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Wed, 30 Nov 2022
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Russia's FSB arrests 68 underground gunmakers in nationwide security sweep

gunsmith russia

FILE PHOTO: FSB illegal gunsmith arrests in Russia, March 2021
Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) apprehended 68 clandestine gunmakers in 31 Russian regions in a nationwide security sweep, seizing over 300 firearms, thousands of cartridges and almost 20 kg of explosives, the FSB press office told TASS on Tuesday.

"The Federal Security Service in coordination with the Interior Ministry and the National Guard foiled the criminal activity of 68 residents in 31 regions complicit in restoring the combat properties of civilian guns at underground workshops and their sale," the press office said in a statement.

FSB operatives seized 304 firearms of domestic and foreign manufacture, 83 artillery shells and mines, 51 hand grenades, 15 fuses, over 18.4 kg of explosives (gunpowder, TNT), more than 15,250 rounds of various caliber, 63 basic parts for firearms, and also 7 bladed weapons, it said.

Comment: It seems these kinds of raids aren't exactly new, with footage below showing similar raids occurring in February of 2021. However it is notable considering the deluge of weapons across the border in Ukraine - a third of which simply 'go missing' - and the heightened security risks in Russia itself, with the assassination of Darya Dugina, a number of terrorist attacks on infrastructure, as well as just in the last week or so an explosion of a gas pipeline, and a fire at an Ambassadors residence:

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Detransitioners testify before Scottish Parliament about harms of gender affirmation

Ritchie Herron Sinead Watson
Two detransitioned young adults who had their bodies surgically altered by "gender-affirming" doctors and now regret the procedures they underwent testified before a Scottish parliamentary committee Tuesday regarding the government's controversial Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

Sinead Watson and Ritchie Herron spoke about the dangers of gender-affirming care and their concerns about the proposed bill that would make it easier for transgender people over age 16 to legally change their sex.

"The voices of detransitioners have not been heard, either by the Scottish Government in developing its proposals or by MSPs (Members of Scottish Parliament) who are considering this draft legislation," Sinead Watson told the Glasgow Times.

Comment: The stories of detransitioners need to be amplified, particularly to the vulnerable children who are being exploited by character-disturbed adults. Just maybe these real world consequences laid bare will make some of these kids reconsider permanently destroying their bodies.

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Musk outlines stance on 'completely fictional' AP report

elon musk
© AP / Susan Walsh
The new Twitter boss points out the platform has not banned "even the most far left account spouting utter lies."

Elon Musk has rejected accusations he was some kind of "right-wing bogeyman" and claimed that Twitter under his ownership has not banned any leftists, not even for "utter lies." As an example, the new Twitter owner cited last week's AP report claiming that a "Russian" missile had struck a village in Poland, which could have sparked World War III.

The comments came in response to conservative journalist Kyle Becker, who mocked "spoiled lefty journos" pretending that Musk was some kind of right-winger even though he was allowing "left-wing 'fake news'" to remain on Twitter.

Comment: It would seem the Left simply isn't used to operating on an even playing field and will automatically claim it favors their opposition.

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Tucker Carlson: No healthy society can tolerate pedophilia

Balenciaga photo shoot BDSM children
It is a stable of so-called conspiracy theories that at the highest levels of politics and finance, there is a shadowy cabal of pedophiles who use their power to hide the crimes they commit against children. People think that. Sounds pretty far out to us. Too dark and strange to be true and of course we are not, obviously, endorsing that idea. On the other hand, you can kind of see why people might believe it.

Jeffrey Epstein, for example. Epstein continued to dine with business moguls and heads of state long after he was arrested for having sex with minors. How did he do that? Why didn't nobody say anything? Why did people keep eating with him? Well, at the very least, we can conclude, based on the evidence that there is a tolerance for pedophilia among some, among the most powerful in our society, a tolerance that you would not find in, say, your average middle class American family. Some of the rich really are different that way. That's clearly true and in case you need more evidence of that, consider Balenciaga. Balenciaga is what they call a luxury brand.

Comment: See also:

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Balenciaga photographer says he had no creative control over bondage-themed campaign featuring children

balenciaga pedophilia promoting photoshoot

Balenciaga, a globally-renowned Spanish fashion house who dress the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman among other, appear to be laying the blame at the photographer, Gabriele Galimberti.
The Italian photographer who took the shots of children holding a teddy bear dressed in a BDSM outfit that outraged hundreds of people online says he's been the target of a 'lynching' and had no creative control over the project.

Gabriele Galimberti, who has been featured in National Geographic, The Sunday Times, Stern, Geo, Le Monde, La Repubblica and Marie Claire, addressed the controversy on Instagram Wednesday.

He wrote: 'Following the hundreds of hate mails and messages I received as a result of the photos I took for the Balenciaga campaign, I feel compelled to make this statement.

