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Thu, 25 Feb 2021
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Rochester cops won't face charges in death of Daniel Prude: NY AG

Attorney General Letitia James
© G.N.Miller
Attorney General Letitia James said her office saw a different outcome in Prude’s death than the grand jury did.
A grand jury voted not to indict the Rochester police officers who were involved in the suffocation death of Daniel Prude, the New York Attorney General said Tuesday.

"When I was here in September, I made a commitment to the Prude Family and the Rochester community, I would do everything in my power to ensure justice was served in the death of Daniel Prude," Attorney General Letitia James said.

"My office presented an extensive case and we saw a different outcome than the one the grand jury handed us today."

Comment: And as would be expected:
Protests erupt after jury decides NOT to indict officers involved in black man Daniel Prude's death in custody

Black Lives Matter protesters have taken to the streets of Rochester, New York after a jury refused to indict officers whose actions contributed to the death of Daniel Prude from asphyxiation during an arrest last year.

Protesters in Rochester scaled police barricades as they marched down the city streets on Tuesday, venting anger at the grand jury, which effectively exonerated officers who played a role in Prude's death last March.

Demonstrators, some carrying Black Lives Matter flags, chanted "Say his name, Daniel Prude."

Part of the crowd then headed to a police station on Child and Campbell streets.

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Global airline body IATA plans COVID travel pass for end of March

plane flying overhead
© REUTERS/Toby Melville
An aircraft takes off at Heathrow Airport amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in London, Britain, February 4, 2021.
Global airline industry body IATA said it would launch a COVID-19 travel pass at the end of March, bringing into use a digital system for test results and vaccine certificates which will help facilitiate international travel.

IATA said on Wednesday that it was essential that governments start issuing their citizens with digital vaccination certificates which can then feed into its travel pass.

Comment: More from eTN:
The app, dubbed the IATA Travel Pass, is designed to provide government, airlines and air passengers with a streamlined process to ensure there is "accurate information, secure identification and verified data" available to meet all relevant coronavirus restrictions.

The IATA has outlined a timeline for the full rollout of its travel pass, with initial efforts underway at Singapore Airlines while a further 20 airlines are testing the app. More companies are set to start using it in the next few months, the organization said, and it aims to have the full pass ready to go live at the end of March.

At the same meeting, the IATA expressed concerns that the ongoing global restrictions around COVID-19 are still hitting airlines, with its chief economist warning it will likely take longer than planned for companies to be able to stop burning cash and begin rebounding financially.

Some companies have expressed concern that the summer booking period, a popular time for the airline industry, still "remains weak," with reservations currently only at seven percent of pre-pandemic levels. The IATA, which represents some 290 members, has urged governments to provide further financial support to prevent the crisis in the travel industry from getting worse.

The statement from the IATA comes after Europol issued a warning about criminals selling falsified Covid-19 test results to travelers, allowing them to get around the restrictions in place because of the pandemic. In January, the UK's Immigration Service Union told Britain's Sky News that there is no way for border officers to validate Covid-19 tests to ensure they are legitimate.
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Mr. Potato

Media hypocrisy: 'Kids in cages' become 'shelters' under the loving embrace of Joe Biden

kids in cages then vs now
The media circus has two lexicons that they juggle on a daily basis, using one exclusively for candidates they like and another for those they don't.

The terms used for the facilities used to house illegal migrants is one of the best examples of this.

Comment: More from The National Pulse:
Biden is Putting Migrant Kids in Cages And Now AOC Doesn't Care
Joe Biden is re-opening a child migrant detention center, but neither the establishment media nor left-wing politicians appear to care. The response is starkly different from when President Trump operated the detention centers he inherited from the Obama-Biden administration.

The move is said to be a direct result of the relaxation of border enforcement, a stunning admission made in CNN reports.


Once known for crying at a fence overlooking a parking lot, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has - at the time of publication - said nothing about Biden's new move to "put kids in cages."
aoc kids in cages
National advocacy groups are also silent, and outlets such as the New York Times and CNN have failed to criticize Biden and his regime for re-opening the center and congregating migrant children in close conditions.

