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Sat, 04 Dec 2021
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Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Pilot says he flew the rich and famous on 'Lolita express', sez underage girl looked mature & reports he didn't see any sexual activity

epstein pilot
‘Lolita Express’ pilot says Jeffrey Epstein introduced him to victim ‘Jane’ in the cockpit.
The pilot of the so-called "Lolita Express" testified during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell that he flew presidents, princes and Hollywood stars on Jeffrey Epstein's private jets for 30 years.

Larry Visoski told the court on Tuesday that he remembered Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Kevin Spacey being among the passengers.

Mr Visoski name-dropped the high-profile passengers, along with actor Chris Tucker and violinist Itzhak Perlman, when asked during cross-examination if he remembered them specifically.

Comment: Another Independent article states:
Mr Visoski's decades of service were rewarded generously, the court heard. Epstein reportedly gave his pilot 40 acres of land in New Mexico on which to build a house. He also paid for his two daughters to go to college.

In almost 30 years, Mr Visoski said he never once saw Epstein or Ms Maxwell behave inappropriately. He even let his own two daughters ride with Ms Maxwell, who he said seemed like a nice person.
So the pilot could walk to the back of the plane where the bathroom was whenever he wanted to and in 30 years he never saw ANYTHING? Are we really supposed to believe that?


Will smallpox be the next 'lab leak'?

© Alamy
"You should be afraid of the next 'lab leak.'" So, declares a New York Times headline, November 23, 2021.1 And they may well be correct. In recent weeks, insinuations hinting at a potential smallpox outbreak have circulated in the news, while additional evidence of COVID-19 being the result of a lab leak have emerged.2 As reported by The New York Times:3
"The National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories ... in Boston's South End ... has one of the larger collections of Biosafety Level 4 and Biosafety Level 3 labs in the world. These kinds of facilities are where research on the planet's most threatening pathogens takes place.
Ebola, Lassa, Marburg viruses: All are designated for Level 4 work by the National Institutes of Health, meaning they are both transmissible and highly pathogenic, with few (or no) treatments for those who become infected with them ...
In 2015, the NIH commissioned a consulting firm called Gryphon Scientific to do a risk assessment4 of certain types of research at U.S. labs. The result, released in April 2016, was a thousand-page report that concluded, among other things, that experiments to improve the transmissibility of coronaviruses in a lab could 'significantly' increase the chance of a pandemic 'due to a laboratory accident."

Comment: Who knows what the future will bring, it could be a lab leak- intentional/ accidental, microbes and viral particles attached to cometary debris, or a recombining of a virus that is far more deadly thanks to the mass vaccine experiment. Whatever happens, now is the time to ensure we are healthy in body and mind. See also:


Black Lives Matter launches Christmas campaign against 'white-supremacist capitalism'

blm march
Twitter tirade follows attack on Thanksgiving as a holiday celebrated on "stolen lands" with "dry turkey."

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is attacking two of America's most revered holidays, accusing Americans of "eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land" on Thanksgiving and promoting "white-supremacist capitalism" with Christmas.

The official Twitter account of the self-described "collective of liberators" posted, "YOU ARE ON STOLEN LAND" (original emphasis), with the subheading "Colonization never ended, it just became normalized."

Comment: See also:


CCTV shows Brooklyn apartment building explode after neighbor reported smelling gas leak, fire engulfs building injuring 6

gas explosion brooklyn

The explosion occurred in the basement and caused the first floor to collapse
Shocking moment Brooklyn apartment building explodes in gas leak that engulfed three-story building in flames leaving six injured and 54 injured as neighbors warn: 'they ignored it and this was the result'

An explosion at a Brooklyn basement left six injured and dozens displaced on Wednesday morning as firefighters fought back the flames that engulfed the three-story building and nearby homes.

Shocking video from the New York Fire Department shows the residence at 58 Vermont St., in Cypress Hills, suddenly explode just after midnight, flinging the front door and debris and across the street.

Comment: Another explosion that's possibly gas related to add to the list: See also: SOTT Exclusive: The growing threat of underground fires and explosions

Mr. Potato

Jussie Smollett's defense: Osundario brothers 'sophisticated' criminals who set him up

smollett nigerian brothers
Jussie Smollett says two Nigerian-born brothers - one of whom was his personal trainer, lover, and alleged drug dealer - are "sophisticated" criminals who set him up. The 39-year-old actor is accused of lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic assault. The class-4 felony carries a sentence of up to three years in prison, however experts cited by Fox News think he would most likely face probation and perhaps community service.

Comment: How can you be "set up" to lie about a hate crime perpetrated on yourself?

