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Sat, 01 Oct 2022
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New energy protest roils EU country

Czech government protests
© Lukas Kabon / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Protest against the Czech government at Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czechia, September 28, 2022.
A crowd numbered in the tens of thousands gathered in Prague on Wednesday to protest against the Czech government, NATO, and the European Union. Demonstrators called for Czechia's neutrality and protested Prime Minister Petr Fiala's policy of sanctioning Russia, which has driven up energy prices.

Meeting on St. Wenceslas' Day - a public holiday celebrating Czech statehood - the crowd took to Prague's main square, named after the medieval saint, and chanted slogans against the EU, NATO and Fiala's cabinet. Prague police would not give a specific figure of the estimated crowd size, calling it only "tens of thousands."

The protest was organized by a group called 'Czech Republic First,' which Reuters described as a coalition of "far-right and fringe groups and parties including the Communists." CRF opposes the EU and NATO and has called for Czechia's military neutrality.

"A government has two duties: to ensure our security and economic prosperity. This government does not fulfill either of these duties," said one unidentified speaker at the rally, according to Reuters.

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US urges Americans to leave Russia in wake of 'sabotage' of Nord Stream pipelines

The State Department is urging Americans to leave Russia "as soon as possible" in the wake of the suspected sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines.

The official reasoning they're giving to tell everyone to leave is to avoid getting conscripted in their mobilization effort but that logic only applies to dual citizens and this advisory is for all Americans.

I suspect the real reason they're telling everyone to leave is the risk of a full-blown war breaking out due to the US, Ukraine or Poland being responsible for the extremely stupid, belligerent alleged bombing of the pipelines.

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Bank Of England emergency action, what it means

andrew bailey
© Yui Mok-WPA Pool/Getty Images
Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey.
Central Banks are intervening more in markets. I don't want to repeat what market participants are telling me about the Bank of England's (BoE) move to save pension funds from supposedly going belly up. They bought an unlimited amount of sovereign bonds to bring yields down and bond prices back up. They were supposedly afraid of a wave of insolvencies. That's the word on the streets of London.

"The Bank of England is in a sense responsible for this because they have hopped onto this central banker hubris right now, which is to dampen demand to stop inflation," says Vladimir Signorelli, head of Bretton Woods Research. "I believe this means they are going to flood the U.K. monetary system with liquidity. When the Bank of England buys bonds, it puts more liquidity into the economy, but when you have more (British) pounds in the economy than is necessary, then you have a pound that gets weaker and weaker. It's money printing. That is their answer. Their answer to contraction is money printing."

Markets are unstable, economic situations are dire, and the reputations of lawmakers have been shredded into pieces. This is the view among traders who are looking at the U.K.'s fixed income and forex markets, says Naeem Aslam, chief market strategist for AvaTrade in London.


Trans 'charity' Mermaids is a scandal unfolding before our eyes

binders trans children mermaids scandal

Binders (pictured) are items of clothing designed to flatten and constrict the breasts, which can cause serious health issues
A scheme to send 'harmful' breast binders to children behind parents' backs, and staff pushing puberty-blocking drugs. Is it time to withdraw its status as a charity?

Like many troubled adolescents, the 13-year-old who logged on to an online forum was looking for guidance and support.

Calling themselves a 'female to male trans' person, they spoke of their physical self-loathing. They were desperate, they said, to wear both a 'packer' — used to create the impression of male genitalia — and a 'binder', an item of clothing designed to flatten and constrict the breasts, and which can cause serious health issues.

'The thing is, my mum won't let me,' they wrote of the binder in 2019. 'She says it's neglect to do it for under-18s.'

No binder? No problem. The chatroom moderator offered to send the item to the troubled teenager — behind their mother's back.

Many would feel that such an intervention was questionable from any source. But this wasn't just an anonymous nobody — the offer came from Mermaids, a registered UK charity for 'gender variant' and transgender children.


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Supply chain effects from Hurricane Ian could linger for weeks

Eastbound traffic crowds Interstate 4
© AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack
Eastbound traffic crowds Interstate 4 as people evacuate in preparation as Hurricane Ian approaches the western side of the state in Lake Alfred.
Citrus growers, manufacturers, marine terminals at high risk of damage and delays

The risk to manufacturing, agriculture and distribution sectors in Florida is rapidly intensifying as powerful Hurricane Ian takes aim at the state's southwest coast. But the economic ripple effects are likely to be felt well beyond the storm zone.

Experts are predicting severe disruption to supply chains from flooding, power outages and wind damage that could stall factory and farm production, as well as freight movement through major port, airport, highway and rail nodes. The Tampa-to-Orlando corridor is chockablock full of huge retail and e-commerce distribution centers.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Noru is similarly upsetting supply chains in Southeast Asia as it barrels across the South China Sea toward Vietnam.

Ian is expected to make landfall in western Florida on Wednesday, according to forecasters. Major flooding from the storm surge is expected for communities along Tampa Bay.

The storm could impact up to 2,800 manufacturing firms in aerospace, automotive components, heavy machinery, chemicals and plastics, as well as about 7,000 health care producers in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and other fields, Everstream Analytics, which uses predictive software to help customers like Apple and Schneider Electric manage supply chain risk, said in a weather update Tuesday.

