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Protests against mass migration hit streets of Dublin

migration dublin
© RollingNews.ieProtesters marching as part of an anti-immigration march in Dublin city centre today.
A large crowd gathered at the Garden of Remembrance in the north inner city this afternoon before marching down O'Connell Street and onto the Custom House where speeches were made.

Videos and photographs from the march show a large crowd marching down O'Connell Street holding a variety of placards and signs. The crowd were also holding Irish flags, and chanted 'Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole' at one point.

They also chanted "out, out, out" and "our streets".

Comment: As the fallout of mass migration policies in Europe, Australia, and the US, worsens, there's been a number of potentially divisive, and sometimes suspect, related incidents of late; and this is in addition to the criminal activity that has come to be associated with weaponised mass migration:

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Kevin Spacey: 10 men accuse 'soulless monster' of sexual assault in new docuseries

"I felt like I was staring at a soulless monster," Daniel, an actor, says of his alleged sexual assault by Kevin Spacey in a new Channel 4 documentary promising a "forensic look" at the Oscar winner's rise to stardom and his alleged sexual misconduct.

Spacey Unmasked features 10 men, Daniel among them, to tell their stories of alleged abuse at the hands of Spacey. None of them were involved in the London trial that saw the actor acquitted of nine charges in July 2023, and all but one have never spoken out before. The charges stemmed from alleged acts that occurred from 2001 to 2013; Spacey was artistic director of London's Old Vic Theatre from 2004 until 2015.

In between clips of prolific award wins and talk-show wisecracks, Spacey Unmasked features the testimonies of a group of men — identified by their first names only — that span five decades, ranging from a teenage Spacey at high school to the height of his House of Cards fame, as well as his time at the Old Vic.

Comment: Previously:

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Denmark to allow 15-year-olds get abortions without parental consent

© Getty Images / ArLawKa AungTun
The Danish government announced on Friday that it will permit women to have their pregnancies terminated until 18 weeks after conception instead of 12. The new legislation marks the first time the Nordic country has eased its abortion rules in 50 years.

Additionally, girls over age 15 will get the right to have an abortion without parental approval. The government lowered the age requirement to keep it in line with the country's age of consent.

"Choosing whether to have an abortion is a difficult situation, and I hope that the young women can find support from their parents. But if there is disagreement, it must ultimately be the young woman's own decision whether she wants to be a mother," Marie Bjerre, Minister for Digitization and Gender Equality, said.


VisitBritain issues 50-page inclusivity guide advising against words like 'blacklist', 'man hours' and 'blindspot'

tourism UK
Britain's flagship tourism agency has told workers they can't use words such as 'blindspot' or 'man hours' anymore as the language is not inclusive.

Instead of man hours, travel agency VisitBritain told firms hosting guests from overseas to say 'person hours' as to not to offend anyone.

According to its 50-page language guide, the word 'blacklist' should be replaced by 'deny list' and 'blindspot' by 'missed opportunity'.

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The machinery of fascism revisited

Hitler stamp
Fascism became a swear word in the US and UK during the Second World War. It has been ever since, to the point that the content of the term has been drained away completely. It is not a system of political economy but an insult.

If we go back a decade before the war, you find a completely different situation. Read any writings from polite society from 1932 to 1940 or so, and you find a consensus that freedom and democracy, along with Enlightenment-style liberalism of the 18th century, were completely doomed. They should be replaced by some version of what was called the planned society, of which fascism was one option.

A book by that name appeared in 1937 as published by the prestigious Prentice-Hall, and it included contributions by top academics and high-profile influencers. It was highly praised by all respectable outlets at the time.


Best of the Web: Israeli organ-trafficking network busted in Turkey

israel organ trafficking
© AAPolice arrest Israelis and Syrians for organ trafficking in May 2024. Israel has long been at the center of international organ trafficking networks and has stolen organs from dead Palestinians
Police in the Turkish city of Adana detained 11 suspects, five Israeli and two Syrian, on allegations of organ trafficking, the Daily Sabah reported on 5 May.

The Provincial Directorate of Security's Anti-Smuggling and Border Gates Branch began investigating after examining the passports of seven individuals who arrived in Adana from Israel about a month ago by plane for the purpose of health tourism. The two Syrian nationals, ages 20 and 21, were found to have fake passports.

Further investigation revealed that Syrian nationals had each agreed to sell one of their own kidneys to two of the Israeli nationals, ages 68 and 28, for kidney transplants in Adana.

During searches at the suspects' residences, $65,000 and numerous fake passports were seized.

Comment: Amidst reasonable criticisms against Turkey and its continued relations with Israel despite the ongoing Gaza genocide, there is reason to believe that in other areas Turkey has really stepped up its efforts to rout Israel's malign influence and activities; and more so than other countries: As for Israel, whether its knowingly providing a safe haven for convicted paedophiles, or organ harvesting from the Palestinians it has slaugthered, the sinister activities that is involved in is legion: Tellingly, Ukraine has now become a world leader in many of those same industries: Organ trafficking, paedophile networks - The hell of children abducted by Ukraine's 'White Angels'


Oops! Sanctions on Russia adding to Boeing's woes - WSJ

Boeing 787
The US company has warned investors it will not be able to deliver the planned number of Dreamliner jets this year, according to the paper

Boeing is experiencing problems with the production of its 787 Dreamliner wide-body airliners due to the lack of a key component caused by US sanctions on Russia, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

Heat exchangers, which are used in the plane's environmental control system and also regulate the temperature of its electronics, had been made by a joint venture between American company RTX's Collins Aerospace and Moscow-based firm HS-Nauka, the outlet said in an article on Friday.

However, in March 2022, just weeks after the fighting between Russia and Ukraine broke out, the joint venture was shut down as part of restrictions against Moscow over the conflict, the report said.

Comment: The blowback was foreseeable, but the Western leaders - due to their wishful thinking - didn't expect the war would last that long. They thought that Russia would collapse economically and/or a regime change would happen due to those sanctions. Instead the sanctions made Russia stronger with the West suffering a tsunami of dire consequences.

Boeing has been in the news a lot lately:

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KFC Malaysia closes over 100 outlets after boycott over its support from Israel's Gaza genocide

KFC malaysia
The franchise is the latest American food chain to be targeted by pro-Palestinian boycott campaigns in the Muslim-majority country
The American fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has been forced to close over 100 of its Malaysian outlets amid a month's long boycott campaign over US support for Israel's war on Gaza.

According to Chinese media, QSR Brands, which owns the fast-food franchise, KFC, had to temporarily shutter 108 of its 600 outlets across Malaysia, most of them in the Muslim-majority Kelantan state.

In a statement, QSR Brands cited "challenging economic conditions" for the closures and that employees had been offered the opportunity to relocate to busier stores, saying that the company contributes "positively to the Malaysian economy through job security for 18,000 team members in Malaysia, of which, approximately 85 percent are Muslims."

Comment: Indeed Starbucks is also suffering due to the boycotts:

At the moment, it seems that both the general public, and the multipolar world, is having a significant impact by withdrawing economic cooperation with the genociders:


Russia kills saboteur armed with explosives in Leningrad, criminal was recruited by Ukraine, trained in Lithuania

russia sabotage ukraine
© AFPRussia's FSB state security service said on Friday its officers had killed a saboteur who had been recruited by Ukraine and was planning to attack a fuel terminal in northwestern Russia with explosives.
Russia's FSB state security service said on Friday its officers had killed a saboteur who had been recruited by Ukraine and was planning to attack a fuel terminal in northwestern Russia with explosives.

The FSB said in a statement the man was a Russian national recruited by Ukraine's military intelligence to carry out the attack in the Leningrad region, and that he had been killed after shooting at security agents.

The FSB said he had entered Russia from Lithuania in March after receiving training there.

Comment: Considering the hundreds of suspected sabotage incidents in Russia since the beginning of the SMO, in addition to the Crocus mall terrorist attack, and the connections not only with Ukraine, but with the Western security agencies, this is notable:

Evil Rays

Australian police shoot dead 16-year-old boy after he stabbed a man - attacker was known to authorities and WARNED them day before incident

© Australian Associated Press/Dave HuntFILE: Statue of Themis, Greek Goddess of Justice, at the Supreme Court of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia
A 16-year-old boy armed with a knife was shot dead by police after he stabbed a man in the Australian west coast city of Perth, officials said Sunday.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of a hardware store in suburban Willetton on Saturday night.

The teen attacked the man and then rushed at police officers before he was shot, Western Australian Premier Roger Cook told reporters on Sunday.

"There are indications he had been radicalized online," Cook told a news conference.

Comment: Whilst knife crime is evidently an issue in Australia, it also appears as though there has been a spike in incidents of late.

The two recent high profile incidents: Notably, just a few days ago in the UK - which is suffering from soaring crime, including knife attacks - a man attacked a number of people, killing at least one child, with a sword. The man was a dual Spanish-Brazilian national and it is not thought to be terror-related.

Below are news reports of the incident, followed by a report of another knife incident a few weeks prior:

An incident from 27th April: