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Wed, 23 May 2018
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Law office opens in Boston exclusively defending students wrongly accused of sexual assault

Attorney: "I challenge anyone to be a part of these disciplinary hearings from the beginning and not say to yourself once a week, 'My God, are they really doing this? Does anybody read the Constitution?'"
Nesenoff & Miltenberg
The luxury boutiques, specialty stores and eclectic dining of Boston's Newbury Street have long attracted the throngs of the college students who call the region home.

But many of the students enrolled in the area's 35 colleges now have a new reason to swing by-a law office entirely devoted to defending students wrongly accused of sexual assault recently opened shop there.



Out-of-touch Tory grassroots group aiming to copy Corbyn's Momentum hit with wave of social media sarcasm and derision

tory youth group
© Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP
A new Tory grassroots campaign which aims to copy the success of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's Momentum by luring young people into Conservatism has been met with a wave of social media sarcasm and derision.

Activate_uk_net, which has now rebranded to Activate UK in a bid to make its Twitter handle catchier for a young audience, aims to "engage young people with conservatism".

It launched on Twitter with a picture of Corbyn alongside the iconic "it's a trap" catchphrase of 'Star Wars' character Admiral Ackbar. The first tweet also literally included the term '#meme'. But Activate's attempt at using social media backfired.

Red Flag

German store selling t-shirts hinting at Nazi invasion of Russia ahead of 2018 World Cup in Russia

nazi t shirt
© Deutsche Fun Shirts / Facebook
Clothing with an apparent reference to the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II has gone on sale in a German online store ahead of the 2018 football World Cup in Russia. The description of the apparel says it's designed for football fans.

German online store Shirtzshop.de offers various items of clothing adorned with images of two male profiles in helmets resembling those of the Wehrmacht - the army of Nazi Germany - and a slogan written in Gothic script which reads: "This time we come in summer."

The print also features the dates of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia, while the description says it's a "football fan T-shirt design."

Even though the Nazi army invaded the Soviet Union in summer - on June 22, 1941 - the battle for Moscow, one of the most strategically significant clashes of the war, took place between September 1941 and March 1942, with the German offensive being brought to a halt in early December.


Twitter savages Houston megachurch pastor Osteen for closing the church to flood victims

joel osteen lakewood church
Houston-based celebrity pastor Joel Osteen is coming under fire on Twitter for not opening up the doors to his Church for storm victims to take shelter.

Osteen - pastor at Houston's Lakewood Church - has kept the doors closed even though pictures on Twitter appear to show that the Church escaped the brunt of the storm. Lakewood Church - which was formerly an NBA arena called The Summit, home to the Houston Rockets - holds 16,800 people.

Comment: As thousands were rescued from the rising floodwaters in Houston, many churches, community centers and schools opened their doors to offer temporary shelter to survivors, while other local houses of worship organized volunteer teams to help with relief efforts. Osteen, however announced the arena was inaccessible "due to flooding", offering prayers for those in need rather than shelter.

UPDATE - August 29th: On Tuesday, after a huge public outcry, Osteen opened the church to flooding evacuees. Osteen's excuse for not opening the church prior to this:
"You know, we work with the city all the time," Osteen said about the lead-up to the storm. "At that time the city was asking us to use city shelters, Harris county shelters and then when they got filled up that's when we said, 'Hey, you need more room, Lakewood would love to help out.'"

"We were blessed to not have flooding here but we're also very precautious about... before we put a bunch of people in here, let's make sure that everything is safe," Osteen said.


I'm a transgender, decorated veteran, and I oppose military-sponsored sex changes

transgender Army soldier pride
As I was reading an opinion article that theorized about returning to a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for transgender troops, I began to wonder if that wouldn't be such a bad thing. You're no doubt wondering how someone like me-not only a relatively highly decorated military veteran, but also a staunch advocate for open transgender military service-could have such a blasphemous mindset.

The answer is simple: not all elements of transgenderism are good and healthy. I'm very specifically talking about the nutty elements of transgenderism that insist on cutting off healthy body parts, claiming they're "confirming their genders" and that this is lifesaving. It's not. It merely enriches the people doing the cutting.