Comment: As of now, fatalities due to Hurricane Ian are said to be in the hundreds, with damage to private and commercial infrastructure estimated to be over $70 Billion dollars.

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Shooting at California highschool campus leaves at least six people injured - violence in Oakland surged when lockdowns began

school shooting
© Ray Chavez/AP
A shooting on Fontaine Street in Oakland, California, on Wednesday left six people injured.

The incident at Rudsdale Newcomer high school comes as Oakland has been grappling with more than two years of elevated gun violence.
At least six people were injured in a shooting at a school campus in Oakland, on Wednesday, authorities in the northern California city said.

The shooting occurred at Rudsdale Newcomer high school, said Darren Allison, the Oakland assistant police chief. The school serves students who are at risk of not graduating and have recently immigrated to the US after fleeing their home countries "because of violence and instability", according to the school's website. It is one of four adjacent schools that serve middle and high school students on Fontaine Street in east Oakland.

"The victims were affiliated with the school and we are determining the affiliation at this time," Allison said, although he declined to say whether any students or teachers were involved.

Comment: The following selection of incidents occurred just in the last 6 months, and mainly in the US:


Churches defend clergy loophole in child sex abuse reporting

angel moroni
© AP Photo/Rick Bowmer
The angel Moroni statue atop the Salt Lake Temple is silhouetted against a cloud-covered sky, at Temple Square in Salt Lake City on Feb. 6, 2013.
It was a frigid Sunday evening at the Catholic Newman Center in Salt Lake City when the priest warned parishioners who had gathered after Mass that their right to private confessions was in jeopardy.

A new law would break that sacred bond, the priest said, and directed the parishioners to sign a one-page form letter on their way out. "I/We Oppose HB90," began the letter, stacked next to pre-addressed envelopes. "HB90 is an improper interference of the government into the practice of religion in Utah."

In the following days of February 2020, Utah's Catholic diocese, which oversees dozens of churches, says it collected some 9,000 signed letters from parishioners and sent them to state Rep. Angela Romero, a Democrat who had been working on the bill as part of her campaign against child sexual abuse. HB90 targeted Utah's "clergy-penitent privilege," a law similar to those in many states that exempts clergy of all denominations from the requirement to report child abuse if they learn about the crime in a confessional setting.

Comment: Despite the church wanting to give their parishioners a chance to repent and find their way with God's help, there's simply no way to know whether after confessing, an abuser will change his or her ways. On the other hand, if a law exists that makes it mandatory for clergy to report sexual abuse, it's likely abusers simply won't confess. But it would seem that child abuse is simply too egregious a crime to be left in the hands of the church. The most important outcome, after all, is that the abuse stops. Abusers can do their repentance in jail.

See also:


Libs of TikTok suspended from Twitter AGAIN

Libs of ticktock
On Wednesday, the popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok revealed that she has been suspended from Twitter once again, receiving yet another seven day suspension.

"Once again, I have received a wrongful 7-day suspension as the result of a targeted harassment campaign from the Left to deplatform me," Libs of TikTok wrote on Substack.

Comment: This is not the first time Libs of Tiktok has been suspended, and several attempts have been made by other social media networks to deplatform this account: Despite many claims made about this account, Libs of TikTok doesn't share much original content but rather re-posts videos published by liberals. In doing so it merely provides the Left with a reflection of itself, and for that, is considered far too dangerous.


Jet fuel is still being found in USS Nimitz's water, despite assurances it was clear

© Navy
Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier Nimitz rig the flight deck during a general quarters drill on Sept. 15, 2022, a day before jet fuel was found in the carrier's drinking water.
Navy officials said Tuesday that tests of the aircraft carrier Nimitz's potable water system are still showing traces of jet fuel, despite indications last week that the system was flushed and restored.

The investigation into how jet fuel is getting into Nimitz's water system continues, and when the ship's emergency detour to San Diego's Naval Air Station North Island will end remains unclear.

Jet fuel was first found in the 47-year-old carrier's water system on Sept. 16 while it was conducting a pre-deployment cruise in the Pacific Ocean.

Comment: This comes on the heels of two other recent and regrettable incidents involving the militaries of the West:


Pornhub partners with child abuse charities to intercept illegal activity

© Budrul Chukrut/Sopa Images/Rex/Shutterstock
There are 175,000 searches for sexual images on Pornhub that trigger child-abuse checks every month in the UK alone, according to data provided by a groundbreaking new chatbot designed to intercept illegal activity on the adult site.

The startling figures are revealed as the chatbot is rolled out on Pornhub, the world's biggest pornography site, after a trial that began in March.

When someone visiting the Pornhub site uses one of 28,000 words that are linked to the abuse of children - including codewords - it will prompt a pop-up message informing them that no results exist and that they are searching for potentially abusive and illegal imagery.

The user will then be directed into a conversation about their behaviour and encouraged to get help from Stop It Now!, a helpline aimed at supporting offenders and preventing people watching online child abuse.

Tech experts at the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) - a UK-based organisation that removes images of child abuse from the internet - have spent more than two years designing the chatbot, using research gathered from offenders by a child protection charity, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation. The project has been funded by Safe Online - End Violence Against Children. Pornhub agreed to host the technology.