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Thu, 09 Dec 2021
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Latest extrajudicial execution confirms ironclad Israeli support for murder of Palestinians

© Haim Tzach/GPO
Yair Lapid, Reuven Rivlin and Naftali Bennet
In 2016 when Elor Azarya shot an incapacitated Palestinian in the head there was actually debate over the act among Israeli politicians. There was no such disagreement this weekend following Israel's latest extrajudicial execution.

This Saturday, a Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli Jew close to the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, inflicting moderate wounds. The man, identified as 23-year-old Mohammed Shawkat Salameh from the West Bank town of Salfit, then ran towards Border Police officers who shot him several times - notably twice when he was already laying on the ground, incapacitated, from a distance of about 5 meters. Haaretz covered the act and the responses widely.

The video of that shooting was captured on film and circulated on social media.

Only few politicians in Israel criticized it.

Ahmad Tibi from the Palestinian-representing Joint List:
"'Neutralization' is a whitewashing. This is execution in cold blood, confirmation of killing of a wounded person who is laying on the ground and endangering nobody. Additionally, he was denied initial medical treatment despite there being a medical team on site until he died. This is a criminal act which demands investigation."

Bizarro Earth

Man shoot two dead in Russia after being told to wear mask, German man kills his entire family after being caught with fake Covid pass

gunman mask

The gunman killed two people and wounded four after he was asked to put a face mask on in a public services office in Moscow, city authorities said
A man who opened fire at a Russian municipal office, killing at least two people and injuring four others, is believed to have lashed out after being told to wear a face covering, local media outlets have reported.

According to a police source for business daily RBK, 45-year-old veteran Sergey Glazov shot up a branch of MFC, used by Russian citizens for processing official documents, in the south-east of Moscow on Tuesday.

Kommersant has since reported that the man took out a gun and began shooting after he was stopped by a security guard and asked to wear a face mask in line with the country's current Covid-19 rules. According to security forces, Glazov fired a gun modified to shoot live ammunition.

Comment: The Daily Mail reports on the incident in Germany:
A man killed himself, his wife and three young girls after he faked a Covid-19 jab certificate and feared his children would be taken away when it was discovered.

Police found two adults, both 40, and three children aged four, eight and 10 dead from gunshot wounds in a family home in Koenigs Wusterhausen south of Berlin on Saturday.

In a pages-long farewell note found by police, the man, named as Devid R, said he forged a vaccination certificate for his wife Linda.

Her employer had found out, prompting the couple to fear they would be arrested and lose their children Leni, Janni and Rubi, prosecutor Gernot Bantleon told news agency dpa.

Police were called to the house after being alerted by witnesses who had seen lifeless bodies in the house, police and prosecutors said on Saturday.

Submitting a fake Covid-19 vaccine certificate became a criminal offence two weeks ago and is punishable by either a fine or a years jail term.

Investigators suspect that the man killed his wife and children and then himself. They found a gun in the house, but it wasn't immediately clear whether it was the weapon used to fire the fatal shots.

They found no indication that anyone else was present at the time or that anyone forced their way into the house.

Police said autopsies on the five bodies were underway and will determine how long the family had been dead.
Many people were already struggling to get by, but the last two years of tyrannical rolling lockdowns and the relentless manufactured hysteria has effected the mental health of even the most stable of people. For those who already had issues, many are being pushed to breaking point. And, since governments are intending to tighten the screws even further, it's likely that we'll see a rise in incidents like these: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: NAZI Redux - Covid Camps in Australia, Mandatory Vaccinations in EU


Suspected member of Khashoggi hit squad arrested at Paris airport

Novinar Jamal Khashoggi

Novinar Jamal Khashoggi
French police Tuesday arrested at Paris's main airport a suspected member of the team that murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 in the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul, sources said.

Khalid Alotaibi, 33, was detained by border police on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by Turkey just before taking a flight to Riyadh from Charles de Gaulle Airport, judicial and airport sources said. His name appeared in a Washington Post investigation on the alleged hit squad, based on passport copies and travel details.

He is due to appear before prosecutors on Wednesday.

Comment: See also:

Bizarro Earth

Professor investigated for criticizing student walkout as 'pathetic'

Durham university
© Reuters / Lee Smith
A red traffic light is pictured next to Durham University in the UK. September 16, 2020.
A British university professor is under investigation after he called a student walkout, which was staged over a guest speaker's allegedly racist and transphobic address, "pathetic."

Professor Tim Luckhurst, who heads Durham University's South College, made the remark when the students walked out during the controversial speech by right-wing journalist Rod Liddle on Friday. He also reportedly shouted "at South College, we value freedom of speech!"

Liddle, who works for The Spectator magazine, had accused the political left of ignoring science when it came to transgender issues. According to The Telegraph, he also argued colonialism is "not remotely the major cause of Africa's problems" and claimed that institutional racism was not to blame for underachieving black students. Students apparently shouted "disgusting!" and "racist!" at Liddle as he left the venue later.


Kill-joy woke come for the fairytales: Most children's classic books are 'sexist' & 'racist'

fairy tales
© Susana Vera / Reuters
The majority of popular children's books should be removed from shelves, as they are "outdated," "sexist," "racist," and written from a "white male" perspective, a new study suggests.

"The world represented in children's books reflects predominantly middle class, heterosexual, male heroes and characters," reads the report of Dr Helen Adam and Laurie Harper from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.

According to the research, published recently in The Australian Educational Researcher, 90% of the books read in Australian and US day-care centers "promoted traditional, binary and stereotypical viewpoints of gender and gender roles" - something that Adam and Harper describe as "concerning."

