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US: Anti-war Activists Arrested Near White House as They Mark 8th Anniversary of Start of Iraq War

© The Associated Press / Jacquelyn Martin
Pat Loveless, right, of Takoma Park, Md., protests the 8th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, with other anti-war protesters during a rally near the White House in Washington, on Saturday, March 19,2011.

More than 100 anti-war protesters, including the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, were arrested outside the White House on Saturday in demonstrations marking the eighth anniversary of the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

The protesters, some shouting anti-war slogans and singing "We Shall Not Be Moved," were arrested after ignoring orders to move away from the gates of the White House. The demonstrators cheered loudly as Daniel Ellsberg, the former military analyst who in 1971 leaked the Pentagon's secret history of the Vietnam War that was later published in major newspapers, was arrested and led away by police.

Similar protests marking the start of the Iraq war were also planned Saturday in Chicago, San Francisco and other cities.

The demonstration in Washington on Saturday merged varied causes, including protesters demanding a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as those supporting Bradley Manning, the jailed Army private suspected of giving classified documents to the website Wikileaks.

One chant that was repeated was: "Stop the War! Expose the Lies! Free Bradley Manning!"

There was little talk of the U.S. missile strikes against Moammar Gadhafi's forces in Libya on Saturday, part of an international effort to protect rebel forces.

Manning is being held in solitary confinement for all but an hour every day at a Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Virginia. He is given a suicide-proof smock to wear to bed and is stripped naked each night. On Sunday, a protest will be held in Quantico, outside the brig where Manning is being held.

Ellsberg has publicly defended Manning, calling him a "brother," and Wikileaks.


Police: US man, 70, stoned to death by friend who said victim made unwanted sexual advances

A 70-year-old man was stoned to death with a rock stuffed in a sock by a younger friend who alleged the victim made unwanted sexual advances, authorities said.

According to the criminal complaint, John Thomas, 28, of a Philadelphia suburb, told police he killed Murray Seidman of nearby Lansdowne because the Bible refers to stoning homosexuals.

"I stoned Murray with a rock in a sock," Thomas told police, according to the criminal complaint. Thomas was arrested and charged with murder Friday.

According to the complaint, "John Thomas stated that he read in the Old Testament that homosexuals should be stoned in certain situations. The answer John Thomas received from his prayers was to put an end to the victim's life. John Thomas stated that he struck the victim approximately 10 times in the head. After the final blow, John Thomas made sure the victim was dead."

"He is a deeply religious man. Or so he says," said Lansdowne Police Chief Dan Kortan.


Driver films moment when Japan tsunami sweeps car off road in Asahi - Driver survives

Wall Street

Welfare State: Handouts Make Up One-Third of U.S. Wages

Government payouts - including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance - make up more than a third of total wages and salaries of the U.S. population, a record figure that will only increase if action isn't taken before the majority of Baby Boomers enter retirement.

© Unknown
Even as the economy has recovered, social welfare benefits make up 35 percent of wages and salaries this year, up from 21 percent in 2000 and 10 percent in 1960, according to TrimTabs Investment Research using Bureau of Economic Analysis data.

"The U.S. economy has become alarmingly dependent on government stimulus," said Madeline Schnapp, director of Macroeconomic Research at TrimTabs, in a note to clients. "Consumption supported by wages and salaries is a much stronger foundation for economic growth than consumption based on social welfare benefits."

The economist gives the country two stark choices. In order to get welfare back to its pre-recession ratio of 26 percent of pay, "either wages and salaries would have to increase $2.3 trillion, or 35 percent, to $8.8 trillion, or social welfare benefits would have to decline $500 billion, or 23 percent, to $1.7 trillion," she said.

Arrow Down

U.S. Sen. Bill Ketron wants Tennessee to consider creating its own currency

© AP/Erik Schelzig
Tennessee state Sen. Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro.
Nashville, Tenn. - State Sen. Bill Ketron is pushing for Tennessee to study whether the state should create its own currency in the event of a breakdown of the Federal Reserve.

Depending on the perspective, Ketron's proposal is either a harmless step toward safeguarding the state in the event of national financial calamity, or proof that the Republican-led General Assembly is distracting itself from the task of creating jobs and improving the economy.

Republican-led General Assembly is distracting itself from the task of creating jobs and improving the economy.

Ketron has filed a joint resolution to create a committee that would study whether Tennessee should adopt a currency as an alternative to the federal dollar in the event of a "major breakdown" of the Federal Reserve.


ABC accused of tarnishing Disney brand with launch of Good Christian Bitches show

A parents' rights group has hit out at producers ABC, calling their latest show 'Good Christian Bitches' an 'affront to women'.

The Parents Television Council, who recently attacked MTV's controversial new teen drama Skins, said the title of the new show denigrated women and attacked the world's 'largest faith'.

The show, which is based on a book of the same name, is still in its pilot stage.
© GoodChristianBitches.com
Controversial: The pilot TV episode has roused angry cries from Christian and family groups

Bowing to pressure, ABC has since abbreviated the working title of the show to GCB.

