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Tue, 19 Oct 2021
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The Ukronazis place a twelve (12!) year old girl on their "black list"

Faina Savenkova
© Unknown
Faina Savenkova
You must have heard about the "Mirotvorets" (Peacemaker) Ukronazi website: https://myrotvorets.center/

This is a semi-official website which lists all the "enemies of the Ukraine", with photo and address. We could call it an online "lynch list". The list of people included in their database ranges from anybody who does not approve of the Banderite Ukronazi ideology to some really ridiculous cases.

But now, they reach a new low: they listed a 12 year old girl, Faina Savenkova, a young author who wrote a SITREP for the Saker blog, and did an Q&A for us. See here:

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Italy rocked by nationwide protests as resistance against vaccine passport scheme explodes

italy protest mandate
© Stefano Guidi via Getty Images
Dockers vow to block ports until government scraps 'green pass' law.
Italy has seen an explosion of protests against the introduction of its vaccine passport scheme, with dockers in numerous towns and cities vowing to block ports until the government scraps the 'green pass' law.

The 'green pass' - which is a mandatory vaccination scheme in all but name, forces workers in both the public and private sector to take the jab in order to be paid.

Workers who try to do their jobs without taking the vaccine will be suspended without pay and face a fine of up to 1,500 euros.

The system is also mandatory for anyone wishing to enter a number of venues, including schools, universities, museums, stadiums, theaters, gyms, and indoor seating spaces at bars and restaurants.

Comment: RT reports on the protest at Trieste port:
Four days after the demonstration kicked off at the port, police demanded protesters leave the area "in the name of the law," before firing tear gas and using water cannon. The gathered crowd of demonstrators were heard chanting "liberty! liberty!" and "people like us never give up!"

The sit-in protest has been ongoing since Friday, with the port's president Zeno D'Agostino declaring on Sunday, ahead of the police operation, that "the situation can no longer be tolerated" as the region needs "a port that works."

Protesters have said they intend to hold another demonstration at Trieste port on October 30, blocking "all of Italy" if the government continues to insist on the Covid Pass requirement for workers.

Estimates have suggested that around 40% of the workers at Trieste's port are not vaccinated, according to Stefano Puzzer of the Port Workers Coordination of Trieste, with a segment of the city's population opposing the vaccination program. Earlier this month, 4.5% of voters in the mayoral elections sided with an anti-vaccine party.

One can be pro-vaccine but anti-mandate, as is becoming more and more clear as these mandates begin to take effect.

Regional governor Massimiliano Fedriga expressed concerns that the protest and need for police intervention will cause disruption to operations at the Trieste port, a major shipping hub for Italy. Similar protests have also been seen in Genoa, another major port in Italy, where protesters prevented access to trucks, potentially creating a wider issue across Italy.
Italy does appear to be a test case for the establishment's tyrannical scheme, and it doesn't look like it's going quite as smoothly as planned. Although, they did succeed in scaring a significant proportion of the population into enrolling into these experimental injection trials, which was at least one aspect of the agenda.

One of the next up is France, which has seen ongoing protests against the 'health pass' since at least July, and whose senate just voted against mandating the experimental injections, whilst at the same time healthcare workers have found themselves suspended for not succumbing to the coercion. The media also tried to downplay the numbers attending those protests, although at one point it was estimated that up to a million and more were in attendance.

Meanwhile over in the US, Southwest Airlines saw employees walk out in protest over the mandate, bringing business to a costly standstill, pilots also filed a lawsuit against their employer. Boeing on the other hand, perhaps after seeing the consequences for violating people's human rights, are giving people the option to opt out for religious or medical reasons: And check out SOTT radio's:

Piggy Bank

Why the Nordic model wouldn't work in the US

medicare protest
© Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images
It's a common refrain in American progressive circles: If Europe can have universal health care, pre-K, and all the other welfare state goodies, why can't America? We could if we just taxed the millionaires and billionaires, the argument goes.

Speaking as a Swedish citizen, I can tell you it is not quite that simple. While I treasure many of the benefits the welfare state provides, the fact of the matter is that the U.S. cannot follow the same path, for a number of reasons.

Building a welfare state is a boom-time endeavor. The Nordic welfare states were built during the postwar expansion. In Sweden's case, we got the best of both worlds: We avoided becoming involved in the war, and afterward, demand for our industries spiked. With that, so did salaries. This made building a welfare state easy for two reasons: First of all, as salaries boom, so do tax revenues, even if tax rates are unchanged. This revenue boost allowed the government to add additional safety nets and government programs without raising rates or having to cut any other budgets.

Secondly, it is politically much easier to raise taxes when salaries are rising quickly. Most people don't pay close attention to their tax rates, but rather to how much they get paid. If taxes are increasing, but real wages are increasing at an even faster rate, then most people will be fine with it because their paychecks keep getting bigger over time and they are able to purchase more stuff. Relative change is king.

Light Saber

Allison Williams is being 'separated' from ESPN over refusal to accede to vaccine mandate

allison williams espn vaccine refusal
© Getty Images
Allison Williams will be leaving ESPN next week because she will not be complying with the company's vaccine mandate.
Allison Williams is out at ESPN due to the company's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The college football and basketball sideline reporter, who announced last month she was opting out of the season because she had not received the vaccine as she and her husband tried for a second child, said Friday night that her "request for accommodation" had been denied.

Effective next week, Williams said, she will be "separated from the company."

Comment: Williams is right to protect herself and her future child. The CDC is lying through its teeth about the dangers to pregnant women from the un-tested gene therapy. Not vaccinating pregnant women has been a cornerstone of medicine almost since the beginnings of immunological study. What changed?


