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Wed, 27 Oct 2021
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Trigger warnings put on classic children's books at Cambridge University

Book cencorship cancel culture
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Homerton College staff say it is their ‘duty as gatekeepers to stop ‘casual racism going unchecked’
Children's books with 'harmful content relating to slavery, colonialism and racism' will be given 'trigger warnings' in a Cambridge University archive.

Classics including Little House On The Prairie are expected to be given the label as Homerton College reviews more than 10,000 books and magazines.

Words, phrases and images deemed 'harmful' will be given content warnings at the start of each bit of text in online versions.

Little House On The Prairie is likely to get a warning for Laura Ingalls Wilder's 'stereotypical depictions of Native Americans'.

Comment: Protect? In reality, it will DISABLE people and encourage them to become hypersensitive snowflakes.

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'Big Tech can & WILL censor everyone': YouTube temporarily deletes prominent leftist news channel Novara Media, triggering outcry

YouTube logo
© Reuters / Lucy Nicholson
A YouTube logo seen at the YouTube Space LA in Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles, California, October 21, 2015.
YouTube wiped Novara Media - a left-wing news and commentary channel - from its platform, before reversing the move shortly afterwards. Conservatives, already used to Big Tech's censorship, were not surprised.
"This morning the Novara Media YouTube channel was deleted without warning or explanation," Novara tweeted on Tuesday.
"Novara Media is among the top 50 most watched news and politics channels in the UK," the statement continued. "We play an important public service role and regularly feature interviews with politicians, human rights campaigners, scientists and activists from around the world. We are regulated by IMPRESS in the UK."

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NYPD's largest police union files lawsuit over COVID vax mandate

© Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate goes into effect for cops and all other city workers at the end of this week.
The Big Apple's largest police union filed a lawsuit Monday in a last-minute bid to overturn Mayor Bill de Blasio's COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which goes into effect for cops and all other city workers at the end of this week.

The Police Benevolent Association argues in the Staten Island Supreme Court lawsuit that the current "vax or test" policy is "sufficient enough" in curbing infections.

"The City has provided no explanation, much less a rational one, for the need to violate the autonomy and privacy of NYPD police officers in such a severe manner, on the threat of termination," the lawsuit said.

Comment: MyNorthwest reported on 26/10/2021 that for a third time "a judge has rejected a bid to halt Washington's recently-imposed vaccine mandate for state workers."
They had hoped to get an emergency restraining order against the mandate while the lawsuit played out in court, but ultimately, Judge Thomas Rice struck down the motion.

Rice pointed out that the Supreme Court "has long endorsed state and local government authority to impose compulsory vaccines." That includes a 1906 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, which upheld a smallpox vaccine mandate imposed by the Cambridge Board of Health.


Almost 1,900 state employees either quit or were terminated following the Oct. 18 implementation of Washington's worker vaccine mandate.


Who Orchestrated the Attack on Ivermectin?

In early September 2021, Oklahoma's KFOR news ran a falsified story about emergency rooms being overrun with patients who had overdosed on horse ivermectin.1 Other mainstream media followed suit — all incorrectly referring to ivermectin as a dangerous veterinary drug.

In the real world, ivermectin is a human drug that has been safely used by 3.7 billion people since the early 1990s.2 In 2016, three scientists received the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for their discovery of ivermectin against parasitic infections in humans.3 It's also on the World Health Organization's list of essential medicines.4

There's absolutely no reason whatsoever to disparage ivermectin as a "horse dewormer" that only a loony person would consider taking. Yet that's what mainstream media have done, virtually without exception.


'Naive is an understatement': German safety official tells RT that risk of electric vehicle fires is 'completely unaddressed'

bus fire
© AP/Andreas Rosar
Bus depot fire in Stuttgart, Germany
A series of fires involving electric buses is calling into question Germany's reliance on these zero-emissions vehicles. "The risk of these fires," safety regulator Heinrich Duepmann told RT, "is completely unaddressed."

Europe is experiencing a green transport boom. Sales have quadrupled since 2018, and one in every ten new vehicles sold on the continent is now fully electric, a share that rises to four in ten when hybrid vehicles are taken into account. In Germany, where the Greens are in talks about joining a coalition government, the number of electric buses doubled last year compared to 2019.

The switchover from diesel to electricity has not been entirely smooth. Three bus depots were gutted by fire this year alone, with the most recent in Stuttgart last month destroying 25 buses and sending a column of smoke towering over the city.

Comment: It is a short-sighted assumption that the electric grid will be a continual and unlimited source of energy.

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Forget what you're being told. Here's the real reason for California's trucker shortage

truck driver
© Unknown
By now you're familiar with the chaos at the Port of Los Angeles, where container ships have been backing up for months, causing shortages of consumer goods and increased inflation.

There are multiple causes, including union rules preventing extra shifts or longer hours to get the ships unloaded, a lack of rail capacity for the extra goods, and not enough truckers to haul everything away.

What if I told you the trucker shortage isn't just what you've been told?
What if I told you that in California, the trucker shortage is a self-inflicted wound?
What if I told you the wound was inflicted by Democrats?

