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Mon, 18 Oct 2021
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'People would scream for hours': Former inmates detail torture in Russian prison

russia prison riot

Police and inmates are seen outside maximum security IK-15 near Angarsk in April 2020 when a mass uprising of prisoners occurred. Since that time, activists and prisoners' relatives have said that hundreds of prisoners were tortured to extract confessions of organizing the riot.
Earlier this month, the nongovernmental Gulagu.net -- which tracks human rights abuses by Russian police and in Russian prisons -- disclosed the existence of more than 40 gigabytes of video material graphically documenting beatings, rape, and torture of inmates in prisons and pretrial detention centers.

Within hours of the story breaking, the Federal Prison Service (FSIN) announced it had fired the head of the prison service in the Saratov region, as well as several other top prison officials there. FSIN announced it was investigating the torture videos, which were allegedly shot in prisons and detention centers in the Irkutsk, Vladimir, and Saratov regions between 2018 and 2020.

(Because of the graphic nature of the videos, RFE/RL has decided not to post them or to link to other sites that have done so.)

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Word "spooky" banned by National Theatre over absurd claim it's racist

© Catherine Delahaye via Getty Images
The National Theatre of Scotland has banned the word "spooky" over its "racial connotations" despite nobody complaining and despite there being no record of it ever being used as a racial slur in the United Kingdom.

Yes, really.

"A source at the Scottish theatre told the Daily Record that no one has complained about the term "spooky" but they were concerned the word could become problematic in the future," reports RT.

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Teen girls are showing up to the doctor with tics, and experts think anxiety, depression, and TikTok could be playing a role


Teen girls are showing up to the doctor with tics, and experts think anxiety, depression, and TikTok could be playing a role
Many of the teen girls who developed tics were watching TikTokers who say they have Tourette Syndrome, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Doctors in multiple countries are reporting a rise in teen girls developing tics, and that anxiety, depression, and TikTok could be contributing factors.

The rise began around the start of the pandemic and has alarmed and puzzled doctors, The Wall Street Journal reported. Several medical journal articles found the teen girls were watching TikTok videos of people who said they had Tourette syndrome.

Tourette syndrome is a genetic nervous-system disorder, according to VOA News, and can cause tics, repetitive, involuntary movements, or sounds. The disorder mostly impacts boys and the tics typically start when a person is young and then develop over time.

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College students support diversity quotas - but not for football team

Florida football team
© James Gilbert /Getty
Students interviewed on the campus of the University of Florida appeared to overwhelmingly support racial diversity quotas in college admissions and hiring for the workplace — but when asked if they support diversity quotas in college football, the students suddenly disagreed. One student pointed out "just let the skill shine, and whoever's the best player deserves to be on the team."

"I think it's an absolute necessity," said one student in response to Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson's question about whether schools and the workplace should have diversity quotas.

"Absolutely, there should be more diversity in every single field," another student said, echoing the sentiments of the majority of students who answered the question.

But when Jacobson asked the students if they believed "college sports teams" should have diversity quotas, most of the students disagreed, stressing that it is important to prioritize "skill" above all else when you want to "win."

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Up to 17 US missionaries kidnapped in Haiti

Haitian soldiers
© Richard Pierrin/AFP/Getty Images
Haitian soldiers guard the public prosecutor's office in Port-au-Prince
Children were among up to 17 American Christian missionaries and their relatives kidnapped by a gang in Haiti on Saturday, the New York Times first reported.

The latest: Haitian police inspector Frantz Champagne identified the 400 Mawozo gang as the group responsible, in a statement to AP.
  • The group has "sown terror" in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince for months, engaging in kidnappings and armed combat with other gangs, the New York Times noted.
Details: The missionaries had just left an orphanage and were traveling by bus to the airport to "drop off some members" and were due to travel to another destination when the gang struck in Port-au-Prince, Haitian security officials said, per the NYT.
  • A voice recording from the Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries, described as a "prayer alert," said that the "mission field director and the American embassy are working to see what can be done," The Washington Post reports.
  • A security official told AFP news agency that the "armed gang" that abducted the group of "between 15 and 17" Americans had for months "been engaged in theft and kidnappings."


'Coffee Cup Gestapo': Aussie cops slammed for checking man's beverage to verify his excuse for not wearing Covid-19 mask

Coffee vender/Advertizement
© Screenshot/Twitter/Reuters/Sandra Sanders
Grounds for outrage!
Video footage of Melbourne police checking whether a man's coffee cup was empty to verify his excuse for not wearing a mask is stirring the latest round of online outrage over Australia's dystopian Covid-19 policies.

While it is unclear when exactly the video was recorded, the clip went viral on social media on Friday and Saturday, showing several police officers confronting a man on what appears to be a park trail. One of the officers grabs the man's coffee cup while asking, "Do you mind if I check if there's actually anything in that?" He shakes the cup, and after apparently establishing that there was liquid inside, he backs away and tells the man, "Enjoy your coffee."

