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Sat, 10 Dec 2022
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Penn State president agreed not to report Sandusky abuse, emails suggest

Jerry Sandusky
© Zuma/Corbis

Jerry Sandusky. CNN said it had seen emails in which Spanier discusses with two other officials a 2001 incident of alleged abuse.
Graham Spanier allegedly failed to report abuse claims despite knowing that inaction could leave Penn State 'vulnerable'

A former president of Penn State University failed to report allegations of child sex abuse against Jerry Sandusky despite knowing inaction could leave the college "vulnerable", according to emails seen by several news organisations.

Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at Penn State, is currently awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of 45 counts of sexually assaulting underage boys over a 15-year period.

But with Sandusky now behind bars - potentially for the rest of his life - attention is turning to whether there was a cover-up at the university, one that may have allowed Sandusky to carry on with his abuse for many years. Two of Sandusky's former colleagues, athletic director Tim Curley and finance official Gary Schultz, have already been charged with perjury and failing to alert authorities to one act of sexual abuse.


The Poison Beneath: How Toxic Waste from Injection Wells Could be Endangering the U.S. Water Supply for Years to Come

Over the past several decades, U.S. industries have injected more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid deep into the earth, using broad expanses of the nation's geology as an invisible dumping ground.

No company would be allowed to pour such dangerous chemicals into the rivers or onto the soil. But until recently, scientists and environmental officials have assumed that deep layers of rock beneath the earth would safely entomb the waste for millennia.

There are growing signs they were mistaken.

Records from disparate corners of the United States show that wells drilled to bury this waste deep beneath the ground have repeatedly leaked, sending dangerous chemicals and waste gurgling to the surface or, on occasion, seeping into shallow aquifers that store a significant portion of the nation's drinking water.


Mother Who Questions Vax at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away

© Unknown
The Healthy Economist - by Sarah I am having a great deal of trouble typing this post. I am so upset and outraged over what was done to Jodi Ferris and her baby at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania shortly after she gave birth that I am having difficulty staying composed enough to write a coherent story.

If you recall, this is the same area of the state where officials allowed a serial child molester like Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, to go free for decades and continue to abuse children unfortunate enough to come across his lecherous path while a mother who gives birth in a government hospital has her baby taken away for questioning whether vaccination with Hep B is truly necessary.

Does something seem very very wrong with this picture?

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US Police Brutality: Cop Beats 17 Year Old Girl Leading To Her Miscarriage


US student fighting for life after chimpanzee attack

The man had been studying chimpanzee behaviour at the South African reserve of renowned British primatologist Jane Goodall when two of the animals dragged him for almost a kilometre, under a fence and almost a kilometre into their enclosure.

Paramedics said the man had been left in a critical condition after the "frenzied" assault, in which he suffered serious wounds and multiple bites.

Colleagues at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimp Eden near the city of Nelspruit in eastern South Africa said last night that they were "very upset" by the attack, the first in their six years of operation.

The centre was set up to rehabilitate chimpanzees rescued from circuses, zoos and the bushmeat trade across Africa.

It is presently home to 33 chimpanzees who are kept in large enclosures where they can be visited by tourists who pay £10 to join one of three daily tours.

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Tom Cruise 'deeply saddened' as Katie Holmes files for divorce and 'seeks sole custody of Suri'

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the Hollywood couple whose marriage never quite convinced the sceptics, are to divorce after five years.
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes
© Reuters
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes pose for their official wedding picture in 2006
Holmes, 33, filed for divorce in New York yesterday citing "irreconcilable differences", announcing the split via a statement to People magazine.

Cruise, 49, said he was "deeply saddened" by the news. The couple have a six-year-old daughter, Suri.

Holmes is asking for sole legal custody of Suri, according to the US website TMZ, setting up the couple for a high profile legal battle if Cruise chooses to contest her claim.

The pair signed a prenuptial agreement before their wedding in November 2006, which guarantees Holmes a yearly sum. However, legal experts said the actor could be prepared to give up a larger slice of his £160 million fortune in return for Miss Holmes remaining silent about the details of their marriage.