PTC president Tim Winter said: 'The 'B-word' is toxic and is used to degrade, abuse, harass, bully and humiliate women.

'The 'Christian' element only adds insult to injury. Regardless of whether the title ultimately makes it to broadcast, ABC has publicly proclaimed its values and it has tarnished the Disney brand.'


Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan

Lifting the Veil of Nuclear Catastrophe and cover-up

© Keith Harmon Snow 93
A Japanese child on the eastern shores of Japan.
As the sun set over quake-stricken Japan on Thursday 17 March 2011, we learned that four of six Fukushima nuclear reactor sites are irradiating the earth, that the fire is burning out of control at Reactor No. 4's pool of spent nuclear fuel, that there are six spent fuel pools at risk all told, and that the sites are too hot to deal with. On March 16 Plumes of White Vapor began pouring from crippled Reactor No. 3 where the spent fuel pool may already be lost. Over the previous days we were told: nothing to worry about. Earthquakes and after shocks, tidal wave, explosions, chemical pollution, the pox of plutonium, contradicting information too obvious to ignore, racism, greed -- add these to the original Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine and Death. The situation is apocalyptic and getting worse. This is one of the most serious challenges humanity has ever faced.

The U.S. nuke industry is blaming Japanese experts, distancing itself from the monster it created. Instead of sending nuclear or health experts to assistance the Japanese people in their time of desperate need, US President Barack Obama first sent teams of intelligence agents and FEMA trained military grunts with special security clearances. The Pentagon floated a naval strike force led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan off the coast of Japan: advertised as a 'humanitarian' operation, the strike force was repositioned after it was partially irradiated. Can we trust officials and the corporate news media to tell us what is happening in an honest, timely, transparent manner? Are there precedents to the nuclear crisis in Japan? What is the U.S. defense establishment really concerned with here?

Humanity now faces a deadly serious challenge coming out of Japan -- the epicenter of radiation. Intentional efforts to downplay or dismiss this catastrophe reveal the immaturity of western civilization and some of our most acute human pathologies, including our worship of technology and our psychopathology of denial. The widespread distortion and cover-ups to protect private profits, national and corporate interests, to fool and betray the people, are unacceptable. Here are some of the deeper whats and whys and hows -- some technical issues and the kinds of questions people need to ask -- about the nuclear apocalypse unfolding on planet earth. Prayers are not enough. It's time to question everything, to put politics aside, to take personal action to halt nuclear expansion and defend ourselves from this industrial juggernaut.


People Power! "Day of Rage" Scheduled in Washington D.C. for June 30, 2011

Washington D.C. "Day of Rage" Scheduled To Detain War Criminals For Prosecution at The Hague

Joseph Zrnchik, the author of a new book available on Amazon called Assange and Government in a Wikileaks World, calls for a "Day of Rage" in Washington D.C. on June 30, 2011. In his call for prosecution of U.S. officials for war crimes he states:

people power
The crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. government and its proxies, that can only be described as an ongoing global crime spree beginning with the 1953 overthrow of the Iranian government and continuing on with the current wars in the Middle East, which have been aggravated by a hegemonic drive to weave a globalist system controlled by the power elite, has resulted in many reprisals of which one was the terrorist attack on 9/11. The elites crimes have made tens of thousands of Americans victims of reprisal or casualties in war by those seeking defense from or retribution for the power elites international lawlessness over the last fifty years. Americans now have the power of mass communication and hence the means to end these atrocities and cease being made victims as the result of criminal actions by a government being run by a ruling elite using a two-tiered justice system that allows the state to turn Americans into corpses without legal redress. We have the power to take back our freedom and hold criminals responsible with their lives. We can end the tyranny. The U.S. government no longer has anything to offer the people after allowing the theft of their wealth by the financial elite, but we the people now have the power to get justice.

Comment: It is not a bad idea for millions of Americans to meet outside the White House on that day and demand peacefully that the war criminals be prosecuted. Beware however, that there will be agents provocateurs, creating chaos and disrupting the event, like it happens in any such situation. If enough people are aware and give the trouble makes back to the police, then the American population might be able to express their rightful rage in an effective way.

Life Preserver

Japan: Survivor pulled from Japan rubble after 8 days

Tokyo - Military search teams pulled a young man from a crushed house Saturday, eight days after an earthquake and tsunami wrecked northeast Japan.

The young man, found in the rubble in Kesennuma city, was too weak to talk and was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital, said a military official. The official, who declined to give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the media, had no other details.


US: Elite surfer drowns after wipeout off northern California coast

surfer Sion Milosky
© Unknown
Shock: Big-wave surfer Sion Milosky has been killed in a wipeout off the northern California coast, stunning the close-knit big-wave surfing community

A surfer has died after being dragged under by a wave he was riding off the northern California coast.

Fearless Sion Milosky, 35, died on Wednesday evening, apparently drowning in the wipeout at the famed Mavericks surf break, south of San Francisco.

Friends said the wave 'caught him like an avalanche' and he never came up leaving the close-knit surfing community stunned.