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Police officers in India charge unlikely suspect with coercion and intimidation: A 10-month old baby

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They're starting early.

The BBC reports that police officers in rural Uttar Pradesh, India, charged a baby with coercion and intimidation. The child, whose name is Nazim, is somewhere between 10 months and one year old.

Though it may seem that the baby was charged accidentally, the case is not one of mistaken identity.

During the lead-up to local elections, officers made a list of suspected trouble-makers to round up; both Nazim and his father were named on the list.

As the Times of India reports, the officers felt that Nazim and his cronies would try to intimidate voters.

Officers delivered the summons to the family on Saturday. A senior police official in Moradabad, however, has said that the baby is in the clear.

"We have taken the matter very seriously and are ensuring such incidents do not happen in the future," the senior police official said, noting that the two officers involved were suspended on Thursday.

As the BBC reports, recent years have seen at least two other cases in which kids aged 6 or younger were booked on serious charges. A 9-month old was charged with attempted murder in Pakistan earlier this year.

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Shocking footage of Australian police in riot gear removing children at 'gunpoint'

Australian Police
© The Independent, UKThe heavy-handed tactics of police on Aboriginal children in New South Wales has been attacked.
Social services and police have been criticised in Australia after footage emerged apparently showing officers dressed in riot gear raiding a home to remove multiple children from one family.

Footage was provided to Australia's National Indigenous TV (NITV) news show and the video showed the New South Wales police entering a home at around 6:30am earlier in the year to remove some young Aboriginal children.

The police were joined by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). The parents who were awoken by the police told NITV that the officers' guns were pointed at them as they were then handcuffed while their children were removed from their care.

The police said children aged between one and 13 were removed from the home.

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Elite Israeli soldiers refuse to fight against Palestinians

40 soldiers in Unit 8200
© Hazem Bader/AFP/Getty ImagesMore than 40 soldiers in Unit 8200 sign a letter accusing the military of "abuses" of Palestinians and refusing to serve. An Israeli soldier carries a computer unit seized from a factory in Hebron during a search operation for three Israeli teenagers believed kidnapped by Palestinian militants.
Forty-three reservists from Israel's elite army intelligence unit have announced their refusal to serve, accusing the military of "abuses" against Palestinians, in a letter published on Friday.

The letter, circulated to Hebrew-language media, referred to the army's intelligence work in the occupied Palestinian territories, including targeted assassinations and intrusive surveillance of civilians.

The soldiers and officers from the elite Unit 8200, which works closely with Israel's security services, declared they no longer wanted to "continue to serve in this system, which harms the rights of millions of people," according to an Israeli newspaper.

"We call all soldiers serving in the unit or who are going to serve, and all Israeli citizens to make their voices heard against these abuses and work to put a stop to it," Yediot Aharonot quoted the letter as saying.

It was initially written before the July-August Gaza war, but the letter also slammed the lack of public discourse over the high number of Palestinian civilians killed during that conflict.

Israeli media outlets were criticised for giving scant attention to Palestinian civilian deaths, which according to the UN made up 70 percent of the death toll of more than 2,100.

The 43 reservists said that they will turn down their yearly call-up to the army, risking arrest and court martial.


Texas cops shoot mentally ill man armed with pellet gun until 'he had no face'

Policeman with gun
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Police in Texas shot and killed a mentally ill man armed with a pellet gun.

Officers fired more than 80 shots at 30-year-old Jose Walter Garza during a confrontation early Saturday at a truck stop in Laredo.

Police said Garza "put his finger on the trigger guard and pointed at the officers" before they opened fire.

Six officers were placed on administrative leave following the fatal shooting.

"These officers, although justified, are going to have to carry that around with them for the rest of their lives," said Chief Ray Garner, of Laredo police. "I've been in contact with all six of the officers from that evening through today. They seem to be holding up. No officer goes to work thinking they're going to kill somebody."

Surveillance video does not show Garza threatening the officers, but it does show police shoot and then handcuff him.


Pennsylvania sued for details on secret execution cocktail

© ReutersAn undated handout photo of the revamped lethal injection room.
The American Civil Liberties Union, along with four newspapers, has filed a lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania seeking to uncover the source of the drugs used in its lethal injection procedures.

As Pennsylvania prepares to execute its first inmate in 15 years, the ACLU, the Guardian, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Philadelphia City Paper are arguing that the state's refusal to reveal where it purchases its drugs is illegal.

Comment: For more information on how lethal injections can affect those receiving them, read:
Arizona execution of Joseph Wood took nearly two hours

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European farmers hit by Russian sanctions abandoned by Brussels

french farmer
© Reuters / Pascal RossignolFrench farmer Hubert Deusy harvest apples in his 8 hectare apple orchard at the Verger d'Epinoy near Cambrai, northern France September 3, 2014.
The European Commission has suspended its aid to European farmers hit by the Russian import ban๏ปฟ.

The amount of submitted claims for some products is several times higher than EU's annual trade with Russia, with some sources blaming Poland for the exaggerations.

The 125 million euros ($160 million) scheme was announced on August 18 after Russia responded to several rounds of western sanctions with a ban on import on food from the countries involved. EU members, particularly those close to Russia, were most affected by the loss of the Russian market.

The money was meant to compensate the damage caused to producers of perishable fruits and vegetables. Apple and pear producers were entitled to receive up to 82 million euros ($106 million) and 43 million euros ($56 million) respectively with the rest of the sum going to growers of tomatoes, cabbages, grapes and a dozen other products.

