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Fri, 02 Dec 2022
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Ashley Judd Slaps Media in the Face for Speculation Over Her 'Puffy' Appearance

Ashley Judd's 'puffy' appearance sparked a viral media frenzy. But, the actress writes, the conversation is really a misogynistic assault on all women.

The Conversation about women's bodies exists largely outside of us, while it is also directed at (and marketed to) us, and used to define and control us. The Conversation about women happens everywhere, publicly and privately. We are described and detailed, our faces and bodies analyzed and picked apart, our worth ascertained and ascribed based on the reduction of personhood to simple physical objectification. Our voices, our personhood, our potential, and our accomplishments are regularly minimized and muted.

Comment: The roots of this conversation lie with the ponerization of society. In this case, the use of psychopathic tactics to promote the illusion of separation between people. One of it's goals is distract the masses from seeing the machinations of political power elites by keeping them unnecessarily fighting amongst themselves. For more information on Ponerology, see these Sott links:

Political Ponerology: A Science of Evil Applied for Political Purposes

Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes

Bizarro Earth

Doomsday shelter being built below Kansas prairie where millionaires will sit out Apocalypse in style

  • Four buyers have already invested in condos below the ground
  • Fears range from pandemics, terrorism and solar flares
  • Indoor farm to provide fish and veg for 70 people for as long as necessary
When you buy a house, you end up feeling like you will be paying it off until the world ends.

Well, how about one of these luxurious condos, which come with all the mod-cons, as well as a pool, a movie theater and a library - oh, and a guarantee that it will survive Doomsday if and when that fateful day comes.

For these luxury flats, deep below the Kansas prairie in the shaft of an abandoned missile silo, are meant to withstand everything from economic collapse and solar flares to terrorist attacks and pandemics.
© Larry Hall
Safe from solar flares to economic collapse: And yours for a cool $7million


Tobacco Ban Sees Supermarkets Removing Cigarettes From Public View in UK

cigarette ban

Nanny State UK: Cigarettes must be hidden from public view in large shops
A ban on tobacco promotion comes into force on Friday in a bid to cut down on the number of people smoking.

The new legislation means all large shops and supermarkets in England must cover up cigarettes and hide tobacco products from public view.

The Department of Health said the move was in response to evidence that cigarette displays in shops can encourage young people to take up the habit.

More than 300,000 children under 16 try smoking each year and 5% of children aged 11 to 15 are regular smokers, according to its figures.

Comment: If you think that the British government implements this ban because they care for your health, think when was the last time they opposed any nuclear testing/bombing or any warfare, from where the most toxic chemicals are being released and spread throughout the Earth's atmosphere, into your lungs and those of your children. The following articles will help you to understand what is really going on here:

Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State
Let's All Light Up!


Corrupt Canadian Banking System

This is my daughter. She gave this speech at a business meeting in front of 600 people. Her eyes have been opened to a scam that is being perpetrated upon Canadians and the rest of the world.

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Weird Twists in Tale of Bride Who Faked Cancer

Weddings are so expensive these days, but authorities say Jessica Vega found a way to fund hers: tell everyone she was dying of acute myeloid leukemia! Vega, then 23, said she wanted to marry her daughter's father, Michael O'Connell, before she died. As was earlier reported, the community rallied around her, donating thousands of dollars in goods and services to ensure Vega had a nice wedding and a honeymoon in Aruba. Even O'Connell was fooled - but when he discovered the truth, it was he who outed his wife four months after the May 2010 wedding.

Vega has now been indicted and faces six felonies, including grand larceny and scheme to defraud, reports the Times Herald-Record - which, interestingly, ran a story about Vega's plight back when she was "fundraising." O'Connell says he and Vega divorced over the situation, but their story apparently doesn't end there. He has now moved Vega to be with him in Virginia, and they have another child. Despite the fact that he cooperated with the investigation against her and does want her to repay the donors, he doesn't want to see her in jail (he recommends a mental health facility) and has even hired an attorney for her.


Mystery surrounds French academic Richard Descoings's final hours

Richard Descoings
© Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images
Richard Descoings in 2010
New York police are attempting to piece together the final hours of the director of one of France's most elite colleges, as they awaited the medical examiner's report on the cause of death.

The mysterious demise of Richard Descoings, 53, whose naked body was found in his Manhattan hotel room, sparked emotional tributes from students, politicians and fellow academics, who hailed him a "visionary" and an "idol."

The married 53-year-old headed the highly respected Paris Institute of Political Studies - "Sciences-Po" - and was in New York for a conference but he failed to show up, prompting a search and an eventual discovery of his body.

"The medical examiner will determine the cause of the death," an NYPD spokesman told AFP.

"The investigation is ongoing."


Where Is George Zimmerman? Zimmerman Attorneys Withdraw, Say He's Left Florida And They've Lost Contact

In a shocking turn of events, George Zimmerman's two attorney's - Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig - announced they were withdrawing from the case. They said they have lost track of Zimmerman and have not been able to contact him for several days.

At various times during the press conference, both attorneys said they did not know where Zimmerman is currently.


Teacher Fired For Organizing A Fundraiser For Trayvon Martin

Brooke Harris

Brooke Harris, who was fired last week
The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that a teacher in Michigan was fired last week for helping her students organize a fundraiser for Trayvon Martin's parents.

Brooke Harris, an eighth grade teacher at a charter school in Pontiac, Michigan, saw Trayvon Martin's death as a moment when many of her students were politically engaged and energized. They wanted to help Martin's parents, and so she tried to take the moment as an opportunity to teach them how to plan a fundraiser. They came up with a proposal: Every student would donate one dollar to wear a hoodie for the day.


Outrageous! Houston Cop Threatens To Tase Teens For Video Recording

A Houston cop nearly tased and detained two teens for using a video camera outside a Walmart store Friday morning.

The cop was off-duty working as a contracted security guard for the store and told the teens he didn't want to be recorded.

The teens told the cop they would not record him. The cop confronted them anyway.

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Wall Street slump continues for 5th straight day

© Unknown
Stocks fell for a fifth straight session in choppy trading on Tuesday, again testing key technical support ahead of the start of first quarter earnings season.

Technology shares helped cap losses, with Apple hitting a new high of $644 per share to briefly top a $600 billion market capitalization.

The S&P is up nearly 10 percent so far this year but fell 2.6 percent in the past four sessions as investors questioned the economy's strength and the U.S. Federal Reserve's resolve to continue flooding the market with easy cash.

Some analysts view the pullback as a buying opportunity, while others see it as the start of a long-awaited correction.

"We've been hanging around the lows ... established after Friday; the market seems to be accepting these levels and that sets up the opportunity for another sharp move higher," said Tom Alexander, head of Alexander Trading in Savannah, Georgia.