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Thu, 08 Jun 2023
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Ukraine organizes right-wing football fans to attack Pro-Russian protesters - bloody clash

Peaceful rallies in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov turned violent as a crowd of several thousand football ultras attacked a crowd of some 300 anti-government protesters. At least 14 people were injured, including two law enforcement officers.

Thousands of fans of two Ukrainian football clubs Dnipro and Metalist gathered in Kharkov's Constitution Square where they joined some 250 pro-Kiev activists holding a rally.


Plain-clothes Philly cops shoot hoodie-wearing pizza man who thought he was being robbed

A pizza deliveryman was in critical condition after two plain-clothes police officers in Philadelphia broke department protocol and opened fire on his moving vehicle, claiming their lives were in danger.

The officers were responding to reports of gunfire on Tuesday night when they saw 20-year-old Philippe Holland with his hands in his pocket, and wearing a hoodie.

"As I understand it, they asked the male to stop," Deputy Police Commissioner Richard Ross explained on Tuesday. "The male, in quick fashion, got in his car and he drove at a high rate of speed towards the officers. The officers then discharged out of fear for their lives."

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The roots of worldwide violence: The essential role of an enlightened witness in society

Alice Miller sees the roots of worldwide violence in the fact that children are beaten all over the world, especially during their first years, when their brain becomes structured.. The damages caused by this practice are devastating, but unfortunately hardly noticed by society.


Canadian woman accuses French police of rape

Four French police officers are being held in custody on suspicion of raping a 34-year-old Canadian woman at their Paris station.
A Canadian tourist alleges she was raped by at least one drunk police officer at police headquarters in Paris, according to French media reports.

French media are reporting the 34-year-old woman is from Toronto and is the daughter of a police officer.

The unnamed woman reportedly met some cops at a pub late Tuesday and chatted with them for a while before being invited to visit the iconic headquarters on the River Seine.

She alleges that at the headquarters, the officers, including a captain in an anti-gang unit, sexually assaulted her in an office.

The woman was found near headquarters crying and wanting to file an official complaint.


More renounce US citizenship but do not fit "tax avoiding" stereotype

© AP Photo/Carol Tapanila
This July 2012 photo provided by Carol Tapanila shows her and her second husband in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Tapanila, a native of upstate New York who has lived in Canada since 1969, has joined a largely overlooked surge of Americans rejecting what is, to millions, a highly sought prize: U.S. citizenship. In 2013, the U.S. government reported a record 2,999 people renounced citizenship or terminated permanent residency.
Inside the long-awaited package, six pages of government paperwork dryly affirmed Carol Tapanila's anxious request. But when Tapanila slipped the contents from the brown envelope, she saw there was something more.

"We the people...." declared the script inside her U.S. passport - now with four holes punched through it from cover to cover. Her departure from life as an American was stamped final on the same page: "Bearer Expatriated Self."

With the envelope's arrival, Tapanila, a native of upstate New York who has lived in Canada since 1969, joined a largely overlooked surge of Americans rejecting what is, to millions, a highly sought prize: U.S. citizenship. Last year, the U.S. government reported a record 2,999 people renounced citizenship or terminated permanent residency; most are widely assumed to be driven by a desire to avoid paying taxes on hidden wealth.

The reality, though, is more complicated. The government's pursuit of tax evaders among Americans living abroad is indeed driving the jump in abandoned citizenship, experts say. But renouncers - whose ranks have swelled more than five-fold from a decade ago - often contradict the stereotype of the financial scoundrel. Many are from very ordinary economic circumstances.

Some call themselves "accidental Americans," who recall little of life in the U.S., but long ago happened to be born in it. Others say they renounced because of politics, family or personal identity. Some say signing away citizenship was a huge relief. Others recall being sickened by the decision.

At the U.S. consulate in Geneva, "I talked to a man who explained to me that I could never, ever get my nationality back," says Donna-Lane Nelson, whose Boston accent lingers though she's lived in Switzerland 24 years. "It felt like a divorce. It felt like a death. I took the second oath and I left the consulate and I threw up."

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No charges for cops filmed robbing and terrorizing store owners in Philadelphia

A sickening injustice happened this week in Philadelphia. Several Cops who were even caught on video terrorizing 22 Philly bodega owners will not be facing any criminal charges.

