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Thu, 06 Oct 2022
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Is nationalism returning to Europe?

nationalism europe resurgence
The past few weeks have proven rather interesting for European geopolitics. This comes following the success of various Italian conservative politicians, the increased rhetoric surrounding Russia, and the outrage surrounding the supposed US involvement in the destruction of a Nord Stream pipeline (supposedly under Germany's control). Both are not isolated incidents, but rather play into the growing agitation among average Europeans who are beginning to see the fruit of globalism, neo-Marxism, and foreign interference, which, up until this point, had little impact on everyday life. Now with all of that changing, people across the continent are beginning to change the way that they think, vote, and live.


Let me start by saying that the precursor to much of what is happening right now is the push towards globalism and away from national concerns. This has been happening in Europe for the better part of 30 years. During the initial decade (throughout the 1990s) globalism proved somewhat beneficial to the first world in an era of naive optimism. With the fall of the Soviet Union, no major threats were on the horizon, and with China growing as a manufacturing power there was ample benefit to being interconnected on a global scale. Since then, these ideas have indeed been proven naive at best, and wilfully destructive at worst. The past decade has proven that globalism fails on the economic front thanks to cultural differences, and fails on the societal front for the exact same reason. Now, looking forward, it appears as if Europe is on the verge of major change in the face of these same issues.

Bad Guys

Lockdowns have left more than a third of young people feeling their life is spiralling out of control, study finds

youth stressed mental health covid
© Tero Vesalainen/Alamy
More than a third of young people feel their life is spiralling out of control following the pandemic, according to findings released to the Guardian ahead of a nationwide campaign that highlights the impact of years of restrictions on the younger generation. Here's an excerpt from the newspaper's report - though it being the Guardian, it's always "Covid" or "the pandemic" that is to blame rather than lockdowns or restrictions.
The Prince's Trust Class of Covid research also found that more than 60% of 16-25-year-olds said they were scared about their generation's future, having lived through a pandemic only to face a cost-of-living crisis. One in three think their job prospects will never recover from the pandemic...

There is also evidence of widespread "retarded development" among young people as a result of missing developmental milestones during the pandemic, according to findings from the Savanta State of the Youth Nation report.

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John Pilger: Silencing the lambs. How propaganda works

© MintPress News
In the 1970s, I met one of Hitler's leading propagandists, Leni Riefenstahl, whose epic films glorified the Nazis. We happened to be staying at the same lodge in Kenya, where she was on a photography assignment, having escaped the fate of other friends of the Fuhrer.

She told me that the 'patriotic messages' of her films were dependent not on 'orders from above' but on what she called the 'submissive void' of the German public.

Did that include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie? I asked. 'Yes, especially them,' she said.

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Explosion at Bulgarian firearms factory kills one, occurs same day President called for Ukraine's NATO admission to be postponed

bulgaria ammunition factory
© Arsenal website
A suspected accidental explosion at a factory in the town of Kazanlak owned by Bulgaria's leading manufacturer of firearms has left one person dead and several injured.
An explosion in the Arsenal firearms factory in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak on Tuesday left one person dead and two missing, with another hospitalised in a critical condition, according to media reports.

Focus Radio reported that there are also workers buried in rubble at the building and efforts to rescue them are underway.

The local prosecution is investigating the case as an accident and has warned that there might be a second explosion.

According to Bulgarian National Radio, the blast was caused by technological disruptions related to violations of workplace safety protocols.

Comment: It's perhaps a coincidence that on the same day it was reported that Bulgaria's President said that Ukraine shouldn't be admitted into NATO until a peace deal with Russia has been agreed, and warned against NATO's further involvement the West's proxy war.

One is also reminded of the numerous other munition factory explosions that have occurred in recent years: See also:

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Ports, mines, agriculture: What can new regions give Russia's economy?

novorossiya putin and friends
© Getty Images / Anadolu Agency / Contributor
The former Ukrainian territories have large industrial and agricultural potential.

On Monday, Russia's State Duma ratified the treaties on the accession of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR), as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, to the Russian Federation. The territories overwhelmingly voted to join the country in referendums in September.

Economists say the restoration of the conflict-ravaged territories will take huge investment, noting, however, that the returns may be even greater. RT looks at the economic cost as well as the benefits of integrating the territories into Russia.

Wall Street

Twitter to close Elon Musk purchase at $54.20 per share

elon musk twitter
Elon Musk has confirmed his plan to proceed with his $44 billion purchase of Twitter, and thus will avoid trial with the social media giant. A letter confirming Musk's plans to Twitter was released on Tuesday, which says that Musk "intend[s]s to proceed to closing the transaction contemplated by April 25, 2022."