The Los Angeles Times reported, for example, "For the last four years, Drs. Gil and Zol Kryger have averaged 100 'top surgeries' a year, each costing $6,000 to $9,000. 'Bottom surgery,' constructing genitalia, is comparatively rare and far more expensive, running $75,000 to $100,000." Even worse, sex-change surgery continues to lead more and more people down this hideous pathway. Here's GQ:
Jennifer was set to have her procedure done in Thailand when, at the last minute, a Los Angeles-based surgeon offered her a discount if she would agree to be featured in a documentary on her surgery. Even so, she says, 'Paying for it took everything I had.' But a host of complications and nearly a dozen emergency surgeries had her in and out of the hospital for ten months, and the no-frills insurance policy she bought before her transition, like all policies, had its limits.
Media handlers who write about me often cast me as being the hero who broke the gender binary. The part about me being the first to break the gender binary is true, I did that, and I did it for an important reason: to help stop the sterilization and mutilation of transgender children. They need realistic and healthier options.


Merkel heckled and booed twice in one day as she defends refugee policy

Angela Merkel
© Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was heckled twice on Tuesday by right-wing anti-immigrant protesters as she stubbornly defended her open-door refugee policy, one of the most contested issues in the country's upcoming federal election.

Members of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party booed Merkel, the top candidate of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) at an election campaign rally in the town of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

"Merkel must go away", "Protect basic law from Merkel" and "I used to be CDU voter, today I want to see Mrs. Merkel in court," were the welcoming chants from AfD supporters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the Leipziger Volkszeitung reported.

The noise and interjections did not stop during her 30-minute speech either, especially when she touched on the subject of refugees.

Cowboy Hat

Muslim reformer joins Christian organizations in suing far-Left, terror-linked SPLC for 'hate' defamation

Maajid Nawaz

YouTube screenshot of Maajid Nawaz speaking with Bill Maher on HBO.
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has long listed Christian organizations and activists for reform in the Muslim world along with racists like the Ku Klux Klan. The SPLC's "hate group" lists and "hate map" have unfairly targeted mainstream conservatives, and even some liberals. Now, some of the groups slandered by this organization have begun to fight back - and it's not just Christian groups like D. James Kennedy Ministries and Liberty Counsel.

"The SPLC, who made their money suing the KKK, were set up to defend people like me, but now they've become the monster that they claimed they wanted to defeat," Maajid Nawaz, a British politician and founder of the anti-Islamist organization the Quilliam foundation, declared in a video announcing his lawsuit against the SPLC for defamation.

"They have named me, alongside Ayaan Hirsi Ali, on a list of 'Anti-Muslim Extremists,'" Nawaz said. "I am suing the SPLC for defamation and I need your help to win."


11th commandment, made by Israeli politician: American Jews should 'stand up' in support of Netanyahu

Rabbi Dov Lipman

Rabbi Dov Lipman, a member of Knesset for the centrist party associated with Yair Lapid.
This happened a couple of months ago in the Jewish establishment, but it needs to be reported. Dov Lipman is a former member of the Israeli Knesset, and an orthodox rabbi who moved to Israel 13 years ago from suburban Washington. He tells American Jews they should shut up about Israeli security policies - meaning, how they deal with Palestinians - but use their "tremendous power" to push the Israeli government to allow greater access of Jews to the Western Wall.


Media blasts Melania Trump for wearing heels to Houston disaster zone. At least she WENT to support Hurricane victims

After First Lady Melania Trump appeared on TV Tuesday morning boarding the plane to visit flood victims in Texas, the left put her on blast for wearing high heels:

Comment: Flashback: Trump visits flood-stricken Louisiana - Clinton can't be bothered going - Obama still playing golf


15 Erdogan bodyguards indicted for beating pro-Kurdish protesters during US visit

group of pro-Erdogan demonstrators shout slogans at a group of anti-Erdogan Kurds
© Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
A group of pro-Erdogan demonstrators shout slogans at a group of anti-Erdogan Kurds in Lafayette Park as Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan met with U.S. President Donald Trump nearby at the White House in Washington, U.S. May 16, 2017.
US authorities have indicted 19 people, including 15 Turkish security officials, for attacking peaceful protesters who rallied against the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan outside the Turkish ambassador's residence in Washington DC in May.

While 16 of the defendants had already been slapped with charges in June, Tuesday's indictment by the US Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia added three Turkish security officials to the list. They are Muhsin Kose, Yusuf Ayar and Harrettin Eren.

Overall, the indictments are brought against 15 Turkish security officials, two Turkish-American businessmen and two Canadian citizens. Seventeen of those accused remain at large while two of defendants who were arrested in June will face an initial court hearing on September 7.

"All 19 defendants were indicted on a charge of conspiracy to commit a crime of violence, with a bias crime enhancement," the District of Columbia Attorney's Office said in a statement, Reuters reports.