Comment: While it can't be assumed that the photographer is clean in all this, it seems pretty obvious that someone higher up, who was fully aware of what they were doing and what the photoshoot was promoting, was responsible for the images. Why have two different photographers shoot the campaign? It's all too easy for the brand to place the blame on the photographer and wash their hands of it. If the brand truly wasn't responsible (not a safe assumption), and has any integrity at all, they'll expose who is behind this and deal with them appropriately.


Protests erupt at China's largest iPhone factory over Covid-19 restrictions, or labor dispute?

© Twitter
A screenshot of footage purporting to show workers protesting Covid-19 restrictions at a Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, in China, in November 2022.
Violent protests have broken out around Foxconn's vast iPhone factory in central China, as workers clashed with security personnel over Covid restrictions at the plant.

In videos shared on Weibo and Twitter that AFP has verified, hundreds of workers can be seen marching on a road in daylight, with some being confronted by riot police and people in hazmat suits.

A nightime video showed a man with a bloodied face as someone off-camera says: "They're hitting people, hitting people. Do they have a conscience?"

AFP verified that video partly through geolocation that showed distinctive features, including a building and barricades near staff living quarters on the factory compound.

Another video showed smashed-up Covid-19 testing booths and an overturned vehicle.

In one daytime video, several fire trucks surrounded by police in hazmat suits were parked near residential blocks while a voice on a loudspeaker was heard saying: "All workers please return to their accommodation, do not associate with a small minority of illegal elements."

Comment: The spark of these protests was essentially a labor dispute. See the following thread:

As for the continued lockdowns, either the Chinese government believes these policies work, in which case they're morons, or they don't, in which case they're lying to 1.4 billion people and forcing large segments of them to engage in useless measures (masks, mass Covid testing, quarantine, etc.).

Meanwhile in Guangzhou:

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Walmart worker in Virginia opens fire, killing at least 6

walmart police
© Alex Brandon / AP
Law enforcement at the scene of a mass shooting at a Walmart store, in Chesapeake, Va., on Wednesday.
Investigators were searching the house Wednesday of a Walmart employee who opened fire at a Virginia store, killing at least six people and wounding at least four more before taking his own life.

A motive has not been established for the mass killing Tuesday night at the Walmart Supercenter in the city of Chesapeake, but a senior law enforcement official told NBC News the suspect was a disgruntled employee who was armed with a pistol of some kind. The shooter's identity has not yet been released.

It was the deadliest store shooting since May when a racist white gunman shot 10 Black people dead at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, according to an NBC News tally.

Comment: Meanwhile the gay nightclub shooting that occurred just days ago was by a man claiming to be non-binary: Colorado Club Q shooting suspect is non-binary, uses 'they/them' pronouns: attorneys

Comment: The US has seen violent crime and seemingly random acts of violence soar following the lockdowns, and with living standards expected to deteriorate even further, it's likely that it's only going to get much worse.

The following is a selection of US mass shootings from just the last 6 months:


Colorado Club Q shooting suspect is non-binary, uses 'they/them' pronouns: attorneys

colorado springs police
Attorneys for Anderson Lee Aldrich, the individual charged with 5 counts of murder and 5 hate crimes, have said that Aldrich is "non-binary" and uses "they/them" pronouns.

Aldrich is accused of engaging in a mass shooting at Colorado Springs nightclub Club Q, killing 5 and wounding more than 17. Aldrich is being represented by public defenders.

In documents obtained by The New York Times, attorneys list Aldrich as "Mx. Anderson Aldrich." The document reads:

Comment: Well THAT certainly doesn't fit the hate crime narrative...

See also: 5 dead, 18 injured, in shooting at gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, 22-year-old suspect arrested

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Associated Press fires reporter over retracted Russian missiles story: report

James LaPorta
© AP
James LaPorta only quoted one anonymous source in the piece who turned out to have provided erroneous information.
The Associated Press has fired the journalist who reported a story that Russian-fired missiles crossed into Poland after it was revealed that Ukraine likely fired the projectiles, according to a report.

The publication took the article offline and replaced it with an editor's note stating that the single source cited — a senior US intelligence people — had incorrect information and "subsequent reporting showed that the missiles were Russian-made and most likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack."

Before the story was retracted, the Nov. 15 article was widely spread by other publications across the internet and cable news.

Comment: Considering how often AP reports erroneous information, it's rather surprising that they have this rule at all. Must be selectively enforced; in other words, only enforce it when there's a high profile blunder, such as this.

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Police threaten to arrest women's rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen if she doesn't attend 'voluntary' interview

kellie-jay keen posie parker

Kellie-Jay Keen, who founded women's rights group Standing For Women, recorded call.
Sussex Police has threatened a women right's group founder with a hate crime arrest after a rally two months ago where her group was attacked by pro-trans activists.

The force told mother-of-four Kellie-Jay Keen an allegation made about her that she used 'words or behaviour to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation' was now being investigated.

In an extraordinary phone call released by Standing For Women founder Kellie-Jay, one officer said she could be arrested if she did not attend a 'voluntary' interview.

Comment: 'What we mean by voluntary is that you'll be arrested if you don't volunteer.'

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