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100+ US beaches closed due to harmful levels of bacteria

sewage spill
© Dean Musgrove/The Orange County Register, via Associated PressFILE: The release of millions of gallons of untreated sewage into the Dominguez Channel in Carson, Calif., forced the closure of some beaches on Friday.
Beaches in several states across the country have been closed to swimmers over the last few days due to harmful levels of bacteria in the water, NBC New York reported.

In Massachusetts, at least 37 beaches were closed as of Monday afternoon due to "bacterial exceedance," according to the state's Department of Public Health (MDPH). Many of the beaches tested positive for high levels of a type of fecal bacteria, and beachgoers were warned not to swim or enter the water in those locations to avoid risk of illness, according to the health agency.

Additionally, at least three beaches in Coronado, California - located on a peninsula in San Diego Bay - have been closed since June 26 because "[b]acteria levels exceed health standards." San Diego County's Department of Environmental Health and Quality said such closures are usually due to sewage or chemical spills.

Comment: Whilst some parts of the US have indeed suffered record flooding events, the majority of these pollution events seem to be due to sewage dumping, and commercial waste.

It's notable that in just the past few years, pollution of the waterways in both the US and UK has surged:

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The persecution continues: Giuliani loses New York law license after backing Trump's 2020 election claims

giuliani sentence
© REUTERS/Bonnie Cash/FileFormer New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani departs the U.S. District Courthouse after he was ordered to pay $148 million in his defamation case in Washington, U.S., December 15, 2023.
Rudy Giuliani lost his New York law license on Tuesday, after a state appeals court found he had lied in arguing that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from his client, former Republican U.S. President Donald Trump.

The court found that Giuliani, 80, the former New York mayor who served as Trump's personal lawyer, "baselessly attacked and undermined the integrity of this country's electoral process" and "actively contributed to the national strife that has followed the 2020 presidential election, for which he is entirely unrepentant."

Giuliani was one of the leading proponents of false claims that Trump's defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in 2020 was the result of widespread voter fraud.

A Giuliani spokesperson said he would appeal the decision, calling it "politically and ideologically corrupted." Giuliani previously argued that he believed his statements were true and he did not intend to spread false claims.

Comment: History will prove Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Mike Lindell, Ron Watkins (Code Monkey Z), Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and all the others who lost incomes and reputations for bringing forward evidence of fraud, which various courts declined to accept. The basic fact is still that the 2020 elections were stolen from the American people by the Democrats


Steve Bannon begins serving 4-month sentence in federal prison for defying congressional subpoena

© Julia Nikhinson/APSteve Bannon on way to report to Danbury Federal Correction Institution • July 1, 2024
Steve Bannon, a former Donald Trump White House strategist, reported to a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, on Monday to begin a four-month sentence for defying a congressional subpoena.

Bannon, the second former Trump aide to be imprisoned for a contempt of Congress conviction after Peter Navarro began serving a four-month sentence earlier this year, was taken into custody shortly after 12 p.m. ET.

He was driven into the federal prison in a black van after speaking at a podium outside the correctional facility, saying he was "proud" to go to prison.

"It's time for me to surrender up in Danbury," he said.

Both Bannon and Navarro were convicted for not complying with subpoenas issued to them by the now-defunct House Select Committee that investigated January 6, 2021. The Supreme Court on Friday denied a long-shot effort by Bannon to avoid reporting to prison while he challenges his conviction before the federal appeals court in Washington, DC.

Bannon has said that he was not thumbing his nose at the House committee but rather relying on advice from his attorneys to not respond to the subpoena until lawmakers worked out Trump's claims of executive privilege in the matter. Courts did not allow him to argue that to the jury that decided his case.

The conservative podcaster has remained a staunch Trump ally and is a vocal supporter of his presidential reelection bid.


Tennessee law allowing death penalty for pedophiles goes into effect - only Democrats oppose it

© UnknownDeath penalty apparatus
Tennessee has joined states like Florida, Arizona, Idaho, Oklahoma and South Carolina in making the death penalty a possibility for criminals convicted of child sex abuse.

The law went into effect this week with Governor Bill Lee's approval and with the approval of all Republican legislators.

Strangely, only Democrats and progressive activists have opposed the decision.

Democrats have a number of arguments against the death penalty for pedophiles, including claims that seeking the punishment is "more expensive" than keeping prisoners locked up, and claims that victims would be "traumatized" by multiple appeals "drudging up memories of assault."

However, as Republicans note, it doesn't matter what it costs, the punishment should fit the crime. And, there is no reason why child victims need to be dragged back into appeals court to relive their trauma unless new evidence directly concerning the victim comes to light.


Bird flu: Another attempt to control the food system and make a profit

Let the fearmongering begin (again)! Propaganda efforts are making people believe humans can die from the bird flu and that we must "do our part" in preventing the next global pandemic. Wear masks, social distance, sanitize everything, get tested, get vaccinated ... It's kind of like "COVID-19," but now in dairy cows!

Similar to "wear masks, stay home, practice social distancing and sanitize everything," the United States Department of Agriculture is now encouraging farmers to regularly test animals, test the milk weekly, register livestock, step up the use of personal protective equipment, limit traffic onto their farms, and increase cleaning and disinfection practices.
"The most important step we can take today is biosecurity. I am calling on producers to use our resources to enhance their biosecurity measures and states and producers to opt in to our support programs and herd monitoring programs, which are designed to limit the spread of this disease in dairy cattle." — Secretary of the USDA Tom Vilsack.


