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Mon, 06 Feb 2023
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Russia's LNG production hits record high

© Reuters / Olga Maltseva
FILE PHOTO: A new Russian Arctic LNG tanker Christophe de Margerie. The country has been ramping up output despite Western sanctions, official statistics show.
Production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Russia increased by 8.1% last year to a record 32.5 million tons, the Federal Statistics Service Rosstat reported on Wednesday.

Data showed that in December the figure was down by 4.8% compared to the same month in 2021, at 2.8 million tons. It was 0.4% higher than in November 2022.

According to the report, 11.5 million tons of LNG was produced at the plant of the Sakhalin-2 project.

Comment: Evidently the only impact sanctions are having is hastening the demise of the Western empire: Indian refiners ditch dollar to pay for Russian oil in UAE dirhams

Dollar Gold

Spanish authorities have ordered the arrest of three Swiss bankers, one from the Rothschild dynasty, for defrauding the Spanish treasury of 40 million

audiencia niacional
Spanish authorities have ordered the arrest of three Swiss bankers, one of them from the Rothschild dynasty, for defrauding the Spanish Treasury of 40 million.

A Rothschild?! Let's see if they manage to get him behind bars!


U.S. 50-car train derailment in Ohio causes massive fire, evacuations

Train fire is seen from her farm in East Palestine, Ohio, Friday, Feb. 3, 2023.
In this photo provided by Melissa Smith, a train fire is seen from her farm in East Palestine, Ohio, Friday, Feb. 3, 2023. A train derailment and resulting large fire prompted an evacuation order in the Ohio village near the Pennsylvania state line on Friday night, covering the area in billows of smoke lit orange by the flames below.
A train derailment and resulting large fire prompted an evacuation order in an Ohio village near the Pennsylvania state line on Friday night, covering the area in billows of smoke lit orange by the flames below.

About 50 cars derailed in East Palestine as a train was carrying a variety of freight from Madison, Illinois, to Conway, Pennsylvania, rail operator Norfolk Southern said in a statement Saturday. There was no immediate information about what caused the derailment. No injuries were reported.

In a press conference on Saturday, the National Transportation Safety Board said investigators have not yet been able to enter the accident site due to active fire and hazardous materials. First responders found evidence of one of the train cars releasing vinyl chloride, NTSB member Michael Graham said at the press conference.

Vinyl chloride is used to make the polyvinyl chloride hard plastic resin used in a variety of plastic products, including pipes, wires and packaging materials. Vinyl chloride is associated with an increased risk of a rare form of liver cancer and other cancers, according to the federal government's National Cancer Institute. There were other hazardous materials on the trains that still needed to be identified, said the NTSB. Ruben Payan, who has been at the NTSB for 25 years, will lead the investigation.

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Tucker Carlson: Why we're paranoid about the American food supply

build back better supply chain
Last spring, in March, at a press conference in Brussels, Joe Biden explained that the sanctions he was imposing against Russia, while morally necessary, were also going to cause food shortages around the world, including here in the United States. "It's going to be real," he said.

Now, Biden said this in a very odd way. There was no hint or panic, emotions you'd expect from a leader predicting the deaths of human beings from starvation. None of that. Instead, there was pure, nonchalant casualness. Biden could have been describing the weather or a trip to the dry cleaners. "It's going to be real."

Then Biden continued, recounting a conversation he had with European allies. He told us all about it. When he met with the group, Biden said, they spoke about "how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages." That's what Joe Biden said verbatim. It's on tape.

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'Tens of thousands' of prisoners granted amnesty in Iran

© Official Khamenei Website/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION/File Photo
FILE PHOTO: Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a televised speech in Tehran, Iran, January 8, 2021.
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, has approved the proposal of the country's Judiciary to pardon or reduce the sentence of tens of thousands of prisoners, state news agency IRNA reported on 5 February.

Among the prisoners are people accused and convicted of participating in recent anti-government protests triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on 16 September 2022.

Khamenei has pardoned thousands of men and women using Article 110 of the Islamic Republic's Constitution, which gives the Supreme Leader "the right to pardon or reduce the sentences of convicted persons on the recommendation of the head of the Judiciary."

