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Sat, 08 Aug 2020
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Wait, what? White BLM activist tells black doctor at center of Covid-19 controversy: 'I'm more black than you on the inside'

Dr Stella Immanuel white protester BLM
© Twitter / @ElijahSchaffer
Masked white protester confronts Dr Stella Immanuel
Dr Stella Immanuel has enough skepticism to deal with regarding her controversial medical theories, but in the eyes of at least one Black Lives Matter activist, even her blackness is something to be challenged.

"You're not black on the inside, I'm more black than you on the inside," a masked white man yelled at Immanuel yesterday on the steps the Supreme Court in Washington, where she was part of a group of doctors staging a press conference to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a coronavirus cure. The man added that Immanuel was "betraying Black Lives Matter" and that "there were people during the time of slavery who enabled the slavers."


Pakistani man accused of blasphemy shot dead in court

Pakistani police officers

Pakistani police officers gather at a district court in Peshawar following the fatal shooting of a man accused of blasphemy on July 29.
A Pakistani Muslim who was on trial for blasphemy has been shot dead in a courtroom in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

It was not immediately clear how the young assailant, identified as Khalid Khan, managed to get into the court on July 29 amid tight security. The attacker was subsequently arrested.

The suspect told police the prophet Muhammad had ordered him to kill the man standing trial, Tahir Nasim, because he had belonged to the Ahmadi faith.

Ahmadis, a 4-million-strong minority group in Pakistan, have faced death, threats, intimidation and a sustained hate campaign for decades.


Half of all Russians believe NASA faked moon landings & 2% think Earth is flat - new study

NASA moon
© Getty Images / Universal History Archive
FILE PHOTO: Harrison H Schmitt stands on the lunar surface near the United States flag during NASA's final lunar landing mission in the Apollo series 13 December 1972.
Almost fifty percent of surveyed Russians think that the US government "falsified" the Apollo expeditions to the Moon, with just 31 percent absolutely sure that American astronauts walked on the surface of Earth's satellite.

That's according to a new survey by pollsters WCIOM, who questioned Russians about their attitudes to popular conspiracy theories.

The study revealed that 94 percent of participants believe Earth is spherical, with just two percent thinking it is flat. The released data suggests that the lack of knowledge about Earth's true form is not due to skepticism, or a penchant for conspiracy, but perhaps instead down to a lack of secondary education - only 82 percent of those who didn't complete high school know about the shape of the blue planet.

Yellow Vest

Hundreds of right- & left-wing protesters clash with each other and police on Tel Aviv streets

Tel Aviv
© Ruptly
Mounted police were deployed in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, where at least four people were arrested and a further five were hospitalized with stab wounds, after violent clashes between left-wing protesters and various right-wing groups.

Roughly a thousand protesters gathered outside the home of Israel's Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana Tuesday night.

The demonstrations followed the publication of recordings in which Ohana appeared to call for Jerusalem district police commander, Superintendent Yaron Yedid, to crush ongoing protests outside embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official residence.

Comment: See also: Netanyahu 'knows the game better' than Gantz, won't give up seat without forcing an election


30+ Russian citizens detained in Belarus as part of 'foreign' private military company - state media

Wagner private military employees arrested
Almost three dozen members of Russian private military company Wagner were detained in Belarus, state media reports. The 'mercenaries' had allegedly come to destabilize the country during its upcoming election.

Belarus government officials would not immediately confirm the report, saying details of what had happened would be made public "through official channels" in due course.

Belta, the state news agency, said a total of 33 Russian citizens were snatched. Of those, 32 belong to 'Wagner,' a Russian company said to be a provider of mercenary services throughout the world. The news agency's law enforcement sources said that they'd received the information about the arrival of more than 200 militants on Belarus' territory, to allegedly destabilize the situation during the election campaign.

The group of 32 suspected Wagner fighters were arrested overnight at a country resort near Minsk. Another person, not identified in Belta's report as a potential militant, was arrested in the country's south. Belarus state security agency KGB and the Interior Ministry's special forces had been involved in the operation.

Comment: See also: No official information received on Russian 'mercenaries' detained in Belarus - embassy
The Russian embassy in Minsk has said it does not have any information about Russian citizens being detained in Belarus. It follows media reports about the arrest of suspected members of the 'Wagner' private military company.

The embassy has requested official information on detentions following the media reports, diplomats said. "The embassy has not received any official notifications about any Russian citizens detained on the territory of Belarus," the diplomatic mission wrote in a Twitter post.

Earlier, Belarusian state news agency, Belta, reported citing law enforcement sources that 33 'Russian citizens' suspected of being the members of the company were arrested in Belarus.
Update 7/30/20:

Lukashenko 'demands answers' as KGB chief briefs him on 'Russian mercenaries' detained in Belarus
"If these are indeed Russian citizens... we must immediately contact the Russian officials and demand that they explain what is going on," Lukashenko said at the emergency meeting of national security chiefs broadcast by local channels.

It is too early to jump to any conclusion or level accusations, Lukashenko pointed out, saying that "if they [the Russians] are innocent then it is for the better. We have no intention of smearing an allied nation." The KGB head, Valery Vakulchik, told the president that those detained were "members of the 'Wagner' private military company" - a shady company providing mercenary services throughout the world said to be operating from Russia.

The media has immediately tied the arrests to the August 9 election in Belarus, where Lukashenko is seeking re-election for the sixth term in a tense election campaign. State news agency Belta reported that as many as 200 'Wagner' fighters could have arrived in Belarus to supposedly "destabilize" the situation in the country ahead of the vote, already marred by controversial arrests of opposition figures, with one even fleeing to Russia and claiming the KGB were after him.