Israeli soldier killed in mall stabbing attack, police shoot assailant dead, say it may be a 'terror attack'

israel mall police
© Avi Ohayon/ReutersPeople outside a shopping mall after a stabbing in Karmiel, northern Israel, July 3, 2024. Israeli police say suspect has been killed and they are investigating the incident as a possible 'terror attack'.
An Israeli soldier has been killed and a second person was wounded in a stabbing attack in a shopping centre in northern Israel, police say, adding that the suspect was shot dead.

The attack took place on the second floor of the Hutzot Karmiel Mall in the northern Israeli city of Karmiel on Wednesday.

Gal Zeid, a spokesperson for Israel's Galilee Medical Center, said doctors pronounced one man dead after failing to resuscitate him. The second person was admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit.

Comment: Notably, elsewhere on the planet, terror attacks, as well as assassination and coup attempts, have surged:


Russia builds houses for Palestinian refugees

© Sergey Bobylev/SputnikGrozny, Chechen Republic, Russia
Some displaced Gazans have found a new home in Grozny, capital of Russia's Chechen Republic.

Over 200 Palestinians displaced from Gaza have been given apartments in a newly built neighborhood of Grozny, the capital of Russia's Muslim-majority Chechen Republic, regional leader Ramzan Kadyrov has announced.

A foundation run by Kadyrov's mother Aymani commissioned the construction of the five apartment buildings, to permanently house refugees welcomed to the Russian region last November.

"Congratulations to the Palestinian brothers and sisters on finding new comfortable housing! I wish them never to see war again, to live in plenty and prosper!" Kadyrov said in a statement on Friday.

The refugees, who were initially housed in at the Gorny Klyuch children's resort southeast of Grozny will now move into a 'cottage community' in the Visaitovsky District of the Chechen capital, where 209 people will live in 40 new apartments, Kadyrov said.

According to the Chechen head, construction of the complex took about six months. During this time, 55 of the Palestinians found jobs, while their children and teenagers were placed in schools and universities. All of them have been studying Russian.

Comment: Heart, soul, doing what is necessary - Russia's example to the world.


Whistleblower claims FBI abuses security clearance to 'purge' conservatives, views them as 'unworthy' of employment

fbi whistleblower Marcus Allen
© Getty ImagesFormer FBI Staff Operations Specialist Marcus Allen was suspended without pay for more than two years after he told supervisors he would not take the COVID-19 vaccine shot
The FBI is abusing its security clearance process to "purge" political conservatives from the bureau, according to recent whistleblower disclosures reviewed by The Post.

The federal law enforcement agency's Security Division has been suspending or revoking clearances for employees whose political affiliation or COVID-19 vaccination status are suspect, a supervisory special agent who formerly worked in the division alleges.

The unnamed agent, who is described as "a registered Democrat" and is represented by the nonprofit Empower Oversight, further claims that high-ranking officials in the division believed "if an FBI employee fit a certain profile as a political conservative, they were viewed as security concerns and unworthy to work at the FBI."

Comment: It long since the FBI has been weaponized against conservative citizens, so it's no surprise they also go after those in their ranks.

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Israel's Eilat port seeks financial support from gov't as Yemen's embargo shuts down operations for 8 months

eilat israel port
Israel's Eilat port.
Gideon Golber highlights that the port has been inactive for eight months due to ongoing attacks, resulting in a complete loss of revenue.

The CEO of the Port of Eilat, Gideon Golber, urged the Israeli government during a meeting of the Knesset's Economic Affairs Committee on Sunday to provide financial assistance to the port, separate from loans that would require repayment later.

"The port has been non-operational for eight months due to attacks, meaning it has no revenue," he stated.

Additionally, he called for immediate government intervention, stressing that the port's closure was not due to mismanagement but because "coalition countries have lost control over it."

He also mentioned that the committee deliberated on the port's situation, acknowledging that Yemen has effectively blocked shipping to it.

Comment: Israel's economy was struggling even before the joint Oct 7 operation (bear in mind Israel not only knew an attack was coming, but they capitalised on it) and, although there have been land deliveries compensating for the loss of the port, it's more expensive, and so with Israel's threats to escalate and expand the war, many of those land routes, may be taken out entirely:

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French woman shares devastating effects of mass immigration policies, pleads for help

© Getty/Ron Lach
A 26-year-old woman from France no longer feels safe in her home country due to the immigrants taking over her neighborhood. "I write this because, ten years ago, I could go out with my friends in the evening, at any hour, without being bothered, insulted, followed, or stabbed," she shared.

In 2021, more than a third of immigrants in the country had acquired French citizenship. Immigration to France has since surged, and in 2023, foreigners comprised over 10% of the country's population. As foreign men were brought in, the brutality against women increased, with more than 75% of rapes in Paris last year committed by foreign nationals, per GB News.

On July 1, 2024, French whistleblower Damien Rieu shared a disturbing post from a woman living in the city of Lyon, who shared the reality of living with immigrants. According to the English translation shared by a self-described independent reporter on X/Twitter, the woman and her friends were constantly harassed by foreigners.

Throughout this article, I will share reports of recent brutality committed by immigrants on French citizens.
"I am 26 years old, blonde, with light eyes, and I have always lived in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, which is thought of as the poshest area in Lyon, and my daily life has become unbearable," the woman wrote in a lengthy post sent to Rieu. "I write this because, ten years ago, I could go out with my friends in the evening, at any hour, without being bothered, insulted, followed, or stabbed."

Comment: See also: