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14 troops, 4 civilians wounded in Hezbollah drone attack on Israeli northern border town

Arab al-Aramshe hezbollah drone attack
© Social media/XThe moment a Hezbollah drone impacts the northern community of Arab al-Aramshe on April 17, 2024.
Fourteen soldiers and four civilians were wounded as an explosive drone fired from Lebanon struck a community center in the northern border town of Arab al-Aramshe on Wednesday, medics and the military said.

The victims were taken to Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, which said that one was listed in critical condition and four others were seriously wounded. The remaining victims were moderately and lightly hurt, the hospital added.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, 14 of the victims were soldiers, including the five listed in critical and serious condition. The four civilian victims were all lightly hurt.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it targeted a building being used by the Israeli military with guided missiles and explosive-laden drones.


Researchers raise alarm over Russian demographics - media

FILE PHOTO: A newborn in the ward of a maternity hospital in Voronezh, Russia.
© Sputnik / Lesya PolyakovaFILE PHOTO: A newborn in the ward of a maternity hospital in Voronezh, Russia.
The low birth rate is endangering the country's economic development, experts have warned

A record-low birth rate has become the most significant constraint on Russia's long-term development, national daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported on Friday, citing a new study.

Last year, the rate was at its lowest level since the start of the century, official statistics showed. According to research conducted by macroeconomic analysis center CMASF, both the shrinking population and rising pressure on increasingly scarce workers now pose a serious challenge for Russia's economy.

The message about the need for more children has gone out before, below is from the same source an article about the statements of Dmitry Peskov and one about about those from Vladimir Putin.

Some of the content is next to identical, and while that can appear redundant, it does express the emphasis given to the issue. The Western elites wish to beat Russia into submission, fragment the country and do with it as they see fit, the same way they have treated so many other parts of the world. The efforts during WWII, the engineering of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the sponsored conflict with Russia in Ukraine have worked in their favour. The Russian leadership have observed the danger coming to the country from this approach and try to prevent the effects:

26 Mar, 2024 03:28
Demographics is Russia's 'Achilles heel' - Kremlin
Improving the demographic situation and achieving sustainable growth in birth rates is a matter of life and death for Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with national media published on Tuesday.

President Vladimir Putin has designated 2024 the 'Year of the Family' in Russia, and according to his spokesman, the issue is of critical importance for the country.

"Demographics is probably our Achilles heel, our biggest problem. It cannot be resolved overnight. And so we desperately need to continue to take all possible measures that are aimed at correcting the demographic situation," Peskov told the Argumenti i Fakty newspaper.

He added that Russia will continue to focus on improving the quality of family life by extending the maternity capital program and offering more financial benefits to single mothers and families with multiple children.

"At the same time, it is possible and necessary to promote large families," said Peskov, himself a father of six. "Having many children should become fashionable. That's why traditional values are so important to us... it is a matter of life and death for our country with its vast territory."

"There should be more of us! We have only 7 million people living beyond the Urals. We must have children, we must increase human mobility and live our lives in different cities, which should be equally comfortable," he added.

In his address to the Federal Assembly last month, President Putin admitted that Russia, like many other countries, is faced with a decline in birth rates. He suggested that all levels of government, civil society, and religion should work together to make large families the social norm, a cornerstone of social life, and a guideline of state strategy.

Putin has raised the issue of family sizes before, pointing to the lingering consequences of the 1990s demographic collapse, comparable in severity to that of the Second World War. While the number of abortions in Russia has declined significantly since 2000, the number of births in 2023 was just over 1.2 million, the lowest since 1999. The national statistics bureau, Rosstat, has predicted a continued decline in the birth rate through 2027.
15 Feb, 2024 18:23
Putin names what Russia needs to survive
The president has once again urged citizens to have more children

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday urged Russians to start families early and have at least two children, preferably more.

His comments came during a meeting with the workers of Uralvagonzavod, a major Russian weapons and military equipment manufacturer located in Nizhny Tagil, in the Urals.

"Supporting young families is our absolute priority if we want to preserve our ethnic groups inhabiting Russia. And for this, each family must have at least two children. Three, if we want to grow and expand," Putin said, answering a question on whether the state Young Family program will continue.

The president added that funding for the program has been secured through 2025. Further measures to support families are in the works and may be announced during his upcoming annual address to lawmakers.

Putin has designated 2024 'Year of the Family' in Russia. The president has repeatedly pointed to the lingering consequences of the 1990s demographic collapse, comparable in severity to that of the Second World War.

