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Thu, 28 Oct 2021
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Thousands flood Swiss capital to decry Covid passports and 'political agendas'

Switzerland Covid protest
© AFP/Fabrice Coffrini/ Video: Ruptly AFP
Screenshot: Thousands of protesters gather in front of the Swiss parliament during a rally to oppose the current Covid-19 measures, Bern, Switzerland, October 23, 2021.
Thousands of protesters held a rally in Bern, rejecting the introduction of Covid certificates aimed to curb the spread of the virus. The rally remained peaceful, unlike earlier October protests.

Comment: Covid IDs that 'aim to curb the spread of the virus' - except that its clear by now that the relatively harmless coronavirus can't be stopped, nor is there any need to stop its spread. More importantly, preventing its spread by lockdowns and experimental vaccines is many, many times more harmful than simply allowing herd immunity and treating those suffering symptoms with provably effective and safe medications like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Massive crowds of people flooded Bern, the capital of Switzerland, this Saturday, expressing anger over the Covid-19 measures adopted by the government. Since September 13, Covid certificates showing that a person is vaccinated, has recovered from Covid, or has a negative PCR test, are required to enter public places across the country.

Social media users shared images of a march of Trychlers - people in traditional costumes who describe themselves as a peaceful community defending traditional Swiss values against political agendas.

Comment: Indeed. Because none of this has to do with science nor health.

Comment: Protests continue to grow throughout Europe and the US against the increasingly blatant dystopian agenda: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: World on the Brink - Mass Acceptance of Tyranny Augurs Doom


YouTube bans 'Let's Go Brandon' song, claims rap is 'medical misinformation'

Comment: That's some serious bullsh**!!!

TPM-Cover-Photos-Let's go Brandon
A music video criticizing President Joe Biden's handling of the pandemic was removed from YouTube due to "medical misinformation."

On Tuesday, Bryson Gray, a rapper who released a "Let's Go Brandon" song on YouTube, found that his music video had been stricken from YouTube due to what the Big Tech social media giant called "medical misinformation."

This is not the same as another "Let's Go Brandon" song The Post Millennial has previously reported on, which actually went as far as #1 on iTunes hip-hop chart.
"YouTube has banned 'Let's Go Brandon' song from YouTube due to 'medical information,'" Gray tweeted. "What medical misinformation is in the song? Whoa."

Comment: They are just tightening the control over the population by strengthening the censorship. They will decide what we hear, what we see, what is good or bad for us, what we eat, what we drink, and very soon what we think. Humanity is occupied and repressed by psychopaths that rule this reality.

Are we living in the Orwell 1984 society?

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Librarians rising up: Toronto Public Library staff fight back against tyrannical vaccine mandates

canada nationwide lockout
A group of librarians from the Toronto Public Library is saying no to being forced to take the jab as a condition of employment. Other librarians across Canada are doing the same. And together with other workers they're participating in a country-wide walkout on Monday.

A group of librarians from the Toronto Public Library is saying no to being forced to take the jab as a condition of employment. Librarians elsewhere are doing the same.

And they - along with thousands of others from coast to coast to coast -- are also participating in a nation-wide strike this coming Monday.

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Israel set to approve 3K West Bank settler homes this week

Heavy equipment
© AP
Israel is expected to move forward with thousands of new homes for Jewish settlers in the West Bank this week, a settlement watchdog group said Sunday.

The plan for some 3,000 new settler units in the West Bank has already drawn calls for restraint from the U.S., which on Friday voiced "concern" over the expected approvals.

Hagit Ofran from the anti-settlement group Peace Now said a committee is set to meet Wednesday to approve 2,800 units deep in the West Bank, complicating any efforts to create a Palestinian state. More than half of those are receiving final approval, meaning construction could begin in the coming year.

On Friday, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said the U.S. was "concerned" about the housing plans. He called on Israel and the Palestinians to "refrain from unilateral steps that exacerbate tension and undercut efforts to advance a negotiated two-state solution" to the conflict.

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Taliban offers jobs for wheat to tackle hunger and unemployment

Taliban delegates
© Reuters
Taliban delegates Shahabuddin Delawar and Khairullah Khairkhwa
Doha, Qatar • October 12, 2021
Afghanistan's Taliban government launched a program to tackle hunger on Sunday, offering thousands of people wheat in exchange for labor.