Meanwhile, some Russian media have theorized the timing of arrests were in favor of Lukashenko, bringing up his recent comments about private military contractors used in "Maidan"-like revolutions - a reference to the 2014 coup in Ukraine - which he offered to a special forces brigade on Friday. Lukashenko bluntly responded to these theories during the briefing, telling these media and some "Telegram channels" to "cut the cr*p."

Moscow on Wednesday said it received an official note on the arrests from Minsk, while several officials said they were baffled at the allegations of a 'Russian plot.' Russia has never had any plans aimed at political destabilization in Belarus and "something like this cannot exist even in theory," Vladimir Dzhabarov, a deputy head of the Senate's foreign relations committee and a high-ranking officer of the FSB, has said, adding that "Belarus will remain our closest ally in any case."

"The activities of private companies have nothing to do with the government's policies," added senator Aleksey Kondratyev, addressing the alleged role of the 'Wagner' group.


The 'Systemic Racism' myth

hidden figures film movie black women NASA
© Hopper Stone/Hopper Stone, SMPSP; TM/2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film
Still shot from the film 'Hidden Figures'
Our nation faces a fork in the road and a decision to either continue down the same path of systemic racism or to confront our past honestly. - Bree Newsome

Systemic : fundamental to a predominant social, economic, or political practice

Institutionalized : established as a common and accepted part of a system or culture

I watched the movie Hidden Figures last weekend. It's a fantastic documentary about the brave and brilliant black women who worked for NASA in the early 60s and the rampant racism of the era. While I was very young, I do remember what it was like. And I've seen nothing like it since.


Institutional racism in policing is a leftist fiction

police arrest handcuffs
© Shutterstock
The media loves to tote the narrative that black Americans are far more likely to be victims of police violence.

With renewed calls for reformed policing ringing through the U.S., it is important to separate fact from fiction.

In the wake of George Floyd's tragic death, Democrats like Joe Biden are vowing to address "institutional racism" yet lack basic understanding of the issue.

If Democrats truly want to solve police brutality they should do a little research.


This is a critical point in US history. We've entered a dangerous, chilling period that could lead to a race or civil war

U.S. flag burns
© REUTERS/Ringo Chiu
A U.S. flag burns by protesters at Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during an anti-Trump rally in in Los Angeles, California, U.S., July 4, 2020
American democracy is in peril. Russiagate, Stormy Daniels, a politically motivated impeachment... the repeated coups d'états to try to remove an elected president, all show that Democrats will stop at nothing to overthrow Trump.

The Democratic Party and its willing cabal of party activists will do anything in its power to get rid of Donald Trump. This cabal works hand in hand with their friends over at the fake news media who report that the widespread rioting, race wars, looting and arson are nothing more than "peaceful protests." The stark choice on offer for the 2020 US Presidential election is a modified Trump or Biden's unknown handlers.

Documents declassified by the Director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe and released last week are excellent examples of this cabal in operation. These prove that in 2016, the top law enforcement agency in the USA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, used "defensive briefings" to illegally spy on the president-elect to help further the fatuous and baseless Trump/Russia allegations. Were Obama and Biden involved? This was a coordinated attempt to stage a coup d'état against the 45th democratically elected president of the United States of America, Donald J Trump.

Comment: It doesn't matter who wins or loses in November, the manipulators will continue to play their games while the rest of society suffers.


Report: California has six extra representatives because illegals are counted in census

Census rally
© Getty Images
On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to prevent illegal immigrants from being counted for the purposes of re-drawing congressional districts after the 2020 census.

The order, "Ensuring American Citizens Receive Proper Representation in Congress" comes after the Supreme Court last year blocked a citizenship question from being included in the Census and sent the question back to lower courts, claiming that the administration's reasoning for the question was insufficient.

President Thomas Jefferson first proposed a citizenship question in 1800, and one was added to the census in 1820 with a question that asked for the number of "foreigners not naturalized" in the household. Census forms including citizenship questions were common until 1950. On a global scale, as the Heritage Foundation notes
"even the United Nations recommends that its member countries ask a citizenship question on their census surveys, and countries ranging from Australia to Germany to Indonesia all ask this question."
According to an analysis from Unbiased America, Blue States with large illegal alien populations like California are benefiting massively in terms of representation due to their non-citizens.

Comment: See also:


Police departments are withdrawing from security agreements for 2020 DNC citing directive on crowd munitions

Wisconsin Center
© Unknown
Milwaukee's Wisconsin Center, site for the DNC convention
At least 100 law enforcement agencies have withdrawn agreements to send personnel to next month's Democratic National Convention, some of them citing orders to Milwaukee's police chief to cease the use of tear gas and pepper spray during demonstrations.

The withdrawals cast doubt on a program to bring about 1,000 police officers from outside agencies to help shore up security for the event, scheduled for the week of Aug 17. Among the agencies confirmed to have withdrawn are police departments in Fond du Lac, Franklin, Greendale and West Allis.

Asked on Monday if the agreements were collapsing, Fond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb said, "Yes," adding that he expects other agencies from across the state to withdraw from the program. "We regret having to do that," said Lamb, who chairs the Wisconsin Police Executive Group, which consists of police chiefs from cities with populations of more than 20,000 people.

The action by Lamb and others comes as Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission issued a directive last week to Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales to change department policy to discontinue the use of tear gas and pepper spray.

Morales spoke to several media outlets Tuesday and told at least one that more than 100 law enforcement agencies had backed out of agreements with the city for security at the convention. In a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice sent two weeks ago, Milwaukee officials listed fewer than 60 partner agencies as assisting with DNC security.