He has raised the family-size issue before. Speaking in Kaliningrad last month, he explained that having children early on was the way to go. Couples who wait until 30 or later end up having no time or energy for more than one child, he said at the time, which is why the government has focused on helping young families. While the number of abortions in Russia has declined significantly since 2000, the number of births in 2023 was only 1.213 million, the lowest since 1999. The national statistics bureau, Rosstat, has predicted a continued decline in the birth rate through 2027.
See also: Russia protects family values and children - Tara Reade

Light Sabers

Veteran editor Uri Berliner, who blew whistle on liberal bias at NPR, has been suspended - UPDATE

uri berliner NPR editor liberal bias media
© Getty ImagesUri Berliner, the senior business editor and a 25-year NPR veteran, accused his employer of liberal groupthink.
Uri Berliner has been suspended for five days without pay after criticizing outlet's liberal bias

NPR has suspended veteran editor Uri Berliner after he detailed his employer's "absence of viewpoint diversity" last week in a stunning rebuke of the news organization.

NPR media reporter David Folkenflik reported the five-day suspension without pay began on Friday.

Berliner penned a bombshell piece in the Free Press that criticized NPR's coverage of Russiagate, the COVID lab leak theory, Hunter Biden's scandalous laptop, embrace of the theory of systemic racism and accused the organization of downplaying antisemitism following Oct. 7.

Comment: There is support for Berliner:

The essay that set off the storm: I've been at NPR for 25 years. Here's how we lost America's trust

UPDATE 17/04/2024: USA Today reports that Berliner has resigned from NPR:
"I am resigning from NPR, a great American institution where I have worked for 25 years," Berliner wrote in the post. "I don't support calls to defund NPR. I respect the integrity of my colleagues and wish for NPR to thrive and do important journalism. But I cannot work in a newsroom where I am disparaged by a new CEO whose divisive views confirm the very problems at NPR I cite in my Free Press essay."

On Friday, Berliner was suspended for five days without pay, NPR confirmed Tuesday, a week after his essay in the Free Press, an online news publication, where he argued the network had "lost America's trust" and allowed a "liberal bent" to influence its coverage, causing the outlet to steadily lose credibility with audiences.

Red Flag

The political left has proven beyond a doubt that they are authoritarians

communist hive
Nearly 20 years ago when I started my work in the independent media the common mantra among my peers was noting the existence of the "false left/right paradigm" - The idea that Democrats and Republicans were essentially the same and were working towards the same exact authoritarian goals. This was before the Ron Paul movement and the libertarian/patriot shift within conservative circles when Neocons (fake conservatives) dominated all Republican discourse.

In the 16 years since there has been some interesting developments at the state level, with a return to true conservative and constitutional principles. Conservative ideals were on the verge of death in the early 2000s, but thanks to Ron Paul and others there has been a resurgence. The false left/right paradigm still applies in many ways and we have to remain vigilant, but the most blatant RINO frauds are quickly losing favor.

Eye 1

Supreme Court declines to halt police officer's lawsuit against black lives matter protest organizer

© Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images
The Supreme Court declined Monday to stop a police officer's lawsuit against a Black Lives Matter activist who led the 2016 protest where he was injured by another individual.

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson had asked the justices to decide whether the First Amendment prevents a protest leader from being held personally liable for violence perpetrated by another individual when the organizer "neither authorized, directed, nor ratified" the act. A Baton Rouge officer sued Mckesson after he was hit in the head with a rock during a 2016 protest, alleging he "incited the violence" and "did nothing to calm the crowd," according to the complaint.

The justices decision not to take up the case left in place a lower court's ruling allowing the lawsuit to proceed.

Comment: Even though the BLM riots were completely unacceptable, this doesn't bode well for other protest leaders, or a certain former president.


Retired Army General's testimony links private contractor to Abu Ghraib abuses

© Dana Verkouteren/APArtist sketch of Salah Al-Ejaili (foreground with glasses) • US District Court Alexandria, VA • April 16, 2024
An Army general who investigated the abuse of prisoners 20 years ago at Iraq's infamous Abu Ghraib prison testified Tuesday that a civilian contractor instructed prison guards to "soften up" detainees for interrogations.

The retired general, Antonio Taguba, told jurors that the contractor, Steven Stefanowicz, even tried to intimidate the general as he investigated the Abu Ghraib abuses.

"He would lean on the table staring me down. He did not answer questions directly," Taguba said. "He was trying to intimidate me."

Taguba's testimony was the strongest evidence yet that civilian employees of the Virginia-based military contractor CACI played a role in the abuse of Abu Ghraib inmates.

Three former inmates at the prison are suing CACI in federal court in Alexandria, alleging that the company contributed to the tortuous treatment they suffered. The trial, delayed by more than 15 years of legal wrangling, is the first time that Abu Ghraib inmates have been able to bring a civil case in front of a U.S. jury.