Perhaps the most important part of why these centers need to reopen in the first instance is the most important: the relaxation of enforcement. In other words, Joe Biden has signaled for people to come, illegally, into the United States.

When they arrive, he's putting them in detention centers.
And Psaki is defending the move. From RT:
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has recast the reopening of one of ex-president Trump's infamous migrant detention centers as a temporary fix for the pandemic, arguing that not locking kids up would be "inhumane."

Psaki was skewered by reporters on Tuesday after the Biden administration reopened a migrant detention facility that had been closed in 2019 under former president Donald Trump.

The press secretary floundered as she attempted to defend Biden's stated policy "not to expel unaccompanied children who arrive at the border" by putting those children back in the "cages" - actually shipping containers - he had so vociferously denounced when they were used by his predecessor.

"This is not kids being kept in cages," Psaki insisted, arguing "this is a facility that was reopened that is going to follow the same standards as other [Department of Health and Human Services] facilities."

"It is not a replication. Certainly not."

Psaki then emphasized that "That's never our intention - of replicating immigration policies of the past administration. But we are in a circumstance where we are not going to expel unaccompanied minors at the border. That would be inhumane."

Her explanation begged the question of which is less humane, given that Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris had rushed to cast Trump's use of the same facilities in 2019 as a "human rights abuse being committed by the United States government."

Harris especially accused Trump of having "pushed policies that's been [sic] about putting babies in cages at the border in the name of security."

Thus caught between a rock and a hard place, Psaki stressed that "there is a pandemic going on," suggesting that justified the reopening of the Texas facility - since the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the kids' final destination, can no longer house as many people due to Covid-19 space restrictions.


While a handful of Biden supporters had rallied to Psaki's aid on social media, suggesting the shipping-container cells were a step up from "cages" because they offered privacy, they avoided addressing the issue that those facilities had offered the same "privacy" under Trump, back when they were denounced as human rights violations. More clear-eyed Democrats and migrant advocates, on the other hand, slammed the reopening of the 700-child facility as "absolutely against everything Biden promised he was going to do."

Bad Guys

Teens face homicide charges in rape, murder of Ee Lee

Ee Lee Kamare Lewis
Two Milwaukee teenagers face homicide charges in the September 2020 rape and murder of Ee Lee, brutally beaten and left for dead in Washington Park.

Kamare Lewis, 17, and Kevin Spencer, 15 each face one count of first-degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime and one count of first-degree sexual assault (great bodily harm), as party to a crime.

Lee was found Sept. 16, 2020 in Washington Park by "bystanders," still breathing but unconscious, severely beaten and left for dead. She was undressed below the waist, indicating sexual assault. She suffered severe contusions to the face/head. A hospital examination confirmed the sex assault.


Moment police raid illegal rave inside London barbers

blurry rave photo
© Metropolitan Police
Although blurry, the footage shows a number of people present.
More than 20 people are facing fines after police shut down an illegal party at a south London barber shop.

Neighbours reported the large gathering and loud music at the premises on London Road in west Croydon shortly before midnight on February 19.

Body-worn camera footage shows officers walking through an empty section of the shop before opening a door to a separate room where a group of people had crammed inside.

In total, 22 people were referred for fixed penalty notices and the event organiser has also been reported for a £10,000 fine.


Who would have thought the Beastie Boys 80s' anthem "Fight For Your Right To Party" would become so relevant thirty five years later? And who would have thought it would take an unjust lockdown to revive the illegal rave scene?

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Masks have no place in the classroom

students with masks
'You can't teach with face coverings; you can't expect people to learn with face coverings.' Back in August, Boris Johnson was clear: getting children to wear face masks in the classroom was 'clearly nonsensical'. He was absolutely right. Interaction is an essential part of teaching and learning and it is impossible to engage fully in classroom activity if half of your face is covered.