But the scheme has proved to be inefficient and needs to be suspended now, the Commission announced.

"There has been strong interest from the sectors concerned, but the scheme has to be closed due to a disproportionate surge in claims - for example where the figures submitted for some products are several times higher than the total EU average annual exports to Russia," the EC said in a statement.

Comment: As the economic blowback from the idiotic sanctions imposed on Russia hits home, those most vulnerable are abandoned to their fate by the pathocratic elites using any excuses they can muster - what a surprise!

Sanctions against Russia may backfire on EU - President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz
Russian sanctions and eastern turmoil already taking economic toll on Western businesses

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Squeezing turnips: FEMA attempting to recoup $5.8M from families who received Hurricane Sandy aid

Sandy victim
© AP Photo/John Minchillo In this Sept. 5, 2014 photo, Gary Silberman stands for a picture as he guides reporters on a tour of his parent's home that was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, in Lindenhurst, N.Y. After Silberman received nearly $17,000 in assistance from FEMA, the agency is demanding a return on the funds.
After Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast nearly two years ago, the federal government quickly sent out $1.4 billion in emergency disaster aid to the hurricane's victims.

Now, thousands of people might have to pay back their share.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is scrutinizing about 4,500 households that it suspects received improper payments after the storm, according to program officials and data obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request. As of early September, FEMA had asked around 850 of those aid recipients to return a collective $5.8 million. The other cases were still under review.

FEMA's campaign to recover overpayments, called "recoupment" in agency lingo, typically involves instances where the agency believes a household got more money than allowed under program rules, but not necessarily because of an intentional attempt to cheat the system. Fraud cases are handled separately.

Many people asked to return money were deemed ineligible because their damaged properties were vacation houses or rental properties, not their primary residences. Others had double dipped into the aid pool, with more than one household member getting payments. Some received FEMA money for things later covered by insurance.


Take that! Barrage of hate mail heaped on authoritarian NY judge who sentenced grandmother protesting drones to one year jail term

drone protest
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A small-town New York judge - who recently sentenced a grandmother to one year in jail over her involvement with an anti-drone protest near a US military base - is receiving a barrage of hate and anti-Semitic e-mails from people all across the country.

"Are you considering a career change moving to Israel to judge Palestinian rock throwers, for 'Publicity at any cost, without any regard for the rules of society?'" reads one of the e-mails sent to DeWitt Town Judge David S. Gideon, who is Jewish. Another statement called him a "Nazi."

This incident stems from a case involving a grandmother of three - 58-year-old Mary Anne Grady-Flores - who was charged in July with a second-degree criminal count for violating an order of protection while protesting with the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones at the Hancock Air Base back in October 2012.

People expressed their outrage in the emails to Judge Gideon, with letters coming from different states across the US. These letters were acquired through a Freedom of Information Act request by

Comment: Hundreds of drones are already deployed over the US, with local law enforcement agencies acquiring their own drones as well. Drones can carry facial recognition cameras, license plate scanners, thermal imaging cameras, open WiFi sniffers, and other sensors. And they can be armed. The precise technological capabilities of these drones, developed by defense giants such as Northrop Grumman at a cost of billions of dollars, are a closely guarded state secret.

Nevertheless, the surveillance potential of today's drones makes the spying carried out by the dictatorships of the last century look like child's play. Everywhere one goes, everything one says, everything one does - even within one's home - can now be surreptitiously observed, recorded, and collected in huge government databanks being secretly constructed by the Obama administration. The authoritarians running the US police state are terrified of anyone who dares to protest.

Drones over America: Infrastructure of US Police State

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Private drone lands in Michigan man's backyard


mystery drone michigan
Allen Park Police say the owner of the Drone came forward Friday morning, after seeing this report.

The device has been returned to him.

Officers say the owner is from Lincoln Park, and got the Drone as a gift. He put it in the air from a local school, and lost it in the trees. His daughter was taking a live feed of what the on-board camera was displaying, but its not believed anything was recorded, nor was he trying to intentionally invade anyone's privacy.

Original Story:

A mystery drone is the talk of Allen Park, as a family there watched the flying device land in their backyard. The operator--nowhere to be found.

Comment: So anyone can fly a drone in your backyard and record you, yet they cannot watch the recording. Yeah right - and who is going to stop them?

Bats, butterflies, roaches, mosquitoes, and birds: The coming micro-drone revolution


Paralympian Pistorius cleared of all murder charges, can still be convicted of culpable homicide

© Kim Ludbrook / EPAOscar Pistorius weeps at the reading of the verdict in his murder trial in Pretoria, South Africa, on Sept. 11.
Oscar Pistorius, the South African Olympian who shot and killed his girlfriend on Valentine's Day last year, was found "negligent" in the killing Thursday, but was acquitted of murder charges before the court recessed for the day without a final verdict.

Judge Thokozile Masipa halted the proceedings before delivering a ruling on a lesser charge of culpable homicide and said she would resume the proceedings on Friday.

"It's clear that his conduct was negligent," Masipa said.

But the judge said she did not find sufficient evidence to prove the prosecution's contention that Pistorius intended to kill Reeva Steenkamp after the couple had an argument, though she did conclude that the athlete was negligent in firing his weapon four times through the door of the bathroom in his residence, in which Steenkamp had locked herself.

Comment: See also:
  • Prosecutor says Pistorius 'concocted' story as runner sobs on witness stand