"On behalf of ... the 'Musk Parties', we write to notify you that the Musk Parties intend to proceed to closing of the transaction contemplated by the April 25, 2022 Merger Agreement, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth therein and pending receipt of the proceeds of the debt financing contemplated thereby, provided that the Delaware Chancery Court enter an immediate stay of the action, Twitter vs. Musk, et al. (C.A. No. 202-0613-KSJM) (the 'Action') and adjourn the trial and all other proceedings related thereto pending such closing or further order of the Court," the letter reads, according to Bloomberg.

Comment: It looks like the buyout is proceeding. But it remains to be seen whether an Elon Musk-owned Twitter will be any better than what we currently have.

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The end of doctors' freedom to ignore what the government and pharmaceutical industry say should worry us all

doctor patient
On October 11th a Bill is to be presented to the Queensland Parliament which would impose draconian limits on what doctors can say to their patients. If passed, doctors will no longer be able to express their opinion or use their experience, training and education, if that opinion goes against what the Government health bureaucrats determine to be in the general interests of the public.

The National Law originally came into being after the Commonwealth, States and Territories all entered into an intergovernmental agreement in 2008. By that agreement it was established the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (the National Law) would first become legislation passed by the Queensland parliament (s.6.3), which the other States and Territories would then mirror and pass via each of their parliaments (s.6.4), the same intergovernmental agreement established the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council (s.7.1) charged with overseeing the National Law.

Comment: This could be the first step in phasing out doctors entirely. If doctors become nothing more than protocol regurgitators, whose professional opinion is entirely irrelevant, they could easily be replaced by a computer program.

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Seems the transfer of factories from Germany to the US is cancelled

Germany Factories Move
© Stalker Zone Org
In the last six months, I confess, even I was sure that everything that was happening in Europe would force European industry to move to the United States.

It seems that this is what the Americans started all this for, but something went wrong.

The calculation was simple: in Europe, it's necessary to create an energy crisis so that any production becomes unprofitable. To create such a crisis, Europe must be cut off from its main energy supplier, Russia.

For this purpose, at first soft methods were used - sanctions. Moreover, the reasons for sanctions at the first stage were weak: either someone is allegedly poisoned, then referendums are allegedly illegal, or something else.

Seeing that this does not help and the Nord Streams continue to function and build, the United States has moved to a more radical measure - unleashing war. Let's not go on now for the hundredth time about how they trained a shepherd dog right under our door, we simply state that this measure also began to look like a failure.

In Europe, right-wing forces, for whom someone's instructions from across the ocean are unimportant, have become more active. Yes, the right-wingers are not yet in power in Germany (Scholz, for example, is a Social Democrat, that is, a leftist), but in general it was noticeable that Germany was already ready to give up in a couple of months.

That is why the Americans have moved from sanctions to the physical destruction of the gas infrastructure. And something tells me they haven't finished yet.

It would seem that German factories are now closing and they need to move to continue working. But the trouble is, they don't really need to move to the US either.

Bizarro Earth

TWO spikes of newborn baby deaths in Scotland under investigation

baby ppe plastic lockdown social distancing
FILE PHOTO: Mother holding child through PPE during lockdown.
An investigation is to be carried out into the number of newborn baby deaths in Scotland.

The Scottish government has ordered the review of neonatal death rates after two spikes over a six-month period. Both increases were larger than what would normally be expected.

At least 18 babies under four weeks old died in March. That came after at least 21 babies died in September last year.

Comment: Note that this follows the roll out of the experimental covid vaccines.

The review will be carried out by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

It is expected to last six to nine months and cover all reported baby deaths between April 2021 and March 2022.

Comment: More data is needed but it's possible that these spikes are linked to the roll out of the experimental Covid jabs; more so now that a recent study proved that the breastmilk of those who took the jabs is contaminated with the mRNA concoction. And it wouldn't be the first spate of child deaths associated with the injections, both directly and indirectly:


Schools in Czech Republic ordered to turn down heating due to fuel shortages, footage shows students using blankets to stay warm

Czech Republic
The current energy crisis brought on by the war between Russia and Ukraine forced the Czech Ministry of Health to draft an amendment that calls for lower temperature as well as fewer ventilation requirements in gyms and classrooms.

The justification for the adjustment also drafts a decree on hygienic standards for school premises, according to Ceskenoviny news website.

The Ministry of Health proposes to reduce the temperature outside the classrooms in schools and to ventilate less, reducing minimum heating temperature in school premises outside classrooms. For example, it could be 17 degrees Celsius in the gymnasiums or in the corridors instead of the current 18 and in the showers 21 instead of 24. In the classrooms it should remain at 20 degrees Celsius.

Comment: It wasn't so long ago that manic ideologues were encouraging people to take cold showers so they could victoriously scream 'take that Putin' at the sky, however, now, even before winter has begun to bite, European countries are struggling to maintain a semblance of normalcy over even simple issues. In their attempts to destroy Russia, Europe and the US are ruining themselves.