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Great Reset: Britons face £300 fine for burning wood to keep warm

© Getty Images
The UK government has told local authorities to crack down on people using wood-burning stoves to keep warm with fines of £300 or potentially criminal prosecutions for those who continually refuse to abide by state climate diktats.

Amid the energy crisis in Britain, which came to fruition in large part as a result of the Conservative Party-led governments over the past ten years obsession with implementing globalist green agenda policies while refusing to tap the nation's more reliable natural resources such as natural gas, the use of wood-burning stoves have soared.

Now, local authorities have been told by the government in Westminster to use the 2021 Environment Act to impose spot fines of £175 to £300 on those who use wood-fire stoves that do not meet state standards on air pollution, The Times of London reported.

Local councils were also informed that for those who continually breach the codes, they could also seek criminal prosecutions that could land citizens with a criminal record and fines of £5,000 and an additional £2,500 for every additional day that they use wood to heat their homes.

Comment: Yes there is Global Warming...one illegal stove at a time.


'The Crazy American': How Col. Andy Milburn's drunken antics torpedoed top US mercenary group

© sandboxx.us
Col. Andy Milburn • The Mozart Group
Amid allegations of drunken rampages across Kiev, Mozart Group co-founder Andy Milburn has disbanded his mercenary firm. Milburn is now lashing out at The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal for exposing his intoxicated tirade against the Ukrainian soldiers he trained.

One of the most prominent mercenary firms operating out of the United States has collapsed under its director's weight. Mozart Group co-founder and retired Marine Col. Andy Milburn has been involved in a series of drunken episodes both on and off camera which have led Ukrainian military officers to dub him "the crazy American."

With tens of billions of US military aid flowing into the Ukraine conflict zone, this might be one of the best times in the history of warfare to run a mercenary group. This February 2, however, Milburn was forced to announce the closure of his company.

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Red Pill

Pfizer's business model is actual fascism

antifa flag
The corporate media and their Antifa footsoldiers bandy about the term "fascism" quite freely. Somehow, through magnificent logic-pretzel contortions, they claim that resistance to government mandates to inject yourself with experimental drugs is not resistance to fascism, but fascism itself.

Truly, they have a wondrous capacity to invert reality.

But, for all the revisionism, fascism as a governing ideology actually means something very specific.

Progenitor of the ideology, Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, infamously defined fascism - or, alternatively, corporatism — as the "merger of corporate and state power."

Let's examine true 21st-century techno-fascism, and how it works in the real world:

Alarm Clock

'Twenty minutes of fighting and we surrendered', says UK-Trained Ukrainian conscript

ukrainian recruit training england
A Ukrainian recruit speaks with instructors during a five-week combat training course with the UK armed forces near Durrington in southern England on October 11, 2022
Moscow has repeatedly warned that the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Western countries confirms the direct involvement of the United States and NATO in the conflict in Ukraine.

A group of Ukrainian soldiers who were trained at a UK military base last summer, surrendered after 20 minutes of the first fighting against Russian forces near Svyatogorsk in the Donetsk People's Republic, Armed Forces of Ukraine conscript Artyom Kovalenko, a member of the group, told Sputnik.

He recollected that before arriving "at the Workop base in Britain", they reached the Western Ukrainian city of Lvov, from where they crossed the border to Poland and then took a bus to enter the UK.

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US shoots down alleged Chinese spy balloon

chinese spy balloon
© Twitter / Brad Panovich / Travis Huffstetler
The balloon, which the United States has claimed is a Chinese surveillance balloon, first became public knowledge on Thursday, though Bloomberg reported earlier on Saturday that the Biden administration has known about the craft since January 28.

The US Military shot down the Chinese balloon that has been flying over the United States over the past few days on Saturday afternoon. Witness video of the balloon's destruction was first posted on social media and live streamed by national media. The balloon was reportedly shot down off the East Coast of North Carolina.

The Chinese government says the balloon is a civilian vessel designed to monitor weather patterns that had blown off course. The balloon was reportedly flying at about 66,000 feet.

Comment: See also: The Chinese 'spy balloon' story as manufactured crisis: An alternative reading