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Tue, 26 Sep 2023
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Debris of missing F-35 jet found near military air base in South Carolina

f-35 jet
© Mass Communication Specialist 3r
F-35 fighter jet
Joint Base Charleston said in a statement that the debris of a F-35 fighter jet that went missing over South Carolina this weekend was discovered two hours north of the air base.

The stealth fighter jet was in autopilot mode when the pilot ejected, suggesting the aircraft could have remained airborne for some time, media reports citing military officials earlier indicated.

"Personnel from Joint Base Charleston and Marine Crops Air Station Beaufort, in close coordination with local authorities, have located a debris field in Williamsburg County. The debris was discovered two hours northeast of JB Charleston," the air base said in a statement on Monday.

Comment: From Fox News:

NBC News reports:
A South Carolina couple had been celebrating their son's 7th birthday on Sunday afternoon when they looked to the skies. A fighter jet was flying above them in an "inverted" position, they said, before they heard a "boom" moments later.

"Our kids always give a little salute, so we said, 'Look at the plane. Oh my gosh, it's so low,'" Adrian Truluck said. "And it was kind of probably 100 feet above the tree tops, and almost going inverted."

"It was probably three quarters of the way," added her husband, Stephen Truluck, as he gestured with his hand. "We could see the canopy" of the plane.

They didn't think much of it at the time, they said, because Shaw Air Force Base is about 60 miles away. But after learning an F-35 fighter jet had gone missing — and learning on Monday that a debris field was found just miles from their home in rural Williamsburg County — they realized what they saw likely wasn't just any aircraft.

The Marine Corps did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday about the Trulucks' account, but an investigation remains ongoing.

The incident drew attention Sunday afternoon when Joint Base Charleston, located about 80 miles south of Williamsburg County, asked the public for help finding a missing F-35B Lightning II jet.

The jet's pilot had "ejected safely" just before 2 p.m., but the military said it could not locate the F-35, which is known for its stealth mode capabilities, because its transponder did not appear to be working.

It wasn't until more than 24 hours later when the base announced a debris field had been located in Williamsburg County.

Questions remain as to why the pilot ejected from the aircraft and why the jet appeared to have continued flying undetected.

After initially saying the jet had been left in autopilot when the pilot ejected from the aircraft, Jeremy Huggins, a spokesman at Joint Base Charleston, later told NBC News that authorities did not know whether that was the case and were still investigating the matter.

The Trulucks said they did call the military on Monday afternoon to report what they had seen the day before, but believe authorities had likely already zeroed in on the crash site.

They said the jet would have flown over a sunflower field, trees and a few houses along their road before crashing. No injuries were reported on the ground.

The couple added that they heard a subtle "boom" noise following the sighting of the jet but figured there was a simple explanation.

"We were thinking it was rolling thunder in the distance and didn't give it another thought until we saw the plane was missing," Adrian Truluck said, "and we were like that had to be the plane."


Russell Brand rape allegations marks the resurrection of the #MeToo political zombie

russell brand
© Getty
Russell Brand
If crimes were committed, they must be investigated and brought before court - but not the biased court of establishment media

Recently, actor and comedian Russell Brand has used his celebrity status and his internet-based show to lift up independent-minded people like US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He questioned the US and NATO involvement in the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, as well as the mainstream media narrative on Covid-19.

The establishment neoliberals were having none of it. They turned their laser-guided coordinated attacks on Brand, and now he is facing cancelation, MeToo style. He's been accused of rape and abuse by several women, and as a result has lost his YouTube ad revenue, has had his live shows canceled, has been dropped by his publisher, and has had shows featuring him removed from the BBC's video-on-demand service, among other things.

Comment: One supposed 'victim' was not willing to go along with Channel 4's smear campaign:

Russell even has support from another controversial figure and old adversary, Katie Hopkins:

Russell's various targets were sure to bring down the Establishment's wrath sooner or later. Looks like RFK Jr was a step to far. Or maybe this?

Car Black

A disturbing killing and the media won't touch it

© Facebook/KJN
Andreas Probst, retired CA police chief
As I write this on September 16, the New York Times has yet to mention Andreas Probst, the retired 64-year-old California police chief brutally murdered on August 14 in Las Vegas. The initial silence is understandable. Probst was killed while bicycling at about 6 A.M. along a quiet road. The assumption was that he was the unfortunate victim of a careless driver who fled the scene.

