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Wed, 06 Dec 2023
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Black Magic

National Railroad Museum supports Satanic Temple's entry in Festival of Trees display

It's a holiday tree strung with messages that empower young readers, support the disenfranchised and advocate for equality. It just happens to center a humanoid goat instead of a manger.

The Satanic Temple of Wisconsin is one of 66 organizations participating in the Festival of Trees event at the National Railroad Museum, 2285 S. Broadway, said CEO Jacqueline Frank. The group's tree, festooned with red lights and adorned with pentacle baubles and upside-down crosses, was one of 60 with no explicit Christian overtones.

"We have six Christian-related groups that have trees up this year, but it's mostly businesses and nonprofit organizations," Frank said. "We have everything from a tree with hardware on it, a tea tree, we have a Lego tree. It's a lot of different organizations promoting their business."

Comment: Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.


Why are "THEY" trying to injure or kill me?

getting vaccinated
Although this is a very sharp and harsh question to headline any article, it is a question that has to be asked. Why are most (if not all) of our trusted institutions colluding to kill or injure us? Why? For the average person who lives inside our very cozy media and government illusion, it's often a question that their minds won't even allow them to ponder. The average person's fear of reality ends up being a maximum-security psychic prison in most cases. This same fear inhibits the average person from processing what's obviously happening in our world today. The fear I allude to, which inhibits many people from coming into full contact with their very harsh and painful reality, has to do with a massive Grand Canyon sized contradiction gap between what the general public was taught (by conventional media and within government schools) and what's literally happening right in front of our very eyes.

Most people today are mentally paralyzed from reacting to their own destruction. Many just can't muster a logical reaction to the culling/injuring of their loved ones and the destruction of their entire culture....simply because they were taught for decades that "the government would never do that! That's just a conspiracy theory!". Here's what should be a very obvious NEWSFLASH, the governments around the world are in fact doing that. On top of that, much worse is coming from these governments if "we the people" don't start thinking, acting and talking like fully functional mature adults very soon.

Cardboard Box

The crash will be spectacular

our national debt
"Interest on the federal debt is now so immense that it's consuming 40% of all personal income taxes... If federal finances continue on their current path, we are only a few years from the entirety of income taxes being needed to finance the debt..."
The government collects $2.6 trillion of individual taxes at the point of a gun and threat of prison. Meanwhile they still operate at an annual deficit of $2 trillion. And this is before interest on the national debt starts to really skyrocket. Our Troll Secretary of the Treasury Yellen had the opportunity to lock in trillions of our national debt for 30 years at 2% rates, but purposely kept rolling it on a short-term basis.


CTIL Files #1: US and UK military contractors created sweeping plan for global censorship in 2018

Pablo Breuer, Sara-Jayne “SJ” Terp, Chris Krebs

US military contractor Pablo Breuer (left), UK defense researcher Sara-Jayne “SJ” Terp (center), and Chris Krebs, former director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS-CISA)
A whistleblower has come forward with an explosive new trove of documents, rivaling or exceeding the Twitter Files and Facebook Files in scale and importance. They describe the activities of an "anti-disinformation" group called the Cyber Threat Intelligence League, or CTIL, that officially began as the volunteer project of data scientists and defense and intelligence veterans but whose tactics over time appear to have been absorbed into multiple official projects, including those of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The CTI League documents offer the missing link answers to key questions not addressed in the Twitter Files and Facebook Files. Combined, they offer a comprehensive picture of the birth of the "anti-disinformation" sector, or what we have called the Censorship Industrial Complex.

The whistleblower's documents describe everything from the genesis of modern digital censorship programs to the role of the military and intelligence agencies, partnerships with civil society organizations and commercial media, and the use of sock puppet accounts and other offensive techniques.

"Lock your shit down," explains one document about creating "your spy disguise."

Mr. Potato

'Journalist Of The Year' tries to publicly shame kid for wearing Kansas City Chiefs headdress

Carron J. Phillip
A journalist tried to publicly shame a Kansas City Chiefs child fan after the kid wore a native headdress and painted his face black and red for the game.

Carron J. Phillips wrote an entire article for Deadspin complaining about how the NFL needs to "speak out" against the boy, who looked to be about 9 or 10-years-old.

He falsely accused the child of displaying "black face," using an image that hid the other side of the fan's face, which was painted red.

When he was called out on it, Phillips doubled down, claiming that half his face being painted red "made it worse," despite the fact that red and black are literally the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pocket Knife

"We're here to stab white people": The deadly attack on a French village party that the media didn't tell you about


Thomas Perrotto
The knife attack on a village ball in Crépol in the south of France which took the life of 16-year-old Thomas Perrotto and left two other partygoers in critical condition last weekend has been described as a "terror attack" (attentat) by attendees. The incident has been commonly described as a "brawl" (rixe) in French mainstream media, with the implication that it was sparked by some prior dispute. But attendees and their families adamantly reject this description, insisting on the fact that the assailants - teenagers and young adults like their victims - came armed and presumably with the intention of using their weapons.