The scheme will be rolled out around Afghanistan's major towns and cities and employ 40,000 men in the capital alone, the Taliban's chief spokesman said at a press conference in southern Kabul.

"This is an important step for fighting unemployment," Zabihullah Mujahid said, adding the laborers must "work hard".

Afghanistan -- which is already suffering from poverty, drought, electricity blackouts and a failing economic system -- is now facing the onset of what may be a harsh winter.

The Taliban's food-for-work scheme will not pay laborers, targeting those who are currently unemployed and most at risk of starvation during the winter.

The two-month program will see 11,600 tons of wheat distributed in the capital, with about 55,000 tons for elsewhere in the country, including Herat, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif and Pol-i-Khomri. Work for the laborers in Kabul will include digging water channels and catchment terraces for snow in the hills to combat drought.

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Internal Twitter study says platform 'amplifies' the right

© screenshot
An internal study published by Twitter on its algorithms indicated that the platform actually amplifies right-of-center voices over left-leaning ones.

The reality, however, is more complicated.

Rumman Chowdhury, the head of Twitter's machine learning, ethics, transparency and accountability (META) team, told Protocol that the study only showed results based on bias in amplification - not what caused it. The content could be amplified for any reason.

In short, the study was unable to determine whether Twitter's home feed algorithms are biased towards conservative content. Interestingly, Chowdhury said:
"We can see that it is happening. We are not entirely sure why it is happening. To be clear, some of it could be user-driven, people's actions on the platform, we are not sure what it is. It's just important that we share this information."
She added that the META team will conduct a "root-cause analysis" to discover why the purported skew exists, including analyzing how users interact with the platform's algorithms.


60-day state of emergency declared in Ecuador as government focuses on soaring drug violence

© Reuters/Vicente Gaibor del Pino
Soldiers stand outside the Regional de Guayaquil prison.
Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso has declared a state of emergency and ordered the armed forces to join law enforcement operations on the streets as the country struggles to combat escalating drug-related violence. Lasso, in a televised speech on Monday, said:
"Starting immediately, our armed forces and police will be felt with force in the streets because we are decreeing a state of emergency throughout the national territory."
The right-wing leader said that drug trafficking was the only enemy on the streets and claimed that
"in recent years Ecuador has gone from being a drug trafficking country to one that also consumes drugs. When drug trafficking grows so do assassinations and homicides, robberies of homes, vehicles, goods and people."
During the 60-day state of emergency, the military will join drug- and arms-confiscation operations in nine of the country's 24 provinces. The police will increase their patrols in the rest of the country, but the military won't be involved, Lasso said.

Bad Guys

Migrant caravan of 'thousands' breaks through Mexican police barrier - Biden blasted for claiming he 'hasn't had time' to visit border

mexico migrants
© REUTERS/Jacob Garcia
One of many groups of migrants and asylum seekers walk in a caravan heading to US border, in Tapachula, Mexico, October 23, 2021
A migrant caravan made up of thousands has broken through Mexican security forces attempting to stop them from making it to the US border on the heels of US President Joe Biden saying he lacks the time to actually go there.

Thousands of migrants gathered in Tapachula, near the Mexico-Guatemala border, and are now making their way to Mexico City and eventually the US border. Among them are people fleeing Haiti, Venezuela, and multiple other Latin American countries.

Department of Homeland Security officials previously stated they were keeping an eye on the caravan as Mexican officials have tried to prevent the group from making its journey. Footage on Saturday of the caravan making their journey on foot hit social media and showed thousands breaking through Mexican law enforcement officials, equipped with riot gear and attempting to build a wall to block the migrants.

Comment: Fox News adds:
Organizers tell Fox News that there are more than 2,000 migrants in the caravan, setting off from Tapachula, Mexico - some carrying American flags and signs with President Biden's name. Tapachula is in the south of the country on the border with Guatemala.

The caravan is not merely a group of migrants congregating together, organizers made migrants who wished to participate in the caravan to register with a QR code on their phones or a web link to participate.