By August 31, the media had access to the video recorded in real time by the passenger in the vehicle. It is chilling. The driver and his companion, both males, had apparently stolen the Hyundai in which they were driving at high speeds.

The video picks up with the driver intentionally swerving into another vehicle and forcing it off the road. In that the two are juveniles, their identities have yet to be revealed. Based on available evidence, both visual and audio, it appears that the driver is white and his accomplice black. Upon hitting the other car, the passenger shouts out, "Bitch-a-- n----."

The driver then steers the car directly at Probst, who is biking in a bicycle lane, unaware of the car approaching him from behind. "Ready?" asks the driver. "Yea, yea, yea," says the passenger, now giggling. "Hit his ass." The car hits Probst dead center, and he flies over the hood. "That n----- got knocked out," says the passenger. "We better get out of here," says the driver.

No Entry

Protesting Bulgarian farmers block main roads, border crossings

© Unknown
Bulgarian farmer protest
Bulgarian farmers staged a nationwide protest, blocking main roads and border crossings on September 18. Blockades have been declared at 47 locations across the country.

Protesters near Blagoevgrad were prevented by police from blocking the main road E-79. Police stopped with a human chain the tractors and the people who had set off on foot to the roundabout at the Blagoevgrad South road junction, although the protest organisers claimed they had permission from the responsible institutions for a short-term closure of the main road.

After a dialogue with the police guarding the protest, the tractors were allowed on the main road for a short period of time. However, a large number of protesting farmers remained on the side of the route.
© Unknown
Talking it out?


Chicago mayor proposes city-owned grocery stores as Walmart, Whole Foods exits leave 'food deserts'

© Getty Images for National Urban League
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said he wants to open city-owned grocery stores to serve neighborhoods that have become "food deserts" after four Walmart stores and a Whole Foods closed.

Johnson announced last week that his administration would partner with the nonprofit advocacy group Economic Security Project to put stores in underserved areas of the city — a proposal Republicans called something out of "Soviet-style central planning."

Four other Chicago Walmarts are still open, which the chain said in a statement "continue to face the same business difficulties, but we think this decision gives us the best chance to help keep them open and serving the community."

When The Post reached out to Walmart for comment, a company spokesperson pointed to the April press release, which said "that collectively our Chicago stores have not been profitable since we opened the first one nearly 17 years ago."

Black Magic

The Ukrainian morale in the battlefield: A snapshot

ukraine military graveyeard
© Larysa Ros/Dreamstime.com
Military cemetery in Ukraine. Dnipro, Ukraine, 07.05.2022
It's now firmly established that the Ukrainian counter-offensive turned out to be the feeder of a bloody meat grinder of astonishing proportions.

Of every 100 people who joined Ukrainian units last Fall, months before the counter-offensive, only 10 to 20 remain. The rest are dead, wounded or incapacitated. These stats were confirmed by the online publication Poltavashchyna.

It's quite enlightening to check the following snapshot of the Ukrainian frontlines only five months ago, in Spring, slightly before the start of the counter-offensive. The data was leaked by Ukrainians. The authenticity of the documents has been fully confirmed.

This is a report prepared by the temporary acting commander of the 2nd mechanized battalion of military unit A4007, Captain Dmytro Bilyi. He is reporting directly to the commander of the military unit.


Illinois becomes first state to eliminate cash bail

cash bail form
© Kameleon007/Getty Images
Illinois is now the first state to fully abolish cash bail through an act of the legislature as part of a major criminal justice overhaul.
Illinois became the first state to eliminate cash bail legislatively on Monday, turning the state into a testing ground to see what, if any, ramifications come from eliminating the process.

The end of cash bail was supposed to take effect on Jan. 1, but the law was put on hold while the Illinois Supreme Court reviewed the measure. The high court upheld the state law in July, ruling that the state constitution does not require cash bail in criminal trials.