The 10-second clip ends with the coffee drinker telling the police:
"Jesus loves you all. God bless. I'll be praying for you all."
While the parkgoer dealt with the confrontation calmly and cordially, and it remains unclear when exactly the footage was recorded, online observers expressed shock over yet another example of Australia's apparent Covid-19 "authoritarianism."

Comment: Consider it a sip into the future.

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Far from the madding covid crowd

Alabama/ Texas A&M
© Unknown
The pandemic will end not when some arbitrary government mandated goals are met. It will end when people decide it should end. Texas has decided". Dr. Eli David

There's a Terminator quality to the mandatory-vaccine resistance movement. Ridiculed, fired, forbidden from dining, prohibited from flying... they abide. The often-imitated but never-duplicated Media Party has demonized them, while police strong-arm them at the mâitre 'd table.

And yet. Saturday there were 106,000 people gathered for the Alabama/ Texas A&M football game in College Station, Texas. Oblivious to the admonishments about masking, distancing, vaccinations and relentless PSA pounding they were in full-throated rapture about being jammed together like Hebrew National frankfurters.

They weren't alone. The NFL featured a huge crowd in London, England, for the Jacksonville/ Atlanta neutral-site game. And now the NHL opens its schedule (with some vaccination restrictions) this week to largely open arenas — with the NBA on the way.

You'd almost think they'd been lied to about Covid-19 being stopped by hand sanitizer (never!) . What is going on here? Do they not understand this is risky behaviour according to Dr. Fauci? Haven't they seen the un-vaxxed regretting their behaviour on TV from a hospital bed?

Comment: Recently, from Alberta Healthcare®, chief medical officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw's covid-ministry added to their covid death spreadsheet, with the unfortunate death of a 14-year old boy. Headlines spread across the country, headlines made by the many pens within Canada's MSN. Since, these "fear merchants" original articles have near all since disappeared, replaced with apologetic update walk-back headlines. The reason, it took the grieving sister of her 14-year old brother to point out the MSN's own fake news, and the real reason for her brothers death was not covid.

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Pandemonium in the wings: 'Everything shortage' meets a 'dark winter' thanks to collapsing global supply chains

empty grocery shelves
© Unsplash / John Cameron
A global supply chain crisis is brewing, leading to a full-spectrum shortage of essential items. This is the result of mass centralization, where policies are dictated and synchronized by the aristocrats of the New Normal.

The coming years will be marked by extreme socio-economic turbulence. The world is reportedly facing an "everything shortage" where essential goods are getting harder, farther, and more time-consuming to find. These shortages affect the entire gamut of the social pyramid structure. The typical production to delivery cycle is repeatedly hammered by a macabre musical chair of woes in tune with Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

If the problem is not a lockdown, then it is a dearth of raw materials. If ports are ready to unload raw materials and finished products, then truckers are unavailable to pick them up. If truckers are available, ports are unable to process freights. Alternatively, the problem could be an acute power or fuel shortage. Coronavirus restrictions worldwide have also led to a shortage of essential labour, ranging from garbage collectors to pilots. Under the pyramidical hierarchy of the New Normal, only the capstone representing the top 0.1% is truly detached and thriving.

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Revolt: Pennsylvania School Board Association quits NSBA over Biden letter asking for parents to be classified as 'domestic terrorists'

School board meeting pennsylvaia
On Thursday, the Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA) became the first school district in the US to officially end their membership with the National School Board Association (NSBA). The Pennsylvania members voted unanimously to leave the group after the National board sent a letter to Biden that asked him to use federal agencies to investigate, disrupt, and prosecute concerned parents who speak out against radical school policies and CRT-based curriculums.

The unbelievable NSBA letter called on Biden to use every available federal law enforcement agency to crack down on dissenting parents and implored him to categorize them as "domestic terrorists."

Just days later, Biden's DOJ went along with the request and sicced the FBI on these concerned American parents.

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Loudoun County superintendent apologizes for 'failing to protect teen victims'

Loudoun County Scott Ziegler
Loudoun County Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler apologized on Friday for failing to provide a 'safe' environment for students
Amid backlash over two alleged sexual assaults that occurred on school grounds, the Superintendent of Loudoun County School District in Virginia issued an apology Friday, while a school board member who was targeted by a recall petition resigned.

According to Fox News, Superintendent Scott Ziegler spoke at a press conference where he apologized to both of the alleged victims and their parents for not doing more to ensure their safety.

"First, let me say to the families and students involved — my heart aches for you and I am sorry that we failed to provide the safe, welcoming, and affirming environment that we aspire to provide," Ziegler said at the press briefing Friday. "We acknowledge and share in your pain and we will continue to offer support to help you and your families through this trauma."