The lawsuit alleges that CACI is liable for the three plaintiffs' mistreatment because the company provided civilian interrogators to the Army who were assigned to Abu Ghraib and conspired with the military police who were serving as prison guards to torture the inmates.


Victims sue Japan govt. over Covid vaccine injuries and failure to disclose risks, nation's public broadcaster reports

japan covid vaccine
A group of people in Japan is seeking compensation from the central government, claiming it had spread damage from coronavirus vaccines by not publicizing their side effects.

They filed their claim with the Tokyo District Court on Wednesday. The 13 plaintiffs are family members of 8 people who died after being vaccinated and 5 people claiming to have suffered health damage from the vaccines.

The plaintiffs claim that they could not know about the risks of the coronavirus vaccines as the government promoted inoculation through various media but did not publicize the side effects reported by medical institutions.

The plaintiffs also claim that the government failed to take sufficient measures for people suffering health damage from the vaccines.

Comment: Notably, in the latter stage of the contrived coronavirus crisis, Japan's Health Ministry was one of the few to officially warn against mandating the experimental jabs, it also highlighted some of the serious side effects, and required that they be recorded: Japan's health ministry issues warning over serious side effects caused by Covid vaccines, requires hospitals to document victim's symptoms

And, in just the last few months, a number of its universities came together to sound the alarm over other deadly risks associated with the jabs: Risks associated with blood transfusions from Covid mRNA vaccinated individuals exposed in new study from Japan

Footage of the press conference for the lawsuit mentioned in the article:

"People are dying & the reality of what's happening is being hidden" "Me & my spouse stupidly believed that just getting this vaccine would definitely save us - two days later he passed away" "The vaccine damages are not shared with the public" "They make the damage from the vaccine seem smaller or ignore it altogether" Whilst this is Japan - they speak for the ENTIRE Western World & the same is true for all Countries who pushed this ineffective dangerous experimental injection.


Climate change court cases are on the rise. Here's why.

climate change protestors
Yesterday, a group of senior women from Switzerland won what is being called a "landmark" human rights case concerning "Climate Change".

At a hearing in Strasbourg, the European Court of Human Rights found the government of Switzerland had violated the women's human rights by "failing to do enough" to combat the alleged effect of 'man-made climate change'.

Calling it a "decision that will set a precedent for future climate lawsuits", Reuters reports:
The European Court of Human Rights' ruling, in favour of the more than 2,000 Swiss women who brought the case, is expected to resonate in court decisions across Europe and beyond [...] The Swiss women, known as KlimaSeniorinnen and aged over 64, said their government's climate inaction put them at risk of dying during heatwaves. They argued their age and gender made them particularly vulnerable to such climate change impacts.


US ends annual training exercise with 'largest mass fly-off' of B-2A stealth bombers in years

B-2 bombers plane
© U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Hailey FarrellB-2 Spirit stealth bombers assigned to the 509th Bomb Wing taxi on the runway at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., April 15, 2024. Team Whiteman executed a mass fly-off of 12 B-2s to cap off the annual Spirit Vigilance exercise.
The U.S. Air Force just released photos of a pretty impressive display of airpower from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, where 12 B-2A Spirit stealth bombers executed a mass fly-off as part of exercise Spirit Vigilance on April 15, 2024. Spirit Vigilance is an annual exercise that allows Airmen to exercise their abilities to be always ready to execute global strike operations anytime, anywhere.

This is one of the largest, if not the largest, mass departures of B-2s in recent years, with 60% of the stealth bomber fleet involved. Until now, the largest was the mass fly-off of Spirit Vigilance 2022 with eight bombers. The video published together with the photos shows crews scrambling to their aircraft, before lining on the taxiway on their way to takeoff.

Comment: As has been become glaringly apparent in recent months, training and real world are two very different scenarios:


Propaganda debunked: Ukrainian children 'kidnapped by Moscow' found in Germany

Emergency refugee accommodation
© Sebastian Gollnow / picture alliance via Getty ImagesEmergency accommodation for refugees at the former Tegel airport in Berlin, Germany.
The revelation debunks Kiev's "myths," a Russian official accused of mass abductions has said.

Over 160 Ukrainian children allegedly "kidnapped by Russia" have been discovered living in Germany, the country's Federal Criminal Police (BKA) has confirmed.

The head of Ukrainian national police, Ivan Vygovsky, on Wednesday hailed the discovery, telling national media that he had discussed the issue with Holger Munch, president of the BKA, during a meeting earlier in this week.

Comment: Ukraine's accusations of 'kidnapping' have always been spurious, but who's really harming children in this conflict?

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