Within hours, the flood of migrants encountered a wall of Mexican interior police wearing protective gear and wielding shields. But the security did not hold, as migrants forced their way through the blockade and continued on their way to try and seek entry into the U.S. interior.

Who is organizing this???

From 100 Percent Fed Up:
Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has been the only mainstream reporter down at the border telling Americans the truth about the invasion happening. Today, he reported on the huge caravan coming our way. The video below shows a stunning scene in Tapachula, Mexico where illegals broke through a barrier "like a hot knife through butter."

The police officers were overwhelmed by the thousands of illegals forcing their way past the barrier. Some in the crowd carried signs. One sign read "Biden for all"...

A clip of illegals breaking through the police barrier:

Another video of the huge crowd heading to the U.S. where they will be welcomed and then flown or driven to the city of their choice:

A video from overhead of the large caravan:

While Joe Biden expects Americans to accept open borders, the taxpayers are paying for a wall to be build around his beach house:

After Joe Biden canceled the wall being built at America's southern border, it sent a signal to anyone who wanted to try and cross the border illegally that the border is wide open. Since then, over 1,7 million illegals have come to our border. That's not all. There are over 30K illegals coming soon. While Americans are forced to accept open borders, Joe Biden is building a wall, and YOU are paying for it.

According to recently released records, the DHS spent $456,548 to build a fence around Joe Biden's $2.7 million Delaware beach house.

Delaware's local Cape Gazette reports that the DHS awarded $456,548 to Turnstone Holdings, LLC. This is according to USA Spending, a website that tracks federal spending.

The contract is titled "PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION OF SECURITY FENCING AT 32 FARVIEW, REHOBOTH DELAWARE" and states that the "start date" is September 21, 2021 and the end date is December 31, 2021.
bill biden fence delaware home
© Turnstone Holdings
The Cape Gazette reported:
As of Oct. 20, construction on the wall had not started, but according to the website, it is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Biden purchased the North Shores home in summer 2017. County tax records show he paid $2.7 million for the property.
While Americans are expected to allow anyone and everyone into the interior of the country, Joe Biden expects those same Americans to pay for his wall.

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The 'Cancel Culture' of Israel Lobby in Canada

Dimitri Lascaris Manal Tamimi

Activist and lawyer Dimitri Lascaris interviewing Palestinian activist, Manal Tamimi in June, 2018, in Spain.
The Israel lobby regularly torments people and seeks to undermine their ability to make a living. While increasing numbers of Canadians are wise to their slander campaigns, some progressives still end up aligning with the bullies who have misused the term anti-Semitism to intimidate and silence.

The list of good people who have been put through the "cancel culture" ringer by the Israel lobby is long. Hundreds, probably thousands, of Canadians have lost jobs and contracts or simply been tormented by the Israel lobby for supporting Palestinians.

There's a website entirely devoted to sabotaging the job prospects of university students who participate in pro-Palestinian activism. In a bid to intimidate students Canary Mission details individuals' purported anti-Jewish activism.

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Email confirms Loudoun County school board knew about alleged sexual assault on day it happened

loundoun county public school board
The Loudoun County Public Schools board was informed of an alleged sexual assault that took place in a high school bathroom on May 28, 2021, an email from Superintendent Scott Ziegler shows.

The email, which was reported by WTOP-TV, alerted the school board that an incident took place at Stone Bridge High School in which a female student alleged she was sexually assaulted by a male student in the restroom.

The May 28 email reads:
Good Afternoon, Board Members, The purpose of this email is to provide you with information regarding an incident that occurred at Stone Bridge HS. This afternoon a female student alleged that a male student sexually assaulted her in the restroom. The LCSO [Sheriff's Office] is investigating the matter. Secondary to the assault investigation, the female student's parent responded to the school and caused a disruption by using threatening and profane language that was overheard by staff and students. Additional law enforcement units responded to the school to assist with the parent. The school's counseling team is providing services for students who witnessed the parent's behavior. The alleged victim is being tended to by LCSO.

Comment: Progressives like to act like transgender bathroom policies are harmless and that those who oppose them are just being bigots, but more and more we are seeing incidents like this that make it clear that these rules allow for dangerous people to game the system in ways that put people at risk. Look at what's happening in prisons.

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