Comment: Spot on. Classic books persist because generation after generation find value in them. Such an assessment can't be overturned by decree. But don't tell the Woke that.

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More than 100 Los Angeles firefighters suspended without pay over vaccine mandate

Fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas
© Hans Gutknecht/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images
Fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas speaks during the LAFD Recruit Academy Class 2021-1 Graduation Ceremony at LAFD Valley Recruit Training Academy 81 in Panorama City, Friday, Nov. 19, 2021.
A total of 113 Los Angeles firefighters have been placed on leave without pay for refusing to comply with the city's COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to local reports.

The policy requires all city employees to get vaccinated by Dec. 18, or submit negative test results twice weekly at their own expense, ABC7 reported. If a requested exemption is approved, then the employee must undergo a weekly test at the city's expense.

The fire department sent 222 notices to staffers, who had not submitted their vaccination status or applied for an exemption, warning of the suspension without pay.

Comment: California is burning to the ground both literally and figuratively, and now they are getting rid of those who are putting out those fires. What could go wrong?


More voters would pick Trump over Biden if election were held today: poll

Biden trump
© Reuters / LEAH MILLIS; Reuters / OCTAVIO JONES
(L) Joe Biden (R) Donald Trump
More voters would back former President Trump than President Biden in a hypothetical match-up if the 2024 election were held today, according to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released exclusively to The Hill.

Forty-eight percent of voters in the survey said they would back Trump, compared with 45 percent for Biden. Another 8 percent were unsure.

The results were evenly split at 46 percent among women, while men backed Trump by a margin of 50 percent to 43 percent. Biden won urban voters by 20 percentage points and suburban voters by 4 percentage points, but Trump romped among rural voters by 33 percentage points.

The poll comes as Biden plays defense on a slate of issues, including inflation, stubbornly high rates of coronavirus infections and the messy withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Comment: The message from American's has been pretty consistent since the election:

People 2

UK 'gender pay gap' unaffected by government policy over past 25 years

britain pound currency gender
© Joe Giddens/PAAnna Bawden
Institute for Fiscal Studies report compared the official earnings data for more than 2 million 20 to 55-year-olds between 1995 and 2019.
Government policies have made almost no difference to the gender pay gap for the last 25 years, according to a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

On average, working-age women in the UK earned 40% less a week and £3.10 less an hour than men in 2019.

Comparing official earnings data for more than 2 million 20 to 55-year-olds between 1995 and 2019, the report, published on Monday, found that women were less likely to be in paid work at all (83.5% of women and 93% of men), worked eight fewer hours a week if they were employed, and were paid 19% less an hour on average (£13.20 rather than £16.30).

Comment: One would expect that an employee who works less hours will be paid less.

Although the 40% earnings gap is about 13 percentage points lower than in the mid-1990s, the report calculates that more than three-quarters of the reduction in the earnings gap over the past quarter-century can be explained by the rapid increase in women's educational attainment. Women of working age have gone from being 5 percentage points less likely, to 5 percentage points more likely, to have a university degree than men.

Comment: Women are, on average, doing better and going further, in education, than men and, in turn, have seen a rise in their pay. Some researchers have drawn attention to the fact that those doing worse in school than they previously were are actually white, working class, males, and that is a concern that receives almost no media attention, nor government assistance.

Comment: Evidently there are critical problems with the way society is set up and both women, men, and families, are suffering for it: The Trials of Masculinity, Feminism and the Modern Male

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Surgeon general warns of emerging mental health crisis for children due to 'pandemic hardships' in rare public advisory

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy
© Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times/Los Angeles Times
U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy tours King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science before talking to a panel of students about mental health issues.
Citing mounting evidence of ongoing harm, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy on Tuesday issued a public health advisory on the mental health challenges confronting youth, a rare warning and call to action to address what he called an emerging crisis exacerbated by pandemic hardships.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety have doubled during the pandemic, with 25% of youth experiencing depressive symptoms and 20% experiencing anxiety symptoms, according to Murthy's 53-page advisory. There also appear to be increases in negative emotions or behaviors such as impulsivity and irritability — associated with conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

And, in early 2021, emergency department visits in the United States for suspected suicide attempts were 51% higher for adolescent girls and 4% higher for adolescent boys compared to the same time period in early 2019, according to research cited in the advisory.

Comment: This wasn't difficult to see coming and is a topic that SOTT has covered right from the start of the shutdowns. One would expect that at some point the parental instinct of protecting children would kick in so people demand healthy conditions for their children, but the public has accepted so many lies at this point that these instincts are largely fried.

Light Saber

Joe Rogan blasts CNN as 'f*ckin propagandists' after Chris Cuomo's firing

joe rogan

Joe Rogan
"I don't want your ideological slant. I don't want this left wing propaganda network, which is what CNN has become," Rogan said.

As the scandal involving Chris Cuomo, his brother, and sexual harassment allegations heated up last week, Joe Rogan slammed the network that would go on to fire Cuomo as "f*cking propagandists."

Cuomo was fired from CNN on Saturday over allegations of journalistic ethics violations for helping his brother, former Governor Andrew Cuomo, as he was facing a sexual harassment scandal that led to his resignation as New York's governor.

Rogan said that CNN fired Cuomo "for a weird reason. I mean, not weird. Like, ethically I get it because he helped his brother. I don't know how he helped his brother. Like, what did he do? Did his brother was getting they were people were accusing him of sexual harassment. And so did he, like, do research on the people — is that what he did?"