A Philadelphia plainclothes narcotics squad had barreled into the immigrants' bodegas, guns drawn. They had cut the wires on the stores' video surveillance systems, robbed thousands of dollars from the cash drawers, stolen food and merchandise and then trashed the shops on their way out the door.

Video from one of the heists can be seen below. One of these scumbags starts barraging the store owner, asking him if it was uploading to his computer at his house. Then he cuts the wires!

According to Philly.com, the shop owners were all legal immigrants. None had criminal records. Nor had they ever met - they hailed from four corners of the city and spoke different languages. Yet the stories they told Daily News reporters Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman were identical.
The fact that this disgusting villainy was caught on film and had 22 different witnesses makes it a fairly easy case to prosecute right? Not in police state America.

One of the cops, speaking of this incident told Philly.com that "The only way a cop can lose his job in this city is if he shoots another cop during roll call."

Bizarro Earth

"Oppositional defiant disorder": Psychiatrists in aid of totalitarian rule with fictional mental illnesses

Modern psychiatry has become a hotbed of corruption, particularly the kind that seeks to demonize and declare mentally ill anyone who deviates from what is regarded as the norm. This is abundantly evident in the latest installment of the industry's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, which dubs people who do not conform to what those in charge declare to be normal as mentally insane.

The so-called "condition" for why a person might choose to resist conformity has been labeled by the psychiatric profession as "oppositional defiant disorder," or ODD. The new DSM defines this made-up disease as an "ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior," and also lumps it in alongside attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, another made-up condition whose creator, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, admitted it to be phony on his death bed.

As you might suspect from this type of open-ended description, almost any personal behavior perceived by someone else to be undesirable or strange might be categorized as symptomatic of ODD. Children who throw temper tantrums or fight with their siblings, for instance, might be declared to have this supposed mental illness, as might children who express disagreement with their parents or teachers.

Comment: Religious fundamentalism could soon be treated as mental illness


Religious fundamentalism could soon be treated as mental illness

Kathleen Taylor, a neurologist at Oxford University, said that recent developments suggest that we will soon be able to treat religious fundamentalism and other forms of ideological beliefs potentially harmful to society as a form of mental illness.

She made the assertion during a talk at the Hay Literary Festival in Wales on Wednesday. She said that radicalizing ideologies may soon be viewed not as being of personal choice or free will but as a category of mental disorder. She said new developments in neuroscience could make it possible to consider extremists as people with mental illness rather than criminals.

She told The Times of London: "One of the surprises may be to see people with certain beliefs as people who can be treated. Someone who has for example become radicalized to a cult ideology -- we might stop seeing that as a personal choice that they have chosen as a result of pure free will and may start treating it as some kind of mental disturbance."

Comment: Meet the DSM: Big Pharma's Psychiatric Bible

Hoarding, skin picking and temper tantrums now classified as mental disorders in controversial revision of 'psychiatric bible', DSM-5

Scientists: Creativity part of 'mental illness'


Georgia special ed teacher catches abuse of autistic kids on camera

boy on staircase
© Shutterstock
A special education teacher in Georgia set up hidden cameras to prove her claims that teacher's aides were mistreating disabled students.

The teacher said she told administrators at Harper-Archer Middle School about the abuse, but she claims they ignored her claims until she recorded the videos in February.

"If they don't believe me verbally, maybe I should set up a video," said the teacher, who asked to remain anonymous as she seeks a teaching job elsewhere.

The videos show one teacher's aide, identified as paraprofessional Alger Coleman, repeatedly assaulting an 11-year-old autistic boy, while a second aide sometimes encouraged him.

Coleman was arrested on child cruelty and simple battery charges, but the second aide has not yet been charged in the case.

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Another university stops students from distributing copies of Constitution

constitution flames
Two students are suing the University of Hawaii for violating their First Amendment rights after administrator prevented them from distributing copies of the U.S. Constitution - demonstrating a frightening lack of knowledge about the very legal document they were attempting to censor.

Students Merritt Burch and Anthony Vizzone, members of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at UH-Hilo, were prevented from handing out copies of the Constitution at a recruitment event in January. A week later, they were again informed by a censorship-minded administrator that their First Amendment-protected activities were in violation of school policy.

The students were told that they could only distribute literature from within UH-Hilo's "free speech zone," a small, muddy, frequently-flooded area on the edge of campus.