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Occupy Wall Street: Group of Peaceful Female Protesters Corralled Then Maced by Cops

The Fourth Reich is here.


Spain's Catalonia bids farewell to bullfighting with final bullfight in Barcelona

© Unknown
Spain's powerful northeastern region of Catalonia bids farewell Sunday to the country's emblematic tradition of bullfighting with a final bash at the Barcelona bullring.

The sold-out evening event at the 20,000-seat Monumental ring is the last fight scheduled this season. A regional ban on the bloody pastime takes effect Jan. 1, 2012.

Bullfighting's popularity in Catalonia has plunged in recent decades and the Monumental is its last functioning ring.

The Catalan Parliament banned the spectacle in July 2010 following a signature-collection campaign by animal rights activists.

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French farmer tied elderly woman to a ladder, dismembered her while she was still alive, then laughed about it in court

Definitely not human
A French farmer who bound an elderly German woman to a ladder before sawing off her limbs while she was still alive has been sentenced to life in prison.

Yves Bureau was found guilty of torturing and murdering Edith Muhr at his farmhouse in Verdon in the Dordogne region of France.

Bureau laughed and joked when macabre photos of Mrs Muhr's remains were shown on a large screen at his trial.

And the 58-year-old reportedly gave 27 different versions of events to officers investigating the killing of his victim.

The court heard that Mrs Muhr was an attractive and joyful lady who loved to growing carrots before feeding them to donkeys she passed on frequent country walks.

On the day of the murder, she was walking from her home to meet her husband for lunch when she entered onto Bureau's land.

However when she failed to appear he raised the alarm.

Detectives established that Bureau had intercepted her and dragged her into a barn at his farm.



Man arrested after shots fired at guard of Pope Benedict in Germany

© Roland Holschneider/AFP/Getty ImagesPope Benedict XVI is welcomed at the airport in Lahr, southern Germany, on 24 September.
Man fires air gun as pontiff leads mass for 30,000 in Erfurt following meetings with German victims of paedophile priests

Pope Benedict XVI has led an outdoor mass in Germany despite shots being fired close to the service.

A man fired an air-gun at a guard at the edge of the security zone about an hour before the service in the eastern city of Erfurt, Vatican and local officials said.

The pope's spokesman, the Reverend Federico Lombardi, said there was "no worry" among the papal entourage about the incident, and the pontiff was not informed about it before the mass, which was attended by 30,000 people.

Police said the alleged shooter had been arrested and that there were no injuries.

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Dozens murdered everyday in CIA's dirty war in Yemen

© Hani Mohammed/APYemenis protesting their US dictatorship carry a wounded man from the site of clashes with US-sponsored and trained security forces, in Sana'a.
Forty dead as government forces battle three groups: pro-democracry activists, tribal fighters and renegade soldiers

At least 40 people have been killed in Yemen amid fierce fighting between troops loyal to president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his military and civillian opponents in the capital, Sana'a.

Around the city, government forces fought on three fronts against a rebel army division, tribal fighters and pro-democracy demonstrators. The violence raged a day after Saleh's sudden return to the country on Friday, which has prompted fears of all-out civil war.

At least 11 soldiers were killed and 112 were wounded when government forces shelled the headquarters of the renegade 1st Armored Division, according to pro-opposition officer Abdel-Ghani al-Shimiri.

There have been street battles and exchanges of shelling all week between Republican Guards led by Saleh's son and the rebel division led by Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar.


Occupy Wall Street: Day 9 - 200+ Arrested - MSM Finally Wake-up

wall street, protest, us day of rage
© subversionisticDaily News: MSM Blinks Coverage in Major National Press

Yesterday between 121 and 200 protesters were arrested when a peaceful march of approximately 2,000 headed to Union Square to spread the word about their occupation for emancipation from a corrupt economic and financial system. The events made news in many national MSM publications.

Box Score:

OWS Protesters Arrested: 121 - 200 (?)

Wall Street Banksters Arrested: 0

Those who participated in the march uptown describe NYPD actions to stop their progress with police cars and metal barricades. At each check-point the marchers simply changed directions or went around and even over the obstacles.


Wall Street Mocks Protesters By Drinking Champagne 2011

Wall Street has shown Americans how they feel about protests. This video shows unidentified occupants watching protests from the balconies of Wall Street in amusement while sipping champagne.

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Keith Olbermann Interviews Michael Moore on "Occupy Wall Street" Movement

Keith Olbermann has now given daily updates of the events on Wall St. In Thursday's report he interviews Michael Moore. Both agree that the main stream media has ignored OWS.


The battle of Broadway: Protesters clash with police as officers make 80 arrests during anti-capitalist march in Manhattan

wallstreet, protest
Uprising: Protesters armed with signs and sleeping bags continued their Arab Spring-style occupation protest in Union Square last night

Anti-capitalist protesters clashed with police in New York yesterday after beginning an impromptu march up one of the city's most famous streets.

Police officers were accused of using overly-aggressive tactics as they battled to control the quick-moving demonstrators who left their camp near Wall Street to march up Broadway.

Scores of 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrators were arrested, cuffed with plastic tags and dragged on to sidewalks. One video showing a protester thrown to the floor by an officer with little provocation.
wallstreet, protest
Unrest: The 'Occupy Wall Street' protest is now in its ninth day

Some protesters were calling: 'Banks got bailed out, we got sold out' and calling shoppers to join them. At least 80 protesters connected with the protest were held near Union Square in Manhattan.

Protesters have been camped in Wall Street since last Saturday - sleeping on cardboard boxes, eating pizza and takeaway dinners that were paid for by donations to their cause.

There are around 200 left in the makeshift camp, down from their peak of 1,500.

'They're angry at what's going on in the world,' said Rich Marini, 37, a software writer from Great Kills who has been taking part in the protest.

'But it's a good atmosphere. They have a sense of love with each other.'


UK: Queen's Windsor Estate Gets £224k Annual Farming Subsidy from EU

queen elizabeth
Dairy queen: The subsidy on Queen Elizabeth's dairy and cereal farm has increased by almost £40,000 since 2009
The Queen was paid more than £224,000 in EU subsidies for her Windsor farm estate last year, according to figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

Details of the payments, released under the Freedom of Information Act, raise questions about the country's richest landowners benefiting from grants under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The subsidy for the 500-acre dairy and cereal farm, which was founded by Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert, has increased by almost £40,000 since 2009.

Similar amounts are thought to have been paid to the Monarch to support her estates in Sandringham and Balmoral, but the Government refused to release this information.

Meanwhile, Environment and Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon's family estates received £211,000 in EU farming grants.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has enforced an information blackout on all other farming subsidies paid to wealthy landowners, claiming an EU ruling last year prevents disclosure of the information.