Such a deal would echo that of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren in 2010. While they had a prenuptial agreement giving Miss Nordegren an annual sum, Woods is believed to have given her a settlement of close to £100 million in order to avoid an "ugly" public dispute.

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Record Number of Bankruptcies Expected in The Netherlands

Netherland Bankruptcies
© badnewsfromthenetherlands.blogspot
A record number of bankruptcies are expected this year in the Netherlands. In the past half year, almost as many businesses went bankrupt as in the same period in 2009 - the worst year so far.

This was reported by the TV station NOS. Marcel Theunis, a specialist in the field, said that initially mainly small businesses and start-ups went bankrupt.

Nowadays, many more businesses which have been around for a number of years are collapsing.

Source (in Dutch)

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Former child abuse investigation chief: Jersey's 'secrecy culture' led to my suspension

Graham Power claims he was punished for daring to investigate allegations against some of the island's power players

Graham Power
© Toby Melville/Reuters
Graham Power: 'I was suspended by the very government whose institutions were being investigated. You cannot get much more conflicted than that."
Before moving to Jersey to take charge of the island's police in 2000, Graham Power had served in the senior ranks of four other forces in a career spanning more than 30 years. A recipient of the Queen's Medal for distinguished service, he had been vetted by UK authorities to "top secret" level and was so well regarded that he had also been appointed an assessor for the body that selects chief officers for UK constabularies.

But after eight successful years on Jersey, Power found himself suddenly suspended in what one local politician supporter believes was a "coup d'etat engineered by a small group of powerful people who denied him natural justice".

The initial suspension, which related to Power's management and supervision of a child abuse inquiry centred around Haut de la Garenne, a children's home on the island, continues to be a hugely controversial topic in Jersey. It's an episode which Jersey's critics see as a prime example of the way the island's elite treats those who dare to challenge their authority.

Nine months before Power's suspension on 12 November 2008, the historic child abuse investigation made headlines around the globe after Power's deputy, Lenny Harper, told the world's media he thought his team had found human remains buried under Haut de la Garenne. He told hordes of journalists that suspicious forensic material discovered during excavation tallied with accounts given by various abuse victims of hearing children dragged from their beds at night who were then never seen again. .

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Bus driver 'offered boy, 10, $1 for sex then showed him naked pictures of his six-year-old son

A bus driver and his wife have been arrested on suspicion of child abuse, molestation, child pornography and child prostitution.

Police say Brian DiCamillo, 39, was found out after he offered a 10-year old boy a dollar to have sex with him and when the boy declined, DiCamillo then showed him pornographic images of his own six-year-old son.

Jennifer DiCamillo, 39, also an employee at the Deer Valley Unified School District in Phoenix, Arizona allegedly knew about her husband's activities and did nothing to stop him.


Naked carjacker injures 7 in rampage: Man shuts down town after flipping Porsche and breaking pregnant woman's legs

A rampaging naked car-jacker wearing only his socks ran amok in Scottsdale, Arizona today, causing two terrific car collisions that injured seven people and shut down most of the city's roads during rush hour.

Witness photos of the destruction caused by the man show him standing triumphantly on top a SUV while debris from the smash litters the roadside.
© ABC15 News / Candace Schmall
Triumphantly standing on top of car as debris from his crash surrounds the intersection, the man is naked apart from his socks
The first car crash was reported to the police at 1.30 p.m. after which the man is said to have left his vehicle, stripped naked and car-jacked a Toyota Prius, pulling the female passenger from the car.

Minutes later, the man had motored to Shea Boulevard, near to 90th St in Scottsdale where he collided with four other vehicles, causing one of the drivers to suffer a serious injury.

By now, the man was causing panic as he exited the now totaled Toyota Prius and attempted to carjack another two vehicles before police officers arrived and arrested him.

Mark Clark, a spokesman for Scottsdale police said that the man's erratic beahviour suggests that he may have taken drugs.

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