The elimination of cash bail in Illinois rolled out on Monday. It's a move that has been heavily criticized by conservatives and Republicans who worry about the law's impact during a period of rising crime rates. Prosecutors, court experts, and city lawmakers continue to debate over how to balance public safety and maintaining an equal criminal justice system.

Comment: From the Illinois Journal Courier, which give a more nuanced view of the move. The full article worth reading:
The reform went into effect Monday after nearly three years of brutal legislative and political fights over the SAFE-T Act, one of several massive pieces of equity-focused legislation pushed by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus in the wake of nationwide protests in 2020 over injustices faced by Black Americans and systemic racism more broadly.

Criminal justice reform advocates have been working toward the rollout for years, beginning with the premise that an arrestee's ability to post bond does not equate with the danger he or she poses to the community. While some charged with violent crimes like domestic battery were able to buy their way out of jail under the old system, others were left sitting in jail for weeks or months because they couldn't afford bail, sometimes for low-level offenses.


But while the end of cash bail is supposed to create a more equal justice system, the months of preparation leading up to the SAFE-T Act's full implementation have accentuated profound disparities between the court systems in each of Illinois' 102 counties


Per state law — which hasn't been updated since 1949 — only counties with 35,000 or more residents are required to set up offices of public defender, and even then, they're not required to be full-time. Counties with populations of less than 35,000 aren't required to establish a public defender program, though in modern history even the smallest of counties have at least contracted part-time public defenders, while others have voluntarily hired full-time public defenders.
The point of bail is to ensure the arrestee shows up for their legal proceedings. The ability to set a high bail amount was one way to keep those charged with serious crimes such as murder and rape off the streets. Illinois has been ideologically captured. There's plenty of evidence that this particular woke measure is a bad idea. The irony was inevitable: Senator who sponsored cash bail ban is furious: Driver who threatened him with gun only had to post $1,500 to get out of jail

Red Flag

Silencing truth: YouTube suspends Russell Brand from making money off his channel

russell brand
© Mary Turner / Getty Images file
YouTube has blocked Russell Brand from making money off its platform and the BBC pulled some of his shows from its online streaming service in the wake of rape and sexual assault allegations against the comedian-turned-influencer.

YouTube said in a statement early Tuesday that it had "suspended monetization" on Brand's channel for violating its "creator responsibility policy."

"If a creator's off-platform behavior harms our users, employees or ecosystem, we take action to protect the community," the online platform said.

Brand has developed a major following on his YouTube channel in recent years, amassing more than 6.6 million subscribers while cultivating a persona as a "wellness" and conspiracy influencer.

Comment: Brand's incredibly popular YouTube show was speaking too much truth, so there was no other choice by the PTB than to coordinate an attack and attempt to silence his voice.

Bizarro Earth

Bizarro world: Missouri high school crowns biological male prom queen

Tristan Young
© Northmen_OPHS/X
Tristan Young
A biological male beat out several females for the title of "homecoming queen" at a Kansas City, Missouri, high school.

Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri, crowned Tristan Young — a male who believes he is female — as homecoming queen. North Kansas City Schools posted pictures and the announcement on social media on Friday with the caption, "Congratulations to @Northmen_OPHS Homecoming Queen Tristan Young!"

Four photos show the male bending over in excitement, adorned with a crown and long purple dress. One of the photos shows the young man posing with the other "queen candidates" — all biological females who lost the crown to a man.

Arrow Down

Greta poses for the cameras amid arrest

Actress Greta
© Armstrong Economics
Greta Thunberg is willing to defy the authorities to fight climate change, or at least that is what they want you to believe. They paint this young girl as a radical activist when she is planted counter-opposition. Greta was arrested for the second time last week for refusing to leave a sit-in at a protest terminal. The picture above shows the true nature of her arrest.

Greta was not violently carted off by the authorities and thrown into a cell. The police held her up for the cameras for the best propaganda pictures. Reuters is reporting that the young globalist could face up to six months behind bars - yeah, right! "It is absurd that those who act in line with science should pay the price for it," Thunderg stated after her first arrest. She pleaded "not guilty" in June, citing that she was blocking the oil trucks from committing a climate catastrophe. "I believe that we are in an emergency that threatens life, health, and property. Countless people and communities are at risk both in the short term and in the long term," Thunberg said in court.