violence that ends with him punching one innocent commuter to the ground
This is the shocking moment a man attacks several women while waiting for a tube in Barcelona.

The orgy of violence ends with him punching an innocent commuter to the ground.

The man can be seen walking down the platform and lashing out at different women before running up and brutally punching an unsuspecting young woman as she listened to music on headphones and looked at her mobile phone.

Comment: The man is described above to be a 'man of north African origin', however he is reported elsewhere as being a migrant; which, all things considered, is a more appropriate descriptor unless shown to be otherwise.

Because, in these days of government sanctioned, weaponised mass migration, and the soaring crime associated with it, the distinction is important: Footage shows mob of illegal migrants attack NYPD officers

Recent footage showing the arrival of illegal migrants in Ireland:

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Loss of Russian gas speeding Germany's deindustrialization - media

Olaf Scholz, BMW plant in Munich
© Getty Images / Sven HoppeGerman Chancellor Olaf Scholz at a BMW plant in Munich, December 5.
Germany's reign as an industrial superpower is "coming to an end" as the loss of cheap Russian natural gas amid the Ukraine crisis has dealt a "final blow" to manufacturers that were already struggling to remain cost-competitive, Bloomberg News reported on Saturday.

Industrial output in Germany has been dropping since 2017, and the downward spiral has accelerated since imports of Russian gas were cut off in 2022 to punish Moscow over the Ukraine conflict. Century-old factories are closing, and other companies are moving production lines to countries with lower costs, Bloomberg said.

"There's not a lot of hope, if I'm honest," Stefan Klebert, CEO at machinery maker GEA Group AG, told the outlet. "I am really uncertain that we can halt this trend. Many things would have to change very quickly."

Comment: The increased cost of gas is causing the cost of doing business to rise and leading to the downfall of German manufacturing. The German government, in its infinite wisdom, is apparently looking at compounding the problem by building gas-powered power plants. From RT:
Germany is set to spend €16 billion to construct four gas-fired power plants as it seeks to ensure an adequate supply of electricity after scrapping its nuclear reactors, the Economy Ministry announced earlier this week.

This comes as part of a major overhaul of the country's energy grid, according to the ministry.

The new gas-fired power plants will subsequently be converted to run on hydrogen between 2035 and 2040. A market-based capacity-boosting mechanism will allow power generation to be expanded by 2028, German officials said in a statement.

The plants will have a total capacity of up to 10 gigawatts (GW), which will come "in addition to the consistent expansion of renewable energies," and are expected to be vital to ensuring steady electricity supplies "even in times where there is little sun and wind."

German energy utility Uniper, which will reportedly be involved in the construction, said it was "relieved" that the decision to build the new plants has been made, adding that "swift action is urgently needed because the approval process and the actual construction of power plants and storage facilities will take several years."

The EU's top economy, which prior to the Ukraine conflict fueled its industry with Russian gas, had to ramp up electricity imports last year after the government decided to scrap nuclear power as it moves toward renewable energy sources.

Last April, Germany shut down its last three nuclear reactors despite warnings that doing so would actually cause more fossil fuels to be burned.

Germany has set itself a target of cutting greenhouse emissions by 65% by 2030, a plan even more ambitious than the one set by the EU as a whole. However, a report last year by the Federal Environment Agency showed that the goal is likely to be missed as the protracted energy crisis has pushed the switch to renewables in the country down the agenda.