'Kiss my ass': Washington state trooper to Gov. Inslee, as he resigns over vaccine mandate

Washington Inslee state trooper resigns vaccine mandate

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (L); State trooper resigning on air (R)
On Saturday night, a video began circulating across social media of a Washington state trooper issuing his final sign-off after he refused to comply with Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's vaccine mandate for state workers that takes effect on Oct. 18.

The trooper radioed the operator after his shift, announcing his resignation after 22 years on the force. "This is my final sign-off. After 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of Washington, I am being asked to leave because I am dirty. Numerous fatalities, injuries. I've worked sick; I've played sick; buried lots of friends over these years. [I'd] like to thank you guys; I'd like to thank the citizens of Yakima County as well as my fellow officers within the valley. Without you guys I wouldn't have been very successful; you kept me safe and got me home to my family every night. Thank you for that," said the trooper.

"Wish I could say more but this is it, so, state 1034, this is the last time you'll hear me in a state patrol car," he concluded. "And Jay Inslee can kiss my ass."

Comment: What are the mandate tyrants going to do as more and more of the true 'essential workers' refuse to bow to their decrees?

Eye 2

What Assange judge, Vanessa Baraitser thought about the CIA's plot to kill or abduct him

© Instagram/Keystone/Facundo Arrizabalaga
Judge Vanessa Baraitser • Julian Assange
In her ruling in January against extraditing the imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher, Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser expressed a high degree of understanding for the CIA wanting to rub out Assange.

Lawyers for Julian Assange may try at the U.S. appeal hearing later this month to introduce weightier evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency seriously discussed killing or abducting the imprisoned journalist.

The lower court hearing before Judge Vanessa Baraitser in September last year already heard sworn testimony from a former partner and former employee of the Spanish security company UC Global that a U.S. intelligence agency had talked about poisoning or kidnapping Assange. This testimony is already evidence in the case.

In the wake of the Yahoo! News report in which that testimony was confirmed and substantially expanded, Assange's lawyers may want to submit details from that report to demonstrate that fears of abduction and murder haunted Assange, leaving him in a mental state so fragile that Baraitser ruled against sending him to the U.S. — and possibly to an American dungeon where he'd be likely to take his life even before he got there.

Comment: Besides evidence of the FBI's plot to get rid of Assange, one way or another, there is the not inconsiderable matter of the fact that their chief witness for the "hacking" charges against him has turned out to be a criminal and a pedophile. Will that be allowed to have any bearing on the matter? More on Baraitser's gross mishandling (or perhaps not?) on Assange's case.


Canada threatens to fire federal employees using 'Let's Go Brandon' in correspondence

trudeau biden
© Pete Marovich-Pool/Getty Images
Last Thursday, an agency of the Government of Canada responsible for providing and consolidating information technology services across federal government departments informed federal government employees that they would be fired "without recourse or labor union participation" if they used any form of the popular meme "Let's Go Brandon" in any of their correspondence.

Shared Services wrote, "This is a formal notification that all government correspondence must be professional in nature and approved by department heads. When applicable all correspondence must be vetted by the PMO for framing and message prior to public disclosure or internal distribution."

"The uses of colloquialisms or sayings with intended double meaning or offense are strictly prohibited in all means of correspondence and/or communication," the memo continued. "Specifically, the use of the wording 'Let's Go Brandon' and any variation thereof under any circumstance is banned by the Canadian Public Service."

Comment: The Canadian Government has just ensured that this meme is not going to die anytime soon. Perhaps predictably, the hashtag #LetsGoJustin has been springing up across Twitter.

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Facebook to hire 10,000 'right people' in EU to realize its vision of 'metaverse'

Facebook app
© Reuters / Dado Ruvic
Facebook has announced a massive recruitment drive in the EU, with plans to hire 10,000 people in the next five years to help build its 'metaverse,' an interconnected virtual world where people would play, work and shop.

"As we begin the journey of bringing the metaverse to life, the need for highly specialized engineers is one of Facebook's most pressing priorities," the US tech giant said in a blog post on Sunday. The EU is the perfect place to look for such skilled employees, as "European talent is world-leading," it added.

"Europe is hugely important to Facebook," the company insisted, saying that it's going to work with governments within the bloc to "find the right people and the right markets to take this forward."

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Stripped of choice: Vienna museums open OnlyFans account after being fed up with other social media censoring their nude art

toilet of venus artwork vienna
© Reuters
A visitor looks at Peter Paul Rubens’ masterpiece ‘The Toilet of Venus’ during an exhibition in Vienna.
The Vienna Tourist Board has just opened an account on OnlyFans, saying that the platform, mainly known for adult content, remained the only place where nude artworks from the city's museums could get "the freedom they deserve."

The Austrian capital is "home to some of the world's most famous artworks, many containing nudity. The most prominent social networks have policies in place that ban or censor such works," the tourist board explained.

"With our OnlyFans account, we want to give these artworks the freedom they deserve - including on social media."

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Dunkin Donuts runs out of donuts amid supply chain disruptions in Baltimore

dunkin' donuts supply chain disruption
© Twitter
A photo posted on Thursday to Twitter showed a Baltimore location of Dunkin Donuts with a sign saying that they were temporarily out of donuts, and they are probably not the only one.
A photo posted on Thursday to Twitter showed a Baltimore location of Dunkin Donuts with a sign saying that they were temporarily out of donuts, and they are probably not the only one.

The photo shown in this article's image shows the sign, which reads "We apologize, but due to supply chain issues, we do not have donuts today," followed by "Please try our wonderful bagels and muffins."

As supply-chain issues only continue to worsen nationwide, many stores are constantly reporting shortages of what they had once considered to be basic items.

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