But now, as the government's roadmap out of lockdown has revealed, secondary-school pupils will be expected to mask up in the classroom when they return to school next month. A shrug of the shoulders, a flick of the pen, one more item added to the ever-expanding list of Boris's u-turns. What happened to the belief that this was 'clearly nonsensical'? It seems we don't even deserve an explanation.

Since September, many secondary-school pupils have had to wear masks in corridors and communal areas, as well as on public transport getting to and from school - when they have been permitted to attend, that is. This latest requirement for them to wear masks in the classroom means that children as young as 11 will spend the majority of their waking hours donning a face mask.

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FBI seized congressional cellphone records related to Capitol attack

tear gas
© Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images
Gas is deployed as rioting Trump supporters breach the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021.
Within hours of the storming of the Capitol on January 6, the FBI began securing thousands of phone and electronic records connected to people at the scene of the rioting — including some related to members of Congress, raising potentially thorny legal questions.

Using special emergency powers and other measures, the FBI has collected reams of private cellphone data and communications that go beyond the videos that rioters shared widely on social media, according to two sources with knowledge of the collection effort.

In the hours and days after the Capitol riot, the FBI relied in some cases on emergency orders that do not require court authorization in order to quickly secure actual communications from people who were identified at the crime scene. Investigators have also relied on data "dumps" from cellphone towers in the area to provide a map of who was there, allowing them to trace call records — but not content — from the phones.

The cellphone data includes many records from the members of Congress and staff members who were at the Capitol that day to certify President Joe Biden's election victory. The FBI is "searching cell towers and phones pinging off cell sites in the area to determine visitors to the Capitol," a recently retired senior FBI official told The Intercept. The data is also being used to map links between suspects, which include members of Congress, they also said. (Capitol Police are reportedly investigating whether lawmakers helped rioters gain access to the Capitol as several Democrats have alleged they did, though Republican officials deny this.)

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#FireFauci trends as he tells vaccinated people to remain under lockdown, blames Trump's 'denial' for massive death count

© REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo
Calls for White House adviser Anthony Fauci to be fired have intensified as he continues pushing lockdown restrictions and criticizing former President Donald Trump over Covid-19 deaths.

After cautioning vaccinated individuals from resuming normal activities like dining out or attending large group events, Fauci tried clarifying his stance in a Tuesday interview with CNN, saying more relaxed guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be coming "soon."

The agency, Fauci said, needs to "sit down, talk about it, look at the data and then come out with a recommendation based on the science."

"Common sense tells you that, in fact, you don't have to be as stringent in your public health measures," he added, but "we want to get firm recommendations from the CDC."

The CDC did update its guidance earlier this month to say those who have received both doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine do not need to quarantine if they have been exposed to someone who is Covid-positive.

Comment: Many more individuals have become wise to how Fauci's defense of vaccines, masks, lockdowns, etc. - increasingly make no sense whatsoever - and what's worse - have a detrimental effect on the psychological and physical well-being of the vast majority of society.


'Blacklist' site asks people to report everyone who voted for Trump to 'unmask' them

Trump rally
© REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo
Conservatives are up in arms over a website that is asking people to report any acquaintance who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

"This is insane. The Founders are rolling over in their graves," RealClearPolitics cofounder Tim Bevan tweeted on Tuesday, including a link to the site in a subsequent tweet.


The US loves to accuse other nations of being unable to cope in a crisis, but the chaos in Texas shows it can't look after its own

houston storm
© Reuters
The US has finger-wagged at other countries for decades, alleging they can't care for their people. But when disaster strikes at home, America is not prepared, with the winter storm in the Lone Star State just the latest example.

The storm that ravaged Texas and moved northeast last week revealed, once again, major failures in America's infrastructure, causing unnecessary suffering, and even death, in affected areas. Power outages worsened during the week, depriving over 4 million people of electricity.

Pipes froze and burst, water treatment plants shut down and household taps stopped flowing. Even some hospitals were without water for days while people lost heat and stood in long lines searching for food. The big chill contributed to a deadly toll of over 70 fatalities across several states among people who perished from carbon monoxide poisoning, in house fires, during road accidents, and by freezing to death.