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Eye 1

'Just turned into this orgy': First accuser testifies at Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Ghislaine Maxwell court sketch
© REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg
Ghislaine Maxwell listens to testimony during her trial on Nov. 30, 2021.
A woman who says she was sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein testified on Tuesday that Ghislaine Maxwell helped lure her into his orbit when she was just 14 and described how the depraved duo were "giggling" when they first molested her together.

The alleged victim, an actress identified by the pseudonym "Jane" in court, said she was at Epstein's Palm Beach, Florida, mansion in 1994 when the pedophile and his accused madam led her upstairs to his bedroom, moved her over to the bed and "took their clothes off."

"They started to sort of like fondle each other," she said, adding that they were "casually giggling" as she stood there.

Comment: More from RT:
Jane testified that the pair's mention of "scholarships" was appealing, and she ultimately gave them her mother's phone number, which led to invites for the teen to "tea" at Epstein's home. There, Jane said she spent time "every week or two" - starting with "casual stuff" like shopping sprees and mall dates.

Jane says she was first abused by Epstein at his Palm Beach home as he promised to help with her artistic career. He "knew all the agents ... all the photographers ... and could 'make things happen,'" he allegedly told her.

Epstein "took me in the pool house and on the right-hand side was this couch, futon-looking thing, and he just proceeded to pull me over. He sat in the corner and didn't say a word," she testified. Jane said Epstein then pulled his pants down, "pulled me on top of himself, and proceeded to masturbate on me."

"I was frozen in fear. I'd never seen a penis before... There were hands everywhere."

Jane, who was 14 when she first met Epstein and Maxwell, claimed such sexual encounters would occur "about every two weeks," with Maxwell allegedly touching her breasts during group sex.
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Dem Senator warns Supreme Court of 'revolution' if Roe v. Wade overturned

sen jeanne shaheen
© AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said there would be a “revolution” if the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision.
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) predicted Monday that there would be a "revolution" if the Supreme Court overturned its landmark Roe v. Wade decision as the justices prepare to hear arguments in a highly anticipated case on the issue.

During a virtual event featuring the Granite State's House and Senate delegation, Shaheen was asked if she believed the abortion debate had become "muted" since so many Americans do not remember life before Roe was decided in 1973.

"I hope the Supreme Court is listening to the people of the United States because ... I think if you want to see a revolution go ahead, outlaw Roe v. Wade and see what the response is of the public, particularly young people," she said. "Because I think that will not be acceptable to young women or young men."

Comment: See also:

Stock Down

Sigh of relief in South Africa as Omicron variant appears to be 'super mild' mutation with Covid death rate not jumping

south africa
The WHO and Coronavirus experts are increasingly convinced the new Omicron variant is 'super mild' and has, so far, not led to a jump in Covid death rates anywhere in Southern Africa.

The WHO is calling this morning for countries to drop travel restrictions and end the mass hysteria, and instead be cautiously optimistic as more and more reports out of South Africa suggest the new Omicron variant is not more lethal than the previous Delta variant.

In fact, there have been no reports of hospitalisations or deaths as a result of anyone being diagnosed with Omicron.

Comment: So Omicron is a NothingBurger™ - what a surprise! What would actually be surprising is if the "experts" took this information and used it to tone down the hyperbolic reaction and eased restrictions. Surprising indeed.

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Hungary parliament clears way for government's LGBT referendum as election nears

LGBTQ Hungary
© REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo
FILE PHOTO: Demonstrators attend a protest against a law that bans LGBTQ content in schools and media at the Presidential Palace in Budapest, Hungary, June 16, 2021.
Hungary's parliament passed a resolution on Tuesday which will empower the government to hold a referendum on LGBT issues, raising Prime Minister Viktor Orban's anti-LGBT campaign to a new level as he heads into a tough election race next year.

Orban, a nationalist who has been in power since 2010, this year proposed a referendum on ruling party legislation that limits schools' teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues, stepping up a culture war with the European Union.

Facing his first competitive election in more than a decade, nationalist Orban has sought to promote social policies that he says safeguard Christian values against Western liberalism, putting gender issues and what he calls LGBTQ propaganda at the centre of his campaign along with migration.

Parliament voted on four referendum questions one by one, passing them with Fidesz's ruling majority.

Brick Wall

Federal judge blocks Biden's national vaccine mandate for health-care workers

© AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
A federal judge blocked a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers set to kick in next week, the latest legal blow to the Biden administration's new rules.

US District Judge Terry Doughty's issued a preliminary injunction for workers across the country, a day after another judge halted the mandate in 10 states.

"This matter will ultimately be decided by a higher court than this one," Doughty wrote in a 34-page ruling. "However, it is important to preserve the status quo in this case. The liberty interests of the unvaccinated requires nothing less."