The French regional newspaper the Dauphiné Libéré visited Crépol the day after the attack to talk with some 20 youngsters, aged 16 to 18, who witnessed the attack. Some of them were accompanied by their mothers. "Some media are saying that it was a brawl or payback," one mother told the newspaper. "That's not true! We can't let them say that!"

The Dauphiné article provides the account of one young partygoer who was himself wounded in the attack:
"We were having fun, we were with friends, having a good time together, and towards the end [of the ball], some people turned up. I heard there was a ruckus outside, people were crowded together. I went out and I was stabbed with a knife in the shoulder and in the back. I saw my friend Thomas get stabbed, I got scared and went back into the ballroom. I saw another friend of mine get stabbed in the back, I put pressure on his wound to make a tourniquet. His kidney was hit. It was horrifying. For me, it was clearly a terror attack [attentat]. The assailants said: 'We're here to stab white people.'"

Car Black

Ukrainian troops using '50-year-old Ladas' - Bild

© 4 News
Lada vs Tank
Locals from 'People's Republic of Donetsk block Ukrainian soldiers heading to Slaviansk
Kiev should have never started the summer counteroffensive demanded by its Western backers, one soldier told German reporters...

Ukrainian troops have to use fifty-year-old Soviet civilian off-road cars named 'Lada' to get to the frontlines, German tabloid Bild reported on Monday, citing several soldiers and officers. The sources told the outlet of "huge problems" ranging from inadequate command to a severe lack of essential military equipment and supplies.

The soldiers cited an acute shortage of armored troop carriers and military off-road vehicles, necessitating a dependence on self-financed civilian vehicles for military transport.

"In a car repair shop, we pay for everything out of our own pocket," one soldier said.

Kiev's forces also suffer from the lack of reconnaissance and strike drones, which they also have to purchase themselves or get from various aid organizations and private donors. Some units have to rely on custom-built unmanned aerial vehicles outfitted with parts made on 3D-printers, one of Bild's sources reported.

"We also pay rent for the houses we sleep in, and for food. That makes you angry," one of the soldiers said, adding that, while Russia "invests everything" in its forces, their Ukrainian counterparts have to rely largely on themselves.

Comment: There is no upside to these pathetic circumstances - no relief, hope nor rescue. Past time to end it? It should never have begun.

Bad Guys

'Malfunction' temporarily shuts down phone lines of Israel's emergency services

israel ambulance
MDA ambulance and medics (illustrative).
Phone lines for essential services in Israel, such as Magen David Adom (MDA), police, Hatzalah, and the Fire Department, were down for over an hour amid a malfunction initially feared to be a potential cyberattack, Israeli media reports.

Comment: Could it be that it was a cyber attack that the authorities later chose to cover up?

The Bezeq Electric company stated that "following the company's initiated night work, a malfunction occurred in all Bezeq lines. The company's engineers are working to restore all services to full operation."

Comment: Notably, similar incidents were reported in the UK, and US, also this year: Other significant and disruptive cyber attacks of late: See also: Israeli firm boasts it can hack all iPhones, Android and Flagship Samsungs


Network of Ukrainian-run drug labs busted in Russia

russian police
© Russia's Interior Ministry
Russian police have busted a major network of drug laboratories in Moscow and several other regions of the country, the Interior Ministry has said. The illegal activity was supervised from Ukraine, it added.

Officers have so far detained 21 suspects, including 12 Ukrainian nationals, as part of the case, the ministry's spokeswoman, Irina Vovk, announced on Tuesday.

"It has been established that over the past few years a whole network of drug laboratories was created by perpetrators in the Moscow, Pskov and Ryazan regions," she said.

According to Vovk, the laboratories produced mephedrone, a synthetic stimulant drug of the amphetamine and cathinone classes. Almost 1.5 tons of the drug and some 35 tons of components to make it were seized, the spokeswoman said.


Czech Republic buying Russian gas again, EU remains one of Moscow's biggest customers

russia gas pipeline
© AP
The EU still cannot agree on the introduction of sanctions against Russian gas.
Russian gas has started flowing again into the Czech Republic, an EU member country.

This was reported by the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, Josef Sikela, as written by "Novinky."

The Czech Minister wrote on their page on X network that in October, some traders began importing Russian gas into the Czech Republic. Out of the total supply volume from January to the end of October this year, Russian gas amounted to 79.6 million cubic meters, or 1.2 percent.

Comment: The West never really stopped buying Russian energy products, because it never did find an alternative provider, and, instead, it just pays more for the products through intermediaries.

Last year a number of major EU nations narrowly escaped rolling blackouts thanks to a mild winter, however, what with what are currently unseasonably cold weather conditions across Europe, and before winter has even started, it seems that these sanction-busting purchases are likely to increase even further: Meanwhile former NATO stooge and current Czech President - and consumer of Russian gas - had this to say about the West's proxy-war against Russia:
The West has not kept its promises of military support for Ukraine, said Czech President Petr Pavel. In an interview with the Corriere della Sera newspaper, he noted that the level of supplies of weapons and equipment was insufficient. "We have not fulfilled our promises to supply Ukrainians with artillery ammunition, and pilot training for the F-16 is not progressing as quickly as we would like." The President of the Czech Republic added that this situation is "not very favorable" for the continuation of the "offensive" of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.