You can't find your shocked face, can you?

Long term, this nation does have a trucker problem. The average age for truckers is 55, and the industry is having a hard time attracting new workers.

Redwood Logistics explains:
The Federal requirement states you must be 21 years old to hold an Interstate Commercial Divers License. This leaves a 3-year post-high school gap, where possible employees become distracted by new employment opportunities.
Over the next 10-15 years, a lot of truckers are going to retire, and there aren't enough replacements in the pipeline.

Comment: Regulate the state out of commission and compound the nation's problems - one more calculated step in the march to crush society.

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Gas explosion rips through Russian apartment building in Tatarstan

gas explosion
© Ruptly
A large explosion has ripped through a residential building in the Russian city of Naberezhnye Chelny, sending emergency services scrambling to respond, with videos showing the resulting devastation posted by locals at the scene.

Reports of the blast began circulating on Monday afternoon. Several apartments across the top two floors of the five-story building appear to have been damaged, but officials have not yet released any news as to whether residents were injured. Naberezhnye Chelny is the second-largest city in the region of Tatarstan, in central Russia.

Just last month, a blast rocked the city of Noginsk, just outside Moscow, leaving two people dead and several more, including children, buried under the rubble. The explosion, which caved in at least three floors of the apartment complex, was traced to a gas leak.

Comment: It's not just in recent months these incidents have been reported, and not just in Russia, they appear to be occurring with an increasing frequency, and across the planet. Obviously not all of them will be due to the same cause but the sheer frequency and distribution is notable:

Black Magic

UK NHS threatening mandatory Covid jab for 100,000 unvaccinated staff, despite major staffing shortages & lockdown backlog

NHS hospital uk
© Peter Byrne/PA
Health secretary yet to make final decision on whether to bring NHS in line with care home sector in England
NHS staff have been warned they could face a mandatory requirement to be vaccinated against Covid, with the health secretary saying he is "leaning towards" making the jabs compulsory for staff in England.

Comment: If he's considering mandating these experimental injections, either they're critical to the situation or they're not. For him to say that he's 'leaning towards' a decision, despite these staff having managed through the supposed peak 'waves' of this manufactured crisis demonstrates that the mandate is clearly not critical. Notably, a number of other, albeit select, countries - including Italy, France, Switzerland, and the US - are acting in lockstep and they're rushing through mandates as well, whereas Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, are talking about dropping all restrictions and 'going back to normal'.

Sajid Javid said he had not made a final decision, but the move would put NHS staff in England broadly in line with the requirement for care home workers.

Comment: Note how inconsistent this 'science' is.

It comes as the chancellor is expected to announce £5.9bn for NHS England as part of financial measures this week to clear the backlog of those waiting for tests and scans, which has been worsened by the pandemic, and also to buy equipment and improve IT.

Comment: One wonders just how much of this IT spend will go towards the vaccine passport infrastructure? Because, considering the NHS' current problems, more hospital computers won't save lives, more experienced staff would. However by mandating the injection the government and the NHS knows they will lose desperately needed, experienced staff, but apparently they have other priorities: "Frightening" shortfall of 50,000 doctors for UK's NHS this winter, healthcare staff 'quit over the summer' - BMA

Comment: The NHS is already unable to cope, if it loses even 10% of staff over the mandate it's likely many people will suffer, and some will die, unnecessarily: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: World on the Brink - Mass Acceptance of Tyranny Augurs Doom

Yellow Vest

NYC workers protest vax mandate with march across Brooklyn Bridge: 'We will not comply!'

vaccine protest brooklyn bridge new york city nyc
© Gregory P. Mango
The large crowd of people protesting the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for municipal workers on October 25, 2021.
City workers took to the streets Monday to protest Mayor Bill de Blasio's vaccine mandate for the entire municipal workforce. At least 20 people were arrested during the protest, a police source said.

Days after the mayor announced that all government employees except for jail staff will need to receive a vaccine shot by Friday or be placed on unpaid leave, about 5,000 incensed demonstrators marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan.

Many carried American flags, chanting, "F-k de Blasio" and "We will not comply!"

Some protesters wore NYPD and FDNY shirts, and several hoisted Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me" flags, while others took to the extreme of wearing yellow stars of David to compare the inoculation requirement to Nazi Germany's persecution of Jews.


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'Unmitigated disaster': Scotland's Covid passport scheme blasted by venues after chaotic first weekend of enforcement

scotland nhs covid pass
© Getty Images / Jane Barlow
The Scottish Hospitality Group, which represents the country's night-time venues, condemned the Covid vaccine passport scheme after the first weekend of enforcement, warning it's an "unmitigated disaster" that crippled footfall.

Addressing the impact of the scheme, the Scottish trade body outlined how forcing the Covid measure on venues has resulted in staff facing "intolerable levels of abuse" and in creating an "atmosphere that will totally undermine anyone's enjoyment" of the venues.

"The first weekend of the vaccine passports scheme has been one of unmitigated disaster and that responsibility lies entirely at the door of the Scottish Government," SHG spokesman